The essential methods to deal with stink bugs

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Learn the essential ways to deal with stink bugs invasion. For more info to control, prevent and eradicatre stink bugs, head-over to Stink Bugs Control Center …

Learn the essential ways to deal with stink bugs invasion. For more info to control, prevent and eradicatre stink bugs, head-over to Stink Bugs Control Center

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  • 1. The Essential Methods to Deal with Stink Bugs Invasion By
  • 2. Intro
    • If your house of farm is currently under stink bugs invasion, you need to know first and foremost why this happen and then secondly to take pro-active action to get rid of these bugs.
  • 3. What Are Stink Bugs Attracted to:-
    • Stink bugs are attracted to light and heat. Switching on your light at night will attract these bugs and the heat from your house will also get the interest of these insects.
  • 4. What Do Stink Bugs Eat?
    • These bugs feed mainly on fruits and vegetable.
    • If you have fruit trees i.e. tomatoes, peas and apples around your house and farm, this will certainly attract them.
    • To keep these bugs from invading, you need to take these plants far away from your house.
  • 5. Preventing Stink Bugs from Entering Your House
    • Stink bugs are insects and therefore they can enter your house through very small gaps or openings.
    • To prevent this from happening, walk around your house during the summer and then use a good quality caulk to seal any openings, cracks or holes outside your house.
  • 6. Take Action
    • If after all that you have done, your house is still under attack from these bugs, then you need to take pro-active actions to get rid of them.
    • Now, instead of sealing the out-side walls of your house, you need to seal the walls inside the house.
  • 7.
    • Just like what you did to the outside-walls, seal up all the cracks around windows and door frames, and also seal up gaps in the walls as well.
    • If you know the areas where these bugs are most active, then concentrate on these walls.
    • By sealing these gaps, cracks and opening, you are limiting the activity of these bugs and prevent them from spreading further in your house.
  • 8. Vacuum the Bugs
    • If you find large swamp of these bugs under the house’s basement, then use a vacuum to suck them up.
    • You may not want to use your usual vacuum cleaner as these bugs will leave a stinky smell behind
  • 9. Install Light Traps
    • The other method to deal with stink bug attack is by installing light traps in places that these bugs are usually found.
    • Since these insects are attracted to light, using light traps will be good to capture them.
  • 10.
    • You can install light traps outside your house to prevent them from entering your house.
    • Once the number of these bugs being captured get lesser and lesser, move these traps to other places which can capture more of these insects.
  • 11. For more info to control, prevent and eradicate stink bugs, head-over to:-