Network Performance Engineering Services


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Presentation prepared by Predictable Network Solutions. Overview of their network performance engineering services for service delivery partners.

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Network Performance Engineering Services

  1. 1. Network Performance Engineering Services for Service Delivery Partners © Predictable Network Solutions 2013
  2. 2. Overview • Service Delivery Partners provide enabling technologies for services like IPTV, VoIP, UC, LTE, etc. • Predictable Network Solutions Ltd uses advanced applied mathematics to: – Remove uncertainty and risk in product development and deployment – Increase application performance – Provably lower operational cost and avoid unplanned in-service capacity expenditure © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 2
  3. 3. Service Assurance Wrapping™   Real-time contention management combines: • High efficiency, and • Assured delivery of differentiated services. It is applicable to networks that are: • Point-to-point, or • Point-to-multipoint, or • Fully meshed. © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 3 Technology that  “wraps”  vanilla  data  transport  services to statistically isolate data flows
  4. 4. Service Assurance: Applications Examples include: • Toll-quality VoIP • High-integrity disc systems • Remote working and flexible/distributed organisations • Affordable videoconferencing • Telehealth • Smart grids • Small cells (3GPP over IP) © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 4 “Wrapping”  enables  all  concurrent  service  flows to be assured, with exceptionally high efficiency
  5. 5. Performance Engineering • Identify which components and code pathways are performance-critical, and which are not • Expose implicit assumptions that would otherwise become performance hazards • Establish performance norms so that customer and end-user expectations can be set correctly, avoiding post-deployment disagreement and disappointment • Quantify trade-offs between cost and performance • Identify scalability limits © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 5 Consulting service to analyse systems before deployment
  6. 6. Performance Engineering: Benefits • Avoid post-deployment upgrades and support headaches • Enhance sales by offering better cost/performance trade-offs Applicable to: • Multi-component products (e.g. client-server architectures) • Networked services © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 6 Consulting service to analyse systems before deployment
  7. 7. Project Feasibility Assessment • Identify the key performance metrics – What does it mean for the system to deliver? • Assess where QoE and service delivery hazards arise • Clarify the nature of the tradeoffs available with both supplier and client – Looking for mutually optimal solution paths © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 7 Consulting service to quantify the risks and hazards of service non-delivery
  8. 8. Example client outcome • Predictable Network Solutions Ltd was Tier 1 subcontractor on US Department of Defense Future Combat Systems program – the only one with an annual turnover under $1bn • Our analysis showed that system goals were unachievable • Program cancelled after only $30Bn spent • This saved the US taxpayer $300Bn © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 8
  9. 9. Commercial Relationship Options Reselling With partners who wish to: • Resell our services, or • Enhance their overall offering We can provide: • Co-branded/white labeled marketing material. IP Licensing For partners who wish to: • Directly deliver aspects of our services to CSPs We can: • License aspects of our IPR, and • Provide training. © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 9
  10. 10. For more information Visit our website for detailed case studies, presentations and white papers Attend our public workshops Contact us © Predictable Network Solutions 2013 10