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Open-School is an integrated information school management system which helps you to gain excellence in managing school by using it.OS promises a safe and consistent working environment with various rich features. OS is error free, user friendly, ascendable and adaptable interactive platform for all the functions of school. A unique messaging system which connects throughout the school is available in OS.

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  • i want to create system for school.but i haven't knowledge of it.then i want system setup and that system source code.i will create again it my own hand.please help me
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  • how to download this.?
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  • i have this error while installing
    CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1005 Can't create table 'osv.#sql-17f0_224' (errno: 121). The SQL statement executed was:

    -- Constraints for dumped tables

    -- Constraints for table `authassignment`
    ALTER TABLE `authassignment`
    ADD CONSTRAINT `authassignment_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`itemname`) REFERENCES `authitem` (`name`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE
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Open source school management system

  1. 1. Open-School v2.2 Open Source web based school managemen System : Php Yii Framework – MySQL
  2. 2. Overview An interactive platform for all entities and stakeholders viz. Students, Parents, Teachers, Management, Administrators and Alumni of the school Connects all departments of an institution and knits them into a complete whole
  3. 3. For Students Leverage the younger generation’s love of new technology and keep them more interested and involved with their own education. Open-School help students monitor their progress, stay organized, track assignments, and access class resources. Communication options with teachers and other students are expanded through class blogs and discussion groups.
  4. 4. For Parents Educators agree that parental involvement is a vital factor in student success. We give parents an easy way to be proactive in their children’s education and involved with the school community. Parents can update their personal account, including contact information, and fill in permission slips and other forms online, relieving significant management burdens for schools. They can sign up to volunteer for events, view their children’s commitments and assignments, communicate with teachers, and receive progress reports.
  5. 5. For Teachers Open-School make teachers’ lives simpler by automating routine tasks and give them powerful tools to make the education process more engaging for students. Our electronic Grade book should go beyond the standard with a blog, discussion board, and the ability to create and track assignments online. Open-School simplifies and encourages teachers’ communication with students and parents.
  6. 6. For Administrators Open-School give administrators unencumbered access to data in real time and simplifies its management. We give users ways to self- manage their own data and tasks, which relieves the burden on school administrators and IT personnel. From creating a conflict-free schedule to generating report cards, open-school eliminates redundant data entry and tasks by automating and expediting normally arduous processes.
  7. 7. Open-School Architecture
  8. 8. Open-School Architecture
  9. 9. FUNCTIONALITYAdministrative Financial Functions Academic FunctionsFunctions• Pre – Admission and • Fees Management • Time – Table Stock &admission management • Stock & Inventory Inventory Management• Students Register • Management HR, • Attendance• User Manager • Payroll and Employee Examination and Mark• Management Register • Records Management sheet Management• Teachers Register • Purchase • Assignment• Messenger Library Management Management• Management Calendar • Accounts Integration • Lesson Planner• News and Events • Budget Management • Notes Manager• Important Notices • School Magazine• Message Board Health• Record Management• Reports Center• Room Management• Knowledge Center• Clubs &Competitions• Discipline
  10. 10. Modules
  11. 11. ADMISSIONS
  12. 12.  Personalized electronic application from which you can capture applicants’ information directly through your school’s website. Grant prospective students personal School / College accounts from which they can manage, save, and continue their applications online. Keep applicants fully informed of their application status throughout the admissions process with an array of communication options. Automatically enroll and schedule admitted students and manage their records from one location. Easily insert personal notes about a particular candidate with information gathered from interviews, recommendations, and conversations with school staff.
  14. 14.  Tests and exams may be created using a variety of different items (question types) and organized into several sections if necessary. Instructions may be added to each section and to the entire test or exam. Authors can set the date and time when tests or exams become available to teachers and students. Authors can create, store and manage items, tests and exams in their private folders, or share them within a school, across multiple schools or globally. Items and assignments are organized by knowledge domain, subject, and may be searched by keywords or descriptions.
  15. 15.  Items can be mapped to custom or state/country standards (performance objectives). Teachers and administrators can analyze progress of students in relation to each performance objective using data from multiple assessments. Students can receive immediate feedback based on their responses and have access to their results in real time through the Schoolwork module. The results of a test or an exam can be analyzed instantaneously in many different ways: By grade, by student, by section, by question, or by performance objective (standard). Various preset graphs and charts can be displayed including the distribution of scores. In addition, various reports can be automatically generated in the Reports module in PDF and other
  16. 16. ALUMNI Upon graduation, students remain electronically connected to their schools through Our software accounts. Alumni are kept up-to-date about school news, events, and fundraising campaigns. Schools can track and retain important information about alumni.
  17. 17. CALENDAR
  18. 18.  Maintain several calendars, which can be synchronized within your school, allowing administrators, teachers, parents, and students to stay informed. Set up event reminders that can be received automatically by email or SMS text messages. Print clear and professional calendars in a daily, weekly, or monthly format.
  20. 20.  Enter and organize courses by subjects and departments. Assign teachers to classes and manage class rosters. View enrollment data for each student. Verify that all students meet requirements for each term. Import state or country standards, or manage your own academic and work and values standards also known as performance objectives or skills. Map standards to courses for standards- based report cards.
  21. 21. EMAIL
  22. 22.  Open-School includes a powerful and very user- friendly email client which packs all standard and many new innovative features. Users can access and manage their School emails from smart phones and other email programs. Every user’s address book is pre-programmed with the entire school directory. Tell the system to send a message to all teachers in the middle school or all parents of third graders, and it will know exactly who should receive it. With Our software there is no need to enter addresses manually, create and update mailing lists, or manage bounced messages. -CONT-
