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ShareSquare is a platform for connecting offline audiences with the bands and brands they love, through immediate calls-to-action and rich engagement on the mobile web, with real-time analytics.

Currently focused on enhancing physical and out-of-home promotions in music & entertainment, ShareSquare bridges the offline world with the mobile web.

Using the self-serve CMS, artists and advertisers alike can now enhance physical collateral with a ShareSquare QR Code corresponding to a custom HTML5 mobile web app. This now makes the fan’s point of passion actionable: a concert poster, sticker, album cover, merch tag (and more) becomes a rich point of discovery. The fan can immediately experience a music video, download tracks, join mailing lists, easily connect on social networks, win prizes, and even make purchases.

Real-time engagement and geo-location analytics allow the ShareSquare creator to update and optimize their campaigns on the fly.

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ShareSquare Select Case Studies

  1. 1. ShareSquare contact@getsharesquare.comCase Study: Universal Studios Scan for exclusive Access!Challenge“How do I provide an in-store opportunity to sample my product,cross-promote my catalog titles, and increase theatrical ticketsales?” existing OOH budgets, Universal Studios HomeEntertainment was able to take their traditionally static marketingand make it interactive by offering trailers, clips, deleted scenes,story information, and promotional offers.What’s more, they wereable to effectively extend their OOH budget by finding opportunitiesto cross promote both new (Adjustment Bureau, Little Fockers,Despicable Me) and catalog (Hot Fuzz, Wanted, Scarface) titlesto increase overall sales. Finally, the team was able to driveawareness and early ticket sales opportunities for the upcomingtheatrical release, “Cowboys & Aliens”Actions & Results Adjustment Bureau Blue Crush 2 Paul Campaign (London)• Promotional Posters • Promotional Posters & Flyers at • Sticker on Front of Package• Auto-Redirect from Web Site Roxy Stores & Events • Special Video Greeting• Video, Images, Facebook Feed • Auto-Redirect from Web Site • More than All FB Likes Ever, and Buy Links • Video, Images, Facebook & Regardless of Channel• ~10K Scans on Street Date Twitter Feed • ~10K Scans• ~100K Scans to Date • ~50K Scans Since Launch • ~5X better performance than (~1 month) a recent Fox campaign
  2. 2. ShareSquare contact@getsharesquare.comCase Study: SXSWChallenge“How do you raise awareness, drive excitement, and increase engagement ofyou OOH marketing efforts?”OpportunitySXSW provided the ultimate coming out party for ShareSquare and nearly 100bands and brands that took advantage of the platform during the week longmusic festival in Austin, TX.Bands and brands came out with many ingenious ways to capture the attentionand the passion of the attendees by extending their OOH marketing throughQR Code deployment on T-shirts, posters, flyers, stickers, download cards,and more. A marquee example was the QR Code wrapped Dip Dive Tour bus:Dip Dive Tour Bus (Daedelus, Schlomo & Tokimonsta): The group electedto wrap their tour bus with QR Codes, creating a mobile billboard across 33cities that allowed fans and onlookers to scan the bus, learn more about theperformers, performances, and win VIP passesSXSW Results• ~2,000 UU • Predict consumer behavior• ~4,000 Views • SXSW 2011 “Most Scanned Bands”• >200 shares • Extended OOH campaign• >300 videos viewed • Positive viral pick up at the event