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  • 2. ContentsChapter 1: Introduction ...........................................................................................................................................................3 1.1 Presentation and organisation of these instruction notes ....................................................................3 1.2 Definitions .........................................................................................................................................3 1.3 Contents of the Application Package .................................................................................................4 1.4 Application deadline and submission procedure ................................................................................4 1.5 Key reference documents...................................................................................................................6 1.6 The Award Criteria, Experts Assessment and Scoring Mechanism ..................................................7 1.7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) .................................................................................................8Chapter 2: The Application Package .....................................................................................................................................9 2.1. Document 1 - The Application Form ..........................................................................................................9 Cover page of the application form....................................................................................................................9 Part A. Identification of the Applicant and other organisations participating in the project ...........................10 Part B. Organisation and activities ...................................................................................................................13 Part C. Statistical data and Summary of the joint programme .........................................................................14 Part D. Technical Capacity ..............................................................................................................................22 Part E. Degree(s) Awarded ..............................................................................................................................24 2.2. Next steps ..................................................................................................................................................25Annexes: Codes and references to be used in the eForm ................................................................................................... 27 Annex 1. List of Organisation Types ...............................................................................................................27 Annex 2. List of thematic fields (levels 1 and 2) .............................................................................................28 Annex 3. Country codes ...................................................................................................................................31 Annex 4: Regional codes .................................................................................................................................34 2
  • 3. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1.1 Presentation and organisation of these instruction notesThese detailed instructions follow the same order as the 2011 Erasmus Mundus Action 1 – JointProgrammes Application Form.Applicants who do not refer to these notes or who do not follow the instructions and guidance inthem risk submitting an incomplete or incorrect application, and therefore significantly reducingthe chances of their application being successful.Please note that these instructions have to be read in conjunction with the eForm User Guidewhich provides guidance on the technical functionalities of the electronic form and on the on-linesubmission of applications. The update of this User Guide will be available on EACEA websiteconcomitantly with the final version of the eForm. In the meantime references to this User Guideare have been highlighted in grey in the enclosed instructions. It also includes contact details ofthe helpdesk to answer any technical questions that applicants may have.1.2 DefinitionsIn line with the EM Programme Guide Consortium means the grouping of higher educationinstitutions (also including doctoral/graduate/research school s or research organisations in thecase of EMJD consortia) that will be responsible for the direct implementation of the proposedjoint programme.The consortium members are: the Applicant /Coordinating organisation: that submits the proposal and acts as coordinating organisation on behalf of the consortium; i f the proposal is selected, the Applicant organisation will become the beneficiary organisation and will sign the Framework Partnership Agreement and further Specific Grant Agreements with the Agency; and the (full) Partner organisations: although the Applicant organisation submits the proposal and, if approved, acts as beneficiary and contact point for the Agency during the joi nt programmes implementation, full partner organisations must have been fully involved in the preparation of the proposal. They should formally confirm their commitment and contribution to it through endorsement letters included in the proposal and signed by their highest authorities (President, Rector, Vice-Chancellor, etc.).Associated partners are organisations involved in the application although they do not form partof the consortium. They cannot receive direct funding from the projects EU grant but cancontribute to the promotion, implementation and /or evaluation of the joint programme. 3
  • 4. Unlike full partner organisations, associated partners do not need to be formally identified in section A and B of the application form. However, for those associated partners that play a structural (formal/longstanding) role in the joint programme (e.g. by providing financial support, hosting students regularly or contributing to the joint programmes evaluation ), it is advisable to include them under these sections as well as to provide endorsement letters/letters of intent in which they formally confirm their concrete contribution to the project. 1.3 Contents of the Application Package The Application Package consists of the following 3 mandatory documents: DOCUMENT 1. The Application form: The application form is organized in 5 Parts as follows: Part A: Identification of the applicant and other organisations participating in the project Part B: Organisation and activities Part C: Summary data and description of the project Part D: Technical Capacity Part E: Degree-awarding summary You will find information and advice for completing each of these parts in Chapter 2 of these instructions. DOCUMENT 2. The "Declaration on Honour by the Legal Representative of the Applicant Organisation" (to be attached to the application form) DOCUMENT 3. The "Consortiums answer to the Award criteria" (to be attached to the application form- (Max 25 pages – Times New Roman font – Font size 11) Chapter 1 also includes detailed information on the assessment mechanisms that will be used to evaluate applications. If any of the three mandatory documents that constitute the application package are not submitted, incomplete or unsigned, the application will be considered as ineligible and will not be accepted. In addition to the application form itself, future Action 1 applicants are also invited to send the Agency, at the latest one month in advance of the formal application deadline, a Summary sheet providing the joint programmes title and thematic area. This will allow the Agency to fine tune its experts’ recruitment and ensure adequate matching between the experts field of expertise and the project’s thematic area(s).1.4 Application deadline and submission procedure The following table provides a summary of the application deadline as well as of the submission procedure and obligations. Because of the strict application of the submission deadline, applicants are strongly advised not to wait for the last moment to prepare and submit their electronic applications. 4
  • 5. A. BY 31 MARCH 2011  Summary sheet of the intended proposal to be submitted by e-mail to the address below using the template provided on the following webpage: _41_10_en.php Summary sheet should be submitted by e:mail to: Please indicate "EACEA 41/10" and the acronym of the proposal in the e -mails subject header.B. BY 29 APRIL 2011 B.1 By midday 12:00:00 (Central European Time - CET) at the latest → Electronic Application form composed of the duly completed Application Package (Documents 1, 2 and 3, as specified under section 1.3 above) ATTENTION: At 12:00:00 CET on 29 April 2011, the electronic submission procedure will be blocked and it will not be possible anymore to submit this electronic application to the Agency.! Failure to meet this electronic submission deadline will lead to the automatic rejection of any proposalreceived through other means (paper or e-mail). It is highly recommended to avoid last minutesubmission, notably because submission may take time depending from the used connection and serverusage. B.2 By midnight – 24:00:00 (Central European Time - CET) at the latest → By e-mail: B.2.a → To the Agency at the following mailbox: B.2.b → and to the Erasmus Mundus National Structures (EM NS) of the country of each participating organisation (applicant or full partners) at the relevant contact details available under the following link: 1- copy of the submitted application (Documents 1, 2 and 3 referred to under B.1 above)- in pdf format 2-Relevant annexes*: a) highly recommended - letters of endorsement/intent from partner organisations ; - blank copies of the degree(s), and/or proof of recognition of the proposed degree(s).(on this latter, for further information see chapter 2 Part E last bullet points) b) others (e.g.): - (draft) consortium agreement, if available; - model of Diploma Supplement, if avail able; - student/doctoral candidate agreement, if available; - for joint doctorate proposals, copy of an employment contract, if available ;For the smooth processing of your e -mail application, it is important that: The subject of your e-mail starts with the 6 digit submission number of your eform; Each annex is identified with a (short and) meaningful name so as to facilitate its identification at assessment stage (e.g. "LE-P4" for the letter of endorsement provided by the partner identified as P4 in the eform; or "degree-P4P6" for the model of the joint degree that will be delivered on behalf of these two partners).* Please note that the above annexes cannot replace essential information expected to be in theapplication package; they should only support , illustrate or evidence the information already included inthe application. Although none of these annexes are considered mandatory (i.e. the application will not bedeclared ineligible if some or all are absent), the ir presence and quality may be assessed in the context ofthe relevant award criteria. 5
