Dwarfs of Gothor - Final team presentation


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  • Dwarfs of Gothor - Final team presentation

    1. 1. Dwarfs of Gothor Final Team PresentationBarbara LeeWesley DegliseDaniel SeiderEthan Phan DwarfsOfGothor@gmail.com Facebook.com/DwarfsOfGothor http://DwarfsOfGothor.comAugust 2012 @DwarfsOfGothor
    2. 2. OAP Takeaways Mobile Gaming is huge and growing fast! From surveys and research: ● iOS is the preferred game platform by players. ● iOS platform players are more willing to pay for games and in-app purchases. ● All game genres sell on the mobile game appiverse. ● In-app purchases make up ~91% of mobile game revenue on both iOS and Android platforms.http://www.slidetoplay.com/story/91-percent-of-mobile-game-revenue-is-spent-on-in-app-purchaseshttp://toucharcade.com/2012/08/09/the-ios-platform-is-among-the-most-popular-game-systems-of-all-time/
    3. 3. Value PropositionTo Players ENTERTAINMENT for everyone!As an indie mobile game studio, we will create ● We will create high qualityand publish AAA quality mobile games engaging, meaningful and fun gamesinspired by traditional gaming culture. Our for mobile devices that have artisticgames will be fun, meaningful and inspire a value.higher standard of quality for mobile games. ● We talked to players, and the general consensus is that players getTo Investors bored and tired of mobile games thatOur value proposition is to create one of the are similar and with same mechanics.next big small games with a small dedicated Player want something different.team. Some of the most successful mobile games come from Indie Mobile Game Studios instead of large studios. Tiny Wings, is the 1st Angry Birds has grossed The Game Bakers game by Andreas Illiger over $50M. This empire first game, Squids, selling over 6.5M units now has merchandise sold over 1M units at $0.99/ unit, grossing and sequels. Costing at $1.99/unit. They over $6.4M, taking 1 $140K, 5 people 9 recently released a person only 7 months to months to make it. sequel. make it.
    4. 4. A few Goodies from our First Game!!!Go to dwarfsofgothor.com for a glimpse some of our game prototypes.
    5. 5. CostsOur game will cost appx. $184,750to make.We also came to an alternative costof $60,250 by (i) not accountingfor all time spent on the projectby team members, and(ii) accounting for outsourcingthe development of the game. $185k $60k
    6. 6. Revenue ModelsInner Circle Model:Free/Ads with IAPTotal Revenue:$510,000Outer Circle Model:Paid with IAPTotal Revenue:$1,410,000Notes:In App Purchases ("IAP")Industry Averages:- 3% buy IAP- Average IAP $14Estimating For:- 1M downloadsSource: http://www.foundersspace.com/business/in-app-purchasing-on-ios-and-android-freemium-games/
    7. 7. Revenue Projections Numbers refer to our first game costs and sales, estimated at 1M downloads Free Game+Ads+IAP Paid Game + IAP Profits: $296,750 Profits: $926,750 Expenses: $213,250 Expenses: $483,250 ROI (P/E): 1.4 ROI (P/E): 1.9
    8. 8. Game development lifecycleFast development time●Less than 9 months from start to design to publish of thebasic game (includes time to polish.)This is not a throw your paper plane and hope it flies!● Post-release will feature expansions containing: newdistricts, virtual goods, multiplayer/social options.What else?● We plan to run level design contests based on skill, andhave crowdsourced feedback / voting.●Create a community of players, making them a part of thegame.
    9. 9. Marketing Strategy● Build and grow a community on social networks, currently ○ 110+ followers on Twitter ○ 80+ on Facebook● Run and promote a Kickstarter campaign ○ Bloggers are waiting for us to send our promotional video. ○ Some of the Dwarfs have met in person to film clips !!● Make a presence in gaming forums ○ We have folks curious about our game in the Unity forums!● Regular social network blogs, posts, tweets on game progress● Set-up a campaign with a mobile app marketing firm● Network with popular game bloggers and journalists
    10. 10. Sales and Competition● We will sell our mobile game through various apps stores: ○ iOS, OpenFeint ○ Google Play, Amazon App Store, OpenFeint● Competition ○ there are many game development studios out there, large and small, but we are not afraid because weve done our homework and are creating something that we have not seen out there (we continue to be on the look out) ■ the 2012 WWDC keynote noted that the iOS game center had reached 130M user mark (and users growing daily) ■ there is not similar data for games on the Android platform
    11. 11. Risks and how we will address themHere are the risk we felt were the top risks (with a few risk reductiontactics):Discovery of our app - Apple Oh Dear! Zynga Godzillas & EA Death Stars!App store has 700,000 apps ● Our games will be polished and different from● We have been following our whats out there.marketing strategy very early on. ● Our games will incorporate aspects of● Run a Kickstarter campaign, so psychology and addictive mechanisms based onwe can have community and human behavior. Cant spill all of our secretfollowing early on. brew on the how.● Release our game on various Retention of the gameapp stores including Google, ● We are building addictive mechanisms andOpenFeint, and Amazon. loops in the game for player retention. Loss of code from outsourced developers. In app purchase hacks ● We will outsource modules of the game We will build security features into ● We will integrate the coded modules ourselves. our game.
    12. 12. Meet the Dwarfs!!We responded to a Venture Lab forum post calling for people interested in makingmobile games. Over 30 people showed interest, down to 14 real team members, thento 3. We recently added a new Dwarf, Ethan! We are driven by our passion for fun andinteresting games.We are headquartered in Trello, with a second home on Google Drive. Some of ushave built game projects for personal enjoyment and to learn about gamedevelopment.Barbara - Dwarfette: is Wesley - The Grumpy Ethan - The Curious Dan - The Soul Dwarf:usually wired. She lives Dwarf: Like other Dwarf: is an electrical Lives in Canada, eh. Hein DC and believes that grumpies, lives in engineering and was gamer before hegames is an art form. France. He is a giant for computer science major. knew what games were.She keeps the Mines Dwarf standards, and fell He has studied game He thrives for creativerunning on the business in love with video games development and has solutions to help turn theand marketing fronts. during the Amstrad era. chosen game Dwarfs dreams into AAAHer favorite video game Grumpy designs the development as one of mobile awesomeness ascharacters are Samus game and is our his career paths. He our guerrilla marketingand Chun Li. technical lead. loves video games. Dwarf.
    13. 13. What is our status?We are currently:● designing game levels● burning through crappy prototypes● writing our technical specifications● putting together material for Kickstarter● filming Kickstarter footage● marketing
    14. 14. Our timeline 10/12-1/139/12 1/13-3/13 Build andLaunch Polish QA theKickstarter our game gameSept 2 Oct 0 Nov 1 Dec 2 2 Mar 0 Apr 1 May 3 Jun 4/13 4/13 5/13 3/13 Release Release Expansion Release Release Expansion 2 1 on iOS; Release Expansion 2 for iOS for iOS, and for Android for Android 1 for Android
    15. 15. Funding, Goals & Conclusion We would love introductions to investors who are looking to invest in an indie mobile game studio with a passionate, cohesive and committed team. Conclusions How will we get there?● Huge market opportunity in a fast ● We can bootstrap this project growing market ● Stay lean and be scrappy● Short game dev cycle allowing for a ● We have talked to potential quicker revenue turnaround seed investors for investment● We need $61,000 to build our game ● Run a Kickstarter campaignWe, Dwarfs of Gothor, DwarfsOfGothor@gmail.com Facebook.com/DwarfsOfGothorbuild meaningful and fun mobile games for all. http://DwarfsOfGothor.com @DwarfsOfGothor