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  • There are 3 major aspects of Lead Processing which we will discuss in 3 separate sessions.
  • The Lead Generation is the first step of those 3 aspects. Once the lead is generated then we have to manage it and after that we have to service them.
  • Lead Generation is the first step. While we focus on this topic we shall not discuss anything related to other two aspects.
  • Compared to other businesses a real estate broker depends a lot on lead generation. Your business is directly proportionate to the number and quality of the leads generated, not the amount of money you spend on lead generation.
  • There are several type of leads. Most of the lead generation strategies we discuss may not be possible to target particular type of lead.
  • Don’t approach a customer when he has decided everything, done the ground work and doesn’t require your services. Get in touch with them when they need you the most!
  • Most business is referred to a good human, not necessary the other person knows how good you are in your business. In service business you need to be a good person who people love to do business with!
  • So which name comes to your mind for the following service providers:
    Interior designer
    IT person
    Ask them if they would think your name if they need a realtor?
    If all your contacts think that you are that number 1 realtor who they would refer their business to, you will have stable supply of leads.
  • A good person who does good work usually is the first person to be referred the most business.

    How will your distant aunt referral her millionaire friend’s real estate work to you? Be nice to your aunt!
  • Think from the view point of buyer. Will a customer trust you with their hard earned money if you don’t have a proper marketing materials? Focus on a small group of customers with high quality marketing material rather than spreading yourself thin.
  • Some of the examples where you can start looking for leads.
  • Internet portals are a place to list properties. You can get details of customers who have listed properties from there.
  • Refer to another training on this subject: “Role of Technology in Real Estate” for further details.
  • Most Advt campaigns fail to deliver results because of what you advertise.
  • The main aim in a property show is to get maximum contact details. Don’t try to close a sale there and then.
  • Who will come to a seminar on “How to sell the property at maximum price?”
  • Most people collect cards at such events and never look at them again. The best you can do is send a Facebook invite or an email sharing your contact details.
  • Advertisements which stand apart are the most productive advt of the lot. Be creative, show how your are different than competition. Advt which portrays these 3 themes are most effective:
    Trust and integrity

  • Use a combination of the several techniques that we discuss today. The divergent methods you use, the more segment of customers you attract.
  • A successful lead generation method gives you profit. Don’t focus on number of calls, property showings, listing only. These parameters are milestones not the destination.

    Always review your lead generation periodically whether they meet the objectives laid out. Don’t marry to a decision which is not generating results.
  • Don’t measure your lead generation strategy by the number of phone calls. Less or more it should end up with you making money. Branding is a myth, only number of deals will help you create a brand for yourself.
    If you get a lot of phone calls the market usually is good. If you cant close look at other problems probably with your presentation, listing or wrong target in advt.
    Customers (sellers) are only happy when you liquidate the property at the price they want at earliest. They don’t care how much you advertise for them.

  • 45% of leads generated by a normal source usually close within 6-12 months. Don’t feel the leads you have got are junk.
    Lead generation activity can only be measured with results. Low cost doesn’t mean that it will yield low quantity or low quality. Many times your competition is not doing it thinking the same.
    Most agents don’t contact old leads but surprisingly those may have business for you.
    Quality leads are much better as you can have same results in less time of your work.
    As we will discuss in lead management and lead servicing, all leads without following up do not yield results.
  • Lead generation is a regular activity of your business. No matter what level of closures you do, spare a few hours for generating leads
    No it’s a continuous effort
    As we will see in next session, management is more important than lead generation.
  • So plan for a 9 hour a day work (excluding commute, lunch and chit chat with colleagues). Whatever free time you have, use that in lead generating activities. When you are very busy, that is a good time to squeeze in 10 hours of lead generation every week.
  • So plan for a 9 hour a day work (excluding commute, lunch and chit chat with colleagues). Whatever free time you have, use that in lead generating activities. When you are very busy, that is a good time to squeeze in 10 hours of lead generation every week.
  • Lead Generation

