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  • 1. France Laura Pérez Caballero Marina Rodríguez Alegre
  • 2. France
    • France is one of the largest countries in Europe with a population about 60 million people. It’s situated in the North Sea to the Mediterranean, and its capital is Paris. The landscape in France is varied and the east and south are mountainous. The highest mountain in Alpes is the Mont Blanc. On the other hand, France has an advanced industrial economy and the main activities are the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, information technology, electronics and fashion.
  • 3. Climate
    • About the climate, the rains are abundant and the temperatures are mild.
  • 4. Paris
    • Paris is situated in the north of France, crossed by the Seine. It has a population about 10 million people and it’s the most popular tourist destination in the world, because it’s one of the most beautiful and glamorous city. It has a lot of famous monuments like Eiffel Towel, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Arc of Triumph, among others. Paris has a museum that it’s considered the most important in the world: Louvre Museum.
  • 5. Gastronomy of Paris It’s one of the best in Europe and is part of the culture of the French people
  • 6. Important buildings Louvre museum Tour Eiffel Arc of triumph
  • 7. The Tour Eiffel
    • It was buildt in 1889, situated on the banks of the Seine.
    • The tour has his maximum height about 324 meters and 3 levels.
    • Although Initially it was used for scientific experiments, today it’s used to broadcast radio and television programs.
  • 8. The Louvre
    • The Louvre has dominated central Paris since the late 12th century. It has about 7 millions visitors per year. It’s presents different collections of paintings, sculpture and oriental antiquities, for example la Gioconda or Venus de Milo.
  • 9. Seine
    • Seine is one of the main rivers in the regions of France, and divides the city in two halves. This river borns in Côte-d'Or, and cross towns such as Troyes, Paris and Ruán. Seine, with views to the left and right sides of the city, is a tourist attraction. There are a lot of bridges over the River Seine in Paris and many others across the river outside the city.
    • The largest island in the Seine it’s the Ile de la Cité that it’s situated in the middle of the river. Nowadays, the island has about 5600 people and there it’s the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.