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  • 1. Israel 2010
  • 2. A Celebration of Culture, an Adventure Through History, A Pilgrimage of Faith Msgr. Edward Pace High School SHALOM! Dear friends, Great news! Msgr. Edward Pace High School is again offering you the opportunity to visit Israel this coming June 12-23, 2010! Israel is an extraordinarily beautiful place. Its vast historical, cultural and religious landmarks and treasures testify to its singular power to capture the hearts and imagination of those who visit, and shape them forever. For those vacationing, they will find that within close proximity they can experience a wide diversity of geographical beauty, from ski resorts on snow–peaked mountains, to fresh and salt water lakes, miles of the beautiful Mediterranean beach coast, deserts and fertile valleys, as well as some of the most happening cities in the world, home to exciting day and night lives. There is so much to see and do in Israel that visitors often feel very happily surprised and overwhelmed. Yet, above all, Israel is the land of faith. It is the Holy Land. This is its unique claim that distinguishes it from all other places in the world. This alone sets it apart. Our visit will allow us to experience it all; but above all, it will be a spiritual journey where we can literally walk in the footsteps of Jesus, and immerse ourselves in the sites and sounds, tastes and smells, history and culture, and a diversity of local people that make the Bible come alive.
  • 3. Every visit to Israel is unique. It is a rich encounter of faith, culture and history. So…Why is our visit especially unique? Why is our visit especially unique? 1. Gospa Tours, already has worked to produce for Msgr. Pace two extraordinary visits to the Holy Land, in 1998 (Israel & Italy) and in 2008 (Israel & Spain). Gospa Tours & Pilgrims provides for us, who we consider to be, a truly amazing and cool Israeli tour guide: Rivka (Rebekkah) Poal. Trust us, she is the very best! 2. We offer a 12-day event, (the first and last days are travel days). Most groups spend 7-8 days as visit days in Israel; we will enjoy 10 full visit days in Israel. This will allow for more time in especial places such as Bethlehem (most groups visit for just two hours; we will spend the better part of a day), Jerusalem, Nazareth (most groups visit for two hours; we will live as Jesus' neighbors for four days), and two days visiting places around the whole Sea of Galilee (most dedicate one day around a small part of the lake). The ten days also allow us the opportunity to explore places not offered on typical itineraries, and for return visits to the most important sites. 3. We will visit sites not on usual tours, such as: the Tower of David, the City of David, Nazareth Village, Temple Mount Archaeological Park, Western Wall Tunnels, and towns around the entire (not just a small part) of the lake of Galilee. (See some of the links below.) 4. We will visit a variety of places: religious sites, but also places of cultural, historical, and of academic interest; it is a life-defining pilgrimage faith and an unforgettable learning adventure all-in-one. 5. Finally, we will form a diverse group of participants: Msgr. Pace students & their families, faculty & staff, as well as students from Saint Thomas University: diverse ages, ethnicities, and academic backgrounds. We will share an experience that will bind us for years to come. I know that the more you learn about our superb itinerary (see below for the Day-by-Day description and its summary outline) and about Israel (see the links below), the more you will be convinced that all of your efforts to join us will be greatly worth it. In addition to this remarkable visit to Israel, I invite you to join me on a visit of some of the most amazing places in SPAIN: Madrid, Toledo, Cordova, and Granada!!! This involves the visit of two cities in the center and two in the south of this unforgettable country at the heart of Europe. With her rich culture Spain is a continual celebration of life! I know you will love what we are offering. Since we are limiting the number of participants to 35, I encourage you to contact our tour agent Liliana Martinez at Gospa Tours &
  • 4. Pilgrims as soon as possible in order begin the registration process that will ensure your participation in this extraordinary trip. I also encourage you to complete the registration form (see other attachment), and send it along with your deposit to Gospa Tours & Pilgrims. Kol tuv! (All the best!) George Rodriguez Theology Department Chair Msgr. Edward Pace High School (305) 624-8534 (ext. 206) Liliana Martinez Gospa Tours & Pilgrims 4500 SW 136th Place Miami, Florida 33175 (305) 551-6553 OUR PRICE OF $2,885 INCLUDES: • 12-days (two travel days, and ten full days in Israel) • Airfare • Hotel accommodations and hotel taxes • Local transportation • Licensed tour guides • Entrance fees • Daily breakfast and dinner • Luggage service (one per person) NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE ARE: • Airport taxes (varies); present taxes are $425 per person • Gratuities (which are $8.00 per day, per person) OUR SPAIN EXTENSION (June 23-29) PRICE OF $1,200 INCLUDES: • Airfare and daily hotel accommodations • Transportation to all of the major cities included • Daily breakfast • Licensed local tour guides In terms of (1) the uniqueness of this trip, (2) the number of days and (3) what it includes, I know you will agree (especially if you compare with other trips) that this is, 'hands down', the very best offer around. I am certain that this 'investment' will bear much fruit throughout your life.
