Legal Minds!: Understanding Client Needs for Legal Services.


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• All legal services firms recognise the challenges in understanding the drivers of client value and how to fulfil on it.
• Given the changing dynamics in the Australia legal industry we wanted to understand the impacts these changes were having on client perceptions of value.
• We conducted a series of 42 interviews with legal professionals in a variety of roles – in-house (medium to multi-national, government – state and federal) and firms (mid and top tier) – including General Counsel, Managing Partners and Practise Group Heads, senior government solicitors and BDMs. The model was again validated through a further 7 discussions with clients and firms.
Key Findings:
• Clients said over and over, that by and large the firms don’t appear to understand their needs well
• Interestingly, the firms agreed
• On the whole, clients and firms alike felt that solicitors were not great at this aspect of practise.
• As we got into it, it was clear that most firms saw the problem and could identify a range of causes. What they didn’t have was an insight into how to address it or how it all works together.
• There are a number of surveys of available to firms that rank them against a set of criteria, eg; value for money and responsiveness etc. These rankings tend to mislead firms and increase the frustration of clients as off-target attempts to improve value are made. What they need is a framework they could use for value building.
Using client needs modelling through psychological analysis we found:
• Legal services needs are driven by 6 key motivations
o Determining the (indeterminable) future
o Providing a safe haven
o Bending the rules in one’s favour
o Abiding by and reinforcing rules & rituals
o Dealing with and creating complexity, and
o The dream of omnipotence (we called it the Gina Rinehart complex)
• Within these 6 core motivations we found 24 specific client needs
• These needs are by far not as logical and straight as they are made out to be (for example, ‘playing with the rules’ or ‘over-ruling’ are needs that have little to do with rational thinking)
• Many needs are misinterpreted and not fulfilled, providing rich pickings for those firms that start to look into them

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Legal Minds!: Understanding Client Needs for Legal Services.

  1. 1. Legal Minds! Analyse and map client needs & motivations for legal services. HuNeeds® June 2013 This publication and all its content are copyright mext 2012. HuNeeds is copyright and trademark of mext/ifm. The content of this publication may not be copied or stored or duplicated in any media without express permission of the copyright owner..
  2. 2. Background mext is a customer and consumer engagement consultancy that helps you create greater customer value. With strong international experience, rigorous processes and world best tools we work with many of the foremost organisations to significantly improve their performance. 2 Methodology Legal Services HuNeeds® Conten t 3/15 16/29 30/43 What to do? 44/46 Industry Dynamics
  3. 3. The legal services sector is in a state of fundamental structural change. 3 Industry Dynamics
  4. 4. Global © onsolidation goes in hand with local shifts. 4 Industry Dynamics
  5. 5. Offshoring will continue to change value generation in the industry. 5 Industry Dynamics
  6. 6. Industry Dynamics Client in-housing provides opportunity and competition at the same time. 6
  7. 7. Industry Dynamics The decision making and purchasing dynamics have changed considerably and will change more in the coming . 7
  8. 8. Industry Dynamics Other professions including counsel become competitors. 8
  9. 9. Industry Dynamics The role of personal partner brand is being challenged and firms are facing the need to build, relevant and differentiated organisational brand propositions. 9
  10. 10. Industry Dynamics The traditional tier system fragments into multiple segments. 10
  11. 11. Industry Dynamics This leads to more and more margin and pricing pressures. 11
  12. 12. Industry Dynamics 12 Opportunity for firms lies in finding new and better ways to create client value. New and better client experiences.
  13. 13. Industry Dynamics All firms we talked to consider better understanding and delivery on client needs a key priority and growth driver. 13
  14. 14. Industry Dynamics The clients we talked to said the firms they worked with the most understood their needs the best. They knew what was valuable and how to create valuable experiences.. 14
  15. 15. Industry Dynamics But, both sides found it hard to define and pinpoint which client needs build better value. 15
  16. 16. We decided to change this! 16 The Methodology Keep your Coins, I WANT CHANGE!
  17. 17. Having de eloped client needs models for the last 12 years in over 60 categories from Air Travel to Yogurt and Australia to Qatar and having worked with leading legal firms we researched legal services needs. 17 The Methodology
  18. 18. 18 The Methodology 95% of our mind's workings are unconscious. That's why clients and firms can't simply articulate their needs. That's also why surveys and rankings of client needs can be misleading and counterproductive.
  19. 19. The Methodology 19 To understand the underlying needs that really motivate clients we use the world’s most modern psychology to look 'under their bonnet'.
  20. 20. The Methodology We use a proprietary tool called HuNeeds® (Human Needs). mext applies this tool globally and licenses it to partners in key locations. 20
  21. 21. HuNeeds® allows for the development of a map of the category as seen in the client’s mind. 21 The Methodology
  22. 22. And within that map we can identify the specific needs much like the hot buttons of the mind. 22 The Methodology
  23. 23. We can bring these to life for our clients and identify which needs need to be fulfilled in which way. 23 The Methodology
  24. 24. ...understand if and how well needs are being fulfilled – and how they could be better fulfilled. 24 The Methodology
  25. 25. ...understand what needs are unfulfilled or constitute a white spot. 25 The Methodology
  26. 26. ...know how products, services and brands are positioned. 26 The Methodology
  27. 27. And know what needs specific clients have; personally, organisationally and for specific areas and tasks. 27 The Methodology
  28. 28. Thus providing firms with an intuitive and structured understanding of their clients’ needs, ways to better fulfil them and create greater customer experiences and value. 28 The Methodology
  29. 29. 29 To develop this unique HuNeeds® model we conducted 33 face to face interviews with senior client lawyers from government and industry - SMEs to multinationals. We also interviewed 16 partners and senior staff from mid and top tier firms, and we added a couple of barristers for good measure. These interviews were analyzed using the morphological psychology framework. The resulting HuNeeds® model was again validated through a further 7 discussions with clients and firms. The Methodology
  30. 30. In legal services clients have 6 core motivations. 30 Legal service HuNeeds®
  31. 31. 31 Determine and set the future. Psychologically this is the drama of our lives: Determining the indeterminable. Rules & regulations are used as tools to determine the course of the future and trying to gain influence on the way the future transforms and unfolds. Legal service HuNeeds®
  32. 32. 32 The dream of omnipotence. The desire to have the power and ability to make the rules instead of living by the rules. This need comes with a sense that the rules do not apply to oneself. Legal service HuNeeds®
  33. 33. Safe haven & protection. The need to be able to hand over leadership and responsibility (to a higher authority) gaining protection and a safe haven from events around them. 333 Legal service HuNeeds®
  34. 34. 34 Abide by and reinforce the rules. Seeking structural stability in rules and rituals. On the one hand to ensure mental and organisational operation without hick ups. On the other reinforcing the rules and rituals to affirm one’s own actions and position in the structure. Legal service HuNeeds®
  35. 35. Dealing with and thriving on complexity. The ability and desire to cope with complexity and manage it for specific outcomes. Creating additional complexities to test the limits and engineer something new. 35 Legal service HuNeeds®
  36. 36. Bending the rules. Considering rules malleable and open to interpretation. The drive to bend and skew the rules, rituals and process in one’s own favour. 36 Legal service HuNeeds®
  37. 37. These 6 core needs form the corner points of the legal services map. 