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Eng enyon gestión 2011

  1. 1. Facility Management Facilities, Support, EnergyT. + 34 91 654 55 99F. + 34 91 654 56 32www.enyonfacilities.comwww.enyon.es
  2. 2. Who we are. What we do.Enyon is a consultant specializing in Facility Management,Engineering and Energy Efficiency. We manage and adviseon real estate assets, facilities and services.A company belonging to the Enyon Group, founded in 1979 withextensive experience in design, construction andcommissioning of facilities in the construction industry. We have Facility Management.differential strengths to undertake complex projects based on Facility Management.the experience and multidisciplinary training of our teams, our Support Services Management.main objective being to continuously improve these processes Project Management.for our customers and, where appropriate, perform Operational Location Management.Management so that clients can focus entirely on their business. Energy Manager. Other Services Savings in Energy Supplies. We aim to optimize the life cycle of clients’ Energy Efficiency Audit. industrial or real estate assets as well as to add Energy Management Outsourcing. value to assets for shareholders. Energy Projects Integrated Facility Management. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  3. 3. We Create Value. Why we do it. How we do it. In Spain, the management of property assets, when We incorporate real estate Assets to Business Strategy. seeking competitive advantages has traditionally been We increase their profitability. forgotten. However, in order to obtain good results in the We help to comply with regulations. core business of any company, it is critical to ensure We improve energy intensity. optimal use of its assets, and above all, to have complete We manage spaces that are technically, energetically and confidence in the availability of properties and all support functionallyefficient . activities for your business.What we do. The introduction of FM in the strategy of companies can The cost of maintenance of property assets inFM, Facility Management, is professional achieve an increase in return of invested capital thanks companies in the Spanish market, accounts formanagement of productive work to a better use of property assets, a reduction in operation costs, improved quality of life of users, around 15% of turnover, just after salary expenses.environments by means of maintaining thefacilities and support services necessary to increased guarantees of no business interruption, clearfacilitate economic activities, thus allowing the accounting and by freeing key management resources todevelopment of operations and strategic concentrate on the core business of the company.activities to become more efficient andeffective. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  4. 4. Facility Management. Facility Management in Construction - FMC It is advisable to anticipate these and other problems by introducing an independent figure specializing in property management in the construction phase, the Facility Manager, to add their expertise by advising and supporting the property and the rest of the team on : - The functional distribution of workspaces to increase productivity and efficiency. - The selection of materials and equipment for subsequent maintenance and use, adapted toWhy not anticipate problems? their actual use in order to optimize costs.In the construction phase of a building, the goal is - The selection of thermal and electrical facilities to increase energy efficiency of theto reduce costs and meet deadlines, but is building through facility project auditing.functional reality of properties valued in thesubsequent operational phase? Are end-userneeds taken into account? Are facilities studiedfrom the point of view of consumption, performanceand maintenance? Facility Managers provide their insight into the construction phase to avoid problems in the operational phase. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  5. 5. Facility Management. Facility Management Support Services Management Project Management Location Management + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  6. 6. Facility Management. Benefits for our Clients Enyon offers clients the possibility to audit purchasing expenses with current suppliers of technical and operational services, re-negotiating their proposals and/or looking for alternatives on the market, thus optimizing economic and operational results, either by outsourcing the purchase of some of these products/services, or by taking responsibility for the management of some or all stages of the Cost Optimisation process. WORK METHODOLOGY BENEFITS FOR OUR CLIENTS NeedTECHNICAL FACILITIES Needs analysis, from which to define the specifications and requests for quotations. Better PurchaseThermal Terms SpecializationElectrical Development of specifications As a result of adding the purchasing Staff specializing inSecurity Development of RFQ, by analyzing the current situation volume of