  • 5. You'll love Israel, the Holy Land, from the first "Shalom!" Day by Day Itinerary June 12 (Saturday) Departure from Miami to Tel-Aviv
  • 6. June 13 (Sunday) Jerusalem We arrive today at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport. Immediately we will visit Jaffo, Mediterranean port town of artists, the biblical town of Jonah, and the port from which the Apostle Peter embarked to Rome. We then ascend to Jerusalem, city holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. After unpacking and dinner at our hotel, situated near the Old City, we will visit the Tower/Citadel of David Museum and Archaeological Gardens where we will enjoy a variety of exhibitions, an unforgettable 360 degree panoramic view of the Old City from atop its towers, and a superb light and sound show that will be a magnificent introduction to this most amazing city. Afterwards we can explore the surrounding sites and shops. Welcome to Jerusalem! June 14 (Monday) Jerusalem In the morning we visit the Judean town of Ein Karem, birthplace of John the Baptist and site of Mary's Visitation of Elizabeth. Later in the morning we will arrive at Bethlehem, king David's hometown and of Jesus' birth. We will visit the ancient Basilica of Nativity where it is always Christmas, followed by a picturesque visit and lunch in this especial town. Afterwards we will visit Beit Sahour (the Shepherds' Field Grotto) and the Grotto of the Virgin (within the neighborhoods of Bethlehem). Upon our return to Jerusalem we can enjoy an optional visit of the Old City marketplace beginning at the famed Damascus Gate. June 15 (Tuesday) Jerusalem This morning we begin with the breathtaking view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. On the Mount we will visit the chapel of the Ascension of the Lord and walk down the slope as Jesus did to the caves of the Pater Noster, where very early tradition associates with Jesus' teaching ministry in Jerusalem, and then to the Dominus Flevit ("The Lord Wept") chapel. Continuing to the base of the mount we will visit the Garden of Gethsemane and Grotto of the Betrayal (historical site of Jesus' arrest) and the tomb of the Virgin Mary. In the afternoon we will visit the Western Wall, holiest site in Judaism, and then proceed to visit the impressive Western Wall Tunnels and the Jerusalem Archaeological Park that features excavations surrounding the Temple area from the time of Jesus. Later, you can join an optional visit to Ben Yehudah street mall, and/or to the new the new the Alrov Marmilla (a tourists' mall & pavilion) across from David's Tower.
  • 7. June 16(Wednesday) Jerusalem This morning we will begin early with a visit of the magnificent Dome of the Rock & El Aksa mosques (third holiest site in Islam), and the Temple esplanade (together with the Western Wall, the holiest place in Judaism). This is the location of Solomon's ancient Temple and of Herod's Temple that Jesus knew. We then commence our visit of the Old City of Jerusalem beginning in the church of St. Anne (traditional place of the birth of Mary) and ruins of the Pool of Bethesda, site of one of Jesus' miracles. We conclude our morning retracing the footsteps of Jesus as he carried his cross by walking the Via Dolorosa, beginning at the church of the Flagellation and concluding at the holiest site in Christianity, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. This is the pinnacle of our pilgrimage; the basilica encompasses Golgotha and the Tomb of Jesus Christ. In the afternoon we will visit the Christian Mount Zion, place of the Cenacle (room of the Last Supper and of Pentecost). There we will also visit the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin, the traditional site of the dormition of Mary. We conclude with a visit to St. Peter in Gallicantu, site of the house of Caiaphas, of Jesus' first trial and of Peter's denial. In the late afternoon we can enjoy an optional visit of the Old City marketplace and/or revisit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as an opportunity for personal prayer and reflection. June 17 (Thursday) Jerusalem This morning we begin at Bethany, home of Jesus' friends Lazarus, Mary and Martha, the tomb of Lazarus; and Bethpage, the town where Jesus began his Palm Sunday journey to Jerusalem. Later in the morning we will visit the oldest part of biblical Jerusalem, the City of David Archaeological Park to visit the palace of David and Solomon, walk the streets of the biblical prophets, take an adventurous journey through Hezekiah's Tunnel, and conclude at the recently discovered Pool of Siloam, site of Jesus' healing of the man born blind. In the afternoon we will visit the Israel Museum, a model of ancient Jerusalem, and the Shrine of the Book, repository of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest biblical manuscripts ever found. After passing by the Knesset, modern Israel's Parliament, we will visit Jerusalem's Holocaust Memorial, Yad Vashem. In the evening we will have option of returning to the Holy Sepulchre for its evening services.
  • 8. June 18 (Friday) Jerusalem/Nazareth This morning we depart from Jerusalem toward Jesus' hometown of Nazareth, where we will live as his neighbors among his neighbors. On our way we will visit Saint George's Monastery, one of the oldest Christian monasteries nestled among impressive cliffs. Afterwards we proceed to Jericho, oldest city in the world, site of Joshua's conquest, and town where Zacchaeus was called by Jesus. In the early afternoon we will visit the ruins of Essene Qumran and enjoy a swim at the Dead Sea, the lowest geological location on the earth's surface. Upon our arrival at Nazareth we will enjoy a stunning view of the valley of Jezreel from our hotel. June 19 (Saturday) Nazareth In the morning we begin with a visit of the magnificent Basilica of the Annunciation that contains the house of the Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary, the ruins of biblical Nazareth, and house of the Holy Family. Afterwards we will visit the Well of the Virgin, and a synagogue commemorating where Jesus taught. In the afternoon we will visit Cana of Galilee, site of Jesus' first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding. From there we will proceed to Nain, site of Jesus' raising of the widow's son, and then to Mount Tabor, mount of Jesus' Transfiguration. We conclude our day with an optional tour to the beautiful Gan Ha-Shlosha (Sachne) natural pools/ Mount Gilboah or to the ruins of Sepphoris/Tzippori, the recently excavated capital of first century Galilee. We can later return for an evening visit of Nazareth's marketplace or revisit the Basilica of the Annunciation for personal reflection. Nazareth is the town where Jesus lived and grew in the home of Joseph and Mary and his relatives. His memory is fresh and his presence palpable in this holy place. June 20 (Sunday) Nazareth In the morning we arrive at beautiful Tiberias situated by the Sea/Lake of Galilee, the lake associated with much of Jesus' early ministry. We begin with an unforgettable boat ride across the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum, "Town of Jesus," which includes the ruins of the synagogue where he taught and the house of the family of Saint Peter where Jesus came to live. Afterwards we ascend to the Mount of the Beatitudes, place of Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount." Later we will visit the site (ancient port) of the Primacy of Peter, the Bay of Parables from where Jesus taught the multitudes atop Peter's fishing boat. From there we will visit the Eremos cave,
  • 9. another site associated with Jesus' teachings by the lake, and then to Tabgha, place of the Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fish. We conclude our day with a visit to the Jordan River, site of Jesus' baptism for a renewal of our baptismal vows. We return to Tiberias to enjoy an evening visit of this exciting city by the Sea of Galilee. June 21 (Monday) Nazareth Because the Sea/Lake of Galilee is so central in the ministry of Jesus, today we will return to it. We will visit recently excavated Bethsaida, birth town of Peter and Andrew, Tel Hadar/Dodecathronon, place "across the sea" where the second multiplication of the loaves and fishes occurred, Kursi (ancient Gergesa and Hippos/Susita) where Jesus liberated the oppressed man who lived among tombs. Later we visit kibbutz Nof Ginnozar for lunch and to see the so-called "Jesus Boat," discovered in the 1980's. We conclude our day of retracing Jesus' paths by the Sea of Galilee with a visit to Magdala, hometown of Mary Magdalene and with a breathtaking view of Lake Galilee from atop the impressive Mount Arbel. Upon our arrival at Nazareth we will visit "Nazareth Village," a living re-creation of ancient Nazareth, constructed atop of ruins of ancient Nazareth, which allows us to enter daily life as it was at the time of Jesus. June 22 (Tuesday) Nazareth/Tel Aviv We depart from Nazareth and come to the beautiful Mediterranean coastal city of Haifa, Israel's main port and site of Mount Carmel, the cave of the prophet Elijah, and the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea) Church and Convent, holy to the Catholic veneration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Time permitting we will visit the magnificent gardens of the Baha'i temple. Afterwards we will visit Caesarea Maritima, the Herodian port-city, headquarters of the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate and prison of Saint Paul. We arrive at Tel-Aviv in the mid-afternoon to enjoy a wonderful afternoon at the Mediterranean beach and later take part in the nightlife of Israel's city-that-never-sleeps. June 23 (Wednesday) Departure from Tel-Aviv to Miami/Spain
