BDD Language in PHPUnit Tests


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Using BDD-style language in your Unit tests

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  • Introduction\n Who am I?\n Who unit tests?\n Not a talk on how to write unit tests!\n
  • \nWhat is BDD?\n Definition of a feature in common language\n If you use scrum, think Scrum user stories\n In language that all stakeholders will use - non-technical language\n Anyone should be able read it and understand what's going on, not just developers\n
  • Why BDD Language?\n Communicates to other developers and acts as alert system if you try to do too much\n Business requirements are coming from non-technical people (marketing, clients)\n They're rarely good, complete or useful out of the gate\n Cut through the buzzwords\n Using common language allows everyone to translate requirement to what they need\n What you need and what marketing needs are NOT the same thing\n
  • Business Requirements\n Schizophrenic user experience\n This and then this but they should be able to do that\n Often buzzword heavy\n Non-technical people, trying to be technical\n
  • \n
  • User Story\n Declare your assumptions (Given)\n Trigger the start of your scenario(When)\n State the expected Outcome (Then)\n And\n This is not the same user story that you're getting in your scrum\n You have to do the work to determine what your story for that unit is!\n We're talking unit testing here, but functional and integration can implement it too\n
  • Focus\n If we're writing simple, focused code, our tests should be the same\n Single responsibility\n
  • Example #1\n This is how this might be communicated to us….if we're lucky\n Still not horribly technical, but we can work with this\n
  • Story 1\n Talk through the setup\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Have a plan\n Testing first provides a plan for our development\n Know what you are testing\n Good data\n Bad data\n Invalid data\n Know what's supposed to happen in all scenarios\n Know why you are testing it?\n This corresponds to a strategy\n You're testing it because you want to know that it works or why it doesn't \n Use the information that you have\n It may not always be exactly what you need\n If you don't have the info, get it\n If you can filter the buzzwords, you can usually find testing scenarios\n
  • \nFYI\n These are not PHPUnit annotations\n this language has no effect on your test at all\n tests are great documentation\n this language is documentation for your documentation\n helps to clarify things to everyon\n
  • Questions\n Rate me\n Tweet me\n Come talk to me\n
  • BDD Language in PHPUnit Tests

    1. 1. Using BDD Language in Unit Tests True North PHP UnCon Matt Frost - @mfrost503
    2. 2. What is BDD?Behavior Driven DevelopmentThink user storiesLanguage all stakeholders will use
    3. 3. Why BDD LanguageKeeps your unit tests focusedPrevents tests from trying to do toomuchTranslates business requirements intotechnical requirements
    4. 4. Business RequirementsCome from non-technical peopleNon-technical people trying to betechnicalCan be very difficult to understand...
    5. 5. Photo created by Jacques Woodcock
    6. 6. User StoryDeclare your assumptionsTrigger the start of your scenarioState the expected outcome
    7. 7. Focus! Don’t try to do too much Keep tests simple, just like your code
    8. 8. Example #1Business Requirement: Distancemeasurements need to be available inmiles and kilometers
    9. 9. Story #1 Title: Convert miles to kilometers Given: We have a valid number in miles Then: We should be able to retrieve the kilometer equivalent
    10. 10. Code Example Story 1
    11. 11. Story #2Title: Convert kilometers to milesGiven: We’re provided a distance in kmThen: We should be able to retrieve themile equivalent
    12. 12. Code Example Story 2
    13. 13. Have a plan! Know what you are testing! Know why are you testing it! Use the info available to test intelligently Business requirements aren’t always great, find testable scenarios
    14. 14. FYIBDD Language is NOT an annotationFunctions as test documentation,doesn’t effect the test at all
    15. 15. Feedback Twitter - @mfrost503 on Freenode