RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter July 2013


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RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter July 2013

  1. 1. MGM NEWSLETTER July - 2013 RE/MAX MGM Safal Profitaire, Block A, G5, Corporate Road, Opp. Prahladnagar Garden Road, Ahmedabad – 380 015 Phone : +91 99090 66999 Email: Management Speak: Dear Affiliates, Hello from the most happening RE/MAX region in India. Good monsoons in July mean a good economy for In- dia. Good monsoonbrings positive sentiments in peo- ple as India is predominantly an agriculture economy it directly increases the GDP. The rupee is depreciating everyday hence for NRI the already softened real estate market seems a lucrative investment. So I foresee that real estate transactions will slowly come back to normal in coming 6 months. At RE/MAX MGM it was matter of great pride that one of our best agents signed up for an office. Mr.Munish Gupta who was one of the top performers at RE/MAX Advantage decided to start his own office. This development made RE/MAX MGM add one more location and few agents immediately. Soon this will translated to a higher market share and better brand recollection. This month we started the “No Parking” boards in Ahmedabad. These boards actually serve the purpose of a no parking sign and clearly display the RE/MAX brand. Our online training is going on regularly and we are very happy with attendance. The regular meeting with RE/MAX Broker Owners in Ahmedabad has created what is called “collective intelligence”. It is said that there is no problem which a team of RE/MAX affiliates cannot solve. We could experience that “collective intelligence” at work in such meetings. At the end I would like draw your attention to the concept of Open House. RE/MAX Agents have been doing a lot of open houses across Ahmedabad. Last month we did two successful open house events. We believe that nothing is more productive for buyer, seller and agent than an open house to sell a “resale” property. Visit one of such open houses to experience this phenomenon. Manan Choksi Regional Director RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra HighLIGHTS »» Management Speak »» New Broker Office Signing »» New Broker Associates »» Online Training in June »» Broker Owners’ Breakfast Meeting at RO »» BO & BA SPEAKS »» What do buyers expect from real estate agent? »» Should You Invest In Abroad Properties? »» News from RE/MAX India »» International RE/MAX News »» Broker Office Activities RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  2. 2. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra proudly welcomes Mr. Munish Gupta as a Broker Owner of RE/MAX DREAMZ. RE/MAX MGM wishes him all the best. Mr. Munish Gupta has been a most successful broker Associate in India and now he has started a new jour- ney as a Broker Owner. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra registered 6 new agents in the month of JULY 2013. RE/MAX MGM congratulates all these Broker Associates for joining RE/MAX and wishes them all the best. RE/MAX Advantage HirenGajjar RE/MAX Revolution Umesh Suthar RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTIONS Tejas Shah RE/MAX Matrix Shreya Mody RE/MAX Ronisun Realty M. HanifBhagwan RE/MAX Ronisun Realty ArindamMullick ONLINE TRAINING IN JULY2013 Date Session Name 3-Jul-13 Creating Referrals 10-Jul-13 Working with Buyers - The Referral Way 17-Jul-13 Working with Sellers 24-Jul-13 Setting SMART Goals
  3. 3. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Broker Owners of Gujarat meet on Breakfast at Regional Office The Broker Owners of RE/MAX Gujarat are meeting twice in a month at Regional office over a breakfast early in the morning to discuss vari- ous issues and suggestions to grow the RE/MAX network. The third of its kind meeting was held on july 16th. They discussed marketing and recruitment related queries among each other. RE/MAX MGM has started a new initiative of marketing in form of NO PARKING boards in Prahladnagar, Vastrapur and Bodakdev areas. This boardshave got tremendous visibility and spreading brand awareness of RE/MAX.
  4. 4. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra BO SPEAKS: Charanjeet Singh– Broker OwnerRE/MAX AAD Realty, Ahmedabad Question: What is the impact of new companies setting up space in Gujarat? That Gujarat continues to be one of the most favored investment decisions in the Country would come as no surprise to many. Besides highest average industrial growth of about 12.65%, it also has been the fastest growing state for last 10 years. Other factors such as high economic base, urbanization rate and other factors like political environment and social infrastructure have attracted many companies to set up their shops/base here. Ahmedabad mega-region: comprising of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Sanand, is becoming an in- dustrial realty hub. Along with this various projects like the DMIC corridor have also supported the development. Other initiatives like establishment of GIFT City have attracted many a financial institutions, technology industries to set up their base as well. Assocham reports that Gujarat has received about 41% of new investments attracted by the real estate sector as a whole. This is a surge of more than 700% as compared to previous year. Ahmedabad and Gujarat therefore continues to see some vibrancy and momentum in an otherwise tough eco- nomic environment. Demands from industries have resulted in appreciation of prices of raw and serviced land. It has also resulted in new and additional jobs resulting in demand for housing (both for purchase and rental) providing it with some stability. BA SPEAKS: Chintan ParikhBroker Associate, RE/MAX METRO, Ahmedabad Question: How do RE/MAX and its tools help a broker associate?? Having stayed abroad in countries like the U.K. as well as Canada, I was always aware of brand RE/MAX and their working styles and success. RE/MAX has given me the Training as well as the Network I required to enter the Real Estate Industry. My IT skills along with RE/MAX’s tools, namely I-Connect and Design Centre has proved to be very helpful in making myself as well as my Properties globally visible and make the most out of it. It gives me immense pride to be a part of World’s Largest Real Estate Broking Company. The train- ing from RE/MAX MGM regional office, RE/MAX India and Global training webinars sharpens our skills and make us more powerful in terms of marketing and lead generation, lead management and most importantly Client Servicing in a manner to win them for life time and get constant referrals. The technology provided by RE/MAX in forms of iConnect / C2S / Mainstreet and Design Center are amazing and incomparable tools to market our properties in professional manner. THANK YOU RE/MAX
  5. 5. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra 10 Things That Buyers Expect From a Real Estate Agent Buyers, irrespective of the kind of property they are buying or rent- ing, expect the following things from a realtor. Knowing these buyer needs helps the real estate agent to be successful in handling trans- actions, getting more sales while saving on total time spent. 1. Immediate Response: As a real estate agent you need to make your response time, when your prospective buyer calls or emails, as quick as possible. If the buyer doesn’t find you available then he may call somebody else. Buyers want instant response and will not wait for you to call them back or respond to mails only when you are in office. 2. A person he can trust: An agent needs to tell the buyer the truth even if it means losing the sales. While you speak volumes about the virtues of a home, you need to point out the possible defects as well so that the buyer can think twice and not be blinded by only the positive features. The buyer should feel that you are on his side and fluff and untruth will make him lose his confidence in you. 3. Keep learning on the job: A person is smart when he hires peo- ple smarter than he is (Henry Ford). A buyer wants to use your education and experience in order to feel that he has employed the right person to do the job. You should come across as an expert in the field. The best and only way it is done is through constant learning. This can be through trainings and also read- ing relevant stuff. You should have a ready knowledge about the property that you are highlighting. 4. Good communication skills: You need to be extremely good at handling your communications. There are all kinds of buyers and while some prefer an e-mail others may like you to call them. The best course is to ask them their preferred mode of communication. Always remember to promise less and deliver more. 5. Professional and friendly: Being friendly and at the same time maintaining professionalism is the best way, although a bit difficult. Friendliness is preferred by most buyers as you give out the vibe that you are on their side. At the same time they also want you to be assertive and professional. They want you to handle anything that may come up while they are probably viewing the house or saying ‘no’ to a particular seller. 6. Information about the neighbourhood: When you are trying to sell a property in a particular neighbourhood you should have good knowledge about it in terms of amenities and facilities. Your buyer may be interested in knowing about train stations or bus stops that are close by. The interest could even be a park for children. Make a search and find out all you can about areas where most of the properties that you deal in are located. 7. Price guide: You need to be the professional who has inside information about the price. The client may be interested in your opinion so prepare yourself well. You need to be careful that you do not quote a price that is too low or too high. You need to be ready with market trends and facts for the particular area and similar properties. Guide them to make an informed decision. 8. A good inventory: When a buyer visits you he wants to know about as many properties as he can. He expects a wide invento- ry and you need to be ready with one. Since you cannot predict the kind of home each buyer requires as buyers buy for their own reasons, you need to have all kinds of properties ready. The choice of properties should take care of a wide arena of needs and requirements. 9. Dedicated time: When a buyer comes to you he expects you to devote all your time to him until he leaves or makes a decision. Remember you may be selling 10 houses in a week but for him it is one single home that he may be buying in a lifetime. You need to show your enthusiasm and zeal and help him to decide on the perfect home. Try and focus on him and the transaction he is going to make and leave all work aside for the time being. 10. Time saving transactions: The modern real estate buyer is hard pressed for time. He wants the transaction to be fast and take up as little time as possible. And he would like you to handle things in such a way that the total time is cut down and he can proceed with other things. So do your homework and be pre- pared to save time, both his and yours. A real estate broker needs to keep learning and preparing to gain the confidence of prospective buyers. A good body language can go a long way in clinching the sales.
  6. 6. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Should You Invest In Abroad Properties? The global real estate market offers lucrative investment prospects with attractive offers and alluring options. Apart from that, followed by gold and silver, Indian investors are keen to invest in real estate sector as a preferred asset. Hence, Indians buying overseas property can avail of citizenship in the host country. In comparison, properties in Indian big cities have become unaffordable for many due to its soaring price. Also, the hike in home loan inter- est rates is becoming a tentative block and the rates may increase further with the revision of RBI norms. Moreover, high net worth individuals (HNIs) are more interested to expand their property investment overseas, rather than buying luxury property in the country. Over the past few months, the number of Indians who want to invest in abroad properties has increased. However, only a selective group of investors or home buyers invest in overseas property. Besides, the emerging concept of buying property abroad has some good possibilities and investment rewards which many people are not aware of. Indians who wants to buy property in New York, London or Singapore can avail lower interest rates from banks in those countries. Besides, overseas property markets are far more transparent compared to India so investors can get hassle free deals faster. Indians who look out to buy property overseas include business owners, investors and high net worth individuals and individuals who are planning to settle abroad permanently. Also there are buyers who seek abroad properties depending on places where their children go for higher studies. For Indians, London, Singapore and Dubai are the most popular property destinations. However, adventurous home buyers seek locations like ranch-style houses in far flung Nairobi in Kenya and beachfront house in Muscat, Oman. However, Dubai is among the most preferred investment hotspot for Indian buyers. According to an official report, Indians are top foreign investors in Dubai’s real estate market, with transactions of over 132.6 billion made by them during the first half of 2013, reports PTI. Be cautious! As a precaution measure, Indians who desire to buy property abroad should always keep in mind that each and every thing has pros and cons. Similarly, there are investment and liability risks which Indian buyers may face in a foreign country. There are countries where land laws for immovable properties are not transparent as well as complicated. It is better not to invest in properties that have no proper physical representation in India. Also foreign properties come with their own regulation and permission mechanisms.
  7. 7. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra
  8. 8. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra OPEN HOUSE EVENTS: In the month of July 2 Open houses were arranged by our Associates. Both the open house got tremendous response from visitors and buyers. We congratulate Mr. Harit Parikh and Mr. Nirav Vakharia of RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTIONS and their entire team and also congratulate Mr. Rahul Khanderia and team of RE/MAX Synergies for their outstanding efforts for selling their clients’ properties. OPEN HOUSE BY RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTIONS OPEN HOUSE BY RE/MAX SYNERGIES
  9. 9. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra NAR India’s 5th Annual Convention Telecasted on Zee Business The NAR India’s 5th Annual Convention got great mileage in a tel- ecast on Zee Business on the 20th and 21st of July. It was a 30 minutes telecast and speakers at the Convention like our Chairman, Vice-Chairman, ManpreetGrewal, Sachin Shroff, Swami Sukhabod- hanand and few others were captured in the show.
