Stink Bugs Havoc in Pennsylvania

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Learn what havoc is being caused by stink bugs in Pennsylvania. …

Learn what havoc is being caused by stink bugs in Pennsylvania.

For more info to control, prevent and eradicate stink bugs, head-over to Stink Bugs Control Center

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  • 1. Stink Bugs Havoc in Pennsylvania
  • 2. First Arrival
    The arrival of sting bugs was first recorded in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the 90s.
    According to research, these bugs arrived through cargos brought in from Asia.
    Since landing in Pennsylvania, these bugs have caused nuisances and damages to thousands of crops and that remains until today.
  • 3. Trouble in York, PA
    In York, Pennsylvania, the stink bugs problem is so severe that you practically smell stinky.
    Most of the time, you can find these bugs sun-sunbathing at the southern side of your home.
    This is the place with the most sunshine and it is also one of the favorite places of these bugs.
  • 4. Stink Bugs in Spring
    The story is quite different during spring time whereby you can hardly find these bugs outdoor.
    Most of the time, during the spring, these bugs will be inside, probably inside your house.
    The fact that they are in the house do not mean that they love being indoors, it just means they are waiting for the weather to get hot again to linger outside.
  • 5. Stink Bugs in Summer
    Come summer time and it is party time for these bugs. They are all over the place: behind your curtains, at the edge of your windows and behind the drawers.
    Outside the house, you can find them feasting on your fruits i.e. apples and peas and other plants like tomato.
  • 6. Take Action in Fall
    When the fall is here, you need to make sure that these bugs do not reenter your house and then hibernate through the winter.
    This is the time to take action, time to do something to prevent these bugs from entering your house.
    You can walk around the outside of your house checking for any gaps or openings. If you spot ant of them, seal them with a good quality caulk. This will stop the bugs from entering your house.
  • 7. Trouble in Pittsburgh, PA
    In Pittsburgh, local communities are being swamped by these bugs.
    They found these bugs a nuisance and just like York, Pennsylvania, they are all over the place.
    They release stinky odor and make an annoying sound when they fly around the house.
  • 8. These bugs are also causing a lot of troubles to farmers around Pittsburgh.
    They are damaging crops and fruits, making these crops of no commercial value – they cannot be sold.
    The damage can be real severe whereby up to 80 to 90 percent of the crops are being damaged.
  • 9. For more info to control, prevent and eradicate stink bugs, head-over to: