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  1. 1. HockeyHockey is a sport that some people should play depending how much they are athletic. It is a safe sport and you haveplenty of protective games but will get into that later on…..
  2. 2. Field hockey has repeatedly played since before Christ was born and back then it was called ‘ball and stick’. It has been around since the time of early civilisation but some reports find the earliest origin games was 4000 years ago.
  3. 3. In the early 17th and 18th century in England hockey required a fiercely competitive form. Villages around England would compete against there neighbouring hamlets and there would be around 100 players on 1 team. After some time they finally decided to introduce some rules of the gameafter so many people getting injured in only half a month and at that time ofintroducing some rules they decided that there could only be 30 players for each team on the field.
  4. 4. There are lots of equipment used in Hockey for different reasons and so youdon’t get injured while playing the game. You have to wear a lot of different Gear in a lot of different sports e.g. Soccer, Hockey, karate, football… Some different types of gear is: arms and torso pads head gear leg gear goalie gear For E.G.
  5. 5. • Helmet• Shin pads• Gloves
  6. 6. Team No. Last Name. first Name. D.O.B. Ag Pos G MatcheRoster e . oa s.NO. LAST NAME. first NAME. d.o.b. age position ls.1 Spence Amelia 6/23/1993 19 MF 1 Dwyer Jamie 3/12/1979 33 ST 17 286 92 Nanscawen Georgia 5/27/1992 20 ST 2 De Young Liam 12/10/1981 30 D 32 2843 Fey Ashlea 5/14/1992 20 D 6 Hammond Rob 5/6/1981 30 MF 23 2155 Smith Audrey 2/23/1993 19 GK 8 Butturini Matthew 8/7/1987 24 D 13 816 Peris Brooke 1/16/1993 19 ST 11 Ockenden Eddie 4/3/1987 25 MF 47 1689 Flanagan Anna 1/8/1992 20 D 12 Whetton Jacob 6/15/1991 21 ST 1610 Duguid Elizabeth 7/1/1992 20 GK 13 Boyne Craig 4/22/1988 24 ST 0 011 McMahon Karri 2/27/1992 20 D 14 Clemons Tristan 12/3/1987 25 GK 0 214 Padget Hayley 9/30/1992 20 MF 15 Carroll Joel 9/11/1986 25 D 2 6316 Claxton Jane 10/26/1992 20 MF 16 Gohdes Matt 5/8/1990 22 ST 15 5718 Gilmore Kate 3/28/1993 19 D 17 Zalewski Aran 3/21/1991 21 MF 0 120 Brazel Lily 1/26/1995 17 MF 18 White Tristan 7/11/1990 22 D 0 3 19 Deavin Tim 7/27/1984 27 D 2 5422 Williams Mariah 5/31/1995 17 ST 21 Simpson Glenn 5/5/1987 24 MF 10 6524 Pearce Meg 7/1/1994 18 MF 23 Beale Daniel 2/12/1993 18 MF 0 026 Smith Emily 7/28/1992 20 ST 24 Lovell Tyler 5/23/1987 25 GK 0 027 Allendorf Murphy 3/17/1994 18 ST 25 Trent Mitton 11/26/1990 21 ST 24 28 Brown Kiel 5/4/1984 27 D 3 11530 Holzberger Jordyn 8/27/1994 18 ST WOMEN MEN
  7. 7. Player State Position Age Games Goals First Name Last State NameToni Cronk NSW Goalkeeper 32 116 0 Tenea Attard QLDGeorgia VIC Striker 21 79 13 Madonna Blyth QLDNanscawen Fiona Boyce WABianca SA Defender 17 1Greenshields 22 Jade Close NSWCasey Eastham NSW Midfielder 23 148 37 Casey Eastham NSWAshlee Wells VIC Goalkeeper 22 10 0 Anna Flanaga ACTMegan Rivers NSW Midfielder 31 199 42 n Bianca Greensh SAJodie Schulz QLD Defender 24 52 27 ieldsAshleigh Nelson WA Striker 25 103 40 Jordyn Holzebe QLDAnna Flanagan ACT Defender 20 65 8 rgerJacklyn McRae NSW Defender 27 25 0 Marnie Hudson QLDMadonna Blyth QLD Midfielder 26 233 54 Kate NSWKellie White NSW Striker 20 7 3 Jenner Kirstin Johnson QLDEmily Hurtz NSW Striker 22 53 22Stacia Joseph VIC Defender 26 42 0 Rachel Lynch VICGeorgie Parker SA Striker 23 19 2 Kobie McGurk WAMarnie Hudson QLD Striker 23 28 2 Karri McMah SAJayde Taylor WA Defender 27 69 1 onKate Jenner NSW Defender 22 45 1 Claire Messent VICClaire Messent VIC Midfielder 26 38 10 Georgia Nansca VICFiona Boyce WA Midfielder 24 84 8 wenJade Warrender NSW Defender 20 41 0 Ashleigh Nelson WA Jane Claxton SAEmily Smith NSW Striker 19 31 10 Georgie Parker SARachael Lynch VIC Goalkeeper 25 68 0 Jodie Schulz QLDHope Munro WA Midfielder 30 132 34 Emily Smith NSWTeneal Attard QLD Defender 27 154 10 Jayde Taylor WAJordyn QLD Striker 18 10 0 Jade Warren NSWHolzberger derJade Close NSW Striker 24 57 10 Ashlee Wells VICHolly Evans SA Midfielder 25 15 1 Kellie White NSW
  8. 8. EASY FACTS
  9. 9. 1. 1. Eligibility1.1All players must be bona fide school students and meet the age requirement as outlined in 2.1 and 2.22. Age Requirements2.1To compete in the 12 Years & Under competition, a player must be 12 years or under as at the 31 December 2008. i.e. Allplayers must have been born during or after 1996.2.2To compete in the 16 Years & Under competition, a player must be 16 years or under as at the 31 December 2008. i.e. Allplayers must have been born during or after 1992.3. Team Size3.112 Years and Under – Maximum of 16 players per team.3.216 Years and Under – Maximum of 18 players per team with a maximum of 16 to be nominated for each game.4. Game Duration4.112 Years and Under – 25 minute halves with a 7 minute half time4.216 Years and Under – 35 minute halves with a 7 minute half time4.3In the event of a draw at the end of normal playing time in a preliminary round game, no additional time will be played.4.4In the event of a draw at the end of normal playing time in the play-off round for a minor placing, both teams will beequally ranked for the competition. i.e. If the play off for positions 5 & 6 is a draw at the end of normal time then bothteams shall be declared equal 5th.4.5In the event of a draw at the end of normal playing time in a medal round play-off game a sudden death drop off willbe played according to Australian Hockey League (AHL) rules.4.5.1The match will end once the first goal has been scored. The scoring team shall be declared the winner (sudden death).
  10. 10. 4.5.2At the conclusion of normal playing time there will be a break of two (2) minutes, following this therewill be 2 x 6 minute halves of extra time.4.5.3For the first six (6) minutes each team will nominate nine (9) players including a goalkeeper to takethe field.Subject to rule by half time no goal has been scored, teams are to remove two (2) players and immediately changeends.4.5.5For the second period of six (6) minutes, only seven players each including a goalkeeper will take thefield.Subject to interchange rules will apply during extra time.4.5.7If there is still no result at the conclusion of extra time, then a penalty stroke competition will beplayed in accordance with the procedures set down in the Hockey Australia Manual.4.5.8For a team having a player under temporary suspension at the end of normal playing time, theoffending team shall play with one less player for the duration of the temporary suspension; and for ateam having a player under permanent suspension at the end of normal playing time, the offendingteam shall play with one less player for the duration of extra time.5. Interchange5.1Unlimited interchange.5.2Teams may interchange players in each match provided that no more than sixteen (16) players takepart in any game.5.3
  11. 11. 7. Judiciary Committee6. Cards and Suspensions 7.1 The Judiciary Committee6.1The Judiciary Committee may suspend will consist of three members:for one or more matches of the The Tournament Director.competition any player who has The Umpires Director.accumulated ten (10) or more demerit The Sport Manager (orpoints during one or more matches of delegate) 2008 Pacific Schoolthe competition. Games.6.2 8. Points AllocationA penalty points system for cards 8.1 Win =issued will operate. 3 Draw =6.2.1 Green Card Zero (0) 2 Loss = 1points6.2.2 Yellow Card Five (5)points6.2.3 Red Card Ten (10)points6.3Following the serving of a suspension,a player’s penalty points shall revertto zero (0) points.
  12. 12. 9. Protective Equipment9.1 The wearing of shin pads is compulsory for all players.9.2 It is highly recommended that all players wear a mouth guard.9.3 Each team must play with a fully equipped goalkeeper at all times.10. Protests10.1Any protest relating to the result of a match must be made in writing to theTournament Director within twenty (20) minutes of the completion of the match inquestion.10.2All protests require a deposit of $100 AUD. The deposit will be refunded if theappeal is successful.10.2Protests relating to umpiring decisions will not be heard.10.3Decisions handed down by the Judiciary Committee are not appealable.
  13. 13. 11. Selection of Australian Touring TeamA representative team will be selected to represent School Sport Australia (SSA) forboth the 16 Years & Under Girls and 16 Years & Under Boys.11.1Only players from Australian State and Territory teams will be eligible for selection.11.2The SSA National Secretary for Girls Hockey will Chair the Selection Committee forthe 16 Years & Under Girls team.11.3The SSA National Secretary for Boys Hockey will Chair the Selection Committee forthe 16 Years & Under Boys team.11.4SSA Australian touring team selection procedures shall be followed in the selectionof both teams.11.5Players will be announced and presented after the last medal presentationceremony of the 2008 PSG Hockey Competition.
  14. 14. HOCKEYAustralian teams NSW team http://www.hockeyns Quick facts on the(WOMEN) NSW Team http://www.sunshineaustralia.html ws/hockeyroos-know-(MEN) 26-into-16-just-wont-Rules go/1329653/ history of hockey http://www.historyof needed http://www.rachaellyhockey-gear-needed-to-play/ drill-hockeyroos-how hockey begun major-sponsor- launch/