  10. 10. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Regional Owner’s Review Meet RE/MAX India organized its Q2 Regional Owners Review meet on the 8th of July, 13 at National Headquarters, post NAR India’s 5th Annual Convention. The meet was attended by Sahil Kapoor, AnmolAggarwal, Manan Choksi, Sahil Shah, Balajee Kumar, Bakianathun, Siva Kyasa, Raj Koneru, Manish Tikariha, Dilip Tikariha, AmarjeetChawla, Arun Dubey, AnshumanRath, PradeepKarambelkar and members of the RE/ MAX India Team. The meet had representation from a prominent Brokerage firm called BOP wherein the representative shared the company’s growth strategy and the modus operandi followed by them for achieving success in their transactions business. Representation from the Parsvnath team, special sessions by 3 International Delegates and a special session by the team from Property Feast ensured that the ROR touched all aspects of the RE/MAX business. In fact, RE/MAX India would also like to extend a special thanks to Larry Oberly for conducting a special half an hour session for all the Regional Owners on the importance of Franchise Sales & Recruitment. The meet ended with recognition of the Q1 top performers who received special appreciation letters by the Chairman. • RE/MAX Assam for Net Office Gain, • RE/MAX Delhi NCR for Net Agent gain, • RE/MAX North Gujarat for reporting through TRR and • Balajee Kumar, Regional Owner-RE/MAX Hyd& ROAP for opening a Franchise Office in Vijayawada. RE/MAX India Team, Regional Owners, Regional Managers & International Delegates posing to be clicked Puneet Verma & Sahil Kapoor sharing best practices in Fran- chise Sales Special Session on Real Estate by Amit Gera, BOP Manish Tikariha, Regional Owner, Chhattisgarh sharing best practices followed in their Region ManpreetGrewal, VP-RE/MAX India sharing performance of Regions over last quarter Session by International Delegates
  11. 11. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Chairman & Asst. Regional Director Sharing Knowledge with the Commu- nity In month of July the Chairman, Sam Chopra was invited at various Conferences & Summits to share his insights and knowledge as a speaker as well as a panelist. To name a few the Chair- man spoke on the Real Estate Regulation & Development Bill at the 6th National Summit of AS- SOCHAM, about IT in Real Estate at the conference on New Frontiers: IT enabled Real Estate & Ancillary Services by TiE Delhi NCR and also about ‘Ways of Funding in Real Estate’ at a National Real Estate Summit organized by PHD Chambers. On the request received from Accommodation Times Institute of Real Estate Management, Man- preetGrewal represented RE/MAX India and took a training session on the topic ‘Going Global in Real Estate’. The session was very well received and the request to do another training session National Webinars RE/MAX India has incorporated Monthly webinars as a part of its development initiative for times to come. A glimpse of the training webinars done in the month of July: • Sharing Best Practices Webinar Series – 2013 by International Speaker Dario Castigila on “The 10 Commandments of Success in Real Estate” • Monthly Technology Webinar in English & Hindi for New Joinees in RE/MAX Network on “Contact management and property listings” • Monthly Technology Webinar for BO’s on “TRR filling and auditing, property Listing, Buyer Match and contacts Management” • Training for Regional Administrators on the Ticketing system called “RE/MAX Membership Services Support System” • Sharing Best Practices Webinar Series – 2013 by ManpreetGrewal for Regional Owners and Regional Administrators on “Laying the right foundation for a Broker Office” The next one for all the Affiliates is scheduled for the 9th of August, 2013 which will be done by the Broker Owner of RE/MAX Advantage, Anand Choksi. Stay tuned for the webinar e-mailers from the Headquarters for more information!!
