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First Days of School PowerPoint

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  • They might be doing something with breakfast times so I’ll wait to update this until the change is final
  • Morning show might change to afternoon show …. Might have to update this one
  • Show example – we will make this later today
  • Maybe make a poster for beginning of year
  • Have poster up with example of heading for papers
  • This might only be in the science room – I will have a whole recycling center – it covers a standard in science = )
  • Not sure where they should place them yet… waiting until the rooms are arranged
  • We can talk more about this …
  • Do a few team building activities then go over this
  • 1stdayppt

    1. 1. Ms. Fusselman
    2. 2. *Keep us safe *Save time *Making sure learning is happen *Feel comfortable *Stop interruptions *LEARNING *LEARNING *LEARNING
    3. 3. Be S.M.A.R.T. Safety first! Make good choices & use kind words. Arrive on time, prepared, & ready to learn. Respect yourself & others. Try your best!
    4. 4. ***We will do this a little later.
    5. 5. Entering Room Procedures
    6. 6. Get to School on Time!If it is after 7:50a.m., YOU are late!
    7. 7. Eating BreakfastIf you are going to eat breakfast at school, you must eat BEFORE you come to class. You may NOT drop off your backpack before breakfast – go straight to the cafeteria!
    8. 8. Before the 7:50a.m. Bell .1. Unpack your backpack and place it in the cabinet (this will be the ONLY time you may go into your backpack) 2. Unstack your chair 3. Sharpen at least 3 pencils 4. Turn in homework 5. Get water 6. Go to the restroom 7. Start your bellwork
    9. 9. After 7:50a.m. • Watch the morning show –Talking is OFF! • Leave planner on desk to be checked- show teacher any notes • Work on bellwork • Get College Counts points
    10. 10. Daily Procedure s
    11. 11. Planner •Bring binder to both classes •Parent signature every night •Record homework •Record daily activities •Track behavior •Summary Statement
    12. 12. *School agenda *Homework *Notes home *Thursday Folder *Notebook paper *Pencil pouch What goes in it??
    13. 13. Classroom Signals ***Instead of raising your hand and waiting for a teacher to call on you, you will use these hand signals so the teacher doesn’t have to stop teaching. - “ W ” for water - “ R ” for restroom - “ T ” for tissue
    14. 14. *Raise your hand quietly *I will only call on QUIET hands *Think time *When someone is called on, put your hand down and actively listen to what is said
    15. 15. Restroom Procedures• Use in the morning before 8:00AM • Use hand signals to ask during class •Check to see if your sanitizer bottle is on the shelf first • Walk quietly to the restroom • Wash your hands with soap • Leave the restroom clean •Quickly and quietly return •to your seat and continue working
    16. 16. Water Procedures•Drink water in the morning before 8:00AM •Use hand signals to ask during class •Walk quietly to the water fountain •One person at a time-no line •Drink on a count of 5 seconds •Quickly and quietly return to your seat and continue working
    17. 17. Pencils •Sharpen pencils AS SOON AS YOU GET TO CLASS. •If your pencil breaks: •check with your team for another pencil •Trade a pencil in the green/red cups
    18. 18. *Notebook (lined) paper is in the library *You may get paper as you need it. If it is during class you need to ask permission *On every assignment, your heading should have: Name Date Class number
    19. 19. *You will be sharing a desk with other students from the class next door. *Don’t leave personal items in desk. *Put special items in your pouch in your notebook. *Clean desks= College Counts points! “Mi casa es su casa” ~ “My house is your house.”
    20. 20. Walking in Line • Wait to line up until instructed to do so • Number order • Walk quietly • Arms at your side •Stand directly behind the person in front of you – straight line! • Stopping points
    21. 21. Lunch •Line up in number order •Sit in your assigned seat •Quiet voices •Respect the lunchroom staff •Clean-up your table area •Talk politely and quietly with those around you
    22. 22. Specials Art Music P.E. (Physical Education) • Line-up in number order •Social Contract will be followed •Bring your lunchbox • MAKE ME PROUD!