    1. 1. 1. Lead Generation 2. Lead Management 3. Lead Servicing
    2. 2. What is our business? • Lead generation is the most important aspect of real estate business • The whole cycle starts once you get a lead • All successful brokers have one thing in common: an efficient and effective lead generation system
    3. 3. Importance of Lead Generation • Keeps your business going • Cyclical nature of our business • Momentum • Brand awareness • Education to all • Shows your competence in market • Reflects your character/ company profile
    4. 4. Type of leads: • Buyer • Seller • Tenant • Investor • Landlords
    5. 5. Whom to target? • There are about 50 real estate agents every buyer knows. • No one would come to help a seller though! • Buyers are fickle while sellers are desperate • An exclusive mandate with a seller has proven to be the most revenue generating strategy ever for a realtor. 7
    6. 6. Lead life cycle: • When are the customers approaching you? • Is it too late in the decision making step that you cannot add value to customer? • Get the customers before they decide all parameters of their buying / selling decision
    7. 7. Lead by referral: • One day I was sitting with a successful broker of his market and his phone rang. • A customer had called who had dealt with him 5 years ago with a new requirement • How will your phone ring with such calls?
    8. 8. Lead by referral: • The biggest source of a mature broker is referral lead. • For a buyer first person to come in mind as a realtor usually gets his lead. • You need to get in to a lot of minds as THE realtor to do business with. • Then you will get a stable supply of referral leads
    9. 9. Lead by referral: • The simplest way to generate referral leads: – Do good work • If you work in organized manner and give client satisfaction, they are bound to refer you. • Do we need to get in to business relationship to get referral business? – It may start with your relative or lead servicing
    10. 10. Lead by referral: • Use Brian Buffini’s training to get training on “working by referral” • The time tested tools of referral generation are: – Pop By – Personal Notes – Items Of Value
    11. 11. Match the market • A one page flyer will not sell a 1 crore apartment • If you are targeting a high end customer then you have to present appropriate material.
    12. 12. Techniques: Marketing presentation for Mr. Patel
    13. 13. “There is no wrong way to generate a lead” Tom Ferry
    14. 14. Types of lead generation • Contacts : – Friends – Sphere of influence – Previous Work place – Ex-Co-workers – Your child’s friends , school, tuition teacher
    15. 15. • Internet Portals – Our www.remax.in portal – Your own listings can be put on Magicbricks, 99acres etc. – Other Agent’s listing to market • Simple tip: print your website everywhere!
    16. 16. • Online advertisement – Google Ad words – Facebook – Internet portals • Your own Website and listing on website • Social Media: Facebook / Twitter through your own network and profile updates • Refer to another training on this subject: “Role of Technology in Real Estate” for further details.
    17. 17. • Advertisements in print media – Classifieds – Display • This is by far the most costliest mode of lead generation and not cash positive as it is believed to be. • Biggest mistake: buying a package with a media company, usually it proves costly
    18. 18. • Participation in Exhibitions like property shows etc. – Property shows are now getting focussed on class or assets / geographical area – Other exhibitions are not getting good results
    19. 19. Targeted Leads: • Educating customers with : – Buyer Guide- Seller Guide – holding seminars – speaking at gatherings. – Legal updates – Regular emailing / blogging / updating Facebook
    20. 20. 22
    21. 21. 23
    22. 22. • Networking – In Seminars related to investment / properties – With people you meet every day – Wedding / parties / social gatherings • The idea is not just to give visiting cards, but to collect them !
    23. 23. • Walk-ins to segment of people for e.g., a run down building or doctors • Cold Calls • Banners to sell properties (yard signs) • Just listed, Just Sold postcards
    24. 24. • Database: Business Cards • Yellow Pages (now available on telephone) • Radio Advertisement • TV advertisement on regional channels • Outdoor advertisement like bus stop, hoarding etc. • “No Parking” boards • Hoarding sponsorship of other shop keepers
    25. 25. What to advertise? • Buy sell rent? • Fish with a hook or fish with a net? • Be creative than the competition • Amul butter
    26. 26. • Importance of media-offer-content : – 20% is on what you write in the content – 40% is on the media you choose – 40% is on the offer you make • To have best results : “Make a catchy content for an irresistible offer and use the media which the target segment uses”
    27. 27. Agents - Lead Generation Systems • Emerging Agents use 1-3 lead generation system to generate clients. • Mid-level producers use 4-6 lead generation systems to generate clients. • Mega agents use 10 or more lead generation systems to generate clients.
    28. 28. Lead generation strategy: • The best strategy is the one which gives you the fastest results and highest profit. • Todays lead generation strategy may not work tomorrow.
    29. 29. Lead generation strategy: • Things to consider while forming a lead generation strategy: – Your budget – Your target segment – The competition’s strategy – Your competency – Waiting capacity to get $ in your pocket
