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Marketing charts-data-q4-2010

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Marketing charts-data-q4-2010 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Q4Charts Quarterly D ATA WAT E R S H E D P U B L I S H I N G D ATA I N S I G H T S S P O N S O R E D B Y :
  • 2. About Charts QuarterlyMarketingCharts.com presents hard data and research to marketers by supplyingcharts and Excel documents. Our data is collected from major data partners. More than50 datasets are followed at marketingcharts.com. A fresh board of charts are published everyday on our website. Charts Quarterly captures essential marketing data over the short term fora fast, easy glance at trends.The charts in this collection are ready to use, download, format, and otherwise support yourmarketing goals. Feel free to share the whole presentation or any slide, with your colleaguesand business partners, but please preserve credits to our sponsor, Hubspot, our researchpartners who provide the source data, and our links to MarketingCharts. 2
  • 3. Marketers of small- and medium-size businesses need to be aware of key trends,and this issue of Charts Quarterly should be of particular interest for marketerswho are impacted by the growing influence of Smartphones and social media.It should also be of interest to those who want to grow their ecommerce sales.Here are just a few of the questions you might want answers to (and they are all inhere): • How is mobile growing in influence? • What’s the demographic breakdown of Android, iPhone and Blackberry users and why should that matter to you? • Who elicits the more positive consumer response – puppies or babies? • What groups engage more in ecommerce? • How is America saving and what big ticket purchases are they making?There are 89 charts in this issue of Charts Quarterly, and they cover 44 topics.What differentiates this issue from past ones is the increased amount of analysisthat’s offered, providing you with additional insight and perspective. Just the kindof information marketers love to eat.Enjoy,The HubSpot Teamhttp://www.hubspot.com 3
  • 4. Internet Advertising Revenue 6 Industry Sectors 35 Retail & Consumer Goods 61IAB: Total Online Ad Revenue 7 U.S. Ad Spend by Sector 36 Retail E-commerce Growth 62IAB: Ad Revenue by Format 9 Industry Online Display Ads 37 Spending & Saving by Generation 63 Top 10 Auto Manufacturer Sites 38 E-commerce Activities by Income 64Media & Marketing 11 Top 10 Auto Classifieds Sites 40 Variables Influencing Brand Sales 65U.S. Ad Spend by Media Type 12 Health Research by Income 42 Customer Data Influences Sales 66Top 10 Television Sites 13 Health Information Sites 43 Department Stores Advertisers 67TV Usage: Overall Users 15 Top 10 Politics Sites 45TV Audience by Age, Gender 16 Sports & Entertainment 69 Top 10 Real Estate Sites 47Top 10 Broadcast Media Websites 17 Top Global Mobile App Categories 70 Top 10 Telecom Sites 49Repurposed TV v. Made-for-web 19 Top 10 Sports Sites 71 Community-based Organizations 51News & Content by Income 21 Top 10 Games Sites 73Top 10 Print Media Websites 23 Financial 53 Games Played on SmartPhone 75Social Media Use among Youth 25 Financial Advisors, Independent 54 Phone Gaming Demographics 76Top 10 Social Network Sites 26 Financial Advisors, Employee 55 Lifestyles & Leisure 77Smartphone Penetration & Share 28 Top Bank Advertisers on Radio 56 Family Sites 78Smartphone Use Demographics 30 Top Investment/Finance Sites 57 House & Garden Sites 80Teen Mobile Phone Use 32 Internet-based Business-Finance 59Top 10 Mobile Phone Sites 33 Our Data Partners 82 Sponsorship Information 82
  • 5. IAB: Total Online Ad RevenueIAB: Ad Revenue by FormatIAB: Ad Revenue by Industry
  • 6. IAB: Total Online Ad Revenue US$ Billions Quarters in 2009-2010 Internet Advertising Revenues Up for Q2 2010 Internet advertising revenue in the US totaled $6.2 billion in the second quarter of 2010, an increase of 4.1 percent $6.19 from the 2010 first quarter total of $5.9 billion, and an increase of 13.9 percent from the 2009 second-quarter $5.94 total of $5.4 billion. Year-to-date Internet advertising revenues through June 2010 totaled $12.1 billion, up 11.3 percent from the $10.9 billion reported for the same $5.43 six-month period in 2009. Online ad sellers reported aggregate revenues totaling Q2 2009 Q1 2010 Q2 2010 $6.2 billion for the second quarter of 2010. Total 2010 second-quarter revenues were $753 million 39% more than the second quarter of 2009, and $243 million (4.1 percent) more than the first quarter of 2010.Source: Internet Advertising Bureau Charts Quarterly 7
  • 7. IAB: Total Online Ad Revenue US$ Billions Half-year data, 2009-2010 Rebound Poised to Top $23.8 Billion Mark Online advertising revenue increased $1.2 billion, or 11.3% in the first half of 2010, over the same period last $12.13 year. Applying historical seasonal data, the 2010 first six- month revenues of $12.1 billion are on an annual run- rate to make 2010 the highest annual year, exceeding the $23.4 billion in 2008, the previous highest annual total. $10.90 Q1-Q2 2009 Q1-Q2 2010Source: Internet Advertising Bureau Charts Quarterly 8
  • 8. IAB: Ad Revenue by Format % of total Search remains the largest Half-year data, 2009 Half-year data, 2010 online advertising revenue format. Search totaled $5.7 Lead Email generation 1% Lead Email billion for 1H 2010, up Rich media 7% generation 1% 7% 5% 11.6% from the $5.1 billion Rich media 6% reported in 1H 2009.Digital video 4% Digital video 5% Display-related advertising Search Search 47% 48% revenues (display/banners, Display/ Display/ Banner Banner rich media, digital video 22% 23% and sponsorship) totaled $4.4 billion or 36% of 1H Sponsorship 2010, up 15.9% from the Sponsorship 2% Classifieds Classifieds 2% 10% $3.8 billion reported in 1H 10% 2009.Source: Internet Advertising Bureau Charts Quarterly 9
  • 9. IAB: Ad Revenue by Industry % of total revenue Half-year data, 2009-2010 Industry Breakdown in Dollars •Retail advertisers represented $2.5B20% •Telecom accounted for $1.7B 20% •Financial Services advertisers $1.3B 16% •Automotive accounted for $1.3B 12% 14% 11% 10% •Computing advertisers represented $1.2 12% 11% 10% billion 6% 6% 8% 7% 4% 4% 4% •CPG and Food Products was $980M 5% 4% 4% •Leisure Travel was $841M •Entertainment accounted $508M • Health represented $576Mon • Media accounted $498 million 2009 2010Source: Internet Advertising Bureau Charts Quarterly 10
  • 10. Television Sites Top 10 Print Media WebsitesU.S. Ad Spend by Media Type Social Media Use among YouthTop 10 Television Sites Top 10 Social Network SitesTV Usage: Overall Users Smartphone Penetration & ShareTV Audience by Age, Gender Smartphone Use DemographicsTop 10 Broadcast Media Websites Teen Mobile Phone UseRepurposed TV v. Made-for-web Top 10 Mobile Phone SitesNews & Content by Income
  • 11. U.S. Ad Spend by Media Type US$ Millions 2010 Total Q1Q2 US Ad Market Reverses Drought Network TV $11,490 Spot TV $10,292 After six straight quarters of declines in ad spending, Cable TV $9,108 the US ad market has seen a turnaround in 2010. In total, National… $7,426 advertisers spent an estimated $54 billion, a 3.8%Local Newspaper $5,188 Spot Radio $2,515 increase, during the first half of 2010. Spanish… $1,647 Outdoor $1,530 The Nielsen Company analysis indicates the increase in Syndicated TV $1,107 Business to… $1,055 US advertising reflects a modest improvement in National… $669 American consumer confidence in the first half of the year, National… $559 as advertisers look to highlight value deals and increase Network Radio $495 promotions in the hopes of spurring consumer spending. FSI Coupon $254 Spanish… $202 Local Magazine $199 By other accounts total US advertising expenditures in the Local Sunday… $24 first six months of 2010 rose 5.7% from a year ago and finished the period at $63.57 billion, according to data Source: The Nielsen Company from Kantar Media. Charts Quarterly 12
  • 12. Top 10 Television Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 TV Benefits from Increased Ad Spending MSNBC 6.52 Nielsen also looked at ad spending across media types, The Weather 6.09 finding that US television (network, cable, syndication, Channel - US ESPN 5.67 spot, Spanish language network and Spanish language cable) dominated the ad spending increase, accounting Hulu 5.59 for $33.8 billion during the first half of 2010, a 6% CNN.com 4.01 increase from the same period last year. FOX Sports on 2.60 MSN Spanish language network TV and Cable TV in Fox News 2.36 particular saw the biggest gains, up 24% and 13% QVC.com 2.28 respectively from the first six months of 2009. Yahoo! TV 2.22 Food Network 2.12Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 13
  • 13. Top 10 Television Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 MSNBC 6.03 The Weather Channel - US 7.16 The Weather 6.00 ESPN 7.08 Channel - US ESPN 5.75 MSNBC 6.49 Hulu 5.70 CNN.com 5.26 CNN.com 4.01 Hulu 5.02FOX Sports on 2.86 Fox News 3.64 MSN Fox News 2.68 FOX Sports on MSN 2.72 QVC.com 2.35 Yahoo! TV 1.99 Yahoo! TV 2.02 QVC.com 1.64 Food Network 1.91 Foxsports NFL 1.50Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 14
  • 14. TV Usage: Overall Users Monthly Reach (in 000s) 2009-2010 Timeshifted TV Shows Significant Growth 286,225 286,648 Dealing its own blow to television advertising 284,306 dominance, the number of US timeshifted TV viewers grew at a much faster year-over-year rate than the number of traditional in-home TV viewers, according to a study from The Nielsen Company. 94,599 97,914 82,677 Timeshifted TV reached about 97.9 million monthly US viewers in Q2 2010, up about 18% from Q2 2009. While in-home TV reached 286.6 US million monthly Q2 2009 Q1 2010 Q2 2010 US viewers in Q2 2010, this was only up less than 1% Watching TV in the home Watching timeshifted TV from Q2 2009.Source: The Nielsen Company Charts Quarterly 15
  • 15. TV Audience by Age, Gender % of Total Users Q2 2010 Traditional TV Attracts Older Audience Age 2-11 Looking at TV viewing patterns by age, adults 65 and 10% up spent the most the most traditional television Age 12-17 6% during Q2 2010, an average of 196 hours and 21 Age 65+ 18% minutes. Meanwhile, adults 25-34 averaged the most timeshifted TV viewing (12 hours and 52 minutes), Age 18-24 Nielsen found. 8% Age 50-64 Age 25-34 24% 12% Male 46% Female Age 35-49 54% 22%Source: The Nielsen Company Charts Quarterly 16
  • 16. Top 10 Broadcast Media Websites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Volume of TV Ads Faces Regulation MSNBC 6.52 Something else in TV to watch and listen for — the US The Weather 6.09 Senate passed a bill — the Commercial Advertisement Channel - US Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM) that requires TV ESP 5.67 stations and cable companies to ensure that Hulu 5.59 commercials are broadcast at the same volume as CNN.com 4.01 television programs. Fox Sports on 2.60 MSN The bill, its sponsors say, would fix a problem that ―vexes Fox News 2.36 many television viewers – when commercials are many QVC.com 2.28 times louder than the regular program they are viewing.‖ Yahoo TV 2.22 The House passed similar legislation. Some minor differences between the two versions would have to be Food Network 2.12 worked out before the legislation can become law.Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 17
  • 17. Top 10 Broadcast Media Websites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 MSNBC 16.99 MSNBC 17.36 CNN.com 13.77 CNN.com 11.61 Fox News 9.52 Fox News 6.79The Today Show 3.38 The Today Show 3.56 ABCnews.com 2.39 ABCnews.com 2.85 BBC News 2.03 CBSNews.com 2.12 Political News - CBSNews.com 1.97 2.03 FOXNews.com Political News - 1.6 BBC News 1.87 FOXNews.com Bloomberg.com 1.47 Foxnews US 1.72 KSL.com 1.42 KSL.com 1.69 Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 18
  • 18. Repurposed TV v. Made-for-web Percent (%) impacted November 2010 Web Video Ad and TV Blend Awareness While there is not yet one superior online ad production format, TubeMogul finds that repurposed TV spots have a 4.7 higher impact on awareness metrics, while made-for-web 4.3 video content more ably persuades its viewers. Repurposed TV ads are slightly better at raising brand awareness (affect 2% of viewers compared to 1.9%) and 2.0 2.2 2.1 1.9 message association (2.2% compared to 2.1%), and affect 1.6 1.4 a moderately higher percentage of viewers in terms of 1.2 0.8 online ad awareness (4.7% compared to 4.3%). Meanwhile, made-for-web ads outperform repurposed TVAided brand Online ad Message Brand Purchase awareness awareness association favorability intent/ ads in brand favorability (1.6% compared to 1.2%) and consideration purchase intent (1.4% compared to 0.8%). Repurposed TV Made-for-webSource: TubeMogul Charts Quarterly 19
  • 19. Repurposed TV v. Made-for-web Percent (%) impacted November 2010 Google Defines Google TV 5.9 Google executives are attempting to clarify6 exactly what is Google TV in a move to placate5 4.6 4.7 broadcasters who have sought payment from 4.64 3.7 Google for allowing their online content to be 3.3 3.0 viewed via the platform.3 3.4 2.5 2.8 2.02 1.7 What it is is simply a software platform built into 2.0 2.0 1.4 1.0 1.1 a TV (or within a set-top box) which allows TV1 1.2 1.3 0.7 0.7 0.4 0.5 viewers to access websites and online video 0.60 through their TVs. Aided brand Online ad Brand favorability Purchase intent/ awareness awareness consideration Repurposed TV (18-34) Made-for-web (18-34) Repurposed TV (35-49) Broadcasters including ABC, NBC and CBS have Made-for-web (35-49) Repurposed TV (50+) Made-for-web (50+) blocked access to episodes of their shows to users of Google TV’s web browser and haveSource: TubeMogul demanded fees from Google. Charts Quarterly 20
  • 20. News & Content by Income % of respondents November 2010 Online News Consumed Most by Richest Americans with a household income of $75,000 or more have the highest rate of engagement with 79% 80% 77% 74% online news (74%), which drops through the 71% income brackets and hits its lowest point in the 61% 62% 59% 60% 58% 56% less than $30,000 bracket (34%). The same 51% pattern, with lower overall engagement rates, 43% 39% 40% exists for print media for national paper (22% 35% 36% 35% 33% compared to 12%), according to data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.17% Financial Email news Political news Government Online for news updates story website < $30,000 $30-$49,000 $50-74,999 $75,000 +Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 21
  • 21. News Sources by Income by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Income Groups Look to Local Papers The Pew research also concluded that the highest and lowest income Americans tie for second- 82% highest consumption of print media for local papers 77% 78% 76% 76% 76% 74% 73% (50% each), barely trailing those with a household 68% 66% income of $50,000-$74,999 (51%). 59% 50% 51% 50% 48% The highest bracket ties the second-lowest bracket34% ($30,000-$49,999) for consumption of national TV news (76%). The second-lowest bracket has a 22% 15% 17% clear lead above all other income brackets in 12% consuming local TV news (82%, with the $50,000-Online for news Print, national Print, local paper TV, national TV, local news $74,999 in second with a 78% consumption rate). paper news < $30,000 $30-$49,000 $50-74,999 $75,000 +Source: Pew Research Charts Quarterly 22
  • 22. Top 10 Print Media Websites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Boosted CPM rate for online newspapers The New York Times 3.84 In terms of ad spending, print media overall (national People Magazine 2.37 and local magazines, newspapers, Sunday supplements and B2B) was flat, not picking up on the USA Today 2.32 energy of other media. However, national Sunday The Washington Post 1.70 supplements received a significant uptick with 20.5% Sports Illustrated 1.40 growth from last year. National magazines were also up 7.4%. TV Guide.com 1.27 NY Daily News 1.26 Alternatively, local Sunday supplements and national Examiner 1.13 newspapers declined 7.9% and 6.9%, respectively. The Wall Street Journal 1.1Better Homes and Gardens 1.04 Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 23
  • 23. Top 10 Print Media Websites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) 55-plus See Most Need for Traditional Media September 2010 October 2010 Overall, 81% of survey respondents to a Harris The New York Times 4.44 The New York Times 4.28 Poll said although printed news will continue to USA Today 2.81 USA Today 2.37 decline, there will always be a need for news in print. People Magazine 1.9 People Magazine 2.1 However, this figure is The Washington Post 1.8 The Washington Post 1.73 highest (87%) among respondents older than 55 and lowest (76%) among TV Guide.com 1.64 Sports Illustrated 1.41 respondents 18-34 and 35-44.The Wall Street Journal 1.19 TV Guide.com 1.36 Sports Illustrated 1.19 NY Daily News 1.31 NY Daily News 1.13 Better Homes and Gardens 1.28 Examiner .93 The Wall Street Journal 1.18 Boston Globe .93 Examiner 0.99Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 24
  • 24. Social Media Use among Youth 12-to-24 age segment, Y-o-Y change September 2009-2010 Social Networks Continue Growth Trend Borrell analysis indicates the rapidly growing marketing Twitter 24% 28% 34% 14% spend in social networking is fueled by wildly climbing consumer use of social networking services in its ―The Social Networking Explosion: Ad Revenue Outlook‖ released in November.Facebook 51% 30% 17% 3% The average Facebook visitor came to the site 27 times during a month, almost once a day. As of the end of 2009, one hour in every nine spent online was spent on a socialMySpace 10% 22% 59% 9% network site. More than two-thirds of the nation’s largest businesses recruit new employees through social More Same Less Dont know networks, and 13% more plan to start this year. Source: Edison Research Charts Quarterly 25
  • 25. Top 10 Social Network Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 SocNet Marketing to Reach $38B by 2015 In line with this growth, Borrell says that social network Facebook 61.73 advertising and promotional spending will hit $38 billion by 2015, roughly 440% more than the $7 billion YouTube 19.28 estimated for 2010. MySpace 4.07 Yahoo! Answers 1.01 From 2010 to 2015, social network promotional spending will grow about 380%. In 2011, it will grow 40% to $7 Twitter 0.95 billion, and then slow down to about 14% growth in 2012, Tagged 0.76 totaling $8 billion, However, social network promotional myYearbook 0.54 spending will then double to $16 billion in 2013, and Mylife 0.39 continue rapid growth the next year, increasing 31% to $21 billion before slowing again with 12.5% growth to MocoSpace 0.31 $24 billion in 2015. Linkedin 0.28Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 26
  • 26. Top 10 Social Network Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) Gartner: Email Trumps SocNets in Importance Asked to rate various September 2010 October 2010 technology tools on a scale of 1 to 7, the average respondent rated social Facebook 61.47 Facebook 61 networking tools at slightly more than 4. YouTube 16.61 YouTube 18.32 Email was ranked as most MySpace 6.44 MySpace 5.53 important with an average score near 7. Twitter 1.08 Yahoo! Answers 1 Yahoo! Answers 0.87 Tagged 0.98 Tagged 0.87 Twitter 0.96 myYearbook 0.63 myYearbook 0.6 Mylife 0.39 Mylife 0.36 MocoSpace 0.32 MocoSpace 0.33 Linkedin 0.25 Linkedin 0.25Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 27
  • 27. Smartphone Penetration & Share Base: US mobile phone subscribers Q4 2009-Q3 2010 Smartphones have 28% Market Share45% 41%40% The Nielsen Company reported that as of Q3 2010, 28% 35% 33% of U.S. mobile subscribers now have smartphones.35% 30%30% 28% 25% The growing popularity of smartphones, such as Apple’s25% 23% 21% iPhone, RIM’s Blackberry devices, and a variety of20% Google Android-based models on the market, has15% accelerated the adoption rate. Among those who acquired a new cell phone in the past six months, 41%10% opted for a smartphone over a standard feature phone, 5% up from 35% last quarter. 0% Q4 2009 Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Recent Acquires All Mobile Phone SubscribersSource: The Nielsen Company Charts Quarterly 28
  • 28. Smartphone Penetration & Share Base: US mobile phone subscribers Q3 2010 iPhone Closes in on Blackberry Nielsen data also found that the Apple iPhone OS has Q3 2010 practically caught up to the market-leading RIM Symbian OS Blackberry OS, with 28% and 30% market share, RIM Blackberry OS respectively. Meanwhile, Google’s Android OS is now at Q2 2010 Palm OS 19% and growing. Microsoft Windows Mobile Palm WebOS Android has shown the most growth out of major Q1 2010 Apple iPhone OS smartphone operating systems since Q4 2009 (when it Android OS held less than 5% market share). Apple iPhone grew much less dramatically in that time, from about 25%. Q4 2009 Meanwhile, RIM Blackberry has seen its market share dip from more than 35% since Q4 2009, while Microsoft 0% 20% 40% Windows Mobile has gone from a 20% to 15% share ofSource: The Nielsen Company the US smartphone market. Charts Quarterly 29
  • 29. Smartphone Use Demographics Base: US mobile phone subscribers Q3 2010 50% Android Owners under 35 Half of adult Android owners fall into the 18-to-34 25% 24% 23% category, substantially more than number two Apple21% 21% 20% 20% iPhone (43%). In addition, 21% of Android owners are 35- 18% 44. RIM Blackberry has the lowest percentage of 18-to- 16% 16% 34-year-old users among major smartphone OS providers 13% 13% (38%). 12% 11% 7% 9% 6% 6% 5% However, Apple has the most total users younger than 45 4% (29% of smartphone users in the 18-to-34 and 35-44 age brackets use the Apple iPhone OS). In comparison, RIM Android RIM Blackberry Apple iPhone Microft Windows All Smartphones Mobile Blackberry has the most users 45 and older (33% of 45- 54, 34% of 55-64, and 33% of 65-plus). Ages 35-44 Ages 45-54 Ages 55-64 Ages 65+Source: The Nielsen Company Charts Quarterly 30
  • 30. Smartphone Use Demographics Base: US mobile phone subscribers Q3 2010 Smartphone Owners a Diverse Group80% 76% Smartphone owners in the US are more diverse than70% feature phone owners. One in five smartphone owners is 62%60% Latino, compared to just 9% of feature phone owners.50%40% Overall, 62% of US smartphone owners and 76% of US feature phone owners are white. Slightly higher30% 19% percentages of smartphone owners than feature phone20% 10% owners fall into the Asian/Pacific Islander and 9% 8%10% 6% 4% 3% 3% Black/African-American ethnic categories. 0% Feature Phone Smart Phone White Hispanic Black/African American Asian/Pacific Islander OtherSource: The Nielsen Company Charts Quarterly 31
  • 31. Teen Mobile Phone Use Base: age 13-to-17 segment Q2 2009 vs. Q2 2010 Teen Texting Jumps 8% 43% Text messaging 42% Texting is a key reason for teens to own a cell phone, 35% Safety 34% reports The Nielsen Company. US teens age 13-17 sent 34% Contacting friends and received average of 8% more text messages in Q2 36% 26% 2010 than in Q2 2009. Teens age 13-17 sent and received Contacting family 25% average of 3,339 monthly text messages, and more than 22% Always be available 22% six per waking hour. 20% Convenience 20% 17% Teen females send and receive an average of 4,050 texts Friends have cell phones 18% per month. Teen males also outpace other male age 15% Not to borrow a cell phone groups, sending and receiving an average of 2,539 texts. 15% 2010 2009 11% Young adults (age 18-24) come in a distant second,Not to use family home phone 11% exchanging 1,630 texts per month (a comparatively 10% Privacy 11% meager three texts per hour). Source: The Nielsen Company Charts Quarterly 32
  • 32. Top 10 Mobile Phone Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Teens Use More Mobile Data, Apps MocoSpace 24.68 While teen usage of mobile data and applications does not Myxer 10.86 reach levels of activity seen by young adults, it has increased substantially since Q2 2009, growing from 14 MB WeeWorld 6.62 to 62 MB. This fourfold increase is the largest jump among MySpace Mobile 4.77 all age groups. Much of this boost is led by males, who areMyTrafficMaps.net 4.71 more gadget-savvy and consume 75 MB of data, compared to 17 MB in Q2 2009. Teen females use about 53 MB of Cricket 4.44 data, compared to 11 MB a year ago. PhoneZoo 3.23 Your Pure Crush 3.21 Teens are not only using more data, but they are also downloading a wider range of applications. Software Fun For Mobile 2.17 downloads among teen subscribers who use apps enjoyed a Musica.com 2.13 solid 46% increase in activity, from 26% to 38%. . Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 33
  • 33. Top 10 Mobile Phone Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 MocoSpace 18.2 MocoSpace 24.72 Cricket 16.16 Myxer 10.3 Myxer 7.35 Your Pure Crush 5.99 MySpace Mobile 4.76 WeeWorld 5.8 WeeWorld 4.56 MyTrafficMaps.net 4.34 Your Pure Crush 4.53 Cricket 4.26 MyTrafficMaps.net 3.51 MySpace Mobile 3.71 PhoneZoo 2.15 PhoneZoo 3.09 Yahoo! for Mobile 2.08 Fun For Mobile 1.97 Yahoo! Mobile 1.75 Musica.com 1.95Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 34
  • 34. U.S. Ad Spend by Sector Health Information SitesIndustry Online Display Ads Top 10 Politics SitesTop 10 Auto Manufacturer Sites Top 10 Real Estate SitesTop 10 Auto Classifieds Sites Top 10 Telecom SitesHealth Research by Income Community-based Organizations
  • 35. U.S. Ad Spend by Sector US$ Millions Q1Q2 2010 Automotive Advertising Leads 2010’s Boom Automotive $4,432 A look at US advertising trends in the first half of Pharmaceutical $1,999 2010 reveals automotive was one of only a few bright spots in the top 10 product category ad Motion Picture $1,592 spending. Overall, there was a 3% increase in the Telephone $1,519 Services –… top 10 product categories, with the largest growth Restaurant $825 by far seen in automotive (+27%) and auto Restaurant – insurance (+23%) according to Nielsen data. $2,025 Quick Service Department stores (+5%) and restaurants (+2%) Dealerships $1,603 Wireless telephone services advertising by far Department $1,591 experienced the biggest decline in spending StoreProducts – Direct $828 (-14%), followed by direct products (-11%). All other declining categories in the top 10 had single-digit Auto Insurance $764 reductions in ad spending.Source: The Nielsen Company Charts Quarterly 36
  • 36. Industry Online Display Ads by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) Q3 2010 US Viewers See 1.3T Display Ads AT&T Inc. 21,144 Data from the comScore indicates that 1.28 trillion Scottrade, Inc. 14,946 online display ads were delivered to US internet users during Q3 2010, marking a 22% increase from 1.05 Verizon 14,561 trillion online display ads during Q3 2009. Experian Interactive 14,305 Progressive Corp. 9,583 comScore credits several factors with driving online display ad growth, including the ability to buy specific Netflix, Inc. 9,564 audiences enabling a greater number of display ads to Apollo Group, Inc. 9,494 be delivered on target, display formats improving at a IAC - InterActiveCorp 9,230 rapid rate, and improving quality of creative. eBay, Inc. 8,921 Walt Disney Company 8,426Source: comScore Charts Quarterly 37
  • 37. Top 10 Auto Manufacturer Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Toyota Models Top 5 Categories Chevrolet 8.83 Vehicles from Asian automakers including Acura, Honda Toyota Motor 6.9 and Toyota are predicted by US consumers to be the Sales most reliable and safe, according to a recent Consumer Honda Cars 4.5 Reports survey. Ford Vehicles 4.46 Ford Motor 4.18 Despite safety recalls, five Toyota models, including Company Nissan USA 4.11 those from Scion and Lexus, remained among the most OReilly Auto reliable and earned top scores in five vehicle categories: 3.54 Parts small cars (Yaris), midsized SUVs (FJ Cruiser), luxury Dodge 3.46 SUVs (Lexus LX), minivans (Sienna V6, FWD), and full-Harley-Davidson 3.17 size pickups (Tundra V6). The redesigned 2010 Toyota Prius, hurt by antilock brake problems on early vehicles, GMC 2.41 scored only average, a significant drop from previousSource: Experian Hitwise years. Charts Quarterly 38
  • 38. Top 10 Auto Manufacturer Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 Chevrolet 6.94 Chevrolet 7.77 Ford Vehicles 6.53 Ford Vehicles 7.09 Toyota Motor Toyota Motor 5.13 5.44 Sales Sales Honda Cars 4.43 Honda Cars 4.71 Volvo Cars 3.79 Nissan USA 4.68 OReilly Auto Nissan USA 3.7 3.63 Parts OReilly Auto 3.19 Harley-Davidson 3.23 Parts Harley-Davidson 3.16 Dodge 2.98 Dodge 3.12 Ford Showroom 2.51 Chrysler 2.52 GMC 2.44Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 39
  • 39. Top 10 Auto Classifieds Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 GM Leads US Brands eBay Motors 55.53 Across GM brands (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC),AutoTrader.com 13.94 69% of models had average or better reliability. Cadillac improved the most, rising seven places from last year’s Cars.com 5.40 ranking. Chevrolet had its best showing in years; 83% ofAutomotive.com 2.31 models had average or better scores in predicted Copart Auto 1.69 reliability, up from 50%, according to Consumer Reports Auctions analysis.RacingJunk.com 1.41ConnectWithLife 1.34 90% of Fords, including Lincoln models, have at least Car-Part.com 1.34 average reliability. As a brand, Ford now outranks Mazda Truck Paper 1.20 and Nissan and ranks just below Lexus. None of Chrysler Corporation’s models score above average.Carsforsale.com 0.81Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 40
  • 40. Top 10 Auto Classifieds Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) Treatment Trumps Price for Vehicle Buyers A J.D. Power and September 2010 October 2010 Associates study finds that 52% of new vehicle buyers cite dealer treatment as a reason to purchase their new eBay Motors 52.33 eBay Motors 53.48 vehicle from a specific dealer. AutoTrader.com 11.83 AutoTrader.com 13.21 In comparison, 38% of buyers cite vehicle price Automotive.com 7.61 Cars.com 5.37 or the deal offered as the reason for selecting their dealer. Cars.com 5.17 Automotive.com 4.32 Copart Auto ConnectWithLife 2.04 1.6 Auctions Copart Auto 1.68 Truck Paper 1.51 Auctions Car-Part.com 1.36 RacingJunk.com 1.49 RacingJunk.com 1.33 Car-Part.com 1.38 Truck Paper 1.32 ConnectWithLife 1.1 Carsforsale.com 0.77 Carsforsale.com 0.87Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 41
  • 41. Health Research by Income % of respondents November 2010 Online health search linked to income When it comes to seeking health information 80% online, Pew Research indicates that the highest 68% 65% income bracket has the highest levels of 66% 54% 54% engagement in all covered areas and the lowest 56% 45% 54% income bracket has the lowest levels of 43% 47% 36% 45% engagement. 35% 25% 32% 30% 16% When locating a medical facility online, those 17% with a household income of $30,000 to $49,999 11% have a slightly higher engagement rate than Test results Medical facility Doctors Medical Medical issue those with a household income of $50,000 to treatment $74,999 (36% compared to 35%). In locating < $30,000 $30-$49,000 $50-74,999 $75,000 + doctors online, these two brackets tie for second- most-likely to do so with a 45% engagement rate.Source: Pew Research Charts Quarterly 42
  • 42. Health Information Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Patients, Doctors Want Mobile App 40% of US adults would pay for a remote monitoring WebMD 8.06 device that sends health information such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and weight, directly to their Righthealth.com 5.73 doctor, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Yahoo! Health 5.02 Another 40% of consumers said they would be willing to pay for a device and a monthly subscription fee for a Drugs.com 3.74 mobile phone application that would send text and email reminders to take their medications, refill prescriptions or MedicineNet 3.53 to access their medical records and track their health. MayoClinic.com 3.27 88% of physicians said they would like their patients to be able to track and/or monitor their health at home, Everyday Health 2.46 particularly their weight, blood sugar levels and vital signs. AOL Health 2.43 PriceWaterhouseCoopers estimates the annual HealthGrades 2.05 consumer market for remote/mobile monitoring devices and services to be $7.7 billion to $43 billion, based on HealthLine 1.96 the range consumers said they would be willing to pay.Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 43
  • 43. Health Information Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) PriceWaterhouse Coopers estimates September 2010 October 2010 the annual consumer market for remote/mobile monitoring health WebMD 8.26 WebMD 8.17 devices and services to be $7.7 billion to $43 Righthealth.com 5.19 Righthealth.com 5.35 billion, based on the range consumers said Yahoo! Health 4.53 Drugs.com 3.7 they’d be willing to pay. MedicineNet 3.46 MedicineNet 3.67 Drugs.com 3.39 MayoClinic.com 3.35 MayoClinic.com 3.32 Yahoo! Health 3.18 Everyday Health 2.64 AOL Health 2.77 QualityHealth.co 2.39 MSN Health 2.59 m AOL Health 2.22 Everyday Health 2.5 Doctors Corner 2.1 HealthGrades 2.06Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 44
  • 44. Top 10 Politics Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Money and Political Insiders Too Close A sizable majority of Americans think big business and The Huffington Post 19.33 banks and financial institutions have too much power in Washington, DC, according to a Harris Poll. Political News - FOXNews.com 8.12 Four groups in particular are seen by strong majorities as Politics Daily 7.44 having too much power and influence in Washington and there is a clear theme for these groups. Two are in JibJab 4.66 business: big companies (87%) and banks and financial institutions (83%), while the two others are ―Inside the Politico 3.94 Beltway‖ groups: PACs, or political action committees CNN Political Ticker 2.49 which give money to political candidates, and political lobbyists (both seen as too powerful by 83% of Real Clear Politics 2.47 respondents). First Read : The Day in Politics 2.39 There are six other groups seen to have too much power and influence in Washington: the news media (66%), FoxNews.com - Politics Blog 2.31 entertainment and sports celebrities (61%), trial lawyers (60%), trade associations (57%), labor unions (57%) and Townhall.com 2.01 TV and radio talk shows (55%). from September.Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 45
  • 45. Top 10 Politics Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) Midterms Direct Political Traffic September 2010 October 2010 Americans visited political news sites in October to stay The Huffington Post 19.58 The Huffington Post 18.79 up-to-date on voter news. Political News - Political News - 6.49 7.61 FOXNews.com FOXNews.com The category attracted 27.4 Politics Daily 4.63 Politics Daily 6.07 million visitors in October, up 12% Politico 3.8 Real Clear Politics 4.36 from September. Real Clear Politics 3.19 JibJab 4.06 CNN Political Ticker 2.67 Politico 3.8 Free Republic 2.57 Organizing for America 3.26 Townhall.com 2.12 CNN Political Ticker 2.3 Infowars.com 2.08 Free Republic 1.98 Human Events Online 1.56 FoxNews.com - Politics Blog 1.91Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 46
  • 46. Top 10 Real Estate Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 $1.7 trillion fall for 2010 housing market Yahoo! Real Estate 6.95 Real estate is still troubled according to online real estate marketplace Zillow.com. US homes are expected Realtor.com 6.28 to lose more than $1.7 trillion in value during 2010. Zillow 4.45 Trulia.com 3.63 This is up 63% increase from the roughly $1 trillion in value lost by the US housing market during 2009. The Rent.com 2.45 total value lost by US homes since the market peaked ZipRealty 2.26 at $31.7 trillion in June 2006 is $9 trillion. The expected Homes.com 2.09 total value of the US housing market at the end of 2010 will be $22.7 trillion, down 5% year-over-year and about MSN Real Estate 1.81 28% lower than its peak value. MyNewPlace 1.45 Apartment Guide 1.37Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 47
  • 47. Top 10 Real Estate Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 Yahoo! Real Estate 5.87 Realtor.com 5.99 Realtor.com 5.76 Yahoo! Real 5.87 Estate Zillow 4.4 Zillow 4.23 Trulia.com 3.17 Trulia.com 3.49 Rent.com 2.53 Rent.com 2.53 MSN Real Estate 2.38 ZipRealty 2.23 ZipRealty 2.37 MSN Real 2.05 Estate Homes.com 1.88 Homes.com 2.05 FrontDoor Real Apartment Guide 1.47 1.75 Estate FrontDoor Real Estate 1.37 Apartment Guide 1.43Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 48
  • 48. Top 10 Telecom Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Customers see improvement with service Verizon 10.69 Customer satisfaction with residential telephone AT&T 10.41 service has increased over 2009, showing an overall improvement to 657 on a 1,000-point scale, up four Verizon Wireless 8.37 index points. This is largely due to gains in satisfaction Verizon Wireless - My 7.25 with the customer service experience, reports J.D. Account Power and Associates. AT & T Wireless 6.41 Sprint 3.93 Five factors were considered: performance and Frontier Communications 3.72 reliability; cost of service; billing; offerings and Webmail promotions; and customer service. Of these, customer My T-Mobile 3.53 service achieves the largest increase in satisfaction mysprint.sprint.com 3.15 compared with 2009, improving by eight points. T-Mobile USA 2.76Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 49
  • 49. Top 10 Telecom Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 Verizon 11.99 AT&T 10.39 AT&T 9 Verizon 10.27 Verizon Wireless 8.22 Verizon Wireless 8.01Verizon Wireless - My Account 5.93 Verizon Wireless 7.66 - My Account AT & T Wireless 5.65 AT & T Wireless 5.95 Cricket 5.47 My T-Mobile 3.77 Sprint 3.25 Sprint 3.77 Frontier T-Mobile USA 3.04 3.58 Communication… 3.03 mysprint.sprint.co My T-Mobile 3.23 m mysprint.sprint.com 2.48 T-Mobile USA 2.68Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 50
  • 50. Community-based Organizations by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Puppies, Babies Beat the Elderly Imagery of puppies and babies can elicit positive The Animal Rescue Site 16.22 consumer response to advertising, especially among AARP 14.90 women, according to Adweek Media and Harris Interactive. Wikimedia Foundation 13.07 Care2 5.22 Two in five Americans (41%) say that given the options AVERT 1.92 of ―a puppy,‖ ―a baby,‖ ―a sweet old lady,‖ and ―a sweet old man,‖ would be affected by the puppy. One-third Angel Food Ministries 1.47 voted for the baby (34%). A sweet old lady (3%) or a my freecycle 1.32 sweet old man (2%) were much lower. Idealist.org 1.26 People for the Ethical In general, men are less likely to report an emotional 1.15 Treatment of Animals impact. 45% of women were warmed by images of a ASPCA 1.05 puppy, compared to 37% of men, and the baby affectedSource: Experian Hitwise 39% of women, compared to 29% of men. Charts Quarterly 51
  • 51. Community-based Organizations by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) Power Impact of Public and .orgs September 2010 October 2010 82% of Americans say that public opinion has too little power over policy and politicians.The Animal Rescue Site 17.39 AARP 17.69 67% say nonprofit organizations have too The Animal little power and AARP 16.18 17.55 Rescue Site influence. Care2 7.15 Care2 6.01 More than half say the same about opinion Idealist.org 1.79 AVERT 2.01 polls (55%), churches and religious groups (54%) and racial AVERT 1.79 Idealist.org 1.64 minorities (52%). Angel Food Angel Food Ministries 1.68 1.64 Ministries my freecycle 1.57 my freecycle 1.5 People for the 1.48 1.37 Calguns.net Ethical… QSP 1.35 Wikimedia Foundation 1.47 freecycle 1.18 freecycle 1.32Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 52
  • 52. Financial Advisors, IndependentFinancial Advisors, EmployeeTop Bank Advertisers on RadioTop Investment/Finance SitesInternet-based Business-Finance
  • 53. Financial Advisors, Independent Base: 1,000-point scale October 2010 Investment Services Firms Win Back Approval Commonwealth Financial 898 Financial advisor sentiment regarding their firms has Cambridge Investment 848 stabilized in 2010 after declining the previous two years,Raymond James Financial 845 according to a study from J.D. Power & Associates. LPL Financial 817 Waddell & Reed Inc. 765 The study measures the satisfaction of both employee Industry Average 765 advisors (those who are employed by their investment Wells Fargo Advisors 763 services firm) and independent advisors (those who are Northwestern Mutual 747 affiliated with a broker-dealer but operate independently). Ameriprise Financial 735 Advisor Group 718 Commonwealth Financial Network ranks highest in Cetera Financial Group 717 overall satisfaction among independent advisors with a Securities America, Inc. 709 score of 898. Commonwealth Financial NetworkMetlife Broker Dealer Group 648 performs particularly well in perceptions of financial stability and operational and compliance support. Source: J.D. Power & Associates Charts Quarterly 54
  • 54. Financial Advisors, Employee Base: 1,000-point scale 2010 Edward Jones Leads Employee Advisors Edward Jones 876 Edward Jones ranks highest in overall satisfaction among employee advisors, performs particularly well in the work Raymond James & Associates, Inc. 857 environment and job duties factors. Merrill Lynch 710 The study also found that advisor perceptions of their firm’s UBS Financial financial stability have improved, most notably among Services 689 employees of wirehouse firms (such as Merrill Lynch and Industry Average 683 Wells Fargo) and independent advisors. Wells Fargo Advisors 665 Perceptions of financial stability of wirehouses have improved to 5.4 (on a seven-point scale) in 2010 from 4.6 in Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 626 2008. While advisors’ perceptions of the financial stability of independent firms have improved to 6.3 in 2010 from 6.0 in 2008, they still trail those of advisors of non-wirehouse firmsSource: J.D. Power & Associates (6.5 in 2010). Charts Quarterly . 55
  • 55. Top Bank Advertisers on Radio by Number of Ad Plays (000) October 2010 7 in 10 Consumers Trust Banks with InfoWells Fargo/Wachovia 36,610 Although only 20% of consumers think banks are Chase 24,782 generally honest and trustworthy, 70% trust banks to securely handle their personal data. Hospitals closely PNC 17,392 followed at 69%, with life insurance companies coming in Suntrust 16,285 a distant third with 57% of consumers trusting their data Wells Fargo 14,025 handling capabilities. US Bank 11,645 Of the nine industries most likely to handle sensitive Navy Federal CU 9,908 consumer data, telecommunications had the lowest trust Capital One 7,209 level (45%). Ally 5,857 Fifth Third 4,797Source: Mediaguide Charts Quarterly 56
  • 56. Top Investment/Finance Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Fees, charges influence satisfaction Yahoo! Finance 32.52 The importance of trading fees and charges on overall msn money 7.87 investor satisfaction has increased from 2009, according to the J.D. Power and Associates ―2010 US Self-Directed Scottrade 4.58 Investor Satisfaction Study.‖ The study finds that trading Fidelity 4.27 Investments charges and fees account for 23% of overall investor TD 3.67 satisfaction, up from 17% in 2009, after six years of AMERITRADE decreasing importance. CNN Money.com 3.34 Charles Schwab 2.7 Trading charges and fees is the second-most-important The Wall Street 2.27 factor driving overall satisfaction, following interaction. Journal Yahoo! Message Among investors with high levels of satisfaction (850 or 2.15 Boards higher on a 1,000-point scale), 75% say they ―definitely E*Financial 2.06 will‖ recommend the firm.Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 57
  • 57. Top Investment/Finance Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 Yahoo! Finance 30.23 Yahoo! Finance 33.66 msn money 8.2 msn money 7.59 Fidelity Fidelity 4.44 4.43 Investments Investments TD 4.05 Scottrade 4.43 AMERITRADE TD Scottrade 3.89 3.73 AMERITRADE CNN Money.com 3 CNN Money.com 2.92 Charles Schwab 2.43 Charles Schwab 2.45 The Wall Street The Wall Street 2.3 2.38 Journal Journal Yahoo! Message Yahoo! Message 2.21 2.2 Boards Boards Kitco 2.1 E*Financial 2.04Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 58
  • 58. Internet-based Business-Finance by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Mobile Transactions Outpace Call Centers PayPal 42.12 Consumer confidence and comfort levels for mobile banking transactions are at an all-time high, according to Intelius 8.61 data from The Nielsen Company. Bill Me Later 2.21 13.2% of US households accessed their bank account via a mobile device in Q2 2010, compared to 20.8% who Auctiva 2.01 accessed their account via the bank’s customer service call center. MyCheckFree 1.99 While mobile access penetration is lower than other ooVoo 1.81 channels, it has grown almost 14% from 11.6% in Q1 2010. Killer Startups 1.65 Also, the average mobile banking user’s net worth of HomeCU 1.03 $341,017 is about 9% more than the average net worth of $313,346 held by their online banking counterparts Google Checkout 0.86 and 21% higher than the market average of $281,263. OpinionLab 0.86Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 59
  • 59. Internet-based Business-Finance by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 PayPal 33.83 PayPal 34.60 Intelius 12.28 Intelius 14.29 ooVoo 2.21 ooVoo 2.71 Auctiva 2.18 MyCheckFree 2.24 MyCheckFree 2.12 Auctiva 2.13 Bill Me Later 1.48 Bill Me Later 1.60 Managed Operating System 1.44 Killer Startups 1.59 Alliance OpinionLab 1.37 OpinionLab 1.19 aStore 1.33 HomeCU 1.08 Frontline Placement 1.24 aStore 0.81 TechnologiesSource: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 60
  • 60. Retail E-commerce GrowthSpending & Saving by GenerationE-commerce Activities by IncomeVariables Influencing Brand SalesCustomer Data Influences SalesDepartment Stores Advertisers
  • 61. Retail E-commerce Growth $US millions, Year-over-year % Change E-commerce Holds Strong Pattern September 2010 Retail e-commerce spending in Q3 2010 $45,000 19% 3% increased 9% from Q3 2009, growing for the -3% $40,000 10% fourth straight quarter, according to $35,000 11% 9% 6% 0% -2% comScore. 17% 23% $30,000 9% 13% $25,000 -1% 23% This growth rate represented the fourth $20,000 consecutive quarter of positive year-over- $15,000 year growth following a year of flat or $10,000 negative growth rates. $5,000 $0 While the past four quarters represent a marked improvement from the four quarters preceding them, retail e-commerce growth E-Commerce Spending ($ Millions) Y/Y % change rates are still significantly below thoseSource: comScore reported during 2007, which ranged from 17- 23%. Charts Quarterly 62
  • 62. Spending & Saving by Generation Base: All U.S. adults, % March-October 2010 Big Ticket Spending Sluggish The current recession is generally considered to 80 have started in December 2007, and for the most 70 part, Americans are not planning to make 60 50 purchases in a number of big ticket areas through 40 a six-month period, finds a Harris Poll. The big 30 ticket purchase Americans are most likely to make 20 is a vacation away from home lasting longer than 10 a week. 0 Vacations are trailed by buying a new computer (21%) and moving to a different residence (17%). More expensive items, such as new cars/trucks/vans (12%), houses/condos (10%), Total Echo Boomers (18-33) Gen. X (34-45) Baby Boomers (46-64) Matures (65+) new businesses (10%) and boats/recreationalSource: Harris Interactive vehicles (6%), have even fewer takers. Charts Quarterly 63
  • 63. E-commerce Activities by Income % of respondents Wealthier Engage More in E-Commerce November 2010 Significantly more higher- income Americans are conducting e-commerce 88% activities than members of 83% other income groups, 81% 81% 84% according to Pew Research. 71% 71% 74% 65% 64% Solid majorities of higher- 60% 61% 61% 70% 66% 66% 67% income internet users: 52% • research products (88%), 55% • make travel reservations 51% 46% 47% online (83%), 44% 44% • purchase products or services online (81%), • perform online banking (74%), • use the internet to pay bills (71%), and • use online classified sitesOnline classifieds Pay bills Online banking Buy products Travel Research such as craigslist (60%). reservations products < $30,000 $30-$49,000 $50-74,999 $75,000 +Source: Pew Research Charts Quarterly 64
  • 64. Variables Influencing Brand Sales Total US Sales October 2010 Creative Quality Single Biggest Factor In order to influence purchases, creative60% quality of the ad was found to drive more50% than half of the sales changes for TV and 52% digital advertising campaigns, four times higher40% than the impact of the specific media plan 35% involved, according to comScore.30%20% Other factors, such as price, promotion and distribution, combine to contribute another10% 13% 35% of total positive sales change. The specific media plan only contributes the0% Ad Quality Media Plan Other (Price, remaining 13%. Promotion, Distribution, etc.)Source: comScore Charts Quarterly 65
  • 65. Customer Data Influences Sales % of respondents September 2010 Top Marketers Likely Have Data Access90% Aberdeen Group found that top performing marketing80% organizations are more likely to have access to 77%70% different types of customer data.60% 64% 58%50% 55% 53% 64% of best-in-class organizations have access to40% 41% customer behavior data, compared to 53% of other 39%30% organizations. Similar variables exist in levels of access20% 26% to internal unstructured data (55% over 39%) and10% external unstructured data (41% over 26%).0% Access to all Access to Access to Access to customer customer internal external Aberdeen advises that access to customer data enables transactional behavior data unstructured unstructured data data data sales-enhancing activities such as modeling lifetime customer value, market segmentation, and prioritizing Best in Class All others inbound sales leads. Source: Aberdeen Group Charts Quarterly 66
  • 66. Department Stores Advertisers by Number of Ad Plays October 2010 Gallup: $714 in Holiday Gift Spending Americans predicted they’d spend $714 on Christmas Walmart 99,391 gifts this year, almost 12% more than the $638 they Macys 86,826 forecast in November a year ago for the 2009 holiday Kohls 65,208 season, according to Gallup’s fall poll. Fred Meyer 18,434 The forecast of $714 is nearly identical to Americans’ Meijer 14,235 October prediction of $715. If that figure holds true in Target 12,365 December 2010, then likely there will be about a 2% Sears 6,895 increase in actual holiday sales between 2009 and 2010. JCPenney 6,524 Stein Mart 1,572 TJ Maxx 746Source: Mediaguide Charts Quarterly 67
  • 67. Department Stores Advertisers by Number of Ad Plays September 2010 1 in 3 Americans to Spend Less This Year Although the majority of Americans, 52%, say they will Kohls 67,453 spend the same on gifts this year as in 2009, roughly Walmart 54,910 one in three Americans, 34%, say they will spend less, compared with 12% saying they will spend more. That Macys 54,456 22-percentage-point gap is nearly double the average Fred Meyer 9,281 13-point difference between these figures during the past DILLARDS 5,374 20 years, providing what Gallup terms a note of caution to Americans’ dollar spending forecast. Meijer 4,807 Sears 4,070 The current gap is significantly below the 39-point gap JCPenney 3,933 found in November 2008, during the period when the Target 3,179 extent of the global economic collapse first became known. However, in periods of relative economic Belk 1,891 prosperity, such as from 1995 through 2000, the figuresSource: Mediaguide were about even. Charts Quarterly 68
  • 68. Top Global Mobile App CategoriesTop 10 Sports SitesTop 10 Games SitesGames Played on SmartPhonePhone Gaming Demographics
  • 69. Top Global Mobile App Categories Rankings 1-10 October 2010 Mobile Game Revenues to Reach $11B Games Revenues from in-game purchases will overtake the Social traditional pay-per-download model as the primary Networking source of monetizing mobile games by 2013, according Mail & Messaging to Juniper Research. Music Entertainmen Projections indicate that global end-user mobile game t revenues will almost double from $6 billion in 2009 to Weather more than $11 billion in 2015. Sports Education & Juniper analysis indicates that in the past two years, the Employment growing consumer popularity of the iPhone/iOS/AppStore News and Google Android platforms, and the increasing Health & Fitness number of handset manufacturers building on them, has made it easier for mobile game developers to reach aSource: Millennial Media wider audience while porting to fewer platforms. Charts Quarterly 70
  • 70. Top 10 Sports Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Men Have Highest Rate of Liking Football Broken down demographically, men, blacks and adults 34- Yahoo! Sports 6.37 64 are most apt to like football, according to Harris Poll ESPN 6.34 results. Yahoo! Sports 5.49 NFL Overall, 53% of US adults 18 and older like football. DividedYahoo! Sports - 4.19Fantasy Football by gender, it is not too surprising that 66% of men like Rivals.com 3.38 football compared to only 41% of women. ESPN Fantasy 3.13 Football However, other demographic disparities exist. For example,National Football 3.08 64% of blacks like football, compared to 53% of whites and League FOX Sports on 51% of Hispanics. Agewise, 56% of both Gen Xers (34-45) 2.91 MSN ESPN Fantasy and Baby Boomers (46-64) like football, placing them ahead 2.47 Games of Echo Boomers (18-33) and Matures (65 and up), withESPN.com - NFL 2.39 49% of both of those age groups liking football. Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 71
  • 71. Top 10 Sports Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 ESPN 7.19 Yahoo! Sports 7.13 Yahoo! Sports 6.7 ESPN 6.09 Yahoo! Sports - Yahoo! Sports NFL 4.22 4.54 Fantasy Football Yahoo! Sports - Fantasy 3.87 Rivals.com 4.05 Football Yahoo! Sports National Football League 3.2 3.84 NFL ESPN Fantasy Rivals.com 2.95 3.43 Football National Football ESPN Fantasy Football 2.89 3.05 League FOX Sports on FOX Sports on MSN 2.77 2.87 MSN ESPN Fantasy ESPN Fantasy Games 2.19 2.56 GamesYahoo! Sports Major League ESPN.com - NFL 2.25 2.11 BaseballSource: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 72
  • 72. Top 10 Games Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Non-gaming Use of Consoles Common Pogo 11.29 Video game consoles are being used for purposes other Yahoo! Sports - than gaming by high percentages of owners, according 3.18 Fantasy Football to The Nielsen Company. Yahoo! Games 2.7 ESPN Fantasy 2.38 Activities which one in five or more owners of all three Football systems, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 andAddicting Games 2.11 Nintendo Wii, participate in are watching a video on- ESPN Fantasy 1.88 Games demand streaming subscription service and using the Miniclip 1.76 internet for browsing, social networking and watching online video. Only 8% of Nintendo Wii owners listen to MSN Games 1.76 CDs, MP3s or other online/purchased music, compared to Games.com 1.49 23% of both Xbox and PlayStation 3 owners. Big Fish Games 1.48Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 73
  • 73. Top 10 Games Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) Tweens Influence Video Game Purchases September 2010 October 2010 High percentages of consumers age 8-12 indicate they will 10.73 11.36 influence the purchase Pogo Pogo of handheld videoYahoo! Sports - Yahoo! Sports - games (35%) and video 3.23 3.61 game systems (31%) inFantasy Football Fantasy Football the next month, Yahoo! Games 2.9 Yahoo! Games 2.8 according to Harris ESPN Fantasy ESPN Fantasy Interactive 2.41 2.73 Football Football ESPN Fantasy MSN Games 2.17 2.03 Games ESPN Fantasy 1.83 Addicting Games 1.92 Games FarmVille 1.65 MSN Games 1.82Big Fish Games 1.41 Big Fish Games 1.59 Wizard101 1.4 Games.com 1.53 Games.com 1.37 FarmVille 1.48Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 74
  • 74. Games Played on SmartPhone % Male, Female July-August 2010 Young Phone Owners Play Games 65% The youngest smartphone owners have the 51% highest overall rate for gaming on their 45% smartphones and game the most often, 40% according to Compete. 30% 28% 27% 26% 18% 17% A total of 81% of smartphone owners who 12% 12% 12% 10% 4% 6%7% 7% 4%5% have not celebrated their 25th birthday 2% 3% engage in smartphone gaming, compared to 76% of smartphone owners 25-44 and only 56% of smartphone owners 45 and older. Female MaleSource: Compete Charts Quarterly 75
  • 75. Phone Gaming Demographics % by age, frequency July-August 2010 Youth Play More Games, More Often90% In the same study, Compete found that younger80% smartphone owners also tend to engage in smartphone70% 20% 15% gaming more frequently than their elder counterparts.60% 11% 9% Twenty percent of smartphone owners younger than 2550% 24% 7% play smartphone games multiple times a day, compared40% 19% 10% 16% to 15% of smartphone owners 25-44 and 9% of those 4530% 5% 3% 2%20% 8% 14% 11% and up.10% 16% 12% 13% 0% The under 25 segment has also, not surprisingly, added Under age 25 Age 25-44 Over age 45 more games to their smartphones. On average, only 20% of smartphone owners have downloaded more than Once a month A few times a month Once a week Multiple times a week 10 games. Yet 32% of those under 25 have downloaded Daily Multiple times a day more than 10 games.Source: Compete Charts Quarterly 76
  • 76. Family SitesHouse & Garden Sites
  • 77. Top 10 Family Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Planned Spontaneity a Trend to Watch CafeMom 11.57 With lifestyles having become fragmented, with dense Ancestry.com 10.56 urban environments offering consumers any number of instantly available options, and with cell /smartphones Legacy.com 6.8 having created a generation who have little experience of My Heritage 4.06 making (or sticking to) rigid plans, 2011 will see what BabyCenter 3.33 trendwatching.com calls full-on ―planned spontaneity.‖ Archives.com 3.19 Brands can expect to see consumers in 2011 rushing to MyFamily.com 2.84 sign up to services (the planned part) that allow for Parents.com 2.41 endless and almost effortless mass mingling with friends, family, colleagues or strangers (the spontaneity part). A KidsHealth 2.02 developing segment of this trend is consumers signing What to Expect 1.82 up for mobile services that passively and constantlySource: Experian Hitwise broadcast their location. Charts Quarterly 78
  • 78. Top 10 Family Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 Ancestry.com 11.92 CafeMom 11.78 CafeMom 11.31 Ancestry.com 10.47 Legacy.com 6.49 Legacy.com 6.73 My Heritage 5.24 My Heritage 4 MyFamily.com 3.57 BabyCenter 3.3 BabyCenter 3.42 Archives.com 3.07 Archives.com 3.24 Parents.com 2.65 MyFamily.com 2.65 RootsWeb 1.92 FamilySearch 1.9 FamilyFun.com 1.99 KidsHealth 1.92 Care.com 1.9Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 79
  • 79. House & Garden Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) November 2010 Fewer Financial Troubles in November US consumers reported generally fewer financialBetter Homes and Gardens 9.33 troubles in November 2010 compared to the prior year, Martha Stewart 4.83 but do not plan to greatly increase spending, according to IKEA 4.66 the Consumer Reports Index.Home & Garden Television 4.49 Positive developments were led by a decline in the DIY Network 4.45 number of consumers that lost their job in the past 30 MSN Real Estate 4.21 days to 4.9% from 6.7% in October; a drop in the proportion of consumers that faced credit card rate ServiceMagic 4.14 increases or reduced credit line, to 6% from 7.6% the prior Real Simple Magazine 3.14 month; and fewer consumers missing a mortgage ShelterPop 2.09 payment (2%) compared to the prior month (3%). DoItYourself.com 2.05 Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 80
  • 80. House & Garden Sites by U.S. Market Share of Visits (%) September 2010 October 2010 Home & Garden Television 9.12 Better Homes and Gardens 10.66 MSN Real Estate 5.68 Home & Garden Television 8.06 DIY Network 5.58 MSN Real Estate 5.05 ServiceMagic 4.19 Martha Stewart 4.15 Better Homes and Gardens 4.02 ServiceMagic 3.88 IKEA 3.89 IKEA 3.8 Martha Stewart 3.25 DIY Network 2.49 Right@Home 2.2 Real Simple Magazine 2.3 DoItYourself.com 1.85 ShelterPop 2.15 Real Simple Magazine 1.81 DoItYourself.com 1.96Source: Experian Hitwise Charts Quarterly 81
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