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  • 2. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS • Why is narrower content more likely to be shared? What does this mean? Give an example. • Utility or usefulness is a form of practical value. Explain. • What does Sephora’s social media presence say about value? Review their FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest ad explain what role value plays in their social media content strategy. • What does the story about the Trojan Horse tell us in terms of viralness? What does it illustrate? • What role do stories play in social currency? Emotion? Value? • According to Berger “Stories provide proof by analogy.” What does this mean? • What role do stories play in Van’s social media content? How are they living up to the promise of, according to Berger, “Information travels under the guide of what looks like idle chatter.”
  • 3. VALUE Features+Benefits/Needs=Value Not just price (although that can be a big part of it!) All about importance, worth or usefulness. Value is not simply stated or affirmed. It is established through sharing information in ways that resonate. Value is created when information is shared that demonstrates needs that are met by features. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
  • 4. VALUE How do you define value? Generally? In the context of marketing? In the specific context of content marketing and social media marketing? What role do participation and social currency (WOM) play in value? Find an example of value in a social media context. Share and explain your impression of effectiveness.
  • 5. STORIES The packaging for other elements (emotion, value, social currency, etc) of viralness. What makes stories or narratives so useful in a marketing context? Look at Yelp! reviews for a favorite business. What role do stories play?
  • 6. STORIES AS VESSELS FOR CONTENT Hold content together Make it memorable. Message may get distorted but key elements will ‘survive’ intact if relevant. Experiment!
  • 7. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DETAILS ARE NOT RELEVANT? Goldenpalace.com • Tattoo • Belly flop • Girl named goldenpalace.com Have any of you heard of goldenpalace.com?! Mercede’s advertisement
  • 8. OR TOO RELEVANT? Heart attack grill customer dies Snapple’s giant popsicle melts
  • 9. HOW DO YOU CRAFT STORIES THAT GET RETOLD WHILE RETAINING ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS? Focus on getting people to talk about the ‘right’ things…not just getting them to talk! Valuable virality. Audi
  • 10. VALUABLE VIRALITY What makes a viral campaign truly valuable? Results! Are the Evian babies valuable? Panda Cheese’s Panda? Kia Hamsters? Old Spice guy? Dove Real Beauty? Geico memes? Dos Equis’ World’s Most Interesting Man?
  • 11. LONG FORM BLOGGING CRITIQUE Critique each other’s work Review each others work. Offer one suggestion for improvement for each writer/blogger Select three areas for improvement that will be incorporated in future blog posts (email your three areas for improvement to professor by the end of the week!)
  • 12. NEXT WEEK—FINAL CLASS! Discuss fan media in relation to Berger’s STEPPS Be prepared to show(case) your best content and overall strategy What do you learn about generating content that gets shared? What would you do moving forward with this site? How would you change your editorial content strategy if you were to continue with the site?