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Introduction to Summer@HIGHLAND
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Introduction to Summer@HIGHLAND


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Introduction to Summer@HIGHLAND program for student entrepreneurs and university-affiliated startups.

Introduction to Summer@HIGHLAND program for student entrepreneurs and university-affiliated startups.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. MICHAEL GAISS@MichaelGaiss
  • 2. Quick background on Highland For in 198 med 8 $3bilion underma gement&8funds l na  Ba 23 compa ov 10 IPOs a M cked 0 nies; er 0 nd &A Eal st ge focused inv mentstaegy ry a est rt  t | int netdigit lmedia| heat re IT ech er / a lhca Goba presence l l Bost Sil V ley Sha i, Genev &London on, icon al , ngha a
  • 3. We partner with entrepreneurs with big ambitions
  • 4. We love early stage
  • 5. Highland Entrepreneur Center
  • 6. We back young entrepreneurs
  • 7. We back young entrepreneurs
  • 8. We back young entrepreneurs
  • 9. We back young entrepreneurs
  • 10. We back young entrepreneurs
  • 11. We look to build relationships very early A ent epr ship pr a designed t pr ide st n r eneur ogr m o ov udent entepr s a univ sit a iaed st rups w h t env onment r eneur nd er y- ffil t at it he ir a r ces t hel a a t st rup t t nextl el nd esour o p dv nce heir at o he ev .
  • 12. Complementary with other programs…
  • 13.  and VERY founder friendly.  No equit inv v t pat t y ol ed o ricipae  No r offir l fir refusa ight st ook, st l  No obl t t Highl nd igaion o a
  • 14. What do selected teams receive? 5 K $ 1 Money Space M or ent ing A esome F w ounder &E t s xpers
  • 15. Plus value-add access and services
  • 16. Terrific participants over the last 5 years The fact that we were able to Terrific opportunity to gain Amazing experience for The quality of Highland’s input spend time with senior partners feedback from Highland’s team, serious student entrepreneurs was great, not only theirs but was incredible. and find people critical to intent on advancing their also that of all the other people Alain Chuard & Victoria Ransom building our business. startup. they put us in touch with. Wildfire / Stanford & HBS Matthew Prince & Michelle Zatlyn Algal Scientific Team / University Mike Sullivan CloudFlare / HBS of Michigan Affine / Harvard UniversityThis was an outstanding program We had a great time at Highland – Time, workspace & expert An absolute great opportunity forfrom our perspective. We are the mentorship, speaker series feedback – all incredibly useful as any student entrepreneur.grateful to have been accepted and connections were top-notch. we focused on progressing our Christine Ho & Brooks Kincaidinto it. Ksplice Team / MIT business. Imprint Energy / BerkeleyMatthew Lauzon AdPop Team / Stanaord UniversityGemvara / Babson College
  • 17. Our 2011 teams1. 3. 4. 2. 8.5. 7. 6. 20
  • 18. What we are looking for in 2012 Lea ship t m w h v pa &dr e der ea it ision, ssion iv Brea hrough idea(beyond j aconcept kt ust ) Pur l rge a suing a ddressa e maketopporunit bl r t y Eal t a ion &moment ry r ct um Technol ba &t ogy- sed echnol focused init t es ogy- iaiv
  • 19. Terms & conditions Open t undergr duae &gr duae st s, postgr d docs a newgr ds (no eal o a t a t udent a nd a rier t n Dec. 20 ha 11)  A l stone co- t ea founder T ms ca compr 2- per ea n ise 4 sons  4is idea ma l ximum; some fl it exibil y T ms w lw k in KendalSqua orSa Hil R d ea il or l re nd l oa  A l st10w t ea eeks
  • 20. If selected, what should you expect  M e int aHighl nd fa it ov o a cil y  W k cl yw h Highl nd inv or or osel it a est  Setgoas a obj iv l nd ect es  M per ly eet iodical  Highl nd Present t Da a aion y  Ga a t ot s t tca hel in ccess o her ha n p  Highl nd professionas a l  FounderCEOment / or  Int from a ournet or ros cross wk  Spea Ser socia a ot group gaher ker ies, l nd her t ings
  • 21. How to apply Compl e t onl a icaion (w w et he ine ppl t w summer)  T o- e t m v (required) w minut ea ideo Resumes/ (required) bios  Leter ofrecommendaion (st yrecommended) ts t rongl  A iona l exec summaies, et (opt l ddit l ink: r c. iona) Impora t ines t nt imel  R a A icaion W (A il5, 20 egul r ppl t indow pr 12)  Sel ed t ms not no l t t n A il25, 20 ect ea ified aer ha pr 12
  • 22. Q u e s t io n s Summer@HIGHLAND?L AN D ?Questions on o n S u m m e r @ H IG H
  • 23. We are here to help  Summer@HIGHLAND w w w summer  Ca Opporunit reer t ies w w w reer ca s  Ent repreneur Centa ship r l w w w repreneur ent ship_centa rl  Social  Ent repreneurNet or – LinkedIn Group (10 0 member wk 0+ s)  T iter @Highl ndCa a, @Highl ndSummer wt : a pit l a  F cebook: w w a pit l rner a w .fa Highl ndCa aPat s
  • 24. MICHAEL GAISS@MichaelGaiss