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  1. 1. By Zoe McIntoshTENNIS!LleytonHewitt- Ball Boys--SamStosur-TennisGear
  2. 2. TENNIS HISTORY!The origination of tennis is not quite known but many experts believethat it was invented during 1873 (then called lawn tennis) by WaltorCloptonTennis goes back to nearly 1,000 years ago known to be very popular inthe 12thcentaury in France. The game had spread across to Englandduring the reign of Henry vii racquets were introduced. The people ofEngland introduced the tennis court but was much narrower than whatwe use today and they were indoors. A very interesting point is that arule they could use was that they could rebound off the walls to return tothe opponent.< What theywore.>how theyplayed it.
  3. 3. THE RULES OF TENNIS!You must always start on the right hand side of the court (theforehand side) and behind the base line in singles and doubles toserve to the opposite side of the court in the ‘servers square.’ Theball must bounce into the square and the opponent can hit the ballback anywhere into the court but must be inside the inner lines. Ifthe receiver can not hit the ball back this is called an ace and youreceive a point.If the ball continues to be hit back and forth, this is called a rally andas soon as someone misses, hits the ball out or hits the ball into thenet the rally stops and the person that does not do any of these winsthe next point.baseline,serve onthe right.Receive theball on theright(forehandside)Whenserving theball mustland in theoppositeside.Hit the ballinside theinnerlanes.
  4. 4. EQUIPMENT USED!Obviously you need a Tennis racquet, but you have to make sure its your size sothat you can swing it easily.You need a normal tennis ball.Many adults and some kids like to use sweat bands on their head and their wrists tokeep the sweat away from your face and so that your hands don’t become slippery.A breathable top and shorts for males, a dress or skirt and singlet is great forfemales. Its best to get one that fits firm on you so that its not swaying around whilstyour trying to play hard.Dress forfemales>Skirt andsingletforfemales>T-shirtandshortsformales.>< Sazengertennis ballRacquetfor anyone>
  5. 5. SPONSORS!As you could imagine there are many sponsors in the Australian tennis. The official sponsorsinclude:Dove, Heineken, Maxxis, Mount Franklin, Powerade, Virgin Australia & Wilson.There are also many partners. These include:Optus, IBM, MLC, Lactose, Melbourne & Medibank.The adds on TV you will see most ofthese supporting the Australian Tennis.You will most commonly see them duringe Australian Open.
  6. 6. AUSTRALIAN OPEN!Many people know about the Australian Open, but for those of you that don’t here is someinformation on it.The Australian Open is held in Melbourne most years and consists of many people competingagainst each other in singles and doubles.In the last Open Novak Djokovic came 1stin the final with Andy Murray coming behind with aclose 2nd.Australian Open first started way back in 1905. Since 1908 The tournament has been playedon hard courts at Melbourne Park.Australian Open is a very popular even in the world with Thousands of people coming eachyear to come and support their favourite players, friends or family.
  7. 7. ...AUSTRALIAN OPEN… CONTINUED…The open hasn’t been held in Melbourne every year, its been held in Melbourne 55 times, Sydney17 times, Adelaide 14 times, Brisbane 7 times and Perth 3 times.In the beginning very few foreign players entered this tournament. In the 1920’s, To come fromEurope, to Australia, on ship, would take approximately 45 days.The First tennis players that came on a plane were US Davis Cup players in November 1946.Even Australians could not travel easily for example, when the tournament was help in Perth, noone from the Easten side of Australia could play.In Christchurch during 1906, a small field of 10 players, only two Australians attended, thetournament was won by a New Zealander.
  8. 8. As you could imagine there are many differentcountries that play tennis – just about everycountry in the world!WHATCOUNTRIESPLAY TENNIS? Australia America China Japan Switzerland New Zealand Great Brittan Germany South Africa^ Just To Name A Few!
