Your kid is the best
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Your kid is the best






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    Your kid is the best Your kid is the best Presentation Transcript

    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comBUILD SELF ESTEEMSelf-esteem is feeling goodabout who you are. Make a listof things you are good at, likepainting, running, or taking careof your dog. Getting a parent orteacher to help is a good idea ifyou have trouble thinking ofthings. You can even add thingsyou would like to be better at,and then figure out ways tomake it happen! When you feelgreat about yourself, the skysthe limit.
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comHANDLE TEASINGAlmost everybody getsteased, and it could beabout anything. The trick isto learn to keep your cool.Getting upset gives theperson teasing you power.Lots of kids tease becausethey are unhappy or notfeeling good. Next timeyoure teased, laugh it off --say "so?" or just walk away.
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comBRACES ROCK!Dont worry about gettingbraces. Lots of kids have them.And soon youll have awesome,straight teeth. But if youreworried about kids seeing yourbraces for the first time, askyour teacher if you can do"Show & Tell" on the day youget your braces. It might seemlike you have to wear bracesforever, but itll be worth it. Inthe meantime, see if you canchoose rubber band colours tomatch your style.
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comYOUR SIZE IS RIGHT!Its more important to behealthy than a certain size --thin, tall, short, or muscular. Asyou grow, your body changes. Ifyoure worried about your looksor weight talk to your parents, afriend, or someone you trust.Theyll help you see youre greatlike you are, and you can planways to be healthy together.
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comDIFFERENT SPEEDSTheres a good chance that youor other kids in your class dontall learn things the same way.Some kids might have troublepaying attention, listening, orreading. They may learn so fasttheyre bored by what theteacher teaches. By realizing weall learn at different speeds andhave different strengths, itseasier to understand why someclasswork may take longer foryou or your friends to finish.
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comGLASSES ARE COOLIf you are having troublereading or seeing theblackboard, you may needglasses. Lots of kids wearglasses, and its great not tohave to sit in the front row orsquint to see. Dont beembarrassed about yourglasses. Youll be able to pickout cool frames you like, andyoull get used to your newlook soon. Chances are yourfriends will want to try themon.
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comSPORTS IS FUNTeam sports like basketball orcricket can be a great way tomake friends and be fit.Winning shouldnt always bethe goal though. Getting better,practicing, and having fun ismore important. If you mess upand teammates or coaches getangry and it bothers you, letyour parent know. Togetheryou can come up with a plan.Not into team sports? Trybadminton, karate, or tennis.
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comSAY NO TO BULLIESLots of kids are bullied. Whenmore than 1,200 kids wereasked, about half said they hadbeen bullied. Bullying is when aperson is being mean onpurpose. If someone is picking onyou, telling an adult is the bestthing to do. It lets other kidsknow its not cool to bully. Youcan also practice what to say tothe bully at home, so youll becalm and prepared if he bothersyou again.
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comYOU ARE COOL!Did you know some companieswant you to think youll be morepopular if you buy their clothes,shoes, or electronics? But a lot oftimes the only differencebetween two brands is the price.Its not about what you wearbut how you wear it -- withconfidence is best. And whenyou see an ad with yourfavourite star showing offsomething, ask yourself, "Do Ireally like it, or do I want it justbecause a celebrity has it?"
    • UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDRENwww.udgamschool.comBE YOURSELF!Remember you are the best!Never compare yourself withothers. Believe in yourself andyou will definitely succeed inlife.http://www.udgamschool.cominfo@udgamschool.comThaltej, Ahmedabad-380 054Phone:0792685033999251 53153Gujarat , India