Marketing Using WhatsApp
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  • 1. Manan Choksi Regional Director RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Marketing Using WhatsApp
  • 2. WhatsApp killed SMS
  • 3. What can be sent?
  • 4. Text - 500 characters
  • 5. Audio
  • 6. Video
  • 7. Who moved my cheese? • Mode of mass communication keeps on changing.. – Direct Mail – cost became very high – Phone call – DND list – Email – Spam filters – SMS – TRAI regulations – Facebook Messages – Get pushed to “other Folder” – Whats App – ???
  • 8. Methods of sending messages • Personal • Broadcast • Bulk – Software – Service of company
  • 9. Personal messages • Very time consuming
  • 10. Broadcast • Maximum 256 numbers • Need to have your number saved in their address book only then they will get broadcasted message
  • 11. Bulk messages • Outsource to company • Easysoft Technologies • IBN Technologies Limited
  • 12. Bulk messages • Some companies have database and you have just give message and money • Other companies give software from which you can send the message in bulk • This is not allowed by Whats app and can be stopped any time.
  • 13. What should not be done • Spam don’t over use as it may get you block out • Everyday message? • Only property advertisement • Heavy files frequently
  • 14. Groups • Most people dislike groups where they don’t know members • Avoid making groups of unknown people • Don’t post advertisement on groups
  • 15. Profile • Put good profile photo • Update status regularly • Put photo with RE/MAX logo sometimes so friends know you are with RE/MAX • Keep changing
  • 16. Don’t change numbers • If you change your number your contacts will lose you and broadcast may not work
  • 17. Good practices • Response quickly to a WhtsApp • When you read a message & task has to be done. Note it in task list in mobile at the same moment. • Mute groups who have fun stuff so your work is not disturbed • Only in blackberry there is broadcast list option • Don’t over use WhtsApp
  • 18. 2 Smart phones • Keep one smart phone for: – Calling – Email – Browsing • Keep one for WhtsApp • You can configure different smart phone with your popular number
  • 19. Key is Database • Always save mobile number of your contacts may be they are in your WhatsApp automatically • For the groups you are in search for people who may not mind if you add them. • Look for all contacts and add them on WhtsApp
  • 20. • Make different broadcast list like – Brokers – Past Clients – Friends – Relatives to send targeted contact.
  • 21. Database unlimited • I have 7000 people in my address book • But not all are getting WhtsApp as not all numbers are stored as mobile number • So save all numbers as mobile to get in WhatsApp • Save all incoming calls (advertise/contacts) so they can be kept in touch - free
  • 22. A good companion to Whats App
  • 23. True caller • Check number from the world’s largest phone book – It shows the True name of the Caller – It finds contact details globally – Integrated caller ID service – Call blocking functionality – Social media integration to keep phonebook up-to- date – It is available for Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Symbian s60, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone – Useful to stop pesky calls
  • 24. Conclusion • Build database • Keep in touch • Use Whats App appropriately • Do deals!
  • 25. Thank You