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Catholic Social Thought and the Openness Revolution: natural travel companions.d_openness
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Catholic Social Thought and the Openness Revolution: natural travel companions.d_openness


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Relationships between p2p/Open{standards, software, education, manufacturing...} and Catholic Social Doctrine

Relationships between p2p/Open{standards, software, education, manufacturing...} and Catholic Social Doctrine

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Marco Fioretti ( 2013/04/05 St. Thomas School of Law Minneapolis Some Rights Reserved Catholic Social Doctrine and the Openness Revolution: Natural Travel Companions? by Marco Fioretti
  • 2. Catholic Social Doctrine in 1 tag cloud
  • 3. Nature and Role of Software Software is not a stand-alone industry or set of tools, but something that: makes every other “physical” economic activity work, from agriculture to space travel runs every service used by humankind, from mere bureaucracy to healthcare, education, tourism, lotteries... has an exclusive mandate to package and access in digital format every kind of information we need to live
  • 4. Software is eating the World: finance High Frequency Trading transactions made entirely by software, in milliseconds of the same stocks in your pension fund
  • 5. Software is eating the World: car mechanics “You can't choose where you service your car” “Dealership repairs average 34% more than at independent repair shops” “Independent technicians have an increasingly difficult job because big car companies hide information through software” Modern cars contains so much software that we lost our:
  • 6. Software is eating the World: medicine
  • 7. Software is eating the World: legal work “1 lawyer with Blackstone discovery software = 500 paralegals doing the same research manually”
  • 8. Software is eating the World: copyright exclusive mandate to “package and access information” = “control of the right to copy” software is legislation
  • 9. Free/Open Source Software (FOSS): software developed encouraging sharing, redistribution, modification and reuse FOSS-like practices + the Internet have made it both possible and affordable to create many other kinds of “Open” What (open) software has made possible
  • 10. Open Education “Education is, quite simply, peace- building by another name. It is the most effective form of defense spending there is.” Kofi Annan
  • 11. Open (Precision) Agriculture Open (DIY) Drones that only monitor and fight weeds Open Hydroponics systems controlled by open HW like Arduino => fresh produce even in slums?
  • 12. Open Manufacturing DIY Tractor and Brick Press: 2 of the 50 machines with open designs downloadable from
  • 13. Open Manufacturing: 3D Printing 3D printer: creates 3D objects, drop by drop small, Open-Source machinery ( from 100 USD makes low volumes affordable 3Dprinting for Development 1 person fishing boat, 3d-printed from recycled plastic
  • 14. Open “Appropriate Technology”
  • 15. Open mapping The Gaza Strip basically doesn't exist in Google Maps. Ambulance drivers only reach people in need quickly thanks to the work of OpenStreetMap volunteers
  • 16. Global access to “state-of-the-art, 1st world technology”? Historically, it has never been a problem... in the wrong ways, for the wrong reasons. Today... Afghan tribal gunsmiths Congolese home made rifle Afghan tribal gunsmiths Child soldiers
  • 17. Today, Open Technologies... Are still in their infancy, with much to improve, but... Have huge potential to fight poverty and exclusion Are only possible because of: Software Non-proprietary licenses (“copyleft”) No patents Cooperation and distribution through the Internet Globalization, done right?
  • 18. Characteristics of Open technologies Legally adaptable to local, very diverse, real needs Without permission, at the smallest possible cost Perfect for decentralized work Need and encourage cooperation, voluntary work Support the common good of all their users While profit is not excluded, it is never the main driver Means of production belong to all users
  • 19. Shall we look at that tag cloud again?
  • 20. Open Tech and CST Open Technologies prove the modernity of the Church message do not change nor challenge orthodox CST they just make easier to put it in practice Catholics have even more reason than others to promote, teach and use them
  • 21. Marco Fioretti Further reading and contact info