STUDY OBJECTIVE        The borderless global economy and the explosion of trade liberalization have broughtopportunities a...
I believe to be a good officer at Fiscal Policy Office and to achieve my career goal, I need anexcellent world class educa...
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Study objective 2


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This is another example of a Study Objective I found on the internet.

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Study objective 2

  1. 1. STUDY OBJECTIVE The borderless global economy and the explosion of trade liberalization have broughtopportunities and also threats to every nation in the world. We have seen a lot of globalizationphenomenon’s nowadays; the world is becoming flatter, new economic power rise such as China andIndia, new methods of industries development has emerged, outsourcing based employment is ubiquitousin industry, and people are becoming more and more consumptive due to free market effect. Nowadays, a country that maximizes its strengths will gain high opportunities. Otherwise, acountry loosen its competitive advantages will be fallen. Driven by the globalization and free marketissues, every country compete each others to attract foreigners to invest their money. FDI is one of themost popular indicators. The impact is resulted by decisions made by stakeholders of its country. Ofcourse, the biggest part of decision is conducted by the public authority. Unfortunately, Indonesia has serious problems with its public authority. The public authority isaccused as the biggest obstacles to the economy and industry growth in Indonesia. The industry playerscomplain about the difficulties of doing business in Indonesia especially in the regulation of taxation,customs, logistics, local authority, illegal retribution, and complicated laws and procedures regulated byboth the central and also the local government in Indonesia. This condition cause Indonesia become lessattractive for investors and create negative flows of foreign direct investment. If this condition continues,Indonesia will lose its strengths to face the economic and trading competition among countries. Ofcourse, a set of action is needed to solve the problem. It is agreed that an excellent action always produced from an excellent policy. In the same way,excellent policies are produced by high qualified policy maker. My career goal is to become a highlyqualified public servant in Indonesia so that I can give all my efforts to create a better regulations andpolicy that will support Indonesian economics and people growth towards the free market andglobalization. I realized that to fix this condition I must obtain the authorities in decision and policy makingprocess. Therefore, I join the Fiscal Policy Office of Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, the department inIndonesian government which regulating the financial and national wealth management policy to createprosperity in Indonesia. As a part of the Fiscal Policy Department in Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, I work in theinternational cooperation policy and international issues sub-division which dealing with the foreigninvestment, corporation and cooperation, through the climate change policy. Thus, with the positiontrusted to me, I hope I could be a key player for decision making process in public sector and also takinga part in problem solving in Indonesia’s economic policy especially in foreign policy issues.
  2. 2. I believe to be a good officer at Fiscal Policy Office and to achieve my career goal, I need anexcellent world class education and I have to broaden my knowledge area in economics, public policy,finance, monetary, law, politics and international relations. By taking a master education in economicsand public policy program in United Kingdom I will have a chance to improve my theoreticalunderstanding in economics and public policy, an in depth idea of practical approaches in aidingmanagerial decision-making and a research skills that will enable me to develop an expertise in the coreareas of public policy right in the world leading university in economic and public policy. I hope theknowledge that I gained by taking master degree in United Kingdom will create a good contribution to thedevelopment of the good government public policy in Indonesia and also support the growth ofIndonesian economy. Thus, I also hope this opportunity will create a better relationship between bothcountries in economic development.“Save a Tree” – Please consider the environment