    23. 23. *Read a book *Work on word study assignments *Technology (ask teacher first) *Work on other assignments MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don’t disturb others!!!!
    24. 24. *Check out will take place in reading *Assigned a day and time to go to the library once a week *Choose Good-Fit books
    25. 25. Will go over these procedures later in reading class. 
    26. 26. Homework•Reading every night for 20 minutes •Math and science homework occasionally •Reading, spelling, writing, vocabulary homework occasionally •Record your homework assignments in your agenda each day • If homework is missing or incomplete, you will receive a conduct mark.
    27. 27. *It’s YOUR responsibility to check with the teacher if you were absent *You have ONE day for each day you were absent to make up the work
    28. 28. *Sit quietly *Continue working as you normally would *Be polite and respectful *IMPRESS THEM!!!
    29. 29. *Paper *Notebook paper *Computer paper *News paper *Plastic Bottles *Water bottles *Aluminum Can *Soda cans
    30. 30. Stop everything immediately Quietly line up Exit through the door and walk toward the playground Stay with class at all times- SILENT Wait until you are called back inside Walk quickly and quietly back to the classroom Return to the classroom task
    31. 31. Dismissal Procedures
    32. 32. Summary Statement •Written in planner every day •Summary statement should begin with one of the following statements: •Today I learned … •Today I loved … •I want to know more about … This will help your teachers and parents understand things you liked, learned, and want to know more about in school.
    33. 33. Backpacks •With permission, get your backpack from your locker at the end of the day •Return to your seat •Begin packing your backpack with notebook, planner, and a book for reading •Stack chair once you are packed •Sit in classroom library when finished
    34. 34. Clean your Area • Clean your area EVERYDAY !!! • Straighten the materials in your desk • Clear your desk • Clean the floor around your desk • Put any materials you have away •Clean tables= college counts points! ***Ask yourself – Does the room look as good as it did when I got here???
    35. 35. Stack Chairs • Stack your chair every day • Stacks should be no higher that 5 chairs • Place them against the wall next to the TV •Stack one chair at a time •Walk with chairs to the ground, NOT over head •Each morning you will unstack your chair and place it at your desk
    36. 36. •Walk down stairs together •Bus riders at the front of the line in groups according to bus color •Car riders and daycare students at the end of the line •In order to leave the line, you MUST give your teacher a high 5 so they know you have left the line!
    37. 37. Good Choices = Fabulous Rewards
    38. 38. *Fill in each black (all 10) *Earning a letter *100% on task and following the classroom rules *1, 2, 3, eyes on me = 1 letter *Hallway compliments *Specials compliments *Losing a letter *Majority not on task and not following the classroom rules BUNCH
    39. 39. • Table groups are named after a college in Texas • Earning team points • 1, 2, 3, eyes on me = ALL eyes are on me! • Example: Whole team is on task and following instructions = +1 point • Losing team points * Example: One or more team members not on task and/or following instructions = -1 point • Every Friday there is a reward for the team with the most points.
    40. 40. *$1: helping someone, good hallway behavior, participating in class, group work *$5: HERO, improved tests scores
    41. 41. *Knowledge gained *Student of the Week – Reading and Writing *Classroom job *Teachers’ trust *Friday activity
    42. 42. Classroom Family
    43. 43. *This is your family away from home *We WILL respect each other *Give me examples of how we can respect each other … *Making fun of others will NOT be tolerated *Apologizing
    44. 44. *Everyone has a part *Respecting others opinion *Work together *Active listening *Might not always agree, but can talk about it nicely *Trust your team mates There’s no I in teamwork, only a W for we!
    45. 45. *Feeling good about yourself *Ways to make others feel good *Compliments *Smile *Praise *Using manner *Please, excuse me, thank you, and your welcome
    46. 46. Questions ?? ?