  12. 12. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate brings to you CPD Continuing Professional Development (CPD) One of the biggest USPs of RE/MAX in the world and especially in India is the training opportunities that it provides not only to its own Af- filiates but also to all those who aspire to be a part of the Real Estate Industry. The RE/MAX Academy of Real Estate (RARE) understands the need for not only training but also continuous up skilling. In order to cater to continuous skilling, RARE has taken its training initiatives one step ahead by taking our training sessions online in the form of monthly webinars and it does not stop there, with the CPD program RARE is now looking at giving its Affiliates an opportunity to earn credits and the right to use the RE/MAX CPD logo in all self-promotion campaigns by gaining a credit earning opportunity every time an Affiliate attends a RE/MAX meeting/convention/seminar/classroom training/online training or even if it is a knowledge enhancement session being done at the industry level. This simply means that every time that you make an effort to upskill yourself you gain a credit towards CPD. The credits are based on an hourly concept which means that for every 1 hr or 1.5 hours of training program, you will get 1 credit etc. On accumulation of credits you can qualify to get and use a CPD Logo.
  13. 13. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra INTERNATIONAL NEWS : Industry Surveys, Research Rank RE/MAX #1 DENVER, CO – The numbers from three prestigious national industry surveys are in, and they show that RE/MAX agents continue to out- perform competi- tors, helping more homebuyers and sellers realize their dreams. The recently re- leased RISMedia Power Broker Report reveals that agents at RE/MAX brokerages aver- aged 16.8 transaction sides compared to the 8.1 average of agents at all other participating brokerages. That’s a difference of more than two to one. And, when the 1,200 participating brokerages in the report were ranked by transaction sides per agent, RE/MAX held 90 of the top 100 positions. “Homebuyers and sellers have a choice when it comes to real es- tate, and they clearly prefer to work with RE/MAX agents,” said RE/ MAX CEO Margaret Kelly. “The numbers don’t lie. They show our agents are doing more to help turn our nation’s economy around as this housing market continues to improve.” Two other reports this year showcased REMAX agents’ productivity. The 2013 REAL Trends 500 survey showed RE/MAX agents aver- aged 17.1 transaction sides in 2012, as compared to the 7.9 aver- age of all competing agents in the survey. Overall, 118 RE/MAX brokerages qualified to be ranked among the top 500 – more than any other competitor. And, in the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends “The Thousand” ranking, RE/MAX agents held 98 of the 500 spots for most transac- tion sides closed. That’s nearly one out of five – and more than any other real estate brand in the report, which ranks participating agents based on 2012 residential production. For consumers, RE/MAX means real estate. When asked in a re- cent third-party survey to name real estate brands, more consumers named RE/MAX. And, RE/MAX was the company named first, more than any other brand.* “We’re honored by the trust of our customers, and our agents will continue to make it a priority to deliver the service that they’ve come to expect,” said Kelly. Study Confirms: RE/MAX Sells More Real Estate RE/MAX agents sell more homes in the U.S. and Canada than any competitor, according to a recent study of buyers and sellers in both countries.In the U.S., RE/MAX agents are involved in more home sales than any competitor, more than No. 2 Coldwell Banker, No. 3 Keller Williams, No. 4 Century 21, or No. 5 Prudential Real Estate.In Canada, RE/MAX agents sell more homes than No. 2 Royal LePage, No. 3 Century 21, No. 4 Sutton, or No. 5 Coldwell Banker. Read more: study-confirms-re-max-sells-more-real-estate RE/MAX MGM Safal Profitaire, Block A, G5, Corportate Road, Opp. Prahladnagar Garden Road, Ahmedabad – 380 015 Phone : +91 99090 66999 Email: NOBODY IN THE WORLD SELLS MORE REAL ESTATE THAN RE/MAX
  14. 14. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra