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  1. 1. In 1891 Dr James Naismith (1861-1939) , a YMCA instructorin Springfield invented Basketball.James Naismith was the Canadian physical educationinstructor. James Naismith was born in Almonte, Ontario andattended McGill University and Presbyterian College inMontreal.Naismith was faced with the problem of finding a sport thatwas capable for the students to play inside during theMassachusetts winter at Christian Workers. Naismith wantedto create a game of skill for the students instead of one thatrelied on strength. He needed a game that could be playedindoors in a small space. The first game was played with asoccer ball and two peach baskets used as goals. Naismithjoined the University of Kansas faculty in 1898, teachingphysical education and being a chaplain.
  2. 2. 1925 The first major professional league is formed, the American 1895 Backboards are 1908 The dribbler is Basketball Association(The ABL added to prevent fans permitted to shoot the ball is the first league to sign players interfering with play ( and the NCAA eliminates to exclusive contracts and its baskets were hung off1891 the double dribble teams are located in many of the peoples balconies ). major cities in the country) 1891 Basketball is 1920 Players are 1930 Professional 1898 The first professional invented by Dr. allowed to re-enter leagues eliminate the league is formed, the National James the game. double dribble Basketball League is formed Naismith, an in New Jersey and instructor at a Pennsylvania YMCA in Springfield, Mass achusetts.
  3. 3. 1946 The Basketball Association of 1932 The 1937 The America, a forerunner of the NBA is 1954 The NBA midcourt line is middle jump formed. (Three of the leagues introduces the introduced to ball is original 11 franchises are still playing shot clock to eliminate eliminated today- the New York curtail stalling1931 stalling after every Knickerbockers, Boston Celtics and tactics. score Philadelphia 1937 The National 1931 The American Basketball League is 1949 The BAA merges Basketball Association formed. (The Atlanta with the National 1950 The NBA disbands Hawks, Detroit Pistons, Basketball League to begins racial Los Angeles Lakers, form the National integration when Philadelphia 76ers and Basketball Association Earl Loyd, Nat Sacramento Kings can Clifton and all trace their heritage Chuck Cooper back to the NBL, and join the league. the league featured many future NBA stars such as George Mikan, Jim Pollard, Dolph Schayes, Bob Davies and Red Holzman
  4. 4. 1967 A rival to the NBA, the American Basketball Association 1961 The rival American is formed. (The ABA would go on Basketball League begins to develop some of the most play and introduces the exciting players in pro1960 three-point shot. basketball, including Julius Erving and George Gervin) 1976 The NBA expands 1960 The Minneapolis 1962 The ABL to include the ABAs become the first team to disbands surviving franchises. move to the West Coast as (the Denver Nuggets, they become the Los Indiana Pacers, New Angeles Lakers York Nets and San Antonio Spurs) 1992 Professional basketball players are allowed in the Olympics and the "Dream Team" (featuring Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson) is born.
  5. 5. Basketball is a team sport. Two teams offive players each try to score by shooting aball through a hoop elevated 3.01m abovethe ground. The game is played on arectangular floor called the court, and thereis a hoop at each end. The court is dividedinto two main areas by the mid-court line. Ifthe offensive team puts the ball into playbehind the mid-court line, it has ten secondsto get the ball over the mid-court line. If itdoesnt, then the defense gets the ball.Once the offensive team gets the ball overthe mid-court line, it can no longer havepossession of the ball in the area in back ofthe line. If it does, the defense is given theball.
  6. 6. The ball is moved down the court towardthe basket by passing or dribbling. Theteam with the ball is called the offense.The team without the ball is called thedefense. They try to steal theball, contest shots, deflect passes andshots, and collect rebounds.When a team scores a basket, theyscore two points and the ball goes to theother team. If a basket, is made outsideof the three-point line, then that basketis worth three points. A free throw isworth one point. Free throws areawarded to a team according to thenumber and type of fouls that arecommitted.
