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Bango Whitepaper

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Bango Blackberry Whitepaper

  1. 1. Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie……….. Introduction 2 BlackBerry and the rise of the smartphone 2 How BlackBerry users consume data 3 BlackBerry internet connectivity 3 BlackBerry Wi-Fi connectivity 4 The future of the BlackBerry 4 Identification and payment challenges 4 Helping overcome the challenges 5 Points to note for optimization 5 GoSpoken capitalize on their slice of the BlackBerry pie 6 BlackBerry breakdown 6 BlackBerry vs other handsets 6 1
  2. 2. Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie Introduction BlackBerry and the rise of the This is the first in a series of white papers that will smartphone provide key information and data to help you Smartphones have become the standard handset of capitalize on particular areas of the mobile market. choice in the mobile phone market – even during Bango research and product development enables global recession the growth in smartphone sales thousands of mobile developers and content continues to soar. Gartner reported a global publishers market their mobile sites and sell content smartphone sales growth of 27% year-on-year in Q2 and services worldwide. 2009 compared to a 6% drop in cell phone sales during the same period. And the numbers in the USA Including the latest BlackBerry data and points to note were even more dramatic during the second quarter. for optimization, here’s what you’ll learn from this The research firm NPD Group reported US white paper: smartphone sales grew by 47% and accounted for • Why BlackBerry has become a popular 28% of all handset sales. consumer device It’s not just the iPhone that is selling so strongly. The • How BlackBerry users consume data services NPD Group report shows 35% of handsets shipped with keyboards rather than touch screens, which • The challenge of capturing identity and points to a significant number of BlackBerry style delivering payment to BlackBerry users handsets being sold. ComScore recently reported that BlackBerry accounts for 42% of all smartphones sold • Optimizing your mobile services to overcome in the US. In fact, according to the IDC Q2 US these challenges Smartphone Sales Rating four out of the top six handsets are a BlackBerry – including the top selling In future white papers we will analyze opportunities in smartphone. the broader smartphone market, the role of mobile applications stores and how to analyze your marketing campaigns across multiple mobile channels. Top selling smartphones Make sure your contact details are registered, so that 1. BlackBerry Curve you’ll automatically receive notification of all white papers published in this series and other valuable 2. Apple iPhone 3GS market information – email 3. BlackBerry Pearl 4. Apple iPhone 3G 5. BlackBerry Bold 6. BlackBerry Storm 7. T-Mobile G1 8. Palm Pre 9. HTC Touch Pro 10. HTC Touch Diamond 2
  3. 3. Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie This success is clearly good for business too, However with an increasing range of attractive Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of the “business-oriented” internet services becoming BlackBerry phone, has been named as the world’s available, the browsing capabilities of the BlackBerry st fastest growing company according to the August 31 , have now become attractive. 2009 issue of Fortune magazine. To put this into Recently, BlackBerry has begun to expand their perspective Apple only appears at position 39 while dominant corporate position to provide a range of Google makes it to position 68. The full list can be consumer friendly features and their Curve 8520 seen at: handset now dominates the IDC US smartphone charts ahead of all the Apple iPhone variants. The stgrowing/2009/full_list/index.html Curve takes the industry leading email and web RIM has long been a visionary force in mobile internet browsing capabilities the BlackBerry is famous for and technology, first with their push email technology and adds dedicated media keys, a media player, mobile more recently with fast access to the web. They have streaming for videos and music, and social networking achieved this dominance by tightly controlling how with Facebook, Flickr and MySpace. their phones connect to the internet to access email and web pages. By focusing on the high value BlackBerry internet connectivity corporate market initially, the BlackBerry has become The challenge for RIM was one of internet the trusted way millions of people communicate and connectivity. The BlackBerry was designed to interact while on the move. The handsets have gained connect through the GPRS or UMTS network of a a reputation for ease of use and even addictiveness carrier to the RIM servers at the HQ in Canada. That among business users! Many of the world’s top is where the email systems were implemented, companies choose BlackBerry as the corporate phone enabling the push capabilities so much enjoyed by the of choice, making use of the excellent, secure BlackBerry user. However, when a BlackBerry user integration with their corporate systems. wanted to browse the internet, the browser did not open another TCP/IP connection, but instead How BlackBerry users consume data channeled through this route – passing through the Until mid 2002, the BlackBerry was primarily an email RIM servers to get to the wider internet. device – and a very good one. Executives at the Most mobile handsets are set up to pass their TCP/IP company tended to dismiss the idea of internet connection through an operator’s gateways before browsing as being something you did from a PC. going to the wider internet. This allows a degree of The teams in mobile operators that looked after the enrichment of the data with, for example, information BlackBerry were obsessed with it as an email device. that identifies the user. When a user browses from a The mobile web teams tended to ignore the device – typical LG handset, to (say) the AT&T user home in fact back in 2001 operators such as Vodafone and page, the enrichment enables the display of user Orange in the UK were so disinclined to embrace the specific information such as billing data, user settings BlackBerry that O2 managed to get the six month and also allows phones to be set up to prevent access exclusive on the product in the UK. to “adult” content such as gaming, unmoderated chat and so on. 3
  4. 4. Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie The traditional BlackBerry had no such capability. is liable to be presented with a different experience, Browsing was through the RIM gateways, meaning especially with mobile billing. “OK” behavior for general internet browsing, but the loss of functionality for more sophisticated sites that Fortunately, Bango is able to “glue” the two latter could take advantage of the operator enrichment. situations together, so that identity and payment capabilities are preserved when a user switches to Many Bango enabled content providers noticed, for and from Wi-Fi. example, that BlackBerry users on networks where operator billing is enabled were unable to access that capability – so were presented with credit card The future of the BlackBerry instead. As BlackBerry becomes more consumer-oriented to successfully compete with Nokia and Apple, it Another factor with BlackBerry devices has been that has to evolve to provide the expected mobile operators did not have generally available “all functionality. At Bango we are now starting to see BlackBerry devices configured to route traffic you can eat” or “flat rate” tariffs for internet through operator gateways by default en-route to connectivity. Therefore two different routes enabled the RIM email systems. This brings the best of them to bill a flat fee for email access – direct to the both worlds. The only quirk is that enabling “flat RIM gateways and a rate based on consumption for rate” tariffs for email/BlackBerry-mail also the “internet connection”. requires the operator to make internet browsing part of the package. We are already seeing major operators, such as AT&T, mandate data Over the last few years, the operators have started to tariffs for all new smartphone customers. configure BlackBerry devices so that there is a BlackBerry is a focused early pioneer of mobile browser that can pass through the carrier gateways data. This has caused some issues for and get “enriched” – enabling the provision of superior operators and website developers wanting to services. Sometimes however, the functionality is provide a good experience for their end users, provided with a “second browser” accessible through but the problems are now being ironed out as an additional icon on the BlackBerry home page. A they become more apparent and RIM starts to compete outside its email/business heartland. user gets a very different experience connecting through the “second browser” because it provides websites, through Bango, with extra capabilities like Identification and payment challenges identity and payment. Sophisticated though BlackBerry phones now are as mobile internet devices, the challenge for a content BlackBerry Wi-Fi connectivity provider or website publisher is how to treat these What can be more confusing is that some newer users – as mobile phone connections or ordinary web BlackBerry devices include Wi-Fi connectivity. Since connections? In practice the device can operate in the “BlackBerry” browser does not get enriched, it either mode, but as discussed earlier in this white works just the same through the Wi-Fi connection. paper, by default BlackBerry devices will connect via However, when the “operator” browser is used, if the RIM proprietary data gateways when the web Wi-Fi is active the enriched data is lost. This means browser is launched. These data connections operate the consumer cannot access their billing records and outside of the mobile operator’s own network, so your 4
  5. 5. Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie customers are not automatically seen as AT&T or Helping overcome the challenges Vodafone users, but as RIM users. Without the For most on-line marketers, the BlackBerry customer necessary optimizations to how your systems look at base is an important segment and it is targeted with these users, your customer base may all of sudden an optimized version of the website designed appear to have migrated to Canada! specifically for the device. The ability to automatically For businesses wanting to optimize for BlackBerry identify the user, attribute them to the correct home users, this presents a couple of fundamental country and understand how these customers use the challenges: firstly, how can you accurately identify site is vital to deliver the best experience and BlackBerry users for tracking, CRM and marketing maximize your return on marketing to these users. campaign purposes; secondly how is it possible to Bango data collected across many millions of users enable these customers to make transactional accessing the internet from mobile devices reveals payments on their mobile phone bill, just like any other one other important usage characteristic: the phone user? BlackBerry user base will be much more likely to use These kinds of optimizations are vital for the Wi-Fi as a connection method where available. successful tracking of user behavior on websites. BlackBerry devices make it easy to locate Wi-Fi Without them, a significant segment of your mobile hotspots and connect “off-net”. In these cases, not web traffic will be incorrectly identified in your only is there no mobile network profiling available, it analytics reports and your mobile marketing may be just as likely to be a corporate network as a campaigns targeting users by specific networks will commercial hotspot provider that brings the user to fail to pick-up this segment. your website. This raises a number of significant issues: Points to note for optimization • Is this a new user hitting my campaign landing page, or a user I’ve seen before? 1. CSS/Table support – Many sites rely upon CSS and tables to achieve styling. Some BlackBerry devices have these browser • If it is a returning, regular, customer, how can I options disabled by default. You can detect identify them for CRM purposes? from the headers if CSS has been disabled. • If the user wishes to make a purchase, how do I 2. Firmware differences - The same BlackBerry model will be shipped with offer them the ability to pay to their phone different firmware versions of the operating account with no network or billing information? system. The way the browser renders a site depends on this firmware. For example, This ability, and tendency, for BlackBerry users to support for padding and margin differs swap connection types, along with the “off-net” between firmware versions. gateways managed by the device maker, rather than 3. Form factor – BlackBerry devices are often the network operator, means tracking this part of your very landscape in form factor including some of the widest screens (in pixels) in the market. mobile customer base requires specific pairing However the screens are often reasonably capabilities, of the kind built-in to Bango Analytics. short which has an impact on what content is shown above the fold. 5
  6. 6. Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie This technology ensures that BlackBerry users are BlackBerry breakdown paired with key data including their mobile network Over 90% of the international BlackBerry traffic seen operator and a specific network identity. This second through the Bango system is made up of the following data point is vital to allow these customers to make top ten devices with the top two accounting for nearly single-click purchases directly to their phone account, 43% - good to bear in mind if you are optimizing your which delivers the highest achievable conversion mobile site for specific BlackBerry devices. rates for your business. 1. BlackBerry 8330 Curve (28.98%) 2. BlackBerry 9530 Storm (13.66%) …..capitalize on their slice of the 3. BlackBerry 9000 Bold (9.56%) BlackBerry pie GoSpoken is an innovative international mobile 4. BlackBerry 8900 Curve (9.05%) e-book and audio book company that offers a wide selection of bestselling titles for purchase 5. BlackBerry 8130 Pearl (8.78%) and download to mobile phones. The catalogue includes top selling fiction, comedy, history, poetry, children’s titles – the options are endless. 6. BlackBerry 8310 Curve (6.16%) The business started in 2007 and counts former special services soldier and best selling author 7. BlackBerry 9500 Storm (4.89%) Andy McNab amongst its founders. GoSpoken see a high proportion of users visiting 8. BlackBerry 8320 Curve (3.95%) their site from BlackBerry devices - current figures show on average they account for over 30% of 9. BlackBerry 8100 Pearl (2.65%) the total number of mobile visitors each month. To ensure GoSpoken effectively capitalize on the spending power of these visitors they use Bango’s 10. BlackBerry 8830 (2.63%) payment technology to present the highest converting and most efficient operator billing (Data from the Bango system – June-August 2009) experience – this experience has been specially adapted for smartphone users including those BlackBerry vs other handsets visiting from BlackBerry devices. In the US BlackBerry devices account for 14%* of the “We see over 30% of users with BlackBerry traffic Bango sees browsing the web. BlackBerry devices visiting our site each month. It’s important for us to provide the most efficient ranks third – four places above Apple. operator billing experience to enable the maximum number of sales. Bango enables us to On an international scale BlackBerry accounts for 5%* get the highest conversion rates from this slice of of the traffic Bango sees browsing the web and ranks the market and from visitors on smartphone fifth – two places above Apple with almost three times devices” the number of people browsing. Nokia is the overall Steve Crawford leader accounting for over 36% of traffic seen. Operations Director of GoSpoken (Data from the Bango system – June-August 2009) 6
  7. 7. Increasing your slice of the BlackBerry pie About Bango Bango is the leading provider of payment and analytics products for businesses targeting the fast growing market of internet enabled mobile phones. Bango’s unique technology and relationships with mobile operators, handset manufacturers and consumers enable significantly higher payment conversion rates for the world’s leading mobile content businesses. For more information about Bango Payment solutions visit: Bango Analytics provides mobile marketers and website owners the most accurate information about consumers interacting with their campaigns and visiting their site from their mobile phones. For more information about Bango Analytics solutions visit: As more people access the internet from their mobile phones, Bango’s innovative products are an essential part of a business’s web strategy. Special thanks to Shaun Barriball from Mobile IQ and Tom Thurston from Mobile Impossible – leading mobile site builders and service providers. USA Bango, 330 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor, New York NY 10017 Tel: +1 866 528 6897 Fax +1 646 349 3023 UK Bango, 5 Westbrooke Centre, Cambridge CB4 1YG 7 Tel: +44 8700 340 360 Fax +44 1223 472 778