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Media and Design. Y3 Teaching and Learning L2
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Media and Design. Y3 Teaching and Learning L2


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The session looks at some tools for working with media on the web and how media can be incorporated effectively in your site. …

The session looks at some tools for working with media on the web and how media can be incorporated effectively in your site.

We review some of the developments in web design and draw together a number of principles for effective design.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. T&L WebsiteLecture 2 - media and designApril 2013
  • 2. A few notes on theassignment• 2,500 words +/- 10%.Please state the wordcount• Rationale (500 words) is your personal perspective• References as links• Acknowledge all work not your own• Provide the URL via Moodle, making sure yourtutor and have access toyour site.
  • 3. An excellent website• open with a home page outlining the rationale ofthe website (500 words);• include your name and student number;• have a clear navigation structure, making it easy toaccess the website contents;• have well designed pages that suit readingfrom the screen;• show some attention to principles of gooddesign;• make use of images and other media, whereappropriate;• include links to other websites, where appropriate;• be written in a style appropriate to the web andwhich makes it accessible to your target audience;• be accessible through a web browser alone withoutadditional software being used.
  • 4. Dieter Rams• Innovation• Useful• Aesthetic• Helps understanding• Unobtrusive• Honest• Long lasting• Thorough• Environmentally friendly• As little as possible
  • 5. Sir Johnny IveSimplicity is not the absence ofclutter, thats a consequence ofsimplicity. Simplicity is somehowessentially describing the purposeand place of an object and product.The absence of clutter is just aclutter-free product.Thats notsimple.The quest for simplicity has topervade every part of the process.It really is fundamental.
  • 6. Effective web design• Don’t make users think• Don’t squander users’ patience• Make use of effective writing• Strive for simplicity• Don’t be afraid of white space• Conventions are our friends• Test early, test oftenA selection from Friedman, 2008
  • 7. Further ideas• Use of a base colour• Fonts (don’t use comic sans)• Hierarchy• Proportion• Limit choice• Occam’s razor