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Reef Check HK Presentation to South Island and West Island Staff and Students.

Reef Check HK Presentation to South Island and West Island Staff and Students.



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Reef Check HK Presentation Reef Check HK Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Reef Check An initiative between South Island School West Island School SWIMS
    • Aims
      • To identify areas in which permanent reef survey areas can be set up in Hong Kong
      • to collect data related to the health of the coral reef ecosystem through the training and collaboration of staff and pupil from South Island School and West Island School
      • To collect reliable data over a period of years – something not yet done in Hong Kong through a reef check initiative.
    • Possible Curriculum Links
      • CAS – now supports long term projects
      • CAS activities
      • Possible field trips for IA in IB
      • Possible source for IB EE – still to verify
      • Environmental initiative – positive action
      • Great experience for future careers
    • Coral Reef
      • Found only in a zone extending at most from 30°N to 30°S of the equator
      • Occupy less than 1 % of the ocean, but are home to more than 25 % of all known marine species
      • Optimum temperature is 26-27 °C for most coral reefs
      • Threaten by climatic change, overfishing, human disturbance, ocean acidification…
    What is the status of the world’s reefs?
    • Reef Check
      • A programme combining education, science and conservation
      • To educate the public about the value of reef ecosystems and the current threats to the corals
      • Create a global network of volunteer teams to regularly monitor and report on status of corals
      • Stimulate local community action to protect remaining pristine reefs
    • Global survey of coral reef health organized by Reef Check Foundation
      • First started 1997
      • Over 80 countries are involved, ranging from Australia, Japan, to U.S.A.
      • Official coral reef monitoring program of United Nation
    • Reef Check Foundation
      • An international non-governmental organization
      • Found in 1996 by Dr. Gregor Hodgson
      • Dedicated to the conservation of two reef ecosystems: tropical coral reefs and Californian rocky reefs
    • Methodology
    • What types of data are required?
      • Percentage of live coral cover
      • Percentage of dead coral cover
      • Percentage of other substrata
    • Anything Else??
      • Fish Abundance & Diversity
      • Invertebrate Abundance & Diversity
      • Others….
    • What are indicator species?
      • Groups or types of biological resources that can be used to assess environmental condition (USEPA)
      • Example: Lichens is an indicator species for air pollution
    • What are the indicator species in Reef Check?
      • Global indicators including butterfly fish, Diadema , grouper, haemulids, lobster and live coral index
      • additional spp. may also be monitored according to the situation of particular region
    • What we have done in Hong Kong ?
      • Annual survey of corals in Hong Kong started since 1997
      • Organized by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) in collaboration with Reef Check foundation since 2000
      • a total of 34 sites were surveyed which covered covering extensive marine areas of ecological importance
      • Extending from Tung Ping Chau in the north to Ninepin Groups in the south
      • 34 dive teams with over 340 volunteers were involved