  • 6. In order to reduce the size of the email message you are advised to group the annexes in a compressed(e.g. zip) file. If, because of the size of the application, more than one message needs to be sent, pl easeuse the same subject followed by "(part 1)", "(part 2)", etc.Applicants must ensure that the presentation of the application package complies with thefollowing provisions: The eForm (submitted electronically) must include its two mandatory annexes, i.e. a scanned version of the "Declaration on Honour" (duly completed and signed by the legal representative of the Applicant Organisation) and an electronic version of the "Consortium Answers to the Award Criteria". These documents must be attached to the eForm. See the section 6 of the eForm User Guide for guidance on how to attach documents in the eForm. The application (including the answer to the award criteria) must be completed electronically by computer (no handwritten submissions, or submissions completed using a typewriter will be accepted). Any information or documents other than the three mandatory documents constituting the Application Package will be considered as additional information only, and will not necessarily be taken into consideration by experts in the evaluation of the application. Therefore make sure the relevant information is provided under each of the award criteria so that the application can eventually be evaluated on this sole basis. No changes to the application can be made after it has been submitted. However, if there is a need to clarify certain aspects, the applicant concerned may be contacted for this purpose.Applicants are STRONGLY advised to submit their application well in advance of the deadlineand to keep proof of the safe arrival of the application in the system. Additionally ensure that thecopies (sent by e-mail to EACEA and to the EM NS of each of the European partnerorganisations) are dispatched by the deadline s indicated in the table above.1.5 Key reference documentsApplicants should refer to the following documents in order to prepare their project and completetheir form: Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 Programme Guide This document provides information on the different eligibility, exclusion, selection and award criteria, the assessment and selection procedure and timetable, the contractual and financial regulations applicable to selected proposals. Erasmus Mundus Call for Proposals 2011 php 6
  • 7. 1.6 The Award Criteria, Experts Assessment and Scoring Mechanism The English, French and German version of the five award criteria and their respective sub- criteria can be found on the Erasmus Mundus Call for Proposals page: . The proposal will be assessed against the five award criteria by at least two external independent experts who will have to reach a consensus on the scoring as well as on the comments that will be sent as feedback to each applicant. Experts will be asked to assess the way the elements covered by the award (sub -)criteria have been addressed by the applicant consortium. In this context, their evaluation will not only cover the answers provided to each individual sub-criterion. It will also review the relevance of other elements of the application form to the award criteria, such as: The way the participating organisations (applicant, full partner organisations and, if relevant, associated partners) have described their expertise and concrete contribution to the proposal; The quality and soundness of the endorsement letters provided by the full partner organisations and, if relevant, the associated partners; The validity of the degrees intended to be delivered. Scoring mechanism The assessment grids below show the scoring mechanism that will be used by the independent external experts assessing the applications submitted to the Executive Agency under the Erasmus Mundus Action 1 Call for Proposals 2011. Theses scores – ranging from 0 to 5 with the possibility of half points - will be applied to each of the individual sub-criterion covered in the five award criteria . 0 – missing A score of 0 is given for a criterion if the information detailed in the information Call for Proposals would reasonably have been expected and is not present in the proposal. A score of 0.5 will not be given. 1 – poor A score of 1.0 or 1.5 will be awarded if the proposal is of poor quality for the criterion in question. This may be because information is incomplete in the view of the expert, not clear or not convincing. 2 - fair A score of 2.0 or 2.5 will be awarded where the content of th e criterion in question is at a level consistent with that routinely produced by the universities across Europe. There may be some strong and relevant points within the proposal, but there may also be weaknesses and in particular there may be no specific details brought out which singles out the proposal from others. 3 - good Scores of 3.0 or 3.5 indicate that the proposal demonstrates overall good features with regard to the award criterion in question (even though it may contain some weaknesses) but does not contain features that set it 7
  • 8. apart from many other good proposals being assessed. 4 – very good Scores of 4.0 or 4.5 reflect that the proposal has identifiable features which demonstrate that the proposal is of a high quality with regard to the award criterion in question. It includes features that set the proposal apart from other good quality proposals within the assessment 5 - excellent In general, scores of 5 are not used unless experts consider that the content of the proposal could not be impro ved. The total score for the application will correspond to the sum of the scores given to each sub- criterion, weighted by the percentage allocated to the relevant award criterion. Once the evaluation procedure is completed, applicants will receive as feedback from the Agency The consolidated comments provided by the external independent experts who have evaluated the proposal; An indication of the proposals overall quality as compared to all applications received under the corresponding action. More information on the expert assessment procedure can be found in the Erasmus Mundus Action 1 Experts Assessment Manual used for the selection round of April 2010. These are available on the 2011 Call page: 1/call_eacea_41_10_en.php1.7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On the Agencys website ( ), potential applicants will find the answers provided by the Erasmus Mundus Team to the most frequent (/relevant) questions raised by Action 1 applicants and/or beneficiaries while preparing or implementing their joint programmes . These answers are updated regularly and more frequently during the period that follows the publication of t he Call for proposal and prior to the application deadline(s). Applicants are invited to refer to these FAQs regularly to clarify possible doubts and ensure that they benefit from the information and clarification provided by the Agency to other applicants and beneficiaries. 8
  • 9. CHAPTER 2: THE APPLICATION PACKAGE2.1. Document 1 - The Application Form Applications for Erasmus Mundus Action 1a and 1b projects must be submitted by eForm. The eForm is an Adobe software development and applicants should ensure that they can install (at least) Adobe Reader version 8.1.5 on the computer they will be using to complete the application form. In certain organisations this may require the intervention of your central helpdesk as some organisations do not allow installation on local PCs. T he form is downloaded onto a local computer and can be completed remotely. Once the text is ready and the mandatory attachments are linked to the application, it needs to be submitted using an internet connection. The eForm is designed to ensure that applicants have the greatest chance of submitting an eligible application. Therefore you will find that submission is impossible unless all mandatory fields are completed and mandatory attachments enclosed (see above section 1.3). Full details of these are available in the form of the eForm User Guide that will be published alongside the eForm. Cover page of the application form Drop down list with 2 values: Erasmus Mundus joint master course (EMMC) or Erasmus Mundus joint doctorate programme (EMJD). Not applicable Choose a title that will be meaningful to someone who knows nothing about the project If selected, the acronym will be the main project ID. It should be short and easy to remember Drop down list: only EN, FR, or DE 9
  • 10. Note: Once the appropriate Action - EMMC or EMJD – has been selected, Part C.1 of the eForm will only display the fields and questions relevant to the Action selected. If the application is selected for funding, the contents of the application form will constitute the basis of the agreements between the Agency and the consortium members. As a result, the language used must be the communication language used between all the members of your consortium. The application form must be completed in ONE language only. Do not provide information on individual partners in various languages as the experts selected to assess your application will not necessarily be able to understand what is written. All fields marked with * are obligatory.Part A. Identification of the Applicant and if applicable other organisations participating in theprojectNote: Please read section 5.2 of the eForm User Guide for information on the way Parts A and B behave and need to be filled in. Part A (with the exception of section A.3 applicable to the applicant organisation only) and Part B.1 and B.2 must be completed by all the consortium members in accordance notably with the consortium minimum requirements stated in sections 4.2.1 (EMMC proposals) or 5.2.1 (EMJD proposals) of the EM Programme Guide. Although it is not mandatory to complete Parts A and B for associated partners, it is nevertheless recommended to do so for those associated partners that play an important (/formal /structural /longstanding) role in the joint programme (e.g. by acting as regular host organisation for students/doctoral candidates, by providing financial support through complementary scholarships or through other means, by contributing to the quality assessment of the joint programme, etc.). Those associated partners whose expertise and support will be called upon on an ad hoc basis (i.e. only if relevant and not necessarily for all editions of the joint programme) should not be included under Parts A and B and should only be referred to in the answer to the relevant sub-criteria (e.g. under sub-criteria A.1.6, 3.3, 5.2 for EMMCs or B.1.4, 2.4; 5.2 or 5.4 for EMJDs). As explained in section 5.2 of the eForm User Guide, each organisation registered in Parts A and B will be allocated a "Partner number" that starts with P1 for the applicant organisation. Please, register your consortium members first before, if applicable, registering the most important of your associated partners. 10
  • 11. By default, Part A always starts with the applicant organisation, identified as "P1". This is the only organisation record that cannot be deleted. Drop-down menu providing the official regions for the country selected in the previous field.For the applicant organisation, the internet address should be the one of the joint programmeswebsite (if available). If not - and as for all other participating organisations - provide theorganisations website. More information on the website expected content can be consulted under: Tick the box ONLY if the address is different from that provided under A.1. Then the system will not replicate the contact details inputted in A1. 11
  • 12. Note: Section A.2 has to be filled in for all organisations registered under Part A, i.e. applicant, full partner organisations and, if relevant, the most important associated partners. The contact person in the Applicant Organisation must be the “project coordinator”. If the proposal is selected, he/she will be the sole contact of the Agency for project monitoring purposes and will liaise with the other partners in order to ensure the effective implementation of the joint programme. It is therefore crucial to identify a person who is genuinely in charge of the project and can dedicate the required time to its management (as opposed to the head of an administrative, academic or research department who may be responsible for the project but not directly involved in its implementation). The same applies to the contact persons in the partner organisations. Since correspondence with the Agency will mainly take place through e-mail, if it very important that the e-mail address provided is checked at least on a daily basis and, if possible, accessed by (/shared with) more than one person in the (applicant) organisation. Tick the box ONLY if the address is different from that provided under A.1 Then the system will not replicate the contact details inputted in A1.Note: Section A.3 will have to be filled in for the applicant organisation only (it will not be displayed for other participating organisations). The person identified in this section must also sign the Declaration on Honour attached to the eForm. If the application is successful this person will also be required to sign the Framework Partnership Agreement and the Specific Grant Agreements, as well as any other associated documents. If it is discovered in later stages of the selection or contractualisation processes that the person identified as the Legal representative did not have the authority to sign, the application may be withdrawn and lead therefore to its rejection. If the Legal representative has a different address from the registered address, click on the box provided to access the fields necessary to provide this information. 12
