Bus 305 week 6 enhancing visual appeal


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Bus 305 week 6 enhancing visual appeal

  1. 1. BUS 305 Week 7
  2. 2. Agenda • Producing business communications • Written, online & email • Best practices for making messages look professional and polished
  3. 3. Form compared to substance • Which is more important? • Why do both matter? • Can form impact substance? Why? How?
  4. 4. Production • Communications must be ‘produced’ so they can be read easily and understood
  5. 5. Enhancing visual appeal • Critical to getting messages across • Human beings are highly visual • Visual choices are part of the communication and can influence the reader; What does this mean?
  6. 6. HATS • Headings • Art • Typography • Spacing
  7. 7. HATS: Headings • Must use these effectively! • They are a call to attention and action • Many people scan/skim messages making headings critical to comprehension and action • What happens when you are given a message with no headings and just paragraphs of text?
  8. 8. Types of headings • Topical: Customer Service • Statement: Customer Service and its Role in Revenue • Question: What role does customer service play in revenue?
  9. 9. Adequacy and Hierarchy • Two important concepts related to headings • Adequacy: Are there enough headings to see the general idea/contents of the communication without reading it? • Hierarchy: Is the structure of the document/message clear based upon the hierarchical order of headings (general to specific) indicated by size, indentation, and font (important in long documents!)
  10. 10. HATS: Art • Use of visuals to convey information • Graphs, charts, pictures, clipart • So easy in a world where images are just a Google search away! • Can be as simple as a row of information in columns
  11. 11. HATS: Typography • Do you know a serif font from a san serif? • Which is better?
  12. 12. Alignment • Left, center or right • Justified (hard to read but gives a document a polished feel); Useful with narrow columns • Everything should be lined up whatever you choose
  13. 13. HATS: Spacing • Spacing between paragraphs and headings helps the reader scan and comprehend • Appropriate white space is important!
  14. 14. Activity • Fix the hideous memo on the course website • Use HATS and make it readable to earn 3 extra credit points! This is huge…can help if you are missing an assignment or think your analytical report won’t be so good…