  9. 9. You will find that they usually wear bluehats, blue t-shirts and blue shorts, theymay also be navy outfits.Occasionally they will wear pink – manlydone for breast cancer foundations.Ball boys are people (not only boys) thatcollect the balls when they are hit out ofthe court. They must always be on the balland watching where the ball goes.BALL BOYS!What are ball boys? What do they wear?In blue and onthe ball! ^
  10. 10. Sam Stosur!Samantha Stosur was bornon the 30thof March 1984(age – 28) in BrisbaneAustralia.BORN?HEIGHT?Sam is 1.72MWEIGHT?She is 68 kg(mostly made up ofmuscle!NATIONALITY?Sam was born inAustralia.SIBLINGS?Sam has 2brothers –Daniel andDominic.PARANTS?Father- TonyMother- Dianne
  11. 11. SAM’S CAREER!Samantha Stosur was born on the 30thof March 1984 in Brisbane Australia.When Sam was a young girl she would hit the tennis ball with her older brother non-stop.Soon he realised that she was above average of a player and convinced their parents tostart her in tournaments. Their parents (Diane & Tony) soon began to giver her localcoaching lessons.When Sam was 13 she went on her fist over seas trip – to the World Youth Cup inJakarta, Indonesia, this was her first experience of being a pro.At the age of 14 she joined the Queensland Academy of sport with Geoff Masters in 2001.When she turned 16 Sam joined the Australian Institute of Sports Tennis program.Sam has formed a close relationship with Craig Morris through travelling together. Craighas inspired Sam in her career both on and off court, they still remain a close, personalfriendship.
  12. 12. SAMANTHA STOSUR!Samantha’s First great achievement came at the Australian Open in 2006 when shereached the fourth round with great results. This took her to her career in 2007.Whilst Sam was trying hard to make her way to the top in singles she was nearingthe top in doubles. February 2006 Sam and her partner Lisa Raymond becameworld No. 1.This pair continually went on to do their best and went on wining five titles andmade it to the semis at The Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon.Wimbledon 2007 Sam’s health was starting to go downhill, just as she was on theup. She fought hard against the pain and fell in the first round of the US Open, shethen put an end to her season.In October doctors finally found her an answer for her pain and they had said shehad Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease causes an inflamed rash, headaches, fever andchills, and latter could cause possible arthritis.
  13. 13. HOPMANCUP!The Hopman Cup is an annual, international, team, indoor, hard-court, tournament held in Perth,Western Australia commencing in early January or late December at times. It is also known as theITF World Mixed Team Championships.The championship is named in the honor of Harry Hopman [1906-1985], an Australian Tennisplayer and coach who took the country to win 15 Davis Cup titles between 1938 and 1969.This tournament is an important event in the calendar of the International Tennis Federation, butthe results of individual player are not calculated in the tennis world rankings.The competition holds great television coverage in Australia and is important to the lead up of theAustralian Open in January.
  14. 14. AUSTRALIAN’S IN TENNIS!Samantha StosurBernard TomicLleyton HewittMany Australian’s play tennis as it is a very popular and fun sportto play. In Australia we have many famous and competitiveplayers, such as:There are also many retired players:Margaret CourtRod LaverJohn NewcombeTodd WoodbridgeRoy EmersonPaterick RafterPaul HanleyAnd many, many, many more!!PaulHanleyRoyEmersonJohnNewcombeRod LaverMargaretCourtBernardTomicLleytonHewitt
  15. 15. ROD LAVER!Rod Laver was a famous Australian Tennis player many years ago. He was such a well knownplayer that there is now a tennis arena called “Rod Laver arena”. Rod holds the record for themost singles titles won in the history of tennis, with 200 career titles.Rodney George Laver was born on the 9thof August, 1938 (now aged 74) in RockhamptonAustralia. His parents were Melba Roffey and Roy Laver. He has won 11Grand slams in hiscareer.He is 1.72m standing tall at a good old age and weighing 68Kg and keeping fit.
  16. 16. EVONNE GOOLAGON CAWLEYEvonne was born on the 31stof July 1951 and is an Australian Former World No. 1. During the1970’s and early 1980’s she was a leading player, and then wen on and won 14 Grand Slamtittles: seven in singles (four Australian Opens, two Wimbledon and one French Open), six inwomens doubles, and one in mixed doubles.Evonne is a great player as she is indigenous and represents Australia.
  17. 17. SERENA WILLIAMSSerena Williams was born on September 26thin 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan,began playing tennis in her early years. At three years of age she was doing 2hour practersics with her father Richard Williams.In 1995 Serena turned into a pro tennis player along with her sister Venus.2009 Serena made a a bad decision and was fined and put on a probation forillegally threatening a lines women, but she quickly moved on from this badremark. Also during 2009 she had come 2ndin the Australian open.Next in 2012 Serena kicked off the year playing her debut at BrisbaneInternational, however, during her match against Boiana Jovanovski, she hadinjured her left ankle when sereving late in the second set. As a result of this shewas forced to withdraw from the tournament.Afterwards she participated in the Australian Open where she lost againstEkaterina Makarova in the fourth round.
  18. 18. VENUS WILLIAMSVenus Ebony Starr Williams was born on June 17 1980 in Lynwood, America.Venus is now a professional tennis player and is formal world number 1. Venus is ranked World No. 26 insingles as of April 1, 2013.On February 25th2002 Venus became world No.1 for the first time. Venus is the first African Americanwomen to achieve this during the Open Era.Her titles consist of: 7 singles, 13 in women’s doubles, and 2 in mixed doubles. Venus’ 7 Grand Slamtitles places her with four other women for 12thplace on the all-time list. Also her 5 Wimbledon singles tieher with two other women for 8thplace on the all-time list.As you probably guess Venus is the sister of Serena, which I have just previously talked about. Thesisters are 1 year aprt in age, so this makes it tough when versing each other.
  19. 19. MY TENNIS!I have been playing tennis now for approximately 2 years now. Iplayed over at West but recently just got moved over to Treloar Parkin East Tamworth. I loved playing tennis because it was great meetingnew people as none of my friends play. I have not played for a fewweeks now as I originally hurt my ankle, I then went back once andthen havent gone back since as I hurt my ankle again! I don’t think Iwill go back as I am finding it a lot easier to have Friday afternoonsoff. (I still believe it’s a great sport thought!)
  20. 20. WIMBLEDON!The Wimbledon tennis tournament is the oldesttennis tournament in the world and also one of themost popular in the world.It has been help at the AII England Club inWimbledon, London since 1877. This tournamentis one of the four major grand slam tournamentsin the world. The others being the AustralianOpen, French Open and US Open.Wimbledon is the only major one that is stillplayed on grass (the games original surface).The Wimbledon is a tournament that takes placeof a period of 2 weeks in late June and early Julyas a Mens division and a Womens division.
  21. 21. ROGER FEDERER!Roger was born on August 8, 1981, he was among the Top 3 junior tennisplayers in Switzerland by the age of 11!1998 was when Roger was turned into a pro tennis player.In 2004 he won the Australian Open, U.S Open and the ATP Masters, he alsomoved up a spot from world number 2 to world number 1.Federer was the first Swiss man to come through and win a grand slam title.In 2012 he became a seven-time Wimbledon champion, tying with PeteSampras for the world No. 1 ranking record of 286 weeks.
  22. 22. FRENCH OPEN!The French Open (also known as the Roland garros) is a major tournament heldover two weeks, between late May and early June in Paris France, at the StadeRoland Garros.The French Open is the only tournament that is played on hard clay courts, clayslows down the ball and also makes the ball bounce much higher compared tograss courts or hard courts.This can be a disadvantage of big servers and volleyers. This makes it harder toserve based players to dominate on the surface.
  23. 23. TECHNICAL WORDS!Volley- A volley is a hit when right up close to the net. Players usually smash theball down to a space of where there is no player.Let- A let is a serve when the ball skims across the top of the net and goes in. Thisthen means that you get either one more serve or two more. If it was your first serveand you do a let, that means you get two more, but if its your second serve you getone more.Ace- An ace is when you serve the ball that hard that it goes in and the opponentdoesn’t even get a chance to hit it.<volley<let
  24. 24. THE DAVIS CUP!The Davis Cup was first contested in 1899, it is the premier international team eventin mens tennis. From 1905 till 1919, Australia competed as an Australasian team.During this time we claimed six titles (1907, 1908, 1909, 1911, 1914, 1919).This is a very poplar tournament held all over the world. Many plyers from differentcountries attend.
  25. 25. “THE WOODIES”American players, Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde have one the most Grand Slam Titlesin mens doubles pairing. They are the most successful in tennis history.The have been a team together for 12 years but re now retired.There nickname comes from both of their last names – as you have probably already figured!
  26. 26. BIBLIOGRAPHY!••••••••••,_Wimbledon