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Polyglot Persistence with OSGi - Alexander Grzesik
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Polyglot Persistence with OSGi - Alexander Grzesik


Published on

OSGi Community Event 2013 ( …

OSGi Community Event 2013 (

Lightning Talk

This Lightning talk shows an example how to use use an EclipseLink composite Persistence Unit in an OSGi Bundle to seamless combine a Relational Database and NoSQL MongoDB. Furthermore it gives some best practice how to use a JPA Persistence Unit with Blueprint.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Polyglot Persistence with OSGi Combining relational databases and NoSQL MongoDB with EclipseLink OSGi Community Event Ludwigsburg Eclipsecon 2013 Alexander Grzesik
  • 2. Polyglot Persistence
  • 3. EclipseLink composite persistence unit Since 2.3 NoSQL SQL From: Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 4. SQL Persistence Unit • Plain JPA PU jar • PU‘s must use same transaction strategy <persistence-unit name="persistence-test-sql" transaction-type="RESOURCE_LOCAL"> <non-jta-data-source>jdbc/test</non-jta-data-source> • Class Mappings <class>medisite.eclipsecon.entities.sql.BMIUser</class> • Member PU setting <property name="eclipselink.composite-unit.member" value="true"/> • PU specific settings <property name="" value="POSTGRESQL"/> … Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 5. NoSQL Persistence Unit • EclipseLink NoSQL support for – MongoDB – OracleNoSQL • Configure like SQL PU <persistence-unit name="persistence-test-nosql" transaction-type="RESOURCE_LOCAL"> <class>medisite.eclipsecon.entities.nosql.BMIRecord</class> … <property name="eclipselink.composite-unit.member" value="true"/> Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 6. MongoDB Configuration • Tell the PU it uses MongoDB <property name="" value="org.eclipse.persistence.nosql.adapters.mongo. MongoPlatform"/> <property name="eclipselink.nosql.connection-spec" value="org.eclipse.persistence.nosql.adapters.mongo. MongoConnectionSpec"/> • Configure Connection <property name="" value="localhost"/> <property name="“ value="27017"/> <property name="“ value="test"/> Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 7. Mapping NoSQL Entities • Add @NoSQL Annotation @Entity @NoSql(dataFormat = DataFormatType.MAPPED) public class BMIRecord { @Basic private String name; @ElementCollection private List<BMIResult> bmiResults; @OneToOne() private BMIUser user; • Embeded entity @Embeddable @NoSql(dataFormat = DataFormatType.MAPPED) public class BMIResult { … Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 8. Composite Persistence Unit • Defines visible PU name <persistence-unit name="persistence-composite" transactiontype="RESOURCE_LOCAL"> • Included Member PUs <jar-file>medisite.eclipsecon.pu-nosql-0.0.1.jar</jar-file> <jar-file>medisite.eclipsecon.pu-sql-0.0.1.jar</jar-file> • Composite PU setting <property name="eclipselink.composite-unit" value="true"/> • Settings for all PUs <property name="eclipselink.logging.level" value="FINEST"/> <property name="" value="SunAS9"/> Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 9. Composite PU MANIFEST: Embedded-Artifacts: medisite.eclipsecon.pu-sql-0.0.1.jar, medisite.eclipsecon.pu-nosql-0.0.1.jar Export-Package: medisite.eclipsecon.entities.sql;uses:="javax.persistence";versi on="0.0.1", medisite.eclipsecon.entities.nosql; uses:="org.eclipse.persistence.nosql.annotations,javax.persisten ce,medisite.eclipsecon.entities.sql";version="0.0.1" Import-Package: javax.persistence;version="[2.1,3)", org.eclipse.persistence.jpa;version="[2.5,3)", org.eclipse.persistence.nosql.adapters.mongo;version="[2.5,3)", org.eclipse.persistence.nosql.annotations;version="[2.5,3)", org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.sunas;version="[2.5,3)", com.mongodb,… JPA-PersistenceUnits: persistence-test Meta-Persistence: META-INF/persistence.xml Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 10. Summary • No JTA transactions • No referential integrity between DBs • Not all Eclipselink features are supported: Persistence Unit Properties for Composite Pus • Transparent combination of different databases • Use JPA API • Works as OSGi persistence bundle • Blueprint integration via Aries JPA Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 11. Further Information • de/JPA/Advanced_JPA_Development/Co mposite_Persistence_Units • s/PolyglotPersistence • Contact me: Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi
  • 12. Questions ? More on OSGi, Persistence and Cloud: Tomorrow 11:15 TRESOR: The modular cloud - Building a domain specific cloud platform with OSGi Eclipsecon 2013 Polyglot Persistence with OSGi