different each type of service clientsMechanical and aiming to detect areas for improvementCommunications Optimization Selection & Negotiation Engineers Flexibility Request bids from suppliers, negotiation and It is possible for presentation to the decision-making committee. & Economists clients to get asSUPPORT SERVICES They analyze the involved as they wish, purchasing process hiring the whole itself and provide process or just certain stagesCleaning Decision-making committee their insight to add improvementsPest Control Analysis and decision making with the client.Gardening ProfitabilitySurveillance The pricing model is adjusted according toSelf-protection Implementation customer needs, by applying a fixed amount for professional fees, a percentage of the savingsInternal logistics Completion of the Contract. Defining an implementation plan with defined quality indicators (SLA) achieved over a given period or a combination of both. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  7. 7. Facility Management. Facilities and Support Services. Independent Delegated Management. Outsourcing to enyon. Total Integrated Independent Management. Enyon staff integrates with the client. Integration Comprehensive Management of Property Maintenance, assuming all contracting. • Evaluation of bids in bidding processes. • Contract and budget management: Involving the supplier in the quality of service. • Periodic monitoring and control of services • Document Management of Service Contracts. Implementation Facilities Services • Update Maintenance Program due changes in regulations or uses.Thermal • Negotiation with service providers.Electrical • Costs analysis for each service. • Service Contingency Plan.Security • Defining Services Scope and Program.Mechanical • Defining Service Level Agreements.Communications Organization • Defining contract documents (plans, protocols, communication, etc.) • Bidding: Drafting and management of Bidding Processes. Services • Space Management: A study of customer needs and rearrangement. • Add value to property: Search for increased use and profitability of buildings.SUPPORT SERVICESCleaning • Contract documentation auditing and comparison with field monitoring. Audit • Analysis of investment needs for adjustments.Pest Control Services • Inventory of spaces and control of furniture and equipment.GardeningSurveillanceSelf-protectionInternal logistics + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  8. 8. Facility Management 2-6 WEEKS 6 WEEKS 1. AUDIT 2. ORGANIZATION 1. Review contracts and Legislation. 1. Scope and Program. 2. Systems Inventory. 2. Service Level Agreements. 3. Check condition of facilities. 3. Contract Development. 4. Interviews with Current Suppliers 4. Bidding Management.. and Users. 1. Technical and Management Control. 1. Review and Bid Closing. 2. Quality and Cost Analysis. 2. Contingency Plan Development. 4. CONTROL 3. IMPLEMENTATION 3 WEEKSAn audit of the current condition of the facilities will be presented within around 4 weeks. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  9. 9. Facility Management. Support and Infrastructure Services ManagementCLEANING | GARDENING | PEST CONTROL | COMMUNICATIONS Decision- Development Management Needs Selection & making Implementation of Committee Control Analysis specifications Negotiation Definition of the Monitoring Analysis and implementation Analysis of current Development of Request bids decision making plan with defined management situation and specifications for from suppliers together with the quality indicators and review of existing contracts. submission of and Negotiation. Client for (SLA). indicators bids. contract fulfilment completion.SURVEILLANCE | INTERNAL LOGISTICS | SELF-PROTECTION PLANS + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  10. 10. Project & Facility Management. Comprehensive Project ManagementInvestors need the support of a team that enables them to maintain a global Our customers enjoy a high degree of leadership and participation.view of their investment by providing them with information on the environment, Enyon acts as Project Manager by managing the process and ensuringhelping them in the Planning, Management, Negotiation and Coordination compliance with the objectives of the property.stage from financial, technical and legal standpoints. PROPERTY ADVANTAGES PROJECT MANAGER Independence. Definition of Identification & Contracting & Implementation Closing Objectives Planning Planning Control Professional Representation.Understanding Clients’ Funding Analysis. Return on Investment. Chartered Professionals External Consultants Projects Licences Project Reception and Centralization of Information.activity, experience and Product Definition. Suppliers Project Evolution Commissioningneeds. Control Company Costs, plans and Quality Assurance. Contracting Flexibility. OTHER CONTRACTING ALTERNATIVES Time Optimization. PROJECT MONITORING It enables our clients to control project management without interfering in it, thus receiving reliable information in time to take decisions. Risk Management. TURNKEY ESTABLISHMENT PROJECT + CONSTRUCTION + MAINTENANCE DURING OPERATION STAGE + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  11. 11. Facility Management. Location ManagementServices providing key information about the actual condition ofassets, thus avoiding unforeseen future expenditure or breach ofthe Law, consisting of the identification of alternative locations alongwith a pre-acquisition audit. Standard Acquisition with Acquisition Location Management - A team made up by engineers, economists and lawyers. - Evaluation of all technical and legal aspects. - Analysis of the development situation of the property. - Recognition of deviations from regulations. - Checking condition and actual performance of facilities. - Investment plans for the renovation, improvement or repair of incidents detected. - Analysis of proposed lease and/or purchase. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  12. 12. Facility Management. Establishment Project The responsibilities of Facility Managers are to manage and plan a more efficient, human and productive working environment. Their functions are : - Corporate strategies regarding real estate resources. - Space optimization policies. - Coordination of renovation and relocation Projects. - Project Development and Coordination of work in new locations. The goal is to make optimal use of available space, keep it in good condition and achieve highest productivity. To this end, the following services are offered: ESTABLISHMENT PROJECTS - Chartered Services. - Activity Project. - Facility Implementation Project. - Safety and Health Study. - Self-protection plans. - Technical Management of Project Implementation. - Management of paperwork and licences. - Facility implementation dossier. - Space planning and optimization, proposing alternatives in detail. - Technical feasibility. + 34 91 654 55 99www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  13. 13. Energy Manager Savings in Energy Supplies. Energy Efficiency Audit. Energy Management Outsourcing. Energy Projects. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  14. 14. Energy Facility Managemen Savings in Energy Supplies Nowadays, the procurement of energy supplies (electricity and gas) is liberalized and prices change at such short intervals that it is difficult to know which is best suited to our consumption. Moreover, in a liberalized market, it is difficult to know which company offers the best price for the energy we consume. What assistance does enyon provide as an energy supplies consultant? Freedom of worry about electricity or gas bills, the guarantee of enjoying the best price in each situation according to consumption. Your company will enjoy the best option, we negotiate the best deal for your consumption, so you pay only what you need and at the best price, thus saving a lot of effort, money and unnecessary worries.We take care. Analysis Correction Monitoring Pricing Pricing Bills and charges Contracted power, supply Simulation of real data Price at termination points, deadlines, voltage, Offers to companies and comparison against Economic impact of service disruption periods of use. and comparison billing + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  15. 15. Energy Facility Management Energy Efficiency Audit Proposed Improvements Implementation of Initial Audit Monitoring Final Audit and Cost Recovery Improvements Inventory, measurement and 1.- Immediate. Final audit of the evaluation Changing habits and Contracting Types Monitoring results blocks evaluated Thermal Systems developing protocols. based on historical in the initial audit, Electrical Facilities 2.- Technical < 1 year. Engineering data. comparing the Lighting Equipment Pricing optimization. results obtained Fleet of Vehicles 3.- Technical1-3 years. Turnkey against those Water Possible expected and Energy Uses implementation of Project Management historical data. Envelope Renewable Energies. Waste 4.- Technical > 3 years. Facility under What it is Pricing Analysis Construction Evaluation of ImprovementsIt is the tool on which a structured plan for energysavings is based . It involves information collection tasks,analysis, classification, proposed alternatives, quantifyingsavings and decision making, verifying compliance withcurrent regulations: Who is it interesting for? What is analyzed? When? Why enyon?CTE - Technical Building Code Savings that can beRITE - Thermal Facility Regulation reached: Auditing consumption Whenever you believe that Our difference is theREBT - Low Voltage Electrical Regulation Industry 15-20%. habits, heating and air less efficient facilities are result of over 30 yearsRegulations on Energy Efficiency of Outdoor Lighting Buildings 20-25%. conditioning equipment, being used, there is very experience working inRD47/07 - Energy Certification Public Lighting 35-40% electrical systems, high energy consumption thermal and electrical Shops 20-25% lighting systems, and ultimately, when you facilities, and the unionThey also add value to your home or building, especially Hotels 25-30% building thermal want to improve energy of engineers andwith the inclusion of RD47/2007, which involves the Adjusting cost recovery envelope. efficiency. managers in a singleenergy certification of buildings as a document to be times depending on team.assessed during the purchase / sale technology applied. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  16. 16. Energy Facility Management External Enegy Manager UNE 216301 / ISO50001- GEE • CONSUMPTION MONITORING • Identification of energy consumption. 1.- CM • Monitoring legal requirements (CTE, RITE, REBT, REEIAE, etc.). • CONSUMPTION EVALUATION. 2.- CE • Definition and analysis of rates of consumption per area unit, per employee or user, per area, etc. 3.- EA • ENERGY ACCOUNTING.Enyon experience specializing in the promotion of energy saving • OPERATION PROGRAM.makes it a key partner to manage your energy savings. Thus, enyon • Identifying all the factors that influence the facility and developing a 4.- OP program for use and operation of each facility.provides computerized management of energy consumption, as wellas the definition of energy indicators that are specific for the activity • IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM.and tracking of their evolution. It also defines a set of custom alarms • Existing opportunities for improvement.to detect any energy deviation so that it can be corrected as soon as • Analysis of implementation of renewable energy.possible. • Development and Implementation of potential facility projects. 5.- IP • Development of Energy Procurement Protocol. •Energy Management of Investments.The analysis of the results by enyon´s energy technicians-managers • Energy Supply consultancy.enables you to assess the need for new energy contracts, to establish • Jobs and Traininglines of energy action, generate proposals for savings and energyefficiency, renewable energy, feasibility studies, search for subsidiesand funding, develop the specifications for procurement of works,perform energy management of the works, validate and follow up and, • ANNUAL REPORT. 6.- AR • A document summarizing the activities arising from energy management.ultimately, achieve lower energy costs. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  17. 17. Energy Energy Project Engineering 1 2 3 4 5 BENEFITS Conceptualization Blueprint Implementation Legalization ECONOMIC Generation premiums or Needs Analysis and Consumption savingsThermal Solar proposals Sanitary Hot Water Implementation Project ENVIRONMENTAL Industrial Processes CO2 emission reduction Feasibility,Photovoltaic Solar to Grid Performance and Selection Study SOCIAL Photovoltaic Roofing Employment generation is Management of Solar Farms Technical Management technical files larger than for other means of Draft for submission to required by the production government agencies PublicIsolated Photovoltaic Solar to obtain permits and Assembly Construction Delivery Administrations Sizing. Planning Permission. . EDUCATIONALBiomass Initial Schemes Review, As built adaptation Initiation, Staff awarenessGeothermal and coordination document. and control. rethinkingWind IMAGE Architectural Higher added value Integration Study Greater commitment + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  18. 18. Energy Photovoltaic Roofing Lower initial Cost Increased return on investmentNo need to make any investment in the land. As it is placed on the cover of buildings, the costs are significantly reduced, which means a greater return on investment. Easily-obtained permits More security against theftNo need for any environmental impactassessment, urban rating or archaeological Since it is located in urban or industrial areas, there arestudy, as with other power generation facilities, no thefts in such facilities, compared to other types ofsuch as solar farms. facilities in isolated areas, such as solar farms. ThisIn addition, the Public administrations facilitate advantage leads to an even greater reduction in theand encourage such facilities as they involve risk premium.higher energy efficiency of the country withoutenvironmental pollution or occupation of land. Direct control Increased ease of access to the facility, while maintaining production at the highest level. Lower maintenance costs Quick installationNo need to rent any land to locate the facility.The cost of insurance is lower as it is usually This type of facility greatly reduces operation startingadded to property damage insurance. time as no urban development stages are required andMaintenance tasks are simpler and cheaper, as standardized modular materials are used.they do not require long journeys nor facingunforeseen incidents in remote areas. Increased real estate value Of the property as it generates economic returns + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  19. 19. Integrated Facility Management Enyon provides integrated facility management servicesthrough a specialized team , looking at all three fields of operation: Technical , Support and Energy. This way we strive to effectively manage the clients’ resources thus ensuring they can concentrate on the core business without disruption and at minimum cost, by focusing on those areas in their infrastructure which present higher risks or impact on the business. The main benefits. - A single interlocutor that controls the technical, operational and energy aspects. - Optimal Corporate strategy regarding your real estate resources. - Optimization of spaces. Support Services - Energy management in accordance with UNE 216301 Standard. Facility - Effective contracting of services and technical, energy and operational supplies. ManagerTechnical - Integration of general services as a management unit. Energy Facility Manager - Compliance with legislation on energy and technology.Manager Integrated The Integrated Facility Management services implement a lead consultant who will make up a Facility team of operational managers and specialized engineers to suit specific client needs, while Manager maintaining each of the areas of the company in good condition and ensuring the fulfillment of each and every one of the points negotiated in contracts with providers and suppliers. + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  20. 20. Energy Services Company Energy Services Company ESCOThe mission of an ESCO is to implement energy saving measures. ENYON performs, whether by itself or in association with others, energy efficiency projects in which payment forservices provided is linked to the achievement of savings following the introduction of energy efficiency measures . This type of project requires a thorough preliminary study of technical andfinancial aspects that will address the operation with sufficient guarantees of success. After the implementation of saving measures, the savings measurement and verification phase isperformed.ENYON coordinates all phases of the project, by taking over engineering, implementation and maintenance of facilities and systems, ensuring a certain level of savings. Should the actualsavings prove to be below those guaranteed, ENYON will face a penalty in their fees, so that ENYON assumes a relevant part of the risk of the operation, so it will also receive a percentageof savings.ESCO projects enable an organization to : - Reduce clients’ energy consumption and operational and maintenance costs. - Implement energy improvements through funding, thus ensuring energy savings to be obtained. - Improve the quality of client services thus increasing their competitiveness on the market. PROPERTY – ENYON ESCO ENERGY EFFICIENCY AGREEMENT IDENTIFICATION STUDY IDEA FUNDING IMPLEMENTATION FOLLOW-UP OF MEASURES DELIVERY Energy Pre-Audit Audit Implementation project Funding Structure Project Implementation Maintaining and checking results User-owned facility Study of the condition of Energy efficiency project Financial Plan. Follow-up of Analysis of energy use, the facilities. to suit clients’ needs. Guarantee of energy Project Reception and implementation of Project Reception and equipment identification Technical and economic savings (investments and Commissioning. measures and operation Commissioning and determination of analysis of the savings). of the facilities. potential energy implementation of Checking energy and savings. improvements. economic results. DETAILED ENERGY ENERGY PERFORMANCE STUDY AGREEMENT AGREEMENT + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  21. 21. Energy Facility Management Energy Management systems UNE 216301 - SGE What is the purpose of UNE216301 / ISO 50001 Standard? Defining a consistent international framework, that is safer and more efficient for all technical and management aspects related to energy, including its use and acquisition by industrial and commercial facilities. Responsibility must be assumed by professionals with extensive expertise in facilities. AuditWhat are the benefits obtained by implementing the Standard? Awareness and control of the amount of energy consumed.1.-EFFICIENCY Improvement of energy saving measures for all processes. Verify Analyze2.-SAVINGS Promotion of cleaner technologies.3.-DEVELOPMENT Facilitate adaptation to increased legal requirements and other requirements.4.-ADAPTATION Projection of public commitment to energy sustainability.5.-SUSTAINABILITY Positive discrimination in public procurement, by providing an EMS6.-BILLING certificate of your facilities and processes in accordance with UNE216301 Implement Plan Standard , according to the 2008-2011 savings and energy efficiency Activation Plan . + 34 91 654 55 99 www.enyonfacilities.com | www.enyon.es
  22. 22. Facility Management. Facility Management. Support services Management. Manzanos, 14B Project Management. San Sebastián de los Reyes 28703 – Madrid Location Management. T. + 34 91 654 55 99Energy Manager. F. + 34 91 654 56 32 Other Services www.enyonfacilities.com www.enyon.es Savings in Energy Supplies. Energy Efficiency Audit. Energy Management Outsourcing. Energy ProjectsIntegrated Facility Management.