  23. 23. - CONT - School administrators can terminate a users access to the school directory when and if necessary. Schools choose which information is displayed in the school directory. Members of the school community can send emails to each other but their email addresses may remain private and not accessible from outside of the Open- School system which does not allow any anonymous users. Parents may limit kids communication to the members of the school community, expand it to include all Open-School members, or set no restrictions. Open-school displays no ads and does not index messages for this purpose. Open-school members retain full control over the content of their messages
  24. 24. GRADEBOOK Track and manage grades and attendance, create assignments and tests from any location with our Web-based Grade book. Give assignments to the class or individual students. Students see only their own assignments with teachers instructions and comments. Define grading methods and scales, and record scores as numbers, letter grades, or user-defined codes and symbols. -CONT-
  25. 25. - CONT – Send comments back to the students and/or parents. Automatically notify parents of attendance or discipline issues. Determine how final grades are calculated by specifying weights of assignments, tests, exams and class participation. Adjust final grades based on attendance records. Describe curriculum, create a blog and a discussion board for each class, and share files with students.
  26. 26. MEDICAL RECORDS Track student and faculty health records, immunization records, insurance data, health care providers, emergency contact information, and more. Manage and log scheduled and unscheduled nurse visits. Generate a variety of standard reports or configure custom reports with details related to visits and medical dispensations. Keep records private by strictly limiting access to those authorized to view sensitive medical information. Provide support for electronic medical records and health forms, ensuring efficient interfacing between a
  27. 27. ONLINE LEARNING The module can be launched by students at home for online courses, homework assignments and practice tests, or in a controlled class environment. Both courses and tests may include video, audio, images, and richly formatted text. Tests and exams may be created using a variety of different items (question types) and organized into several sections if necessary. Instructions may be added to each section and to the entire test or exam. Authors can set the date and time when tests or exams become available to teachers and students.
  28. 28.  Students can receive immediate feedback based on their responses and have access to their results in real time through the Schoolwork module. Completed assignments are automatically graded according to formulas set by teachers. The results of a test or an exam can be analyzed instantaneously in many different ways by teachers in their Gradebook module or by administrators in the Assessments module.
  30. 30.  Parents can see a list of classes their children are enrolled in and familiarize with the curricula, faculty, and program requirements. Parents see due dates and can help their kids stay on top of their assignments. Parents can monitor the academic progress of their children and their discipline and attendance records in real time. Report cards and transcripts can be accessed directly from the Parent Portal. Planned features include the ability to update contact information, pay bills online, see the account history, submit forms online, and sign up for parent teacher conferences and volunteer opportunities.
  31. 31. REPORT CARDS Process and publish professional report cards, progress reports, transcripts, honor roll certificates, and awards. Support any combination of grading methods, including letter or number grading, pass or fail, grade points, and class rank. Customize grading periods and inform faculty of grading deadlines. Enhance security: control access to sensitive grade information by determining who can view grades and specifying the grade level(s) to which each teacher has access. Automatically tally and insert attendance figures for every student.
  32. 32. REPORTS
  33. 33.  Full support for federal and state reporting requirements. Create, publish, and share reports covering academic, financial, and personal subjects. Filter and sort data fields according to a wide variety of specific criteria. View data in the format of your choice, including graphs and charts, in order to easily assess patterns and trends. High-quality reports with text, charts, and graphics ( flash / JavaScript ).
  35. 35.  Schedule lessons and create events linked to grades, sections, classes, teachers, students, par ents, or any combination thereof. Each new lesson and event is verified for scheduling conflicts based on participants and facilities involved. View schedules by grade, section, teacher, student, or facility.
  36. 36. Make changes to schedule and run conflict checks before publishing changes.Administrators, teachers and students see their own schedules in personal calendars with all published changes reflected in real time. Parents see schedules of their children.Events and classes may be scheduled for any time. Periods are also supported.School day can be cancelled or moved to another date.
  38. 38.  Use student profiles to capture and display contacts and family information, as well as other data tracked by the school. Maintain organized historical records of students as all data are preserved for each school year. Academic records include a student’s scholastic performance, attendance, and disciplinary history. All information is updated in real time as new scores, attendance and disciplinary events are created in different modules of the system. Various reports may be generated in the Reports module using information managed in Student Records.
  39. 39. SCHOOLWORK Current and upcoming homework assignments appear on a student’s personal calendar at a date set by his or her teacher. Students have the options of uploading their answers directly to the system, sending an attachment back to the teacher, or handing in a hard copy. Students have access to class blogs, discussion boards, course event listings, and class rosters. Students see their personal progress reports, attendance and discipline records.
  41. 41. -Library (contd.)- Entry of new books with Bar Coding facility. Issuance of books with Bar Coding. Comprehensive search of books through various permutation combinations. Late return fine. Library rules and regulations. Library card Generation.
  43. 43.  Comprehensive Building setup system Allotment of room type and no. of occupants in each one of them. Allotment of rooms to the students
  45. 45. -Transport (contd.)- Excellent management of timings of bus stops and bus routes according to the Institutional timings. Allotment of bus to the students and managing their Pick and Drop timings. Custom campus map ( On request )
  47. 47.  New Exam creation with Dates and timings. Allotment of room & invigilators. Result entry for all the students appearing for the exams and printing of their Report Cards.
  48. 48. OPENSCHOOL GROUPING Open school enables the schools to join and leave a group. The admin is responsiblefor the grouping Upon each setup each school is tagged with a number of attributes, starting from start of the school to school strength,type,syllabus etc..
  49. 49. AIPE SYSTEM Artificial Intelligence based Programming Environment , Which will be implemented in our application shortly will make a revolution. The AIPE system , precisely analyzes each student.
  50. 50. Demo For Online demo Please visit, Please contact us at,
  51. 51. THANK YOU !