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Saving money with open source


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BETT 2010 …

BETT 2010
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  • 1. Saving Moneywith Open Source Open Source SchoolsMiles Berry, David Willmot, Alan Bell, Paul Haigh
  • 2. Miles Berry, Roehampton UniversitySaving money
  • 3. “Dear Chief Secretary,Im afraid there is no money.Kind regards - and good luck!Liam” Liam Byrne
  • 4. O Brave New World• Becta• Harnessing Technology Grant• BSF
  • 5. “When we decided to do amicroprocessor on our own, I made twogreat decisions - I gave them two thingswhich National, Intel and Motorola hadnever given their design teams: the firstwas no money; the second was nopeople. The only way they could do it wasto keep it really simple.” Hermann Hausser
  • 6. “Gentlemen, we have no money,therefore we must think.” Ernest Rutherford
  • 7. Open source politics
  • 8. Ofsted“Compare performance with others to see whereimprovements could be made.”The vast majority of schools have invested heavily in computernetworks, running expensive commercial operating systemsand standard ‘office’ suites of software. In these schools, theannual licensing costs for each networked computer are eatingup a significant proportion of the ICT budget, restricting furtherexpansion… Open source operating systems and software arenow a reliable and cost-effective solution, enabling the fewschools that choose this route to achieve excellent value formoney. A few schools have used open source software forestablishing a virtual learning environment, enabling them toobtain several years’ worth of development with no licensingcosts.
  • 9. Ofsted‘‘Challenge why and how a service is being provided.”All the schools in the sample had chosen to purchase apackage of ‘office’ software that is standard in the businessworld. On the one hand, this has the benefit of introducingstudents to software they are likely to encounter in the future;on the other, it may actually be hindering the development oftheir skills. … In the small number of schools that haddeliberately chosen to provide a mixture of operating systems,students met a greater variety of software and were betterequipped to cope with rapidly changing technologies.
  • 10. Becta
  • 11. Free to run the programCC by-nc Socceraholic
  • 12. Free for allCC by-nc-sa Sarah Parrott
  • 13. Sustainabilitycc-by-nc-sa thomas.merton
  • 14. Interoperabilitycc-by-sa bdesham
  • 15. Straightforward Supportcc by-nc Destinys Agent
  • 16. Empowered techiescc-by-nc-sa Grant Mitchell
  • 17. Free to improve the programCC by-nc Maggie T
  • 18. Fit for purposecc-by-nc bre pettis
  • 19. Helping one anothercc-by-nc Cambodia Trust
  • 20. Avoid lock-incc-by-nc-nd xserve
  • 21. LAMPcc-by-nc smudge9000
  • 22. Freedom and ControlCC by-nc-sa fatboyke (luc)
  • 23. David Willmot, Blackfen School for GirlsInkscape
  • 24. Using Inkscape
  • 25. Paul Haigh, Notre Dame High SchoolJoomla!Moodle& More
  • 26. What kind of a school is Notre Dame?• Outstanding Catholic comprehensive school 1400 11-18 year olds• Comprehensive intake 5% FSM 20% on SEN register (9% SA 7% SA+)• As we draw children from all over the city don’t have the ‘post code skew’ (positive or negative) of other city schools but are truly comprehensive• Technology College since 1995• Ex-grant maintained• Hub of the Hallam CLC (City Learning Centre)• Also have Leading Edge status and Second Specialism (Humanities)• National Support School• Entrepreneurial, innovative and risk taking
  • 27. What do we use?• Joomla based web site as a portal- log in integrated with MicroSoft Windows Active Directory usernames/ passwords• Includes features like flipping book e-magazine• Exchange Server/ Outlook email for all staff and students• Integration with IP telephony giving features like web access to voice mail• Management Information System: Serco Facility CMIS• VLE Moodle (with a link to MIS) and Mahara e-portfolios• Gleamtech web access to ‘my documents’ and all shared directories such as curriculum resources, staff admin folders with key word search tool (without need for tagging).
  • 28. Alan Bell, The Open Learning CentreUbuntu and Edubuntu
  • 29. Freedom all the way down
  • 30. “Our aim is to put together a systemthat contains all the best free software available in education and make it easy to install and maintain”
  • 31. What is Edubuntu? A collection of great applications A firm foundation on which they are based A community of educators
  • 32. The Applications (just a few of them)
  • 33. The FoundationsEdubuntu is built on Ubuntu which provides:  Package management  Automatic updates  Networking  Integration with Active Directory  Terminal Services  Access to thousands of general purpose applications
  • 34. Community Global community of educators working with and working on Edubuntu Communication via mailing lists and weekly real time meetings on IRC Developer summit every six months
  • 35. Web Live Free trial on the web Virtual cloud based desktop Lasts for two hours
  • 36. Where can we take it? Edubuntu is a global project It is open to contributions We can adapt it to the UK environment Translate to English converting -ize to -ise National Curriculum
  • 37. Thin Clients
  • 38. Portable Kit
  • 39. Open Source Schools cc-by-nc-sa MrUsh
  • 40. To find out more…, @dwillmot20, @paulhaigh, @alanbelltolc School Leaders Conference, 12th April Techie Unconference, Summer