The natural way to do buttock expansion
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The natural way to do buttock expansion



Discover how you can have bigger buttock the natural way....

Discover how you can have bigger buttock the natural way.

For more info on how to have a big, firm and sexy buttock naturally for you, head-over to



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The natural way to do buttock expansion Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Natural Way To Do Buttock Expansion
  • 2. Intro
    • Having a big buttock is now an in-thing especially with the influence of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.
    • Many women who try to emulate these two celebrities will try very hard to make their buttock bigger.
  • 3.
    • However, I have encounter some who are using the extreme method i.e. eating lots of oily food in order to achieve buttock extension.
    • In view of this, I will now present a natural way to expand your buttock so that you don’t put your health at risk.
  • 4.
    • Before going into the methodology to expand your buttock, here are some benefits to have a big, firm and sexy buttock:-
  • 5. 1) You will look sexy
    • Have you heard the saying that a sexy body begins with a great buttock?
    • That statement is really true and when you have a great looking buttock, your body will instantly look sexy.
    • So if you want to have a sexy body, begin by working on your buttock.
  • 6. 2) You will draw attention
    • You will definitely draw attention from both genders with your sexy buttock.
    • Men will be drawn to you because of your sexy body, whereas women will loot at you enviously because of the great assets you have.
  • 7. 3) You will have more confidence
    • Because of the attention that you get with the great buttock and the sexy feeling you have everyday, your self-esteem will definitely improve.
    • You will feel new confidence growing inside you with more people paying attention to you.
  • 8.
    • In order to expand your buttock naturally you can practice certain exercises which target your lower body muscles.
    • I will outline some of these exercises below:-
  • 9. 1) Leg lifts
    • In this exercise, you begin with your face down and you support your body with your forearms.
    • This is the same position that you are doing push-ups.
    • Next lift and extend your leg towards the back and as high as possible.
    • Then slowly bring your leg down without actually touching the ground; meaning it is still off the ground.
    • Lift your leg again and repeat this a few times and when you feel tired or tension around your thigh, switch to the other leg and do the same exercise.
  • 10. 2) Duck squat
    • Like the name indicates, this is a squatting exercise which targets your inner thigh.
    • It is good that you use weights when doing this exercise.
    • Begin the exercise by squatting and placing your feet slightly wider that your shoulder width.
    • Then begin to raise your body up and then squat down again.
    • For an effective workout, you need to make sure that your legs are at a 90-degree angle.
    • Repeat the squatting for up to 10 times and if you need more challenging exercise, add weights to increase the resistance.
  • 11. 3) Stair climbing
    • This is probably the most common exercise that you can do provided you have stairs.
    • You can do this at your office, home or just about any public places with stairs.
    • There is nothing complicated about this exercise, just walk up and down the stairs.
    • I would recommend walking instead of running to avoid causing any injury to you.
  • 12.
    • When you consistently practice these exercises, you will have buttock expansion the natural way.
    • This is a healthy method and it shapes your lower body while pumping your heart for a healthy living
  • 13. “ For more info on how to have a big, firm and sexy butt for you, head-over to”