  7. 7. Charging. An offensive foul that is committed when a player pushes or runs over a defensive player. The ball is given to the team that the foul was committed upon.Personal fouls: Personal fouls include any Blocking. Blocking is illegal personal contacttype of illegal physical contact. resulting from a defender not establishing•Hitting position in time to prevent an opponents• Pushing drive to the basket.• Slapping•Holding Flagrant foul. Violent contact with an•Illegal screen opponent. This includes hitting, kicking, and punching. This type of foul results in freePersonal foul penalties: If a player is throws plus the offense retaining possessionshooting while being fouled, then they get of the ball after the free throws.two free throws if the shot doesnt goin, but only one free throw if it does go in. Intentional foul. When a player makes physical contact with another player with no reasonable effort to steal the ball. It is a judgment call for the officials. Technical foul. Technical foul. A player or a coach can commit this type of foul. It does not involve player contact or the ball but is instead about the manners of the game. Foul language, obscenity, obscene gestures, and even arguing can be considered a technical foul.
  8. 8. Travelling. Taking more than a step and a half without dribbling the ball is travelling. Movingyour pivot foot once youve stopped dribbling is travelling.Carrying. When a player dribbles the ball with their hand too far to the side of or even under theball.Double Dribble. Dribbling the ball with both hands on the ball at the same time or picking upthe ball and then dribbling again is a double dribble.Jump ball. This occurs when two or more opposing players gain possession of the ball at thesame time.Goal tending. When a defensive player interferes with the offense’s shot as its is coming downtowards the basket. Once the ball has touched the basket or backboard the players can steal theball from the rim. If this occurs two points are awarded to the offense.Cross court violation. Once the offense has brought the ball across the mid-court line, theycannot go back across the line during possession.Time restrictions. A player passing the ball inbounds has five seconds to pass the ball. If hedoes not, then the ball is awarded to the other team.
  9. 9. Positions Power Forward: Has muscles or at least a little strength. Must be able to catch passes and hit shots near the basket. A good, rugged rebounder, but athletic enough to move with some quickness around the lane on offense and defense. Expected to score when given the opportunity on the baseline, much like a center, but usually has a range of up to 15 feet all around the basket. Point Guard: Usually the shortest player on the team. Should be the teams best passer and ball handler; not primarily a shooter. Traditional role is to push the ball up court Shooting Guard: Generally taller than and start the offensive a point guard but shorter than a small wheels turning. Should forward. Not necessarily a great ball either take the ball to handler, but normally the teams best the basket or remain perimeter shooter. A good shooting near the top of the key, ready to retreat on guard (or two guard) comes off screens set by taller teammates prepared to defense. shoot, pass, or drive to the basket. Also tries to grab rebounds on offense.Center: Usually the tallest player on the team. Small Forward: The all-purpose player onShould be able to post up offensively — that offense: aggressive and strong; tall enoughis, receive the ball with his back to the basket and to mix it up inside but agile enough touse pivot moves to hit a variety of short jump handle the ball and shoot well. Must be ableshots, hook shots, and dunks. Also must know how to score both from the perimeter and fromto find the open player in the paint and grab inside.offensive rebounds.
  10. 10. Three Jump Ball Sideline Point Line LineBaseLine Hoop The Key or PaintFree Throwline A game of basketball is played on a Half Way Line basketball court. Indoor courts usually are made of wood often mapple which is polished regularly .Outdoor courts are usually made of concrete.
  11. 11. Wheelchair basketball is considered one o0fthe major disabled sports in the world. It isestimated that more than 100 thousandpeople play wheelchair basketball in theworld. Wheelchair basketball is included inthe Paralympic Games which are held everyfour years for athletes with physicaldisabilities.It is played on a standard sized basketballcourt with standard height baskets.. Playersare allowed two pushes of their wheelsbefore they pass, dribble, or shoot the ball.
  12. 12. NBAThe NBA (the National Basketball Association) is the professionalleague in the United States of America .There are 30 teams in theleague such as the Miami Heat, Oklahoma Thunder , LA Lakers andthe New York Knicks. The Teams are spilt over counties and states. Some teams have larger areas than others that is because they may not have as greater population as teams on the coast like the Heat and Celtics.
  13. 13. NBLThe NBL ( National Basketball There are manyLeague) is the Australian counter different leaguespart of the NBA. There are 8 around the worldAustralian teams such as the like the BBA (Melbourne Tigers, Gold Coast British BasketballBlaze, Perth Wildcats .There is also Association).one New Zealand team in theleague.
  14. 14. The Oklahoma CityThunder are a team inthe NBA that representthe Oklahoma City area.This team has some starplayers such as KevinDurrant and JamesHardener (NBA All-stars) and RusselWestbrook point-guardfor the thunder. This isthe team I followbecause of star smallforward Kevin Durrant.
  15. 15. The Miami Heat is a starstudded team thatrepresents the MiamiArea in the South Eastof the USA. This teamhas some of the bestplayers in the currentprofessional league suchas Chris Bosh , LaBronJames and Dwayne Wadewho are also called TheThree Kings. Because ofthese players along withothers this is a verystrong team.
  16. 16. The LA (Los Angeles) Lakersare a popular team because oftheir star player Kobe Bryant.He has created a very popularteam because of his popularityand fame every kid wants togrow up and be like Kobe. Thisteam alo0ng with Kobe is fanfavourite and will always havethe stadium booked out.
  17. 17. The Gold Coast Blaze are ateam of talented players andstrong players whocomplement each other ingame situations. Rather thana team with one or two standout players the Blaze have ateam of talented individuals.The Blaze are one of fewteams that visit Tamworthand play pre-season here.
  18. 18. The Sydney Kings are a team that play inthe NBL that represent the Sydneyregion. This team is getting players goingto the USA to play in the NBA and hasplayers from the USA coming back toplay in their of season .Bruce,Henery, Maddgen and Lazare are someof this teams star players.
  19. 19. Player: Kevin DurrantDate of Birth: September 29th 1988College: TexasNational Team Played for: USAYears Pro: 5Salary: 17.83 million USD per yearPosition: Small ForwardHeight: 6.9ft or 2.06mWeight: 106.6kgTeam: Oklahoma City Thunder
  20. 20. Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by hisinitials, MJ, is an American formerprofessional basketball player and perhapsone of the greatest basketballers of alltime. He was born on February 17, 1963, inBrooklyn, New York. and dominated thesport from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s.He led the Bulls to six nationalchampionships and earned the NBA MostValuable Player Award five times.Michael Jordan is recognized for havingbrought a new level of excitement to thegame of basket ball and reinvented the waybasketball is played.
  21. 21. Jordan experienced many great highs in hiscareer and with those great highs came greatlows. His most difficult time was when hisfather was murdered. He retired frombasketball and start playing baseball. However ayear later he returned to the sport he loved andbrought the Chicago Bulls out of their one yearslump.This determination and competitive naturecontinues to inspire the next generation ofbasketball players all around the world.“You have to expect things of yourself beforeyou can do them.“– Michael Jordan.
  22. 22. The Australian national basketballteam is the mens basketball sidethat represents Australia ininternational competitions. Theteam is known in Australia as theBoomers, Australia is ranked 10thin the world and finished 7th at the2012 London Olympics Games. The2012 team included DavidAnderson, David Barlow, AronBaynes, Peter Crawford, MatthewDellavedova, Adam Gibson, JoeIngles, Aleks Maric, Patrick Millsand Brad Newley.My favourite Australianbasketballer is Aron Baynes.
  23. 23. The USA Basketball Mens Senior NationalTeam,[commonly known as the UnitedStates mens national basketball team or “The Dream Team "represents the UnitedStates of America in international mensbasketball. The USA is the most successfulteam in international competition. It haswon medals in all seventeen of the Olympicgames it has entered with 14 of these beinggold medals.The most recent display of the DreamTeam’s world domination was at the 2012London Olympics where they once again wonthe gold medal.
  24. 24. I began playing basketball when I was inyear 1 in in the local Qurindi Infantscompetition. It was by far my favouritesport and I continued playing it in Quirindiuntil my family moved to Tamworth when Iwas in year 3.When I was in year 4 I joined Tamworthrepresentative basketball as a player inthe under 12 Thunderbolts team. I havecontinued to play both school andrepresentative basketball in Tamworthand would have to say that it is still my alltime favourite sport.
  25. 25. Basketball History: Dr. James Naismith - Kansas Heritage understanding-player-positions-in-basketball Basketball Australia: