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Yl symposium 12_april11
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Yl symposium 12_april11


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  • 1. Managing Up, Managing Down: Working with Different Generations Molly Foley, Next Generation ConsultingMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 2. We’ll Talk About... Generational Diplomats Four Generations in the Workplace Generational Collision Points Four Themes that Lead to Harmony DO’s & DONT’s in Inter-generational TeamsMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 3. Introductions My name is ___ and I’m generation __ Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers, Millennials I work in a team with 1/2/3/4 generations If you were describing your generation to someone, what movie might you use as an example OR what celebrity do you most identify with your generation?: ____________________________Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 4. “Generational Diplomats” Guiding PrinciplesMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 5. Principle #1: Seek to put others (generations) in an advantageous, good position. Becoming Generational DiplomatsMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 6. Principle #2: Think "Win-Win" how can all (generations) achieve a positive outcome. Becoming Generational DiplomatsMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 7. Becoming Generational Diplomats Principle #3: Base your actions on a "cause.”Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 8. Principle #4: Win over the local population (other generations). Becoming Generational DiplomatsMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 9. Principle #5: Gain intelligence.Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 10. Meet the Four Generations at WorkMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 11. Silents, b. 1925-1942 Turned 68-85 years old in 2010 Sometimes called “Traditionalists”Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 12. “Hank”Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 13. Baby Boomers, b. 1943-1960 Turned 50-67 years old in 2010Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 14. “Deborah”Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 15. Generation X, b. 1961-1981 Turned 29-49 years old in 2010Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 16. “Mark”Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 17. Millennials, b. 1982-2001 Turned 9-28 years old in 2010 Sometimes called “Gen Y”Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 18. “Christina” & FriendsMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 19. Generations side by side...Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 20. Millennials Gen X Baby Boomers Silents Learning Style Interactive, team- Adaptable/flexible, Independent, Independent, oriented, hands-on, independent experiential, hands-on experiential, hands- multi-tasking on Preferred Mode of Email, Texting Email Face-to-face Phone, face-to-face Communication Dress Casual Semi-Casual Formal Formal Relationship to Embrace technology, Tech savvy, but not as Not as tech savvy Not tech savvy, though Technology very tech savvy current as Millennials (except when job trying requires it) Process vs. Goal- Goal-oriented Mix of process and Process-oriented Mix of process and goal oriented goal-oriented oriented Work Experience Less experienced, but Mid-level experience, Very experienced, Very experienced, senior eager to learn up-and-coming leaders senior staff staff, retired, consult Company Loyalty Less loyal/committed Depends on years w/ Very loyal to company; Company loyalty, an to company; looking for company, experience “they bleed We obligation other opportunities Energies” Relationship to Question and break Follow the rules, but Rule followers; prefer Duty before fun, rule Structure and Policies rules (e.g. isn’t there a question them; prefer structure followers better way?); prefer mix of structure and flexibility to structure flexibility Life-Work Balance Work to live, want Like to keep work and Live to work, always Work to provide more flexibility personal life separate “on”Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 21. Exercise: A “defining moment” that shaped me and my workplace contributions.Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 22. What’s your generation’s legacy?Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 23. When generations collideMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 24. Relationship to TechnologyMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 25. Relationship to TimeMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 26. Relationship to PlaceMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 27. Relationship between self and othersMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 28. Four Themes that set the cultural tone and lead to generational harmony (or not)...Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 29. Respect What does “respect” look like to… Silents Boomers Gen X Millennials “Hank” “Deborah” “Mark” “Christina” Authority Achievement Recognition InclusionMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 30. Technology and Information Sharing What’s the preferred technology and way to share information for… Silents Boomers Gen X Millennials “Hank” “Deborah” “Mark” “Christina” TEXTing; Phone; Email; Cell; Email; Phones; More tech & prefer one-on- Easy access, one-on-one faster! (very one streamlined. tech savvy)Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 31. Work Ethic What’s each generation’s general “work ethic” characteristics… Silents Boomers Gen X Millennials “Hank” “Deborah” “Mark” “Christina” Overachiever, Efficient, “smart” Goal-oriented; Dependable, workaholic; workaholic; more tolerant; productive, work to point balanced; multi-tasking; consistent of burnout self-reliant entrepreneurialMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 32. Loyalty What does “loyalty” look like to… Silents Boomers Gen X Millennials “Hank” “Deborah” “Mark” “Christina” Sacrifice, devoted Self-fulfillment, Commitment to Sacrifice, to company looking for job/profession; dedication to that’s loyal, need other commitment to organization something to opportunities people fight forMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 33. Best practices for working in multi-generation teams: 4 Do’s and Don’t’sMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 34. Think beyond the job descriptionsMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 35. People who work in their strengths are ten times more productive. Each person’s greatest area of growth is in their greatest area of strength.Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 36. Focus on the work. (Don’t be a Michael.)Monday, June 27, 2011
  • 37. Surprise them by noticingMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 38. It’s the element of surprise, not the size of the award, that really moves people. - Dr. Hayagreeva Rao, StanfordMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 39. Stop using “we” and “they” to describe generationsMonday, June 27, 2011
  • 40. Final Thoughts Q&AMonday, June 27, 2011