  • 10. ISRAEL 2010 Itinerary Outline June 12 (Saturday) Departure from Miami to Tel-Aviv
  • 11. June 13 (Sunday) Arrival at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport Jerusalem Visit of Jaffo We go up to the Holy City of Jerusalem Tower of David Museum/Archaeological Gardens & Night Show (Hotel near the Old City) June 14 (Monday) Ein Karem (John the Baptist and Visitation sites) Jerusalem Bethlehem (Basilica of Nativity, visit of the town) Shepherds' Field Grotto of the Virgin Visit of the Old City marketplace beginning at the Damascus Gate June 15 (Tuesday) Mount of Olives Jerusalem Ascension of the Lord chapel Pater Noster grotto Walk down to Dominus Flevit chapel Garden of Gethsemane/Grotto of the Betrayal (site of Jesus' arrest) Tomb of the Virgin Mary The Western Wall Jerusalem Archaeological Park: excavations surrounding the Temple area The Western Wall Tunnels Optional tour: Jerusalem by night/Ben Yehudah street mall/Arlov Marmilla Tourist Pavilion June 16(Wednesday) Dome of the Rock & El Aksa mosques/ Temple esplanade (7:00) Jerusalem Visit of the Old City of Jerusalem St. Anne's church & ruins of the Pool of Bethesda Via Dolorosa, beginning at the church of the Flagellation Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre (Golgotha & Tomb of Jesus Christ) Mount Zion, Cenacle (room of the Last Supper) Church of the Dormition of the Virgin St. Peter in Gallicantu (site of the house of Caiaphas, Jesus' trial) Optional: Visit of the Old City marketplace June 17 (Thursday) Bethany & Bethpage Jerusalem City of David Archaeological Park Hezekiah's Tunnel Pool of Siloam (recently excavated) The Israel Museum – Museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls The Knesset (view) Yad Vashem (The Holocaust Memorial) Optional: return visit to the Holy Sepulchre for evening services
  • 12. June 18 (Friday) Departure from Jerusalem to Nazareth Jerusalem/Nazareth (Jesus' hometown) Jericho Saint George's Monastery Qumran ruins/ visit to the Dead Sea Samaria (Shechem) Arrival at Jesus' hometown June 19 (Saturday) Basilica of the Annunciation Nazareth Ruins of biblical Nazareth Well of the Virgin; Synagogue Cana of Galilee (site of Jesus' first miracle) Nain Mount Tabor (Transfiguration) Optional tour to: Gan Ha-Shlosha (Sachne) Natural Pools at Mount Gilboah or Sepphoris/Tzippori Evening at Nazareth June 20 (Sunday) Boat ride across the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum "Town of Jesus" Nazareth (Synagogue & House of Saint Peter) Mount of the Beatitudes The site (ancient port) of the Primacy of Peter & Bay of Parables Tabgha (Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fish) & Eremos cave Jordan river (site of Jesus' baptism) Evening visit of Tiberias by the Sea of Galilee June 21 (Monday) Return to Yam Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) Nazareth Bethsaida Tel Hadar/Dodecathronon Kursi Kibbutz Nof Ginnozar Magdala Mount Arbel Nazareth Village June 22 (Tuesday) Haifa Nazareth/ Mount Carmel (Stella Maris)/Cave of Elijah Tel Aviv Caesarea Maritima Tel-Aviv noon to night June 23 (Wednesday) Departure from Tel-Aviv to Miami/Spain (for the Spain extension flyer, see the companion attachment) VISIT A FEW ISRAEL WEBSITES TO VIEW JUST SOME OF THE UNIQUE PLACES WE WILL EXPLORE:
  • 13. (click 'English') SEE BELOW FOR MORE LINKS!!!
  • 14. v=8vwYkQPlLVs&feature=PlayList&p=6ECAF216B5904A86&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL& index=2
  • 15. Spain 2010: Madrid, Cordova, Granada, Toledo June 23 (Wednesday)Tel-Aviv to Madrid Madrid Afternoon city tour of Madrid Evening visit of Madrid Plaza Mayor June 24 (Thursday) Puerta del Sol and city centers Madrid/Granada Palacio Real City visit of monuments and parks Evening travel to Granada (overnight) June 25 (Friday) Granada in Sierra Nevada Granada Tour of major historical and cultural sites El Alhambra (overnight) June 26 (Saturday) Cordova in Andalusia; historic center Granada/Cordova/ The Great Mosque Toledo The Alcazar of Kings and the Palace of Viana Evening travel to Toledo (overnight) June 27 (Sunday) Toledo (morning) Toledo/Madrid Madrid: FREE DAY with OPTIONAL TOURS Museo del Prado June 28 (Monday) Madrid: FREE DAY with OPTIONAL TOURS Madrid June 29 (Tuesday) Departure from Madrid to Miami Madrid/Miami
  • 16. U.S. State Department of Travel & Passport Information Israel Ministry of Tourism GOSPA TOURS & PILGRIMS Liliana Martinez (305) 551-6553 George Rodriguez Theology Department Chair & Your Trip Coordinator Msgr. Edward Pace High School (305) 624-8534 (ext. 206)