  • 13. Part B. Organisation and activities This section is a very important element for the assessment of the award criteria relating to the operational capacity as well as the quality and expertise of the consortium (e.g. A.1.5, 3.1, for EMMC proposals or B.2.1, 2.2, 2.3, or 5.1 for EMJD proposals). It should be completed in the same language as the rest of the application form (and not, for example, in the languages of the respective partners). Drop-down list Drop-down list (see annex for the list of organisation types)Note: Each full partner organisation and, if applicable, those associated partners that play a formal (/structural) role in the project, must complete this section. The Erasmus Mundus Programme considers as public bodies all recognised higher education institutions, and all institutions or organisations which have received over 50 % of their annual revenues from public sources over the last two years, or which are controlled by public bodies or their representatives. Only one "type of organisation" may be selected for each organisation (see list of types in annex). If an organisation could be considered under a variety of the options offered, select the one that most closely relates to the statutes of the organisation and / or the one that most closely relates to the specific role in this application (additional explanations on the type can be provided under section B.2). Under the EMJD sub-action please note that in line with the EM programme Guide section 5.2.1 – and although the system provides only for the University or higher education institution (tertiary level) option - a Doctoral/Graduate/Research School or Research Organisations located in a "European" country, entitled to deliver doctorate degrees and recognised as such by the relevant authorities of the country concerned can act as EMJD Applicant/Coordinating institution/P1 organisation. In this case, please leave the "University or higher education institution (tertiary level)" option and continue filling in the eForm. 13
  • 14. Note: This section is to be completed by each of the consortium organisation (applicant and full partners) and the associated partners with a formal/longstanding role (see section 1.2 above), if relevant. It must be completed in the same language as the rest of the application form. Short Presentation of the organisation: This description should include the scope of the organisations work, its areas of specific expertise and competence in relation to the joint programme proposed. Role of the organisation in the joint programme: The information provided in this section must correspond to the specific tasks allocated to the organisation in the implementation and evaluation of the joint programme.Note: If applicable, this section must be filled in by the applicant organisation only. The latter should provide a list of projects that have been supported with EU finance in the last three years. For large universities, the information should relate to the department / faculty concerned only.Note: When relevant, this section must be filled in by all participating organisations that have submitted European funding requests linked to the proposed joint programme. This information will be used before the end of the selection to ensure the absence of double funding for the same project.Part C. Statistical data and Summary of the joint programmeNote: Please read section 5.3 of the eForm User Guide for information on the way Part C behaves and needs to be filled in.This section invites applicants to provide some key information on their joint programme. 14
  • 15. C DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECTIn accordance with the "action" selected in the first page of the application form – i.e. EMMC orEMJD -, the information requested under Part C.1. of the Application form will vary.The section below provides information on the data t hat will have to be provided for each of thetwo sub-actions concerned. Drop-down list: 60 ECTS (or 2 semesters), 90 ECTS (orC.1 STATISTICAL DATA (EMMCs) 3 semesters) or 120 ECTS (or 4 semesters)Note: These two sections have been included in the application form for information and statistical purposes only. Only EMMCs funded during the first phase of the programme and whose programme funding has come to an end with the 2011 edition of the joint programme or before1, must answer positively to the question "Is the proposal a continuation of an existing EMMC?" and provide the information requested under the next three fields. When an EMMC proposal is selected for funding, the Agency concludes a five- year Framework Partnership Agreement with the coordinating institution. The EM Framework Partnership Agreement number is specified on the front page of this document and comprises a group of 4 digits corresponding to the year of the first funded edition followed with a group of 4 additional digits, e.g. 2007-0012. If the new proposal includes important changes in relation to the previously funded EMMC – for instance in the consortium composition or in the course content or structure – these changes will be assessed by the Agency with the assistance of the external independent experts.1 Those EMMCs that have unsuccessfully applied for a continuation of funding under the 2009 or 2010 Call for Proposals shouldanswer "yes" to the EMMC continuation question 15
  • 16. Note: Please specify if the proposal was already submitted under previous EM calls for proposals. The objective is to retrieve past information so as to analyse improvement made by the consortium as compared to the earlier application and the way experts recommendations have been taken into account. For the previously submitted applications, the application number was composed of groups of digits followed with groups of letters (e.g.: 502936-1-2010-1-EN-ERA MUNDUS-EMMC). Please provide the 6 first digits (e.g. 502936)Note: This information will be used for statistical purposes only Specify if the joint programme foresees that enrolled students will have to perform a traineeship / internship / professional placement accounting in the final grading/ECTS obtained Refer to the definition of "European countrie s" as stated in the chapter 2 "definition and glossary" of the EM Programme Guide. Drop-down list of months Drop-down list of months Drop-down list: values "1" or "2" Drop-down list with values from 2 to 9Note: The duration of the EMMC covers the period: starting with the beginning of the first students mandatory activities and ending with the official communication of the final results and the official graduation ceremony If some students have to join the programme at an earlier stage –for instance, in order to take intensive language courses –, this period must not be included in the joint programmes duration. 16
  • 17. As stated under section 4.2.2 of the EM Programme Guide, the joint programme must start the earliest in August of year "n" (year when the students are selected) and end at the latest in October of the relevant year (depending if the course if of 60, 90 or 120 ECTS).  It is the consortium responsibility to ensure, in accordance with the different academic calendars in place in the participating institutions, that the start and end dates fall within the mandatory timeframe.  The question on the number of countries visited by the candidates during their studies must be answered while bearing in mind the EMMC minimum mobility requirements as stated in section 4.2.2 of the EM Programme Guide. The minimum number of countries to be visited during EMMC activities applies to all enrolled students.  Since the individual fellowship amount for Category B candidates varies in accordance with the requirement (or not) to visit non-EU partners or associated partners, applicants are invited to specify this aspect in their answers to the relevant under sub-criteria (e.g. A.1.5) Drop-down listNote: EMMC consortia are free to decide in which language(s) the joint programme will be delivered. The language field provides the list of all official languages of the European Union. Applicants can add as many languages as relevant, but in this case this must be clearly explained under the relevant award criteria, as well as to the students prior to their enrolment. the amount must be provided in euro the amount must be provided in euroNote: As stated under footnote 40 of the EM Programme Guide, participation costs must be understood as "any compulsory administrative/operational cost related to the participation of the student in the EMMC (e.g. library, tuition, social security and insurance, etc.)" not covered by the consortium and therefore, charged to enrolled students. The amounts to be provided must correspond to the participation costs per semester (i.e. for 30 ECTS) and in euro charged to candidate students, irrespective of whether or not they receive an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. If necessary, consortia can define different amounts for European and non-European students. 17
  • 18. Detailed information on the coverage of the participation costs, the way they have been calculated and, if applicable, their estimated evolution during the period covered by the Framework Partnership Agreement will have to be provided in the answers to the relevant award sub-criteria (e.g. A.2.5, 3.2 for EMMC proposals B.3.4 for EMJD proposals). If the participation costs amounts for any of the two categories exceed the EM Programme maximum contribution included in the students scholarships, the consortium will have to explain (more particularly under sub-criterion A.2.5 and B.3.4) how and by whom the difference between this maximum contribution and the actual participation costs will be covered. If other non mandatory participation costs are charged to students for their participation in specific activities these costs must be specified to the students, at application stage at the latest. Note: Applicant consortia should specify the number of students they expect to enrol per edition of their EMMC (all students, with or without EM scholarship) , bearing in mind that: o the number of scholarships offered by the Programme will be defined on a yearly basis for each of the five consecutive funded editions of the EMMC and will vary in accordance with the joint programmes "seniority" (i.e. previous years of EM funding). For the remaining period of EM 2009-2013, this number will most probably vary from 17 to 14 scholarships for the new EMMCs, and 12 to 10 for "continued" ones. o the joint programme should not depend exclusively on the Erasmus Mundus funding.C.1 STATISTICAL DATA (EMJDs) Drop-down list: values "3" or "4" To be answered only if applicableNote: EMJDs can last 3 or 4 years but the Erasmus Mundus fellowships are always awarded for period of 3 years or 36 months. If the EMJD is expected to last four years: o the 36-month fellowship can be used at any time during this period but the monthly allowance cannot be recalculated in order to cover 48 months; o the consortium will have to explain how the doctoral candidates costs incurred during the year not covered by the fellowship will be taken care of and how the enrolment 18
  • 19. conditions and costs will remain coherent as compared to those of the period covered by the fellowship. As stated under section 5.2.2 of the EM Programme Guide, joint doctorate programmes should ensure that, on a yearly basis, all recruited doctoral candidates start their doctorate activities between August "year n" and March "year n+1" and complete these activities (including the thesis defence) at the latest by October of "year n+4". It is the consortium responsibility to ensure, in accordance with the different academic calendars in place in the participating institutions, that the start and end dates fall within this timeframe. An EMJD is considered to be "laboratory-based" if the research projects carried out by the candidate students require the usage of expensive equipment/materials , the execution of external fieldwork or involve particularly high costs that would (largely) exceed the 300 € / month included in the fellowship amount for " non-laboratory-based" research projects. The selection of the "laboratory-based" (or "non-laboratory-based") option will have to be justified in the answer to the relevant sub-criteria (e.g. B.3.4). These explanations will be assessed by the external independent experts and, if necessary, be the subject of a request for clarification from the consortium if the joint programme is selected for funding. Once an EMJD has been defined as "laboratory-based" (or "non-laboratory-based"), the corresponding amount of participation costs will be included in the individual fellowship amount of all recruited candidates. In the case of a "laboratory-based" EMJD, the Agency will reserve the right to request the reimburseme nt of the difference with the "non-laboratory- based" amount if, at final report stage, it appears that the individual candidates research project does not justify the additional costs. Tick boxes with multiple choice possibleNote: EMJDs are required to offer "employment contracts" (see section 2 "Definitions and Glossary" of the EM programme Guide) to their Erasmus Mundus fellowship holders except in adequately documented cases where national regulation would prohibit this possibility. If such a contract may not be awarded (this will have to be duly justified in the application form), the EMJD consortium may opt for another approach compatible with national legislation and the necessary social security coverage for the fellowship holders. The fields below will be displayed only if the box is "ticked" 19
  • 20. The fields below will be displayed only if the box is "ticked"Note: These two sections have been included in the application form for information and statistical purposes only. The relevant data should be provided only if applicable. When an EMMC proposal is selected for funding, the Agency concludes a five- year Framework Partnership Agreement with the Coordinating institution. The EM Framework Partnership Agreement number is specified on the front page of the document and comprises a group of 4 digits for the year of the first funded edition followed with a group of 4 additional digits, e.g. 2007-0012Note: Please specify if the proposal was already submitted under previous EM calls for proposals. The objective is to retrieve past information in order to analyse the improvements made by the consortium as compared to the earlier application and the way the experts recommendations have been taken into account. The application number starts with a group of 6 digits followed with groups of letters, e.g.: 502936-(EM) - 1-2010-1-FR-ERA MUNDUS-EMJD. Please provide the 6 first digits , i.e. in this case 502936 Drop-down listNote: The question on the countries visited by the candidates during their doctoral research project should be answered while bearing in mind the EMJD minimum mobility requirements stated in section 5.2.2 of the EM Programme Guide. The minimum number of countries to be visited during the research activities must apply to all enrolled candidates. Since the individual fellowship amount for Category B candidates varies in accordance with the requirement (or not) to visit non-EU partners or associated partners, applicants are invited to specify this aspect in their answers to the relevant under sub-criteria (e.g. B.3.2) 20
  • 21. All selected EMJDs should include a training component in core and transversal skills directly related to the researchers professional needs. EMJD consortia are free to decide in which language(s) these training modules will be delivered. The language field provides the list of all official languages of the European Union.Note:Applicant consortia should specify the number of candidates they expect to enrol per edition oftheir EMJD (all doctoral candidates, with or without EM fellowship), bearing in mind that the number of fellowships offered by the Programme will be defined on a yearly basis for each of the five consecutive funded editions of the EMJD. This number will most probably vary between 10 and 7 fellowships for each edition of the joint programme. the joint programme should not depend exclusively on the Erasmus Mundus funding.C.2 THEMATIC FIELDS Drop-down list with general categories of thematic fields Drop-down list with specific categories of thematic fields, filtered according to the choice made under the "level 1" 21
  • 22. Note: The list of thematic fields – level 1 and 2 - is available in annex to these instructions. Applicant consortia have the possibility to select up to three different thematic areas among the list of domains provided in the drop -down lists. In order to do so they should: 1. identify first the "main area" of the joint programme and select the relevant category under those provided under "level 1" and 2. select the specific category under those provided under "level 2" 3. if applicable, provide a free text describing the thematic area if t he option "other" has been selected under "level 2". 4. repeat – where applicable – steps 2 to 3 for the "second" and "third" thematic area covered by the joint programme.C.3 SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECTFor successful applications, this section will be reproduced, as presented, in the form of anabstract in compendia and other publications used for the promotion and publicity of the ErasmusMundus programme.Applicants should therefore ensure that the text gives a concrete overview of the joint programmein its content, structure and main characteristics (thematic areas covered, institutions involved,structure and length of the programme, final degree(s) awarded, etc.) The limit of 3000 characters(including spaces) cannot be exceeded. The abstract must be provided in English, French orGerman.Part D. Technical CapacityNote: Please read section 5.4 of the eForm User Guide for information on the way Part D behaves and needs to be filled in. 22
  • 23. Note: Under this section, the applicant should list all relevant projects/activities imple mented by the consortium members in relation to the proposal (e.g. joint international programmes at masters/doctorate level, delivery of joint/double/multiple degrees, management of international mobility schemes, research expertise in the thematic areas concerned, joint ventures or start ups with private enterprises related to the joint programme thematic areas, etc.)Note: Once Parts A and B have been created for each consortium member a part D.2 will be generated automatically for each of these organisations. Note that this does not apply for associated partners identified under Parts A and B. For each of the organisations concerned, the consortium will have to describe the relevant skills and experience of the key staff directly involved in the implementation of the joint programme, from an academic, research, financial and/or administrative point of view (A maximum of 750 characters may be recorded for each member of staff. Please note that these fields enable you to provide CV information but it is not possible to enter or upload actual CVs). There should be at least one person identified per consortium member (applicant and partners) with a maximum of three (e.g. one administrator and two academics/research ers). The information provided in Part D will be used in rel ation to the assessment of the consortiums quality and expertise in implementing a joint postgraduate programme (for instance sub-criteria A.1.5, 3.1 for EMMC proposals or B.2.1, or 5.1 for EMJD proposals). 23
  • 24. Part E. Degree(s) AwardedNote: Please read section 5.5 of the eForm User Guide for information on the way Part E behaves and needs to be filled in. Multiple choice possibleNote: Once Parts A and B have been created for each consortium full partner a part E will be generated automatically for each of these organisations. Note that this does not apply for associated partners selected under Parts A and B. Under this section the degree-awarding institutions will have to specify the type of degree(s) intended to be awarded to successful students or doctoral candidates as well as the official name of each of these degrees, and the function of the degree signatory. First, applicants will have to select one or more of the three options provided to identify the type of degree(s) that will be delivered to successful students or doctoral candidates ( i.e. Double degree, Multiple Degree or Joint Degree). Please note that, depending on the mobility track and the degree(s) awarded by the corresponding institutions, it is possible that, within the same cohort, some graduates will receive a joint degree, while other s will receive a double or a multiple degree, or even a joint degree accompanied by one or more national degrees. In a second step, each of the degrees intended to be delivered by the consortium members will have to be presented in the table. The information to be provided concerns : o the official name of the degree in the language of the degree awarding organisation; o its translation in English, if available; 24
  • 25. o its type, i.e. if it will be delivered as a "stand-alone" national degree or as part of a joint degree; its recognition status at the time of the application (i.e. already recognised or not) and o depending on the answer provided before, the expected date for its official recognition or its validity end date. o the function/position of the degree signatory: EMMCs and EMJDs should lead to the award of (a) formal degree document(s) which lay out , content, visas and signature(s) are in line with the national legislation and regulations concerned. Therefore degree awarding institutions are expected to indicate in section E which of their authorities will sign the formal degree document awarded (e.g. rector). The eligibility of the degree(s) intended to be awarded will be cross-checked with the Erasmus Mundus National Structures of the countries concerned (and where applicable also with the EU delegations). In order to facilitate the verification process by EM National Structures , and for already accredited degrees, each European degree awarding institution (i.e. applicant and full partners) must provide in annex to the application package (see 1.4. B.2.b above) proof of recognition of the proposed degree to the EM National Structure of its country. When already accredited/recognised, the consortium must provide the proof of recognition to the relevant EM National Structures in accordance with the national requirements in place. When the recognition/accreditation process is not yet completed, the consortium will have to demonstrate either that this process has already been launched or that it will be completed in time and prior to the enrolment of the first Erasmus Mundus students in the joint programme. The degree award institutions concerned are strongly invited to contact their respective National Structure prior to the application deadline to verify the necessary documents they should provide (or to consult the relevant National Structures websites if the information is available there). The National Structures contact l ist is available at: -mundus/doc1515_en.htm2.2. Next stepsUp to this point, you will have entered all the information required to complete Document 1 of theeForm. The next steps are: to attach Documents 2 and 3 (mandatory): DOCUMENT 2: a signed and scanned Declaration on Honour by the Legal Representative of the Applicant Organisation. DOCUMENT 3: the Consortiums answer to the Award criteria (Max 25 pages – Times New Roman font – Font size 11). 25
  • 26. There is a limit of 5 MB to the total (combined) size of the two attachments. For more information on how toattach these documents within your eForm, please refer to Section 6 of the eForm User Guide. Validate your eFormPlease refer to Section 7 of the eForm User Guide. Submit your eFormPlease refer to Section 8 of the eForm User Guide.As part of the submission process, an e: mail message acknowledging receipt of your eForm is automaticallysent to the email address you entered for the contact person of the Applicant Organisation (Part A.2). Pleasenote that the reference that appears in this message to a "backup" (i.e. paper copy) is not applicable toErasmus Mundus Action 1 applications. 26
  • 27. ANNEXES: CODES AND REFERENCES TO BE USED IN THE EFORMAnnex 1. List of Organisation TypesOnly for Applicant organisation Higher Education Institution  Chamber of industryOnly for Partner organisations  Enterprise large (> 500 employees)  SME Higher Education Institution  Non profit/ Non gouvernemental organisation HE research centre/organisation  Professional associations Private research centre/organisation  Social partners (trade unions, etc) Public research centre/organisation (not HE)  Assoc. of professors and researchers Graduate/Doctoral School  Assoc. of Universities Public authority (local)  Other Public authority (national) Public authority (regional) Chamber of commerce / crafts 27
  • 28. Annex 2. List of thematic fields 2 Humanities and Arts1 Education 21 Arts14 Teacher training and education science 210 Arts (broad programmes)140 Teacher training and education science (broad programmes) 211 Fine arts1401 Teacher training, general 212 Music and performing arts1402 Practical pedagogical courses, general 2121 Music and musicology141 Teaching and training 2122 Performing arts142 Education science 213 Audio-visual techniques and media production1421 Didactics 214 Design1422 Education science 215 Craft skills1423 Educational assessment, testing and measurement 219 Arts (others) 22 Humanities1424 Educational evaluation and research1425 Pedagogical sciences 220 Humanities (broad programmes)143 Training for pre-school teachers 221 Religion1431 Early childhood teaching 222 Foreign languages1432 Preprimary teacher training 2221 Modern EC languages144 Training for teachers at basic levels 2222 General and comparative literature1441 Class teacher training 2223 Linguistics1442 Home language teacher training 2224 Translation, interpretation1443 Primary teaching 2225 Classical philology1444 Teacher training for children with special needs 2226 Non-EC languages145 Training for teachers with subject specialisation 2227 Less widely taught languages1451 Secondary teaching 2228 Regional and minority languages1452 Teacher Training theoretical subjects, e.g. English, Mathematics, History 2229 Others - Languages and philological sciences1453 Teacher Training: Foreign Language Teaching 223 Mother tongue146 Training for teachers of vocational subjects 224 History, philosophy and related subjects1461 Teacher training - Arts and crafts 225 History and archeology1462 Teacher training - Commercial subjects 226 Philosophy and ethics1463 Teacher training - Music 229 Humanities (others)1464 Teacher training - Nursing 3 Social sciences, Business and Law1465 Teacher training - Physical training 31 Social and behavioural science1466 Teacher training - Technical subjects1467 Driving instructor training 310 Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)1468 Training of instructors at companies 311 Psychology1469 Training of trainers 312 Sociology and cultural studies149 Teacher training and education science (others) 313 Political science and civics 314 Economics 28
  • 29. 317 Anthropology 4411 Nuclear and high energy physics318 Development studies 4412 Astronomy, astrophysics319 Social and behavioural science (others) 442 Chemistry32 Journalism and information 4421 Biochemistry321 Journalism and reporting 443 Earth science3211 Radio / TV Broadcasting 4431 Geography, geology322 Library, information, archive 4432 Geography3221 Documentation, archiving 4434 Geology3222 Museum studies, conservation 4435 Soil and water sciences329 Journalism and information (others) 4436 Geodesy, cartography, remote sensing34 Business and administration 4437 Meteorology340 Business and administration (broad programmes) 4438 Oceanography341 Wholesale and retail sales 4439 Others - Geography, geology342 Marketing and advertising 449 Physical science (others)343 Finance, banking, insurance 46 Mathematics and statistics344 Accounting and taxation 461 Mathematics345 Management and administration 462 Statistics346 Secretarial and office work 4621 Actuarial science347 Working life 469 Mathematics (others)349 Business and administration (others) 48 Computing38 Law 481 Computer science380 Law 4811 Artificial intelligence3801 Comparative law, law with languages 482 Computer use3802 International law 489 Computing (others)3803 Civil law3804 Criminal law, criminology 5 Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction3805 Constitutional / Public law 52 Engineering and engineering trades3806 Public administration 520 Engineering and engineering trades (broad programmes)3807 European Community / EU law 521 Mechanics and metal work3808 Others - Law 522 Electricity and energy 523 Electronics and automation4 Science, Mathematics and Computing 524 Chemical and process42 Life science 525 Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft421 Biology and biochemistry 5251 Aeronautical Engineering4211 Microbiology, biotechnology 529 Engineering and engineering trades (others)422 Environmental science 54 Manufacturing and processing44 Physical science 540 Manufacturing and processing (broad programmes)440 Physical science (broad programmes) 541 Food processing441 Physics 542 Textiles, clothes, footwear, leather 29
  • 30. 543 Materials (wood, paper, plastic, glass) 724 Dental studies544 Mining and extraction 725 Medical diagnostic and treatment technology549 Manufacturing and processing (other) 726 Therapy and rehabilitation58 Architecture and building 727 Pharmacy581 Architecture and town planning 729 Health (others)5811 Architecture 76 Social services5812 Interior design 761 Child care and youth services5813 Urban planning 762 Social work and counselling5814 Regional planning 769 Social services (others)5815 Landscape architecture5816 Transport and traffic studies 8 Services582 Building and civil engineering 81 Personal services5821 Materials science 810 Personal services (broad programmes)589 Architecture and building (others) 811 Hotel, restaurant and catering 812 Travel, tourism and leisure6 Agriculture and Veterinary 813 Sports62 Agriculture, forestry and fishery 814 Domestic services620 Agriculture, forestry and fishery (broad programmes) 815 Hair and beauty services6201 Agricultural economics 819 Personal services (others)6202 Food science and technology 84 Transport services6203 Tropical / Subtropical agriculture 840 Transport services621 Crop and livestock production 85 Environmental protection622 Horticulture 850 Environmental protection (broad programmes)623 Forestry 851 Environmental protection technology624 Fisheries 852 Natural environments and wildlife629 Agriculture, forestry and fishery (others) 853 Community sanitation services64 Veterinary 859 Environmental protection (others)641 Veterinary 86 Security services6411 Animal husbandry 860 Security services (broad programmes) 861 Protection of persons and property7 Health and Welfare 862 Occupational health and safety72 Health 863 Military and defence720 Health (broad programmes) 869 Security services (others)721 Medicine7211 Psychiatry and clinical psychology7212 Public health7213 Medical technology722 Medical services723 Nursing and caring 30
  • 31. Annex 3. Country codes CC Cocos (Keeling) IslandsA CO ColombiaAF KM Comoros AfghanistanAX CG Congo Aland IslandsAL CD Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The AlbaniaDZ CK Cook Islands AlgeriaAS CR Costa Rica American SamoaAD CI Côte D´Ivoire AndorraAO HR CROATIA AngolaAI CU Cuba AnguillaAQ CY CYPRUS AntarcticaAG CZ CZECH REPUBLIC Antigua and BarbudaAR D ArgentinaAM DK DENMARK ArmeniaAW DJ Djibouti ArubaAU DM Dominica AustraliaAT DO Dominican Republic AUSTRIAAZ E AzerbaijanB EC EcuadorBS EG Egypt BahamasBH SV El Salvador BahrainBD GQ Equatorial Guinea BangladeshBB ER Eritrea BarbadosBY EE ESTONIA BelarusBE ET Ethiopia BELGIUMBZ F BelizeBJ FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) and British BeninBM Bermuda Antarctic TerritoriesBT FO Faroe Islands BhutanBO FJ Fiji BoliviaBA FI FINLAND Bosnia And HerzegovinaBW FR FRANCE BotswanaBV GF French Guiana Bouvet IslandBR PF French Polynesia BrazilIO TF French Southern Territories British Indian Ocean TerritoryBN G Brunei DarussalamBG GA Gabon BULGARIABF GM Gambia Burkina FasoBI GE Georgia BurundiC DE GERMANYKH GH Ghana CambodiaCM GI Gibraltar CameroonCA GR GREECE CanadaCV GL Greenland Cape VerdeKY GD Grenada Cayman IslandsCF GP Guadeloupe Central African RepublicTD GU Guam ChadCL GT Guatemala ChileCN GG Guernsey ChinaCX GN Guinea Christmas IslandCJ GW Guinea-Bissau Cisjordanie / West Bank (and Gaza strip) 31
  • 32. GY Guyana MU MauritiusH YT MayotteHT Haiti MX MexicoHM Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands FM Micronesia, Federated States OfVA Holy See (Vatican City State) MD Moldova, Republic OfHN Honduras MC MonacoHK Hong Kong MN MongoliaHU HUNGARY ME MontenegroI MS MontserratIS ICELAND MA MoroccoIN India MZ MozambiqueID Indonesia MM MyanmarIR Iran, Islamic Republic Of NIQ Iraq NA NamibiaIE IRELAND NR NauruIM Isle Of Man NP NepalIL Israel NL NETHERLANDSIT ITALY AN Netherlands AntillesJ NC New CaledoniaJM Jamaica NZ New ZealandJP Japan NI NicaraguaJE Jersey NE NigerJO Jordan NG NigeriaK NU NiueKZ Kazakhstan NF Norfolk IslandKE Kenya MP Northern Mariana IslandsKI Kiribati NO NORWAYKP Korea, Democratic People´s Republic Of OMKR Korea, Republic Of OM OmanXK Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/1999 PKW Kuwait PK PakistanKG Kyrgyzstan PW PalauL PS Palestinian Territory, OccupiedLA Lao People´S Democratic Republic PA PanamaLV LATVIA PG Papua New GuineaLB Lebanon PY ParaguayLS Lesotho PE PeruLR Liberia PH PhilippinesLY Libyan Arab Jamahiriya PN PitcairnLI LIECHTENSTEIN PL POLANDLT LITHUANIA PT PORTUGALLU LUXEMBOURG PR Puerto RicoM QAMO Macao QA QatarMG Madagascar RMW Malawi RE RéunionMY Malaysia RO ROMANIAMV Maldives RU Russian FederationML Mali RW RwandaMT MALTA SMH Marshall Islands SH St Helena, Ascension Island, Tristan da CunhaMQ Martinique KN Saint Kitts And NevisMR Mauritania LC Saint Lucia 32
  • 33. PM Saint Pierre And Miquelon TG TogoVC Saint Vincent And The Grenadines TK TokelauWS Samoa TO TongaSM San Marino TT Trinidad And TobagoST Sao Tome And Principe TN TunisiaSA Saudi Arabia TR TURKEYSN Senegal TM TurkmenistanRS Serbia TC Turks And Caicos IslandsCS Serbia And Montenegro TV TuvaluSC Seychelles USL Sierra Leone UG UgandaSG Singapore UA UkraineSK SLOVAKIA AE United Arab EmiratesSI SLOVENIA GB UNITED KINGDOMSB Solomon Islands US United StatesSO Somalia UM United States Minor Outlying IslandsZA South Africa UY Uruguay South Georgia And The South Sandwich UZ UzbekistanGS Islands VES SPAIN VU VanuatuLK Sri Lanka VE VenezuelaSD Sudan VN Viet NamSR Suriname VG Virgin Islands, BritishSJ Svalbard And Jan Mayen VI Virgin Islands, U.S.SZ Swaziland WSE SWEDEN WF Wallis And FutunaCH Switzerland EH Western SaharaSY Syrian Arab Republic YT YE YemenTW Taiwan, Province Of China ZM ZambiaTJ Tajikistan ZW ZimbabweTZ Tanzania, United Republic OfTH ThailandMK the former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaTL Timor-Leste 33
  • 34. Annex 4: Regional codesEUMS Member StatesAT AUSTRIAAT1 OSTÖSTERREICH AT3 WESTÖSTERREICHAT11 Burgenland (A) AT31 OberösterreichAT111 Mittelburgenland AT311 InnviertelAT112 Nordburgenland AT312 Linz-WelsAT113 Südburgenland AT313 MühlviertelAT12 Niederösterreich AT314 Steyr-KirchdorfAT121 Mostviertel-Eisenwurzen AT315 TraunviertelAT122 Niederösterreich-Süd AT32 SalzburgAT123 Sankt Pölten AT321 LungauAT124 Waldviertel AT322 Pinzgau-PongauAT125 Weinviertel AT323 Salzburg und UmgebungAT126 Wiener Umland/Nordteil AT33 TirolAT127 Wiener Umland/Südteil AT331 AußerfernAT13 Wien AT332 InnsbruckAT130 Wien AT333 OsttirolAT2 SÜDÖSTERREICH AT334 Tiroler OberlandAT21 Kärnten AT335 Tiroler UnterlandAT211 Klagenfurt-Villach AT34 VorarlbergAT212 Oberkärnten AT341 Bludenz-Bregenzer WaldAT213 Unterkärnten AT342 Rheintal-BodenseegebietAT22 Steiermark ATZ EXTRA-REGIOAT221 Graz ATZZ Extra-RegioAT222 Liezen ATZZZ Extra-RegioAT223 Östliche ObersteiermarkAT224 OststeiermarkAT225 West- und SüdsteiermarkAT226 Westliche ObersteiermarkBE BELGIUMBE1 RÉGION BRUXELLES-CAP. / BE3 RÉGION WALLONNE BRUSSELS HOOFD.BE10 Région Bruxelles-Cap. / Brussels BE31 Prov. Brabant Wallon Hoofdstedelijk GewestBE100 Arr. de Bruxelles-Capitale / Arr. van BE310 Arr. Nivelles Brussel-HoofdstadBE2 VLAAMS GEWEST BE32 Prov. HainautBE21 Prov. Antwerpen BE321 Arr. AthBE211 Arr. Antwerpen BE322 Arr. CharleroiBE212 Arr. Mechelen BE323 Arr. MonsBE213 Arr. Turnhout BE324 Arr. MouscronBE22 Prov. Limburg (B) BE325 Arr. SoigniesBE221 Arr. Hasselt BE326 Arr. ThuinBE222 Arr. Maaseik BE327 Arr. TournaiBE223 Arr. Tongeren BE33 Prov. LiègeBE23 Prov. Oost-Vlaanderen BE331 Arr. HuyBE231 Arr. Aalst BE332 Arr. LiègeBE232 Arr. Dendermonde BE334 Arr. Waremme 34
  • 35. BE233 Arr. Eeklo BE335 Arr. Verviers - communes francophonesBE234 Arr. Gent BE336 Bezirk Verviers - Deutschsprachige GemeinschaftBE235 Arr. Oudenaarde BE34 Prov. Luxembourg (B)BE236 Arr. Sint-Niklaas BE341 Arr. ArlonBE24 Prov. Vlaams-Brabant BE342 Arr. BastogneBE241 Arr. Halle-Vilvoorde BE343 Arr. Marche-en-FamenneBE242 Arr. Leuven BE344 Arr. NeufchâteauBE25 Prov. West-Vlaanderen BE345 Arr. VirtonBE251 Arr. Brugge BE35 Prov. NamurBE252 Arr. Diksmuide BE351 Arr. DinantBE253 Arr. Ieper BE352 Arr. NamurBE254 Arr. Kortrijk BE353 Arr. PhilippevilleBE255 Arr. Oostende BEZ EXTRA-REGIOBE256 Arr. Roeselare BEZZ Extra-RegioBE257 Arr. Tielt BEZZZ Extra-RegioBE258 Arr. VeurneBG BULGARIABG3 SEVERNA I IZTOCHNA BG342 Sliven BULGARIABG31 Severozapaden BG343 YambolBG311 Vidin BG344 Stara ZagoraBG312 Montana BG4 YUGOZAPADNA I YUZHNA TSENTRALNA BULGARIABG313 Vratsa BG41 YugozapadenBG314 Pleven BG411 Sofia (stolitsa)BG315 Lovech BG412 SofiaBG32 Severen tsentralen BG413 BlagoevgradBG321 Veliko Tarnovo BG414 PernikBG322 Gabrovo BG415 KyustendilBG323 Ruse BG42 Yuzhen tsentralenBG324 Razgrad BG421 PlovdivBG325 Silistra BG422 HaskovoBG33 Severoiztochen BG423 PazardzhikBG331 Varna BG424 SmolyanBG332 Dobrich BG425 KardzhaliBG333 Shumen BGZ EXTRA-REGIOBG334 Targovishte BGZZ Extra-RegioBG34 Yugoiztochen BGZZZ Extra-RegioBG341 BurgasCY CYPRUSCY0 KYPROS / KIBRIS CYZ EXTRA-REGIOCY00 Kypros / Kibris CYZZ Extra-RegioCY000 Kypros / Kibris CYZZZ Extra-RegioCZ CZECH REPUBLICCZ0 CESKA REPUBLIKA CZ052 Kralovehradecky krajCZ01 Praha CZ053 Pardubicky kraj 35
  • 36. CZ010 Hlavni mesto Praha CZ06 JihovychodCZ02 Stredni Cechy CZ063 VysocinaCZ020 Stredocesky kraj CZ064 Jihomoravsky krajCZ03 Jihozapad CZ07 Stredni MoravaCZ031 Jihocesky kraj CZ071 Olomoucky krajCZ032 Plzensky kraj CZ072 Zlinsky krajCZ04 Severozapad CZ08 MoravskoslezskoCZ041 Karlovarsky kraj CZ080 Moravskoslezsky krajCZ042 Ustecky kraj CZZ EXTRA-REGIOCZ05 Severovychod CZZZ Extra-RegioCZ051 Liberecky kraj CZZZZ Extra-RegioDE GERMANYDE1 BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG DE125 Heidelberg, StadtkreisDE11 Stuttgart DE126 Mannheim, StadtkreisDE111 Stuttgart, Stadtkreis DE127 Neckar-Odenwald-KreisDE112 Böblingen DE128 Rhein-Neckar-KreisDE113 Esslingen DE129 Pforzheim, StadtkreisDE114 Göppingen DE12A CalwDE115 Ludwigsburg DE12B EnzkreisDE116 Rems-Murr-Kreis DE12C FreudenstadtDE117 Heilbronn, Stadtkreis DE13 FreiburgDE118 Heilbronn, Landkreis DE131 Freiburg im Breisgau, StadtkreisDE119 Hohenlohekreis DE132 Breisgau-HochschwarzwaldDE11A Schwäbisch Hall DE133 EmmendingenDE11B Main-Tauber-Kreis DE134 OrtenaukreisDE11C Heidenheim DE135 RottweilDE11D Ostalbkreis DE136 Schwarzwald-Baar-KreisDE12 Karlsruhe DE137 TuttlingenDE121 Baden-Baden, Stadtkreis DE138 KonstanzDE122 Karlsruhe, Stadtkreis DE139 LörrachDE123 Karlsruhe, Landkreis DE13A WaldshutDE124 Rastatt DE14 TübingenDE141 Reutlingen DE247 Coburg, LandkreisDE142 Tübingen, Landkreis DE248 ForchheimDE143 Zollernalbkreis DE249 Hof, LandkreisDE144 Ulm, Stadtkreis DE24A KronachDE145 Alb-Donau-Kreis DE24B KulmbachDE146 Biberach DE24C LichtenfelsDE147 Bodenseekreis DE24D Wunsiedel i. FichtelgebirgeDE148 Ravensburg DE25 MittelfrankenDE149 Sigmaringen DE251 Ansbach, Kreisfreie StadtDE2 BAYERN DE252 Erlangen, Kreisfreie StadtDE21 Oberbayern DE253 Fürth, Kreisfreie StadtDE211 Ingolstadt, Kreisfreie Stadt DE254 Nürnberg, Kreisfreie StadtDE212 München, Kreisfreie Stadt DE255 Schwabach, Kreisfreie StadtDE213 Rosenheim, Kreisfreie Stadt DE256 Ansbach, LandkreisDE214 Altötting DE257 Erlangen-HöchstadtDE215 Berchtesgadener Land DE258 Fürth, LandkreisDE216 Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen DE259 Nürnberger LandDE217 Dachau DE25A Neustadt a. d. Aisch-Bad WindsheimDE218 Ebersberg DE25B Roth 36
  • 37. DE219 Eichstätt DE25C Weißenburg-GunzenhausenDE21A Erding DE26 UnterfrankenDE21B Freising DE261 Aschaffenburg, Kreisfreie StadtDE21C Fürstenfeldbruck DE262 Schweinfurt, Kreisfreie StadtDE21D Garmisch-Partenkirchen DE263 Würzburg, Kreisfreie StadtDE21E Landsberg a. Lech DE264 Aschaffenburg, LandkreisDE21F Miesbach DE265 Bad KissingenDE21G Mühldorf a. Inn DE266 Rhön-GrabfeldDE21H München, Landkreis DE267 HaßbergeDE21I Neuburg-Schrobenhausen DE268 KitzingenDE21J Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm DE269 MiltenbergDE21K Rosenheim, Landkreis DE26A Main-SpessartDE21L Starnberg DE26B Schweinfurt, LandkreisDE21M Traunstein DE26C Würzburg, LandkreisDE21N Weilheim-Schongau DE27 SchwabenDE22 Niederbayern DE271 Augsburg, Kreisfreie StadtDE221 Landshut, Kreisfreie Stadt DE272 Kaufbeuren, Kreisfreie StadtDE222 Passau, Kreisfreie Stadt DE273 Kempten (Allgäu), Kreisfreie StadtDE223 Straubing, Kreisfreie Stadt DE274 Memmingen, Kreisfreie StadtDE224 Deggendorf DE275 Aichach-FriedbergDE225 Freyung-Grafenau DE276 Augsburg, LandkreisDE226 Kelheim DE277 Dillingen a.d. DonauDE227 Landshut, Landkreis DE278 GünzburgDE228 Passau, Landkreis DE279 Neu-UlmDE229 Regen DE27A Lindau (Bodensee)DE22A Rottal-Inn DE27B OstallgäuDE22B Straubing-Bogen DE27C UnterallgäuDE22C Dingolfing-Landau DE27D Donau-RiesDE23 Oberpfalz DE27E OberallgäuDE231 Amberg, Kreisfreie Stadt DE3 BERLINDE232 Regensburg, Kreisfreie Stadt DE30 BerlinDE233 Weiden i. d. Opf, Kreisfreie DE300 Berlin StadtDE234 Amberg-Sulzbach DE4 BRANDENBURGDE235 Cham DE41 Brandenburg - NordostDE236 Neumarkt i. d. OPf. DE411 Frankfurt (Oder), Kreisfreie StadtDE237 Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab DE412 BarnimDE238 Regensburg, Landkreis DE413 Märkisch-OderlandDE239 Schwandorf DE414 OberhavelDE23A Tirschenreuth DE415 Oder-SpreeDE24 Oberfranken DE416 Ostprignitz-RuppinDE241 Bamberg, Kreisfreie Stadt DE417 PrignitzDE242 Bayreuth, Kreisfreie Stadt DE418 UckermarkDE243 Coburg, Kreisfreie Stadt DE42 Brandenburg - SüdwestDE244 Hof, Kreisfreie Stadt DE421 Brandenburg an der Havel, Kreisfreie StadtDE245 Bamberg, Landkreis DE422 Cottbus, Kreisfreie StadtDE246 Bayreuth, Landkreis DE423 Potsdam, Kreisfreie StadtDE424 Dahme-Spreewald DE9 NIEDERSACHSENDE425 Elbe-Elster DE91 BraunschweigDE426 Havelland DE911 Braunschweig, Kreisfreie StadtDE427 Oberspreewald-Lausitz DE912 Salzgitter, Kreisfreie StadtDE428 Potsdam-Mittelmark DE913 Wolfsburg, Kreisfreie Stadt 37
  • 38. DE429 Spree-Neiße DE914 GifhornDE42A Teltow-Fläming DE915 GöttingenDE5 BREMEN DE916 GoslarDE50 Bremen DE917 HelmstedtDE501 Bremen, Kreisfreie Stadt DE918 NortheimDE502 Bremerhaven, Kreisfreie Stadt DE919 Osterode am HarzDE6 HAMBURG DE91A PeineDE60 Hamburg DE91B WolfenbüttelDE600 Hamburg DE92 HannoverDE7 HESSEN DE922 DiepholzDE71 Darmstadt DE923 Hameln-PyrmontDE711 Darmstadt, Kreisfreie Stadt DE925 HildesheimDE712 Frankfurt am Main, Kreisfreie DE926 Holzminden StadtDE713 Offenbach am Main, Kreisfreie DE927 Nienburg (Weser) StadtDE714 Wiesbaden, Kreisfreie Stadt DE928 SchaumburgDE715 Bergstraße DE929 Region HannoverDE716 Darmstadt-Dieburg DE93 LüneburgDE717 Groß-Gerau DE931 CelleDE718 Hochtaunuskreis DE932 CuxhavenDE719 Main-Kinzig-Kreis DE933 HarburgDE71A Main-Taunus-Kreis DE934 Lüchow-DannenbergDE71B Odenwaldkreis DE935 Lüneburg, LandkreisDE71C Offenbach, Landkreis DE936 OsterholzDE71D Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis DE937 Rotenburg (Wümme)DE71E Wetteraukreis DE938 Soltau-FallingbostelDE72 Gießen DE939 StadeDE721 Gießen, Landkreis DE93A UelzenDE722 Lahn-Dill-Kreis DE93B VerdenDE723 Limburg-Weilburg DE94 Weser-EmsDE724 Marburg-Biedenkopf DE941 Delmenhorst, Kreisfreie StadtDE725 Vogelsbergkreis DE942 Emden, Kreisfreie StadtDE73 Kassel DE943 Oldenburg (Oldenburg), Kreisfreie StadtDE731 Kassel, Kreisfreie Stadt DE944 Osnabrück, Kreisfreie StadtDE732 Fulda DE945 Wilhelmshaven, Kreisfreie StadtDE733 Hersfeld-Rotenburg DE946 AmmerlandDE734 Kassel, Landkreis DE947 AurichDE735 Schwalm-Eder-Kreis DE948 CloppenburgDE736 Waldeck-Frankenberg DE949 EmslandDE737 Werra-Meißner-Kreis DE94A Friesland (D)DE8 MECKLENBURG- DE94B Grafschaft Bentheim VORPOMMERNDE80 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern DE94C LeerDE801 Greifswald, Kreisfreie Stadt DE94D Oldenburg, LandkreisDE802 Neubrandenburg, Kreisfreie DE94E Osnabrück, Landkreis StadtDE803 Rostock, Kreisfreie Stadt DE94F VechtaDE804 Schwerin, Kreisfreie Stadt DE94G WesermarschDE805 Stralsund, Kreisfreie Stadt DE94H WittmundDE806 Wismar, Kreisfreie Stadt DEA NORDRHEIN-WESTFALENDE807 Bad Doberan DEA1 Düsseldorf 38
  • 39. DE808 Demmin DEA11 Düsseldorf, Kreisfreie StadtDE809 Güstrow DEA12 Duisburg, Kreisfreie StadtDE80A Ludwigslust DEA13 Essen, Kreisfreie StadtDE80B Mecklenburg-Strelitz DEA14 Krefeld, Kreisfreie StadtDE80C Müritz DEA15 Mönchengladbach, Kreisfreie StadtDE80D Nordvorpommern DEA16 Mülheim an der Ruhr,Kreisfreie StadtDE80E Nordwestmecklenburg DEA17 Oberhausen, Kreisfreie StadtDE80F Ostvorpommern DEA18 Remscheid, Kreisfreie StadtDE80G Parchim DEA19 Solingen, Kreisfreie StadtDE80H Rügen DEA1A Wuppertal, Kreisfreie StadtDE80I Uecker-Randow DEA1B Kleve DEA1C MettmannDEA1D Rhein-Kreis Neuss DEB3 Rheinhessen-PfalzDEA1E Viersen DEB31 Frankenthal (Pfalz), Kreisfreie StadtDEA1F Wesel DEB32 Kaiserslautern, Kreisfreie StadtDEA2 Köln DEB33 Landau in der Pfalz, Kreisfreie StadtDEA21 Aachen, Kreisfreie Stadt DEB34 Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Kreisfreie StadtDEA22 Bonn, Kreisfreie Stadt DEB35 Mainz, Kreisfreie StadtDEA23 Köln, Kreisfreie Stadt DEB36 Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Kreisfreie StadtDEA24 Leverkusen, Kreisfreie Stadt DEB37 Pirmasens, Kreisfreie StadtDEA25 Aachen, Kreis DEB38 Speyer, Kreisfreie StadtDEA26 Düren DEB39 Worms, Kreisfreie StadtDEA27 Rhein-Erft-Kreis DEB3A Zweibrücken, Kreisfreie StadtDEA28 Euskirchen DEB3B Alzey-WormsDEA29 Heinsberg DEB3C Bad DürkheimDEA2A Oberbergischer Kreis DEB3D DonnersbergkreisDEA2B Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis DEB3E GermersheimDEA2C Rhein-Sieg-Kreis DEB3F Kaiserslautern, LandkreisDEA3 Münster DEB3G KuselDEA31 Bottrop, Kreisfreie Stadt DEB3H Südliche WeinstraßeDEA32 Gelsenkirchen, Kreisfreie Stadt DEB3I Rhein-Pfalz-KreisDEA33 Münster, Kreisfreie Stadt DEB3J Mainz-BingenDEA34 Borken DEB3K SüdwestpfalzDEA35 Coesfeld DEC SAARLANDDEA36 Recklinghausen DEC0 SaarlandDEA37 Steinfurt DEC01 Stadtverband SaarbrückenDEA38 Warendorf DEC02 Merzig-WadernDEA4 Detmold DEC03 NeunkirchenDEA41 Bielefeld, Kreisfreie Stadt DEC04 SaarlouisDEA42 Gütersloh DEC05 Saarpfalz-KreisDEA43 Herford DEC06 St. WendelDEA44 Höxter DED SACHSENDEA45 Lippe DED1 ChemnitzDEA46 Minden-Lübbecke DED11 Chemnitz, Kreisfreie StadtDEA47 Paderborn DED12 Plauen, Kreisfreie StadtDEA5 Arnsberg DED13 Zwickau, Kreisfreie StadtDEA51 Bochum, Kreisfreie Stadt DED14 AnnabergDEA52 Dortmund, Kreisfreie Stadt DED15 Chemnitzer Land 39
  • 40. DEA53 Hagen, Kreisfreie Stadt DED16 FreibergDEA54 Hamm, Kreisfreie Stadt DED17 VogtlandkreisDEA55 Herne, Kreisfreie Stadt DED18 Mittlerer ErzgebirgskreisDEA56 Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis DED19 MittweidaDEA57 Hochsauerlandkreis DED1A StollbergDEA58 Märkischer Kreis DED1B Aue-SchwarzenbergDEA59 Olpe DED1C Zwickauer LandDEA5A Siegen-Wittgenstein DED2 DresdenDEA5B Soest DED21 Dresden, Kreisfreie StadtDEA5C Unna DED22 Görlitz, Kreisfreie StadtDEB RHEINLAND-PFALZ DED23 Hoyerswerda, Kreisfreie StadtDEB1 Koblenz DED24 BautzenDEB11 Koblenz, Kreisfreie Stadt DED25 MeißenDEB12 Ahrweiler DED26 Niederschlesischer OberlausitzkreisDEB13 Altenkirchen (Westerwald) DED27 Riesa-GroßenhainDEB14 Bad Kreuznach DED28 Löbau-ZittauDEB15 Birkenfeld DED29 Sächsische SchweizDEB16 Cochem-Zell DED2A WeißeritzkreisDEB17 Mayen-Koblenz DED2B KamenzDEB18 Neuwied DED3 LeipzigDEB19 Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis DED31 Leipzig, Kreisfreie StadtDEB1A Rhein-Lahn-Kreis DED32 DelitzschDEB1B Westerwaldkreis DED33 DöbelnDEB2 Trier DED34 Leipziger LandDEB21 Trier, Kreisfreie Stadt DED35 MuldentalkreisDEB22 Bernkastel-Wittlich DED36 Torgau-OschatzDEB23 Bitburg-Prüm DEE SACHSEN-ANHALTDEB24 Daun DEE0 Sachsen-AnhaltDEB25 Trier-Saarburg DEE01 Dessau-Roßlau, Kreisfreie StadtDEE02 Halle (Saale), Kreisfreie Stadt DEG THÜRINGENDEE03 Magdeburg, Kreisfreie Stadt DEG0 ThüringenDEE04 Altmarkkreis Salzwedel DEG01 Erfurt, Kreisfreie StadtDEE05 Anhalt-Bitterfeld DEG02 Gera, Kreisfreie StadtDEE06 Jerichower Land DEG03 Jena, Kreisfreie StadtDEE07 Börde DEG04 Suhl, Kreisfreie StadtDEE08 Burgenland (D) DEG05 Weimar, Kreisfreie StadtDEE09 Harz DEG06 EichsfeldDEE0A Mansfeld-Südharz DEG07 NordhausenDEE0B Saalekreis DEG09 Unstrut-Hainich-KreisDEE0C Salzland DEG0A KyffhäuserkreisDEE0D Stendal DEG0B Schmalkalden-MeiningenDEE0E Wittenberg DEG0C GothaDEF SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN DEG0D SömmerdaDEF0 Schleswig-Holstein DEG0E HildburghausenDEF01 Flensburg, Kreisfreie Stadt DEG0F Ilm-Kreis 40
  • 41. DEF02 Kiel, Kreisfreie Stadt DEG0G Weimarer LandDEF03 Lübeck, Kreisfreie Stadt DEG0H SonnebergDEF04 Neumünster, Kreisfreie Stadt DEG0I Saalfeld-RudolstadtDEF05 Dithmarschen DEG0J Saale-Holzland-KreisDEF06 Herzogtum Lauenburg DEG0K Saale-Orla-KreisDEF07 Nordfriesland DEG0L GreizDEF08 Ostholstein DEG0M Altenburger LandDEF09 Pinneberg DEG0N Eisenach, Kreisfreie StadtDEF0A Plön DEG0P WartburgkreisDEF0B Rendsburg-Eckernförde DEZ EXTRA-REGIODEF0C Schleswig-Flensburg DEZZ Extra-RegioDEF0D Segeberg DEZZZ Extra-RegioDEF0E SteinburgDEF0F StormarnDK DENMARKDK0 DANMARK DK031 FynDK01 Hovedstaden DK032 SydjyllandDK011 Byen København DK04 MidtjyllandDK012 Københavns omegn DK041 VestjyllandDK013 Nordsjælland DK042 ØstjyllandDK014 Bornholm DK05 NordjyllandDK02 Sjælland DK050 NordjyllandDK021 Østsjælland DKZ EXTRA-REGIODK022 Vest- og Sydsjælland DKZZ Extra-RegioDK03 Syddanmark DKZZZ Extra-RegioEE ESTONIAEE0 EESTI EE007 Kirde-EestiEE00 Eesti EE008 Lõuna-EestiEE001 Põhja-Eesti EEZ EXTRA-REGIOEE004 Lääne-Eesti EEZZ Extra-RegioEE006 Kesk-Eesti EEZZZ Extra-RegioES SPAINES1 NOROESTE ES2 NORESTEES11 Galicia ES21 País VascoES111 A Coruña ES211 ÁlavaES112 Lugo ES212 GuipúzcoaES113 Ourense ES213 VizcayaES114 Pontevedra ES22 Comunidad Foral de NavarraES12 Principado de Asturias ES220 NavarraES120 Asturias ES23 La RiojaES13 Cantabria ES230 La Rioja 41
  • 42. ES130 Cantabria ES24 Aragón ES241 HuescaES242 Teruel ES523 Valencia / ValènciaES243 Zaragoza ES53 Illes BalearsES3 COMUNIDAD DE MADRID ES531 Eivissa y FormenteraES30 Comunidad de Madrid ES532 MallorcaES300 Madrid ES533 MenorcaES4 CENTRO (E) ES6 SURES41 Castilla y León ES61 AndalucíaES411 Ávila ES611 AlmeríaES412 Burgos ES612 CádizES413 León ES613 CórdobaES414 Palencia ES614 GranadaES415 Salamanca ES615 HuelvaES416 Segovia ES616 JaénES417 Soria ES617 MálagaES418 Valladolid ES618 SevillaES419 Zamora ES62 Región de MurciaES42 Castilla-La Mancha ES620 MurciaES421 Albacete ES63 Ciudad Autónoma de CeutaES422 Ciudad Real ES630 CeutaES423 Cuenca ES64 Ciudad Autónoma de MelillaES424 Guadalajara ES640 MelillaES425 Toledo ES7 CANARIASES43 Extremadura ES70 CanariasES431 Badajoz ES703 El HierroES432 Cáceres ES704 FuerteventuraES5 ESTE ES705 Gran CanariaES51 Cataluña ES706 La GomeraES511 Barcelona ES707 La PalmaES512 Girona ES708 LanzaroteES513 Lleida ES709 TenerifeES514 Tarragona ESZ EXTRA-REGIOES52 Comunidad Valenciana ESZZ Extra-RegioES521 Alicante / Alacant ESZZZ Extra-RegioES522 Castellón / CastellóFI FINLANDFI1 MANNER-SUOMI FI193 Keski-SuomiFI13 Itä-Suomi FI194 Etelä-PohjanmaaFI131 Etelä-Savo FI195 PohjanmaaFI132 Pohjois-Savo FI196 SatakuntaFI133 Pohjois-Karjala FI197 PirkanmaaFI134 Kainuu FI1A Pohjois-SuomiFI18 Etelä-Suomi FI1A1 Keski-PohjanmaaFI181 Uusimaa FI1A2 Pohjois-PohjanmaaFI182 Itä-Uusimaa FI1A3 LappiFI183 Varsinais-Suomi FI2 ÅLANDFI184 Kanta-Häme FI20 ÅlandFI185 Päijät-Häme FI200 ÅlandFI186 Kymenlaakso FIZ EXTRA-REGIOFI187 Etelä-Karjala FIZZ Extra-Regio 42
  • 43. FI19 Länsi-Suomi FIZZZ Extra-RegioFR FRANCEFR1 ÎLE DE FRANCE FR2 BASSIN PARISIENFR10 Île de France FR21 Champagne-ArdenneFR101 Paris FR211 ArdennesFR102 Seine-et-Marne FR212 AubeFR103 Yvelines FR213 MarneFR104 Essonne FR214 Haute-MarneFR105 Hauts-de-Seine FR22 PicardieFR106 Seine-Saint-Denis FR221 AisneFR107 Val-de-Marne FR222 OiseFR108 Val-dOise FR223 SommeFR23 Haute-Normandie FR615 Pyrénées-AtlantiquesFR231 Eure FR62 Midi-PyrénéesFR232 Seine-Maritime FR621 AriègeFR24 Centre FR622 AveyronFR241 Cher FR623 Haute-GaronneFR242 Eure-et-Loir FR624 GersFR243 Indre FR625 LotFR244 Indre-et-Loire FR626 Hautes-PyrénéesFR245 Loir-et-Cher FR627 TarnFR246 Loiret FR628 Tarn-et-GaronneFR25 Basse-Normandie FR63 LimousinFR251 Calvados FR631 CorrèzeFR252 Manche FR632 CreuseFR253 Orne FR633 Haute-VienneFR26 Bourgogne FR7 CENTRE-ESTFR261 Côte-dOr FR71 Rhône-AlpesFR262 Nièvre FR711 AinFR263 Saône-et-Loire FR712 ArdècheFR264 Yonne FR713 DrômeFR3 NORD - PAS-DE-CALAIS FR714 IsèreFR30 Nord - Pas-de-Calais FR715 LoireFR301 Nord FR716 RhôneFR302 Pas-de-Calais FR717 SavoieFR4 EST FR718 Haute-SavoieFR41 Lorraine FR72 AuvergneFR411 Meurthe-et-Moselle FR721 AllierFR412 Meuse FR722 CantalFR413 Moselle FR723 Haute-LoireFR414 Vosges FR724 Puy-de-DômeFR42 Alsace FR8 MÉDITERRANÉEFR421 Bas-Rhin FR81 Languedoc-RoussillonFR422 Haut-Rhin FR811 AudeFR43 Franche-Comté FR812 GardFR431 Doubs FR813 HéraultFR432 Jura FR814 LozèreFR433 Haute-Saône FR815 Pyrénées-OrientalesFR434 Territoire de Belfort FR82 Provence-Alpes-Côte dAzurFR5 OUEST FR821 Alpes-de-Haute-ProvenceFR51 Pays de la Loire FR822 Hautes-Alpes 43
  • 44. FR511 Loire-Atlantique FR823 Alpes-MaritimesFR512 Maine-et-Loire FR824 Bouches-du-RhôneFR513 Mayenne FR825 VarFR514 Sarthe FR826 VaucluseFR515 Vendée FR83 CorseFR52 Bretagne FR831 Corse-du-SudFR521 Côtes-dArmor FR832 Haute-CorseFR522 Finistère FR9 DÉPARTEMENTS DOUTRE-MERFR523 Ille-et-Vilaine FR91 GuadeloupeFR524 Morbihan FR910 GuadeloupeFR53 Poitou-Charentes FR92 MartiniqueFR531 Charente FR920 MartiniqueFR532 Charente-Maritime FR93 GuyaneFR533 Deux-Sèvres FR930 GuyaneFR534 Vienne FR94 RéunionFR6 SUD-OUEST FR940 RéunionFR61 Aquitaine FR94 RéunionFR611 Dordogne FR940 RéunionFR612 Gironde FRZ EXTRA-REGIOFR613 Landes FRZZ Extra-RegioFR614 Lot-et-Garonne FRZZZ Extra-RegioGR GREECEGR1 VOREIA ELLADA GR23 Dytiki ElladaGR11 Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki GR231 AitoloakarnaniaGR111 Evros GR232 AchaiaGR112 Xanthi GR233 IleiaGR113 Rodopi GR24 Sterea ElladaGR114 Drama GR241 VoiotiaGR115 Kavala GR242 EvvoiaGR12 Kentriki Makedonia GR243 EvrytaniaGR121 Imathia GR244 FthiotidaGR122 Thessaloniki GR245 FokidaGR123 Kilkis GR25 PeloponnisosGR124 Pella GR251 ArgolidaGR125 Pieria GR252 ArkadiaGR126 Serres GR253 KorinthiaGR127 Chalkidiki GR254 LakoniaGR13 Dytiki Makedonia GR255 MessiniaGR131 Grevena GR3 ATTIKIGR132 Kastoria GR30 AttikiGR133 Kozani GR300 AttikiGR134 Florina GR4 NISIA AIGAIOU, KRITIGR14 Thessalia GR41 Voreio AigaioGR141 Karditsa GR411 LesvosGR142 Larisa GR412 SamosGR143 Magnisia GR413 ChiosGR144 Trikala GR42 Notio AigaioGR2 KENTRIKI ELLADA GR421 DodekanisosGR21 Ipeiros GR422 KykladesGR211 Arta GR43 Kriti 44
  • 45. GR212 Thesprotia GR431 IrakleioGR213 Ioannina GR432 LasithiGR214 Preveza GR433 RethymniGR22 Ionia Nisia GR434 ChaniaGR221 Zakynthos GRZ EXTRA-REGIOGR222 Kerkyra GRZZ Extra-RegioGR223 Kefallinia GRZZZ Extra-RegioGR224 LefkadaHU HUNGARYHU1 KOZEP-MAGYARORSZAG HU3 ALFOLD ES ESZAKHU10 Kozep-Magyarorszag HU31 Eszak-MagyarorszagHU101 Budapest HU311 Borsod-Abauj-ZemplenHU102 Pest HU312 HevesHU2 DUNANTUL HU313 NogradHU21 Kozep-Dunantul HU32 Eszak-AlfoldHU211 Fejer HU321 Hajdu-BiharHU212 Komarom-Esztergom HU322 Jasz-Nagykun-SzolnokHU213 Veszprem HU323 Szabolcs-Szatmar-BeregHU22 Nyugat-Dunantul HU33 Del-AlfoldHU221 Gyor-Moson-Sopron HU331 Bacs-KiskunHU222 Vas HU332 BekesHU223 Zala HU333 CsongradHU23 Del-Dunantul HUZ EXTRA-REGIOHU231 Baranya HUZZ Extra-RegioHU232 Somogy HUZZZ Extra-RegioHU233 TolnaIE IRELANDIE0 IRELAND IE013 WestIE01 Border, Midland and Western IE02 Southern and EasternIE011 Border IE021 DublinIE012 Midland IE022 Mid-EastIE023 Mid-West IEZ EXTRA-REGIOIE024 South-East (IRL) IEZZ Extra-RegioIE025 South-West (IRL) IEZZZ Extra-RegioIT ITALYITC NORD-OVEST ITE CENTRO (I)ITC1 Piemonte ITE1 ToscanaITC11 Torino ITE11 Massa-CarraraITC12 Vercelli ITE12 LuccaITC13 Biella ITE13 PistoiaITC14 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola ITE14 FirenzeITC15 Novara ITE15 PratoITC16 Cuneo ITE16 LivornoITC17 Asti ITE17 PisaITC18 Alessandria ITE18 ArezzoITC2 Valle dAosta/Vallée dAoste ITE19 SienaITC20 Valle dAosta/Vallée dAoste ITE1A Grosseto 45
  • 46. ITC3 Liguria ITE2 UmbriaITC31 Imperia ITE21 PerugiaITC32 Savona ITE22 TerniITC33 Genova ITE3 MarcheITC34 La Spezia ITE31 Pesaro e UrbinoITC4 Lombardia ITE32 AnconaITC41 Varese ITE33 MacerataITC42 Como ITE34 Ascoli PicenoITC43 Lecco ITE4 LazioITC44 Sondrio ITE41 ViterboITC45 Milano ITE42 RietiITC46 Bergamo ITE43 RomaITC47 Brescia ITE44 LatinaITC48 Pavia ITE45 FrosinoneITC49 Lodi ITF SUDITC4A Cremona ITF1 AbruzzoITC4B Mantova ITF11 LAquilaITD NORD-EST ITF12 TeramoITD1 Provincia Autonoma ITF13 Pescara Bolzano/BozenITD10 Bolzano-Bozen ITF14 ChietiITD2 Provincia Autonoma Trento ITF2 MoliseITD20 Trento ITF21 IserniaITD3 Veneto ITF22 CampobassoITD31 Verona ITF3 CampaniaITD32 Vicenza ITF31 CasertaITD33 Belluno ITF32 BeneventoITD34 Treviso ITF33 NapoliITD35 Venezia ITF34 AvellinoITD36 Padova ITF35 SalernoITD37 Rovigo ITF4 PugliaITD4 Friuli-Venezia Giulia ITF41 FoggiaITD41 Pordenone ITF42 BariITD42 Udine ITF43 TarantoITD43 Gorizia ITF44 BrindisiITD44 Trieste ITF45 LecceITD5 Emilia-Romagna ITF5 BasilicataITD51 Piacenza ITF51 PotenzaITD52 Parma ITF52 MateraITD53 Reggio nellEmilia ITF6 CalabriaITD54 Modena ITF61 CosenzaITD55 Bologna ITF62 CrotoneITD56 Ferrara ITF63 CatanzaroITD57 Ravenna ITF64 Vibo ValentiaITD58 Forlì-Cesena ITF65 Reggio di CalabriaITD59 RiminiITG ISOLE ITG25 SassariITG1 Sicilia ITG26 NuoroITG11 Trapani ITG27 CagliariITG12 Palermo ITG28 OristanoITG13 Messina ITG29 Olbia-Tempio 46
  • 47. ITG14 Agrigento ITG2A OgliastraITG15 Caltanissetta ITG2B Medio CampidanoITG16 Enna ITG2C Carbonia-IglesiasITG17 Catania ITZ EXTRA-REGIOITG18 Ragusa ITZZ Extra-RegioITG19 Siracusa ITZZZ Extra-RegioITG2 SardegnaLT LITHUANIALT0 LIETUVA LT007 Taurages apskritisLT00 Lietuva LT008 Telsiu apskritisLT001 Alytaus apskritis LT009 Utenos apskritisLT002 Kauno apskritis LT00A Vilniaus apskritisLT003 Klaipedos apskritis LTZ EXTRA-REGIOLT004 Marijampoles apskritis LTZZ Extra-RegioLT005 Panevezio apskritis LTZZZ Extra-RegioLT006 Siauliu apskritisLU LUXEMBOURGLU0 LUXEMBOURG (GRAND- LUZ EXTRA-REGIO DUCHÉ)LU00 Luxembourg (Grand-Duché) LUZZ Extra-RegioLU000 Luxembourg (Grand-Duché) LUZZZ Extra-RegioLV LATVIALV0 LATVIJA LV008 VidzemeLV00 Latvija LV009 ZemgaleLV003 Kurzeme LVZ EXTRA-REGIOLV005 Latgale LVZZ Extra-RegioLV006 Riga LVZZZ Extra-RegioLV007 PierigaMT MALTAMT0 MALTA MTZ EXTRA-REGIOMT00 Malta MTZZ Extra-RegioMT001 Malta MTZZZ Extra-RegioMT002 Gozo and Comino/Ghawdex u KemmunaNL NETHERLANDSNL1 NOORD-NEDERLAND NL213 TwenteNL11 Groningen NL22 GelderlandNL111 Oost-Groningen NL221 VeluweNL112 Delfzijl en omgeving NL224 Zuidwest-GelderlandNL113 Overig Groningen NL225 AchterhoekNL12 Friesland (NL) NL226 Arnhem/NijmegenNL121 Noord-Friesland NL23 FlevolandNL122 Zuidwest-Friesland NL230 Flevoland 47
  • 48. NL123 Zuidoost-Friesland NL3 WEST-NEDERLANDNL13 Drenthe NL31 UtrechtNL131 Noord-Drenthe NL310 UtrechtNL132 Zuidoost-Drenthe NL32 Noord-HollandNL133 Zuidwest-Drenthe NL321 Kop van Noord-HollandNL2 OOST-NEDERLAND NL322 Alkmaar en omgevingNL21 Overijssel NL323 IJmondNL211 Noord-Overijssel NL324 Agglomeratie HaarlemNL212 Zuidwest-Overijssel NL325 ZaanstreekNL326 Groot-Amsterdam NL4 ZUID-NEDERLANDNL327 Het Gooi en Vechtstreek NL41 Noord-BrabantNL33 Zuid-Holland NL411 West-Noord-BrabantNL331 Agglomeratie Leiden en NL412 Midden-Noord-Brabant BollenstreekNL332 Agglomeratie s-Gravenhage NL413 Noordoost-Noord-BrabantNL333 Delft en Westland NL414 Zuidoost-Noord-BrabantNL334 Oost-Zuid-Holland NL42 Limburg (NL)NL335 Groot-Rijnmond NL421 Noord-LimburgNL336 Zuidoost-Zuid-Holland NL422 Midden-LimburgNL34 Zeeland NL423 Zuid-LimburgNL341 Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen NLZ EXTRA-REGIONL342 Overig Zeeland NLZZ Extra-Regio NLZZZ Extra-RegioPL POLANDPL1 REGION CENTRALNY PL4 REGION POLNOCNO-ZACHODNIPL11 Lodzkie PL41 WielkopolskiePL113 Miasto Lodz PL411 PilskiPL114 Lodzki PL414 KoninskiPL115 Piotrkowski PL415 Miasto PoznanPL116 Sieradzki PL416 KaliskiPL117 Skierniewicki PL417 LeszczynskiPL12 Mazowieckie PL418 PoznanskiPL121 Ciechanowsko-plocki PL42 ZachodniopomorskiePL122 Ostrolecko-siedlecki PL422 KoszalinskiPL127 Miasto Warszawa PL423 StargardzkiPL128 Radomski PL424 Miasto SzczecinPL129 Warszawski-wschodni PL425 SzczecinskiPL12A Warszawski-zachodni PL43 LubuskiePL2 REGION POLUDNIOWY PL431 GorzowskiPL21 Malopolskie PL432 ZielonogorskiPL213 Miasto Krakow PL5 REGION POLUDNIOWO-ZACHODNIPL214 Krakowski PL51 DolnoslaskiePL215 Nowosadecki PL514 Miasto WroclawPL216 Oswiecimski PL515 JeleniogorskiPL217 Tarnowski PL516 Legnicko-GlogowskiPL22 Slaskie PL517 WalbrzyskiPL224 Czestochowski PL518 WroclawskiPL225 Bielski PL52 OpolskiePL227 Rybnicki PL521 NyskiPL228 Bytomski PL522 OpolskiPL229 Gliwicki PL6 REGION POLNOCNY 48
  • 49. PL22A Katowicki PL61 Kujawsko-PomorskiePL22B Sosnowiecki PL613 Bydgosko-TorunskiPL22C Tyski PL614 GrudziadzkiPL3 REGION WSCHODNI PL615 WloclawskiPL31 Lubelskie PL62 Warminsko-MazurskiePL311 Bialski PL621 ElblaskiPL312 Chelmsko-zamojski PL622 OlsztynskiPL314 Lubelski PL623 ElckiPL315 Pulawski PL63 PomorskiePL32 Podkarpackie PL631 SlupskiPL323 Krosnienski PL633 TrojmiejskiPL324 Przemyski PL634 GdanskiPL325 Rzeszowski PL635 StarogardzkiPL326 Tarnobrzeski PLZ EXTRA-REGIOPL33 Swietokrzyskie PLZZ Extra-RegioPL331 Kielecki PLZZZ Extra-RegioPL332 Sandomiersko-jedrzejowskiPL34 PodlaskiePL343 BialostockiPL344 LomzynskiPL345 SuwalskiPT PORTUGALPT1 CONTINENTE PT16A Cova da BeiraPT11 Norte PT16B OestePT111 Minho-Lima PT16C Médio TejoPT112 Cávado PT17 LisboaPT113 Ave PT171 Grande LisboaPT114 Grande Porto PT172 Península de SetúbalPT115 Tâmega PT18 AlentejoPT116 Entre Douro e Vouga PT181 Alentejo LitoralPT117 Douro PT182 Alto AlentejoPT118 Alto Trás-os-Montes PT183 Alentejo CentralPT15 Algarve PT184 Baixo AlentejoPT150 Algarve PT185 Lezíria do TejoPT16 Centro (P) PT2 Região Autónoma dos AÇORESPT161 Baixo Vouga PT20 Região Autónoma dos AçoresPT162 Baixo Mondego PT200 Região Autónoma dos AçoresPT163 Pinhal Litoral PT3 Região Autónoma da MADEIRAPT164 Pinhal Interior Norte PT30 Região Autónoma da MadeiraPT165 Dâo-Lafôes PT300 Região Autónoma da MadeiraPT166 Pinhal Interior Sul PTZ EXTRA-REGIOPT167 Serra da Estrela PTZZ Extra-RegioPT168 Beira Interior Norte PTZZZ Extra-RegioPT169 Beira Interior SulRO ROMANIARO1 Macroregiunea unu RO225 TulceaRO11 Nord-Vest RO226 VranceaRO111 Bihor RO3 Macroregiunea treiRO112 Bistrita-Nasaud RO31 Sud - Muntenia 49
  • 50. RO113 Cluj RO311 ArgesRO114 Maramures RO312 CalarasiRO115 Satu Mare RO313 DambovitaRO116 Salaj RO314 GiurgiuRO12 Centru RO315 IalomitaRO121 Alba RO316 PrahovaRO122 Brasov RO317 TeleormanRO123 Covasna RO32 Bucuresti - IlfovRO124 Harghita RO321 BucurestiRO125 Mures RO322 IlfovRO126 Sibiu RO4 Macroregiunea patruRO2 Macroregiunea doi RO41 Sud-Vest OlteniaRO21 Nord-Est RO411 DoljRO211 Bacau RO412 GorjRO212 Botosani RO413 MehedintiRO213 Iasi RO414 OltRO214 Neamt RO415 ValceaRO215 Suceava RO42 VestRO216 Vaslui RO421 AradRO22 Sud-Est RO422 Caras-SeverinRO221 Braila RO423 HunedoaraRO222 Buzau RO424 TimisRO223 Constanta ROZ EXTRA-REGIORO224 Galati ROZZ Extra-RegioSE SWEDEN SE124 Örebro länSE1 Östra Sverige SE125 Västmanlands länSE11 Stockholm SE12 Östra MellansverigeSE110 Stockholms län SE121 Uppsala länSE12 Östra Mellansverige SE122 Södermanlands länSE121 Uppsala län SE123 Östergötlands länSE122 Södermanlands län SE124 Örebro länSE123 Östergötlands län SE125 Västmanlands länSE2 Södra Sverige SE3 Norra SverigeSE21 Småland med öarna SE31 Norra MellansverigeSE211 Jönköpings län SE311 Värmlands länSE212 Kronobergs län SE312 Dalarnas länSE213 Kalmar län SE313 Gävleborgs länSE214 Gotlands län SE32 Mellersta NorrlandSE22 Sydsverige SE321 Västernorrlands länSE221 Blekinge län SE322 Jämtlands länSE224 Skåne län SE33 Övre NorrlandSE23 Västsverige SE331 Västerbottens länSE231 Hallands län SE332 Norrbottens länSE232 Västra Götalands län SEZ EXTRA-REGIOSE23 Västsverige SEZZ Extra-RegioSE231 Hallands län SEZZZ Extra-RegioSE232 Västra Götalands länSI SLOVENIASI0 SLOVENIJA SI018 Notranjsko-kraska 50
  • 51. SI01 Vzhodna Slovenija SI02 Zahodna SlovenijaSI011 Pomurska SI021 OsrednjeslovenskaSI012 Podravska SI022 GorenjskaSI013 Koroska SI023 GoriskaSI014 Savinjska SI024 Obalno-kraskaSI015 Zasavska SIZ EXTRA-REGIOSI016 Spodnjeposavska SIZZ Extra-RegioSI017 Jugovzhodna Slovenija SIZZZ Extra-RegioSK SLOVAKIASK0 SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA SK031 Zilinsky krajSK01 Bratislavsky kraj SK032 Banskobystricky krajSK010 Bratislavsky kraj SK04 Vychodne SlovenskoSK02 Zapadne Slovensko SK041 Presovsky krajSK021 Trnavsky kraj SK042 Kosicky krajSK022 Trenciansky kraj SKZ EXTRA-REGIOSK023 Nitriansky kraj SKZZ Extra-RegioSK03 Stredne Slovensko SKZZZ Extra-RegioGB UNITED KINGDOMUKC NORTH EAST (ENGLAND) UKD5 MerseysideUKC1 Tees Valley and Durham UKD51 East MerseysideUKC11 Hartlepool and Stockton-on- UKD52 Liverpool TeesUKC12 South Teesside UKD53 SeftonUKC13 Darlington UKD54 WirralUKC14 Durham CC UKE YORKSHIRE AND THE HUMBERUKC2 Northumberland and Tyne and UKE1 East Yorkshire and Northern Wear LincolnshireUKC21 Northumberland UKE11 Kingston upon Hull, City ofUKC22 Tyneside UKE12 East Riding of YorkshireUKC23 Sunderland UKE13 North and North East LincolnshireUKD NORTH WEST (ENGLAND) UKE2 North YorkshireUKD1 Cumbria UKE21 YorkUKD11 West Cumbria UKE22 North Yorkshire CCUKD12 East Cumbria UKE3 South YorkshireUKD2 Cheshire UKE31 Barnsley, Doncaster and RotherhamUKD21 Halton and Warrington UKE32 SheffieldUKD22 Cheshire CC UKE4 West YorkshireUKD3 Greater Manchester UKE41 BradfordUKD31 Greater Manchester South UKE42 LeedsUKD32 Greater Manchester North UKE43 Calderdale, Kirklees and WakefieldUKD4 Lancashire UKF EAST MIDLANDS (ENGLAND)UKD41 Blackburn with Darwen UKF1 Derbyshire and NottinghamshireUKD42 Blackpool UKF11 DerbyUKD43 Lancashire CC UKF12 East DerbyshireUKF13 South and West Derbyshire UKJ41 MedwayUKF14 Nottingham UKJ42 Kent CCUKF15 North Nottinghamshire UKK SOUTH WEST (ENGLAND)UKF16 South Nottinghamshire UKK1 Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Bristol/Bath area 51
  • 52. UKF2 Leicestershire, Rutland and UKK11 Bristol, City of NorthamptonshireUKF21 Leicester UKK12 Bath and North East Somerset, NorthUKF22 Leicestershire CC and Rutland Somerset and South GloucestershireUKF23 Northamptonshire UKK13 GloucestershireUKF3 Lincolnshire UKK14 SwindonUKF30 Lincolnshire UKK15 Wiltshire CCUKG WEST MIDLANDS (ENGLAND) UKK2 Dorset and SomersetUKG1 Herefordshire, Worcestershire UKK21 Bournemouth and Poole and WarwickshireUKG11 Herefordshire, County of UKK22 Dorset CCUKG12 Worcestershire UKK23 SomersetUKG13 Warwickshire UKK3 Cornwall and Isles of ScillyUKG2 Shropshire and Staffordshire UKK30 Cornwall and Isles of ScillyUKG21 Telford and Wrekin UKK4 DevonUKG22 Shropshire CC UKK41 PlymouthUKG23 Stoke-on-Trent UKK42 TorbayUKG24 Staffordshire CC UKK43 Devon CCUKG3 West Midlands UKL WALESUKG31 Birmingham UKL1 West Wales and The ValleysUKG32 Solihull UKL11 Isle of AngleseyUKG33 Coventry UKL12 GwyneddUKG34 Dudley and Sandwell UKL13 Conwy and DenbighshireUKG35 Walsall and Wolverhampton UKL14 South West WalesUKH EAST OF ENGLAND UKL15 Central ValleysUKH1 East Anglia UKL16 Gwent ValleysUKH11 Peterborough UKL17 Bridgend and Neath Port TalbotUKH12 Cambridgeshire CC UKL18 SwanseaUKH13 Norfolk UKL2 East WalesUKH14 Suffolk UKL21 Monmouthshire and NewportUKH2 Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire UKL22 Cardiff and Vale of GlamorganUKH21 Luton UKL23 Flintshire and WrexhamUKH22 Bedfordshire CC UKL24 PowysUKH23 Hertfordshire UKM SCOTLANDUKH3 Essex UKM2 Eastern ScotlandUKH31 Southend-on-Sea UKM21 Angus and Dundee CityUKH32 Thurrock UKM22 Clackmannanshire and FifeUKH33 Essex CC UKM23 East Lothian and MidlothianUKI LONDON UKM24 Scottish BordersUKI1 Inner London UKM25 Edinburgh, City ofUKI11 Inner London - West UKM26 FalkirkUKI12 Inner London - East UKM27 Perth and Kinross and StirlingUKI2 Outer London UKM28 West LothianUKI21 Outer London - East and North UKM3 South Western Scotland EastUKI22 Outer London - South UKM31 East Dunbartonshire, WestUKI23 Outer London - West and North Dunbartonshire and Helensburgh and West LomondUKJ SOUTH EAST (ENGLAND) UKM32 Dumfries and GallowayUKJ1 Berkshire, Buckinghamshire UKM33 East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire and Oxfordshire mainlandUKJ11 Berkshire UKM34 Glasgow City 52
  • 53. UKJ12 Milton Keynes UKM35 Inverclyde, East Renfrewshire & RenfrewshireUKJ13 Buckinghamshire CC UKM36 North LanarkshireUKJ14 Oxfordshire UKM37 South AyrshireUKJ2 Surrey, East and West Sussex UKM38 South LanarkshireUKJ21 Brighton and Hove UKM5 North Eastern ScotlandUKJ22 East Sussex CC UKM50 Aberdeen City and AberdeenshireUKJ23 Surrey UKM6 Highlands and IslandsUKJ24 West Sussex UKM61 Caithness & Sutherland & Ross & CromartyUKJ3 Hampshire and Isle of Wight UKM62 Inverness & Nairn & Moray, Badenoch & StrathspeyUKJ31 Portsmouth UKM63 Lochaber, Skye and Lochalsh, ArranUKJ32 Southampton and Cumbrae and Argyll and ButeUKJ33 Hampshire CC UKM64 Eilean Siar (Western Isles)UKJ34 Isle of Wight UKM65 Orkney IslandsUKJ4 Kent UKM66 Shetland IslandsUKN NORTHERN IRELAND UKN04 North of Northern IrelandUKN0 Northern Ireland UKN05 West and South of Northern IrelandUKN01 Belfast UKZ EXTRA-REGIOUKN02 Outer Belfast UKZZ Extra-RegioUKN03 East of Northern Ireland UKZZZ Extra-RegioEUCC Candidate CountriesHR CROATIAHR0 Hrvatska HR025 Osjecko-baranjska zupanijaHR01 Sjeverozapadna Hrvatska HR026 Vukovarsko-srijemska zupanijaHR011 Grad Zagreb HR027 Karlovacka zupanijaHR012 Zagrebacka zupanija HR028 Sisacko-moslavacka zupanijaHR013 Krapinsko-zagorska zupanija HR03 Jadranska HrvatskaHR014 Varazdinska zupanija HR031 Primorsko-goranska zupanijaHR015 Koprivnicko-krizevacka zupanija HR032 Licko-senjska zupanijaHR016 Medimurska zupanija HR033 Zadarska zupanijaHR02 Sredisnja i Istocna (Panonska) HR034 Sibensko-kninska zupanija HrvatskaHR021 Bjelovarsko-bilogorska zupanija HR035 Splitsko-dalmatinska zupanijaHR022 Viroviticko-podravska zupanija HR036 Istarska zupanijaHR023 Pozesko-slavonska zupanija HR037 Dubrovacko-neretvanska zupanijaHR024 Brodsko-posavska zupanija 53
  • 54. MK the former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaMK0 Poranesnata jugoslovenska MK004 Jugoistocen Republika MakedonijaMK00 Poranesnata jugoslovenska MK005 Pelagoniski Republika MakedonijaMK001 Vardarski MK006 PoloskiMK002 Istocen MK007 SeveroistocenMK003 Jugozapaden MK008 SkopskiTR TURKEYTR1 ISTANBUL TR424 BoluTR11 Istanbul TR425 YalovaTR111 Istanbul TR5 BATI ANADOLUTR1 Istanbul TR51 AnkaraTR1 Istanbul TR52 KonyaTR2 BATI MARMARA TR521 KonyaTR21 Tekirdag TR522 KaramanTR211 Tekirdag TR6 AKDENIZTR212 Edirne TR61 AntalyaTR213 Kirklareli TR611 AntalyaTR22 Balikesir TR612 IspartaTR221 Balikesir TR613 BurdurTR222 Canakkale TR62 AdanaTR3 EGE TR621 AdanaTR31 Izmir TR622 IcelTR32 Aydin TR63 HatayTR321 Aydin TR631 HatayTR322 Denizli TR632 KahramanmarasTR323 Mugla TR633 OsmaniyeTR33 Manisa TR7 ORTA ANADOLUTR331 Manisa TR71 KirikkaleTR332 Afyon TR711 KirikkaleTR333 Kutahya TR712 AksarayTR334 Usak TR713 NigdeTR4 DOGU MARMARA TR714 NevsehirTR41 Bursa TR715 KirsehirTR411 Bursa TR72 KayseriTR412 Eskisehir TR721 KayseriTR413 Bilecik TR722 SivasTR42 Kocaeli TR723 YozgatTR421 Kocaeli TR8 BATI KARADENIZTR422 Sakarya TR81 ZonguldakTR423 Duzce TR811 ZonguldakTR812 Karabuk TRB ORTADOGU ANADOLUTR813 Bartin TRB1 MalatyaTR82 Kastamonu TRB11 MalatyaTR821 Kastamonu TRB12 ElazigTR822 Cankiri TRB13 BingölTR823 Sinop TRB14 Tunceli 54
  • 55. TR83 Samsun TRB2 VanTR831 Samsun TRB21 VanTR832 Tokat TRB22 MusTR833 Corum TRB23 BitlisTR834 Amasya TRB24 HakkariTR9 DOGU KARADENIZ TRC GUNEYDOGU ANADOLUTR90 Trabzon TRC1 GaziantepTR901 Trabzon TRC11 GaziantepTR902 Ordu TRC12 AdiyamanTR903 Giresun TRC13 KilisTR904 Rize TRC2 SanliurfaTR905 Artvin TRC21 SanliurfaTR906 Gumushane TRC22 DiyarbakirTRA KUZEYDOGU ANADOLU TRC3 MardinTRA1 Erzurum TRC31 MardinTRA11 Erzurum TRC32 BatmanTRA12 Erzincan TRC33 SirnakTRA13 Bayburt TRC34 SiirtTRA2 Agri TRC3 MardinTRA21 Agri TRC31 MardinTRA22 Kars TRC32 BatmanTRA23 Igdir TRC33 SirnakTRA24 Ardahan TRC34 SiirtIS ICELANDIS0 ÍSLAND IS001 HöfuðborgarsvæðiIS00 Ísland IS002 LandsbyggðLI LIECHTENSTEINLI0 LIECHTENSTEINLI00 Liechtenstein LI000 LiechtensteinNO NORWAYNO0 NORGE NO05 VestlandetNO01 Oslo og Akershus NO051 HordalandNO011 Oslo NO052 Sogn og FjordaneNO012 Akershus NO053 Møre og RomsdalNO02 Hedmark og Oppland NO06 TrøndelagNO021 Hedmark NO061 Sør-TrøndelagNO022 Oppland NO062 Nord-TrøndelagNO03 Sør-Østlandet NO07 Nord-NorgeNO031 Østfold NO071 NordlandNO032 Buskerud NO072 TromsNO033 Vestfold NO073 FinnmarkNO034 Telemark NO07 Nord-NorgeNO04 Agder og Rogaland NO071 NordlandNO041 Aust-Agder NO072 TromsNO042 Vest-Agder NO073 FinnmarkNO043 Rogaland 55