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Vintage Filings XBRL

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Vintage Filings XBRL Services

  1. 1. XBRL Services and Solutions Prompt. Precise. Economical. That’s Vintage
  2. 2. XBRL: eXtensible Business Reporting Language Industry-leading XBRL tagging solution is available through Vintage Filings. We offer the simplest, fastest and highest quality XBRL filing solutions for your company. Small or large, seasoned or novice – we have the solution your company needs!
  3. 3. Experience & Expertise (High Quality) • Deep knowledge of the rules governing taxonomies and extension process • CPA-trained taxonomy experts with 2+ years of tagging experience with XBRL voluntary filers • SAS 70 Type 1 certified (security and controls) • Our partners have converted 1,000 (+) SEC filing documents in XBRL format • High level of QC and Multiple Validation Checks
  4. 4. Time Savings • Company-specific XBRL template is created and saved for future • XBRL proofs available in 1-3 days. Ongoing edits are an eight hour average turnaround • Taxonomy experts complete the initial tagging, saving 80- 100 hours! • XBRL specialists transfer knowledge to ensure understanding of the taxonomies, mapping process and SEC requirements to your team • No need to purchase, install and learn software
  5. 5. Cost Effective & Easy Review Process • Repeatable process derived from rules based engine • Ease of Use/Easy step process: review and approve, then file • Portal/Online Reviewer’s Guide for easy review of Detailed Footnotes
  6. 6. Support • Access to phone consultation • Education Portal • FAQ Support Forum • Instructional Videos • Vintage Filings representative is available to you 24/7/365
  7. 7. Process Overview Rules Creation 6 Months Before 1st Filing Document Processed Known Tag Rule Created Unknown Tag Extension of Label Rule Created Extension of Definition Rule Created
  8. 8. Process Overview Rules Creation 6 Months Before 1st Filing Pro Forma Financials Test 3 Weeks Before Filing
  9. 9. Process Overview Rules Creation 6 Months Before 1st Filing Pro Forma Financials Test 3 Weeks Before Filing 24 hours to XBRL Final Document After EDGAR Conversion
  10. 10. Validation • We check the quality of your EDGAR document • We verify the calculations in your statements- if we find errors, we let you know • We cross-check to ensure the categories and sub-categories foot properly • We make sure the same tags are used to represent the same concepts across balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and shareholder’s equity • We guarantee compliance with the latest XBRL standard and the SEC filer manual • We ensure the consistency of tagging period-to-period and filing-to-filing • We help you make decisions on your extensions versus your peers • We synchronize your XBRL rendering with your EDGAR Document and the SEC viewer • We capture all your comments and changes and create an audit trail of your decisions
  11. 11. Reviewer’s Portal
  12. 12. Reviewer’s Portal As Filed or Pre Released Information Comments Concept Definition to each XBRL concept
  13. 13. For more information Vintage Filings XBRL Service 212.201.4073
  14. 14. Smaller Cap Company? Vintage Filings also has XBRL solutions for smaller to mid-cap companies. Contact us for more information: Vintage Filings XBRL Service 212.201.4073