    30. 30. Myths : 1. “I got less phone calls, but over all branding I will get eventually” 2. “I got a lot of phone calls, so obviously my advt work. But closures didn’t happen due to market conditions” 3. “My customers are happy when I advertise their property”
    31. 31. Myths : 1. Majority of leads from one of my sources are junk. 2. Low cost lead generation, means low results. 3. Older leads are useless 4. Quality doesn’t matter only quantity does 5. I don’t need to follow up on leads, they will call again if they are interested
    32. 32. Myths : 1. Whenever business is slow I will spend time in lead generation activities. 2. Lead generation is one time effort, then I don’t need to do it. 3. Lead generation is only important, lead management is diversion
    33. 33. Time for lead generation: • Research has proven that top producing agents work more than 54.5 hours a week. • However most broker complain that they want to work but don’t have any work ! • When you don’t have any work, it’s a good time to focus on lead generation activities.
    34. 34. Time for lead generation: • Make a list of tasks for every day of the week: – Mon: personal notes / Paper advt for FSBO – Tue: Do pop by/ send just listed post card – Wed: list online / call past clients – Thu: release Print advt / do social media – Fri: Add to database/ schedule open house – Sat: check expired listing (online / print) / geographical farming / property viewing 38
    35. 35. Past Client/Centre of influence builder 1 What are the names of the members of your family? 2 What are the names of your spouce's family? 3 What are the names of your "extended" family? 4 What is the name of your best friend? 5 What is the name of your spouse's best friend? 6 What are the names of very close friends? 7 What are the names of your spouce's very close friends? 8 What are the names of your children's friends parents? 9 What are your children's teachers' names? 10 What are your children's coaches' names? 11 What are your children's school principals' names? 12 What are your children's dentists' names? 13 What are your children's doctors' names? 14 Who sell your children's clothes? 15 Who cuts your hair? 16 Who does your dry cleaning?
    36. 36. 21 Who do you know at your temple/mosque/church place of worship? 22 Who do you see in the provision store you most often go? 23 Who is your pharmacist? 24 Who are your doctors? 25 Who are your spouse's doctors? 26 Who owes you money? 27 What is the name of your favorite clerk at the bank? 28 Who do you borrow money from at the bank? 29 Who is your stock broker? 30 Who is your financial planner? 31 Who prepares your taxes? 32 Who does your accounting? 33 Who owns your favorite restaurant? 34 Who do you know on a first name basis at your country club? 35 Who do you talk to in your health club? 36 Who do you play tennis with? 37 Who do you attend your children's sporting events with? 38 Who do you go to the movies with? 39 Who do you go to plays, theaters, galleries or museums with? 40 Who is your lawyer?
    37. 37. 41 Who would you call if you had an air-conditioning problem? 42 Who is your pest control person? 43 Who would you call if you had an electrical problem? 44 Who built your house? 45 Who is your landlord? 46 What is the name of the insurance agent who insured your home? 47 What is the name of the insurance agent who sold you life insurance? 48 What is the name of the insurance agent who holds your health insurance? 49 What is the name of the insurance agent who handles your car insurance? 50 Who do you buy your clothes from? 51 Who is your tailor/ seamstress / dressmaker? 52 Who do you buy make-up / cosmetics from? 53 Who did you buy your computer from? 54 Who fixes your computer? 55 Who fixes other small appliances? 56 Who is your travel agent? 57 Who is your printer? 58 Who did you receive holiday card from last year? 59 Who did you send holiday cards to last year? 60 Who is your car mechanic?
    38. 38. 61 Who did you buy furniture from? 62 Who repairs or upholsters your furniture? 63 Who do you buy office supplies from? 64 Who do you see at your office building? 65 Who do you know in law enforcement? 66 Who do you in politics? 67 Who have you done business with in the past? 68 Who do you know at service organization meetings?( Lions club, Rotary, etc.) 69 Who do you know from a social organization you are a member of? 70 Who do you know from trade or industry groups that you belong to? 71 Who do you buy carpet, drapes, and appliances from? 72 Who are your old high school classmates who are still around? 73 Who are your old coaches that still around? 74 Who are your old teachers that are still around? 75 Who are your old school principals that are still around? 76 Who are your ols college fratenity/ sorority/ brothers/ sisters who are still around? 77 Who are your old college buddies that are still around? 78 Who did you invite to your wedding? 79 Who are your neighbors?
    39. 39. 81 Who repairs your jewelry? 82 Who is your photographer? 83 Where do you get your pictures developed? 84 Who do you know in your home owners' association? 85 What are the names of your co-workers from your previous jobs? 86 What are the names of your previous neighbors? 87 Who do you know from the day care centre? 88 What are the names of your spouse's past neighbors? 89 What are the names of you parent's best friends? 90 What are the names of your spouce's co-workers? 91 Who do you buy advertising from? 92 Who are the suppliers and vendors who come to your work place? 93 Who is currently trying to sell you something? 94 Who married you? 95 Who handles your communications equipment? 96 Who would lend you Rs. 10000 with a phone call? These questions are designed to jog your memory!
    40. 40. Thank you for your time