Neo classicism


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Neo classicism

  1. 1. NEOCLASSICAL ART Revision
  2. 2. Introduction It flourished in Europe and North America from mid to end of 18th century They sought to replace the frivolity of the Rococo with a style logical and solemn It was the official art of the revolutions It has a deep moral sense.
  3. 3. Architecture The model was Rome (because Herculaneum, Pompeii and Athens were not discovered New archaeological finds extended architecture’s formal vocabulary This style is known as Adam style (Britain) , Revival (US)
  4. 4. Architecture Architects and works: Ledoux Percier and Fontaine: triumphal arches in Paris Robert Adam Schinkel Bulfinch: US Capitol, Monticello
  5. 5. France Ledoux: Villette’s Rotonda Ledoux: Royal Saltworks Chalgrin: Paris, Triumph Arch Boullé: Newton’s cenotaphe’s project
  6. 6. France Godin: Familestier Labroust: Santa Genevieve library Abadie: Sacre Coeur Garnier: Paris Opera
  7. 7. Germany Schinkel: Opera, Altes Museum; Charlotenhoff, Schinkel Pavilion.
  8. 8. Ingland Smirke: British Museum Nash: All Souls Barry: London Parliament House Wilkins: National Gallery
  9. 9. Italy Piermaringi: Milan Scala Mengoni: Gallery Vittorio Emmanuelle Antonelli: Mole Antonelliana Sacconi: Vittorio Emmanuele’s monument
  10. 10. United States Bulfinch: Capitole Bulfinch: State House Boston Jefferson: Monticello Bulfinch: Old Connecticut State House
  11. 11. Sculpture Less revolutionary impact due to the influence of Classicism during Renaissance Sculptors avoided dramatic twisting poses Coloured marble is not used Idealized forms carved from white marble
  12. 12. Sculpture Canova: His works have exquisite finishing and near resemblance to real life Images are attractive, full of grace, elegant Men deficient in dignity Female faces pleasing He enjoyed a high reputation even if his works can not compete with those of the big sculptors of other periods Works: Apollo and Psyche, The Three Graces
  13. 13. Austria’s Mary Christinecenotaphe Cupido and Psychue Hiru Graziak Paulina Bonaparte or Benus Borghese Perseo with Medusa’s Head Magdalena
  14. 14. Sculpture Thorvaldsen: Danish sculptor, one of the biggest representatives of Neoclassical period He embodied the style of classical Greek Motives taken from Greek mythology Portraits of important personalities Works: Mary Magdalene, Zeus and Ganymede, Pope Pius VII.
  15. 15. Ganimede and the Eagle Venus with an Apple Jason with the Golden Fleece Josef Poniatovsky Eve
  16. 16. Painting Centred in Rome, where painters met around the German art historian Winckelmann Compositions are more simple than Baroque Subjects inspired in mythology Solemn and austere theme and treatments, and archaeologically correct in details
  17. 17. Painting Painters began to emulate the flat, silhouetted figures of Greek vase painting The style was successful and imitated Some approaches are just twodimensional
  18. 18. Painting Jacques-Louis David: Supporter of the French Revolution He used grand manners in his early work He directed the Academe He produced numerous propaganda exercises Works: The Oath of the Horatii, Death of Marat, the Oath of the Tennis Court
  19. 19. Socrate’s Death The Oath of the Horaces Tennis Court’s Oath Napoleon Crossing the Alps Marat’s Death
  20. 20. Napoleon’s Crowning Potoki Count Lavoisier and his Wife Leonidas at theTermopilas Kidnapping of the Sabines Madame Recamier
  21. 21. Painting Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres: It is responsive to clothing and the postures dictated by costume Lacked of spontaneity Mannered and too finished work Portraits in which linked realism with abstraction Sought for perfectionism
  22. 22. Painting Portraits of women considered implying a sexual submissiveness He depicted nudes Influence of the exotic (harem) Refined erotic images with women full of carnal presence Works: The Big Bather, the Odalisque, the Turkish Bath
  23. 23. Napoleon Rafael and Fornarina Countess of Haussonville
  24. 24. Turkish Bath Valpiçoneko bather The Great Odalisque