Saudi telecom market - Mobile - data - Fixed - Social - Media - STC - Mobily - Zain - CITC

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Saudi telecom market - Mobile - data - Fixed - Social - Media - STC - Mobily - Zain - CITC

Saudi telecom market - Mobile - data - Fixed - Social - Media - STC - Mobily - Zain - CITC

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  • 1. Saudi Telecom Market Engr. Mansour AlObaid
  • 2. Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Map KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA
  • 3. KSA - Key Indicators Key Indicators KSA ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 4. KSA- Key Indicators - Population * Labour Force Survey 2013 (round 1) ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 5. Key Indicators - Education ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ • The total number of university students 1.2 M • It is also expected that the number of students admitted in all sectors of higher education will be more than 370+ K students annually in 2014 and beyond, • And the number of graduates will exceed the 315+ K graduates annually starting in 2014 • Number of “ Public Education Students” Male and Female students 5+ M students • Total number of teachers 500+ K teachers • Number of schools 32+ K schools.
  • 6. Key Indicators - Saudi Businesses Saudi SMEs The number of businesses registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry about + 900,000 of which 34 % in the commercial sector and 32 per cent in the construction sector, while 18 % in the industrial sector , the rest in other sectors. Small and Medium-sized enterprises in Saudi Arabia are about 90 % of the size of the economy and the workforce Saudi Businesses Total number of SMEs firms operating in the Kingdom + 790,000 Abdulaziz Imail, director general of the SME Support Program at the Ministry of Labor ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 7. ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ Social Media Penetrations in Saudi Arabia Market penetration of 20% +5.5 M Users Market penetration of + 3% + 900 K Users Market penetration of 6% +1.6 M Users The estimated number of tweets produced by twitter users in the Arab world in March 2013 was 335,792,000 tweets or 10,832,000 tweets per day. Saudi Arabia alone, produced almost half (47%) of all tweets in the Arab world, while Egypt produced 12% and the UAE produced 11%. 12% Women 88% Men 35 % Women 65% Men young people aged between 15 and 29 years old make up about 70% of Facebook users in the Arab region
  • 8. Global Telecom– Worldwide Mobile Sub. ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 9. Global Telecom Services Market ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ Top Mobile operator group global ranking by connections and 12-month revenue, Q1 2013 Source: GSMA Intelligence, company reports
  • 10. Global Telecom - Areas of Pressure Also it reflected on Saudi Market My Media everywhere, anywhere Mobile Money Innovation Increasing demand for bandwidth MCE has identified four main areas of pressure for Telecoms Media/content industry Expanding into new markets Battling intensely for market share mergers and acquisitions Connect to people Connect to content Connect “distributed” friends, relatives and colleagues Monthly fee for everything A clear, differentiated customer value proposition A leadership to manage change A management talent pool ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ OTT…RCS …VOIP
  • 11. ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ Global Telecom – A new era for the internet and the digital economy +Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)
  • 12. ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ The top Mobile Network Challenges in the mobile landscape • Are Mobile Network Operators prepared for the rapid change of behavior • Can Mobile Network Operators create business models so they really get a share of new revenue streams • Internet of things , like Machine to machine, this is an area where the mobile operators are facing real big challenges. • Over-the-Top Integration , managing and monetizing several over the top (OTT) services “ Social , Chatting , Video , Audio , etc ” • Exploding data & Unpredictability in network traffic “ Big Data” • Cloud based services for managing mobile devices and applications • Customization and Segmentation of the Market & Focus on high growth verticals ( age, education, SMEs, Key accounts ,….….etc )
  • 13. Mobile Operators in KSA ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ The Saudi mobile market is the most competitive in the Arab world, according to the Cellular Competition Intensity Index. The growth of the Saudi telecoms sector will be strongly supported by the positive nature of the Kingdom’s economy and increased governmental spending. As of end of 1Q2013 the mobile phone penetration rate stands at 176% . Saudi Arabia’s demographics are proving to be a key driver in boosting spending on all type of data/social services and related products . One of the main challenges facing operators in the Kingdom is the need to balance the provision of content which consumers want with Saudi’s media regulations Business and data sectors are expected to contribute 10 to 14 percent and 25 to 35 percent respectively to 2013 & 2014 total revenues Smartphone's, data services to drive Saudi telecoms growth
  • 14. Mobile Operators in KSA Saudi Telecom Company (STC) Ettihad Etisalat's (Mobily) MTC Saudi Arabia (Zain) Mobile Network Operators Mobile Virtual Network Operators Jawraa Lebara Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa Axiom Mobile consortium ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ MNO MVNO
  • 15. Mobile Operators in KSA Saudi Telecom Company (STC) ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ Mobile Network Operators
  • 16. Mobile Operators in KSA Ettihad Etisalat's (Mobily) Mobile Network Operators ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 17. Mobile Operators in KSA MTC Saudi Arabia (Zain KSA) ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ Mobile Network Operators
  • 18. KSA Mobile Operators Market Share Saudi Telecom Company (STC) Ettihad Etisalat's (Mobily) MTC Saudi Arabia (Zain) GlobalComms Database ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ Total Number of Mobile Subscriptions +53 M
  • 19. Most important indicators of the Saudi telecom Market – Mobile KSA: End 1Q 2013“ Mobile” : Total Number of Mobile Subscriptions 52 M Penetration rate 176 % Postpaid Subscriptions Prepaid Subscriptions 84.6 % 15.3 % 44 M 8 M By end of March 2012, mobile operators in 19 Arab countries had 367.5 million cellular lines, up from 362 million at year end 2011, a growth of 1.5%. ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 20. KSA : End 1Q 2013 Fixed “Fixed-telephone subscriptions“ : Total Number of Fixed-Tele Subscriptions 4.7 M Penetration rate 16.1 % Home Subscriptions Non Home Subscriptions “ Gov. & Businesses” 3.3 M 1.4 M Most important indicators of the Saudi telecom Market - Fixed ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 21. KSA : End 1Q 2013 – Broadband Fixed “Broadband services via fixed telecommunication networks“ : Total Number of Broadband Fixed Sub. 2.69 M Penetration rate “ Of Home” 42.9 % KSA : End 1Q 2013 – Broadband Mobile “Broadband services via Mobile telecommunication networks“ : Total Number of Broadband Mobile Sub. 3G, 4G, 4G LTE 14.59 M Penetration rate “ Of Population” 49.6 % KSA : End 1Q 2013 – Internet “Internet Subscribers “ : Total Number of Internet Sub. 16.2 M Most important indicators of the Saudi telecom Market - Broadband & Internet ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 22. Most important indicators of the Saudi telecom Market – Data Revolution KSA Data Revolution ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬
  • 23. Telecommunications Services Revenues Billion Riyals (SR) Total revenue from the Saudi market Mobile communications Fixed and data communications Income from investments outside Saudi Arabia 71 18.7 55.91 15.1 KSA Most important indicators of the Saudi telecom Market - Revenue ‫العبيد‬‫منصور‬‫المهندس‬ 2012
  • 24. Twitter : Email : Engr. Mansour AlObaid