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Social Media for New Grads
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Social Media for New Grads



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Social Media Tips and Best Practices for New Graduates Michael Germano California State University, Los Angeles
  • 2. Agenda • Online reputation management • Building an online personal brand • Social media as a vehicle for ‘proof’ of soft skills • Networking • Career hunting
  • 3. I am so glad I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s!
  • 4. So much of your lives are online. ORM matters.
  • 5. Managing your digital footprint • Google yourself; Diagnose the problem • Delete old social media accounts • Optimize privacy settings for the ones you use • Create new ones that help (a thoughtful blog, LinkedIn account, Twitter) • From here on in: Think before you post!
  • 6. Bring clarity to online presence with personal branding
  • 7. Why brand? Effective brands are memorable, clear and convey value
  • 8. Personal Branding • You are going to be Googled by employers! • Create an online presence that reinforces the brand message delivered during interviews and networking • Blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn are the obvious vehicles • Use effective images and content
  • 9. Soft skills—the real reason people get hired Foundational and elemental Technical skills are meaningless without soft skills that support them
  • 10. Social Media and Soft Skills • Represent an opportunity to demonstrate competence and capability in one of the most critical soft skills: Communication/writing • Make sure you post intelligently and thoughtfully • Can also demonstrate analytical thinking and problem solving
  • 11. Social Media? You’re doing it wrong. It’s social networking. The technology isn’t important. The access to people is what matters.
  • 12. Terrifying or energizing?
  • 13. Some social networks matter more than others and have more worth. Higher value social networks.
  • 14. Networking and Your Career Search • Let people know you are looking • Reach out to people before and after you apply • Twitter is particularly helpful since you can follow and retweet • Hashtags related to job hunting and industry conversations can be another source of network building
  • 15. Online is not real life.
  • 16. There should be a professional version of you readily available online that promotes your strengths and value.