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  • Over the past year and a half, we have designed the Guardian and have gone through several manufacturing prototypes. We have tested it at three independent laboratories: Wayne State University, Penn State University and Oregon Ballistics Labs. It significantly reduced the Severity Index and Head Injury Criteria at all three labs. We have filed patents on the material design and use of the Guardian. We have given away 600 units to be field trialed during the 2011 football season. It had great reception and results. In fact one player wore the Guardian during games. Production has been secured and inventory is being manufactured for the 2012 season. A marketing plan has been launched with the use of a 70,000 name database of football coaches and schools across the US. We have attended many clinics and trade shows across the US. And we have signed up over 30 independent sales reps. In addition, the Guardian has been featured on several news releases, radio shows and TV. More press is being written and planned on the Guardian.
  • The Guardian

    1. 1. Guardian CapsPOC, Ventures LLC © 2011. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. HISTORY of GUARDIAN CAPS Erin & Lee Hanson from Atlanta, GA started Guardian Caps. The Hanson Group - Material Science Company - Founded by Lee Hanson in 1996 In 2010, The Hanson Group was approached by PSE (Protective Sports Equipment), who has over 30 years of helmet research and development . Engineers, physicists and chemists focused on thermoset technologies Technical Product Development for many fortune 100 companies: Oakley, 3M, BASF, Correct Craft, Playcore, Boeing, Ford Motors, PPG, Dicks and others Developed various sporting goods product lines: Maxfli & Wilson golf balls, climbing wall holds, shotgun recoil pads, Gladiator soft-sided football helmet and The Guardian Football Today and Lacrosse, Hockey, Cycling, etc. Tomorrow.
    4. 4. Why Guardian Caps Now? QB Panel Wonders if Anything Can Stem Concussion Problem.  Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were joined by Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jim Plunkett, and they each shared their takes on the state of the game. A Dangerous Game: Student Athletes and Head Trauma  Sports are often a meaningful component of a child’s life from a very young age. Being part of a team can help nurture leadership skills, build confidence, and teach cooperation. Depending on the sport, though, accidents and hard hits can be a frequent occurrence. Coach and parent guidance, proper equipment, and access to a health care professional all help prevent serious injury, but concussions are an ever-present threat. Ahead of the Game: The Parents Guide to Youth Sports Concussion  New research has shown that there is no such thing as a simple "bell-ringer," and that sending a child back on the field too soon puts his or her physical and emotional health at risk. Pop Warner Announces New National Rule Changes Regarding Practice & Concussion Prevention  In our continuing efforts to provide the safest playing environment for our young athletes, and in light of developing concussion research, we would like to announce some important rule changes for the 2012 season. Growing Concern Over Concussions Among Youth Athletes  CHICAGO (CBS) – The headlines about concussions are everywhere these days. Dangers of High-School Football Concussions – Dr. Oz  20% of all high-school football players will suffer at least one concussion over the course of their playing years.
    5. 5. DID YOU KNOW?
    6. 6. CONCUSSIONS Definition - Concussions are the result of rapid changes in velocities between the brain and skull. A collision between the two disrupts the delicate neuronal layer of the brain relative to the magnitude of acceleration and the player’s physiology. Once a concussion has occurred a player is 4 to 6 times more likely to sustain a second concussion.
    7. 7. CONCUSSIONS 62,000 concussions occur each year in high school sports, with football accounting for two of every three, according to the Brain Injury Association of Arizona. Youth – Disadvantages in dealing with concussions.  Young brain is more vulnerable than the mature brain.  The young athlete is at biomechanical disadvantages  Young athletes also have fewer medical resources  Among many other disadvantages, studies show children lack the knowledge and verbal skills to report concussion symptoms to adults.
    8. 8. CONCUSSIONS Close to 90 percent of concussions may go unreported because athletes are not aware of the signs and symptoms and do not think the injury is serious enough to report to medical personnel. Many more concussions suspected at an earlier age and with a cumulative effect. Pop Warner rule changes to address issues with parental anxiety, registration fall off and increased safety.
    10. 10. TESTING/FIELD TRIALS Protection – Testing shows that wearing the Guardian can reduce the Severity Index and HIC (Head Injury Criteria) Scientifically Tested - Tested at Oregon Ballistics, Wayne State University, and Penn State University Labs A soft outer shell dampens and redistributes the energy from helmet-to-helmet contact. Low coefficient of friction – Slips against other Guardians, helmets and uniform materials Protects the outside of expensive helmets – Have scuff-free helmets on game day Field trials - 600 caps were worn on the field in 2011 with great results Expert panel – we have over 15 MDs, neurologists, PhD biomedical engineers, physicists and scientists consulting
    11. 11. PROOF – IT WORKS Penn State Biomechanics Lab quantified neck torque produced by glancing head forms – Hard on Hard = 40 NM and Soft on Soft = 38 NM. On narrow angle impacts (0-12 degrees) there was a similar non-distinguishable torque difference. However, soft shells produced a pronounced reduction of peak critical force, ranging form 8-33%, compared to the hard shells. Tests conducted by Wayne State University Bioengineering labs measured Hard on Hard vs. Soft on Soft helmet impacts. In the side impacts the HIC was reduced from 360 to 289 and probability of concussions reduced from 80% to 55% respectively. In the rear impacts the reductions were 466 to 302 and 92% to 65% respectively.
    12. 12. BELIEVER IN SOFTSHELL TECHNOLOGY“During my NFL career I wore an extra pad on my helmet tohelp reduce the risk of concussions. As important as the gamewas to me, I wanted to make sure I was healthy when mycareer ended. Soft shell technology greatly reduced myconcern about making hits that may result in concussive sideeffects. I was able to play 8 years, 5 years using soft shelltechnology, including four Super Bowls. I believe that I amhealthy today, 18 years later, because of that protection. In myopinion, soft shell technology will become the standard forhelmet protection in the very near future.”Mark Kelso – Former NFL Player, Buffalo Bills #38 1986-1993
    13. 13. BENEFITS Players & Family  Coaches/Leagues  Less Time Injured  Going Above & Beyond  More Playing Time  Uninjured Players Play  More Class Time  Fewer Ineligible Players  Reduced Expense  More Fun For Everyone  Happier Players  Personal Satisfaction  Have a Stronger Future  Provide a Stronger Future
    15. 15. PURCHASE OPTIONS  $69.95 per Guardian  Call your local rep or order on our website  Red, Black & Silver
    16. 16. PURCHASE OPTIONS $59.46 per Guardian We can produce custom colors for orders of 4,000+ caps. Call us for TEAM or LEAGUE orders of Guardian Caps. Fund raising programs available for Booster clubs.
    17. 17. CONTACT US WWW.GUARDIANCAPS.COM Michael Feeley Regional Sales Manager 512-917-4923 mfeeley@guardiancaps.com @GuardianCaps Caps/208219602573699
    18. 18. Thank YouPOC, Ventures LLC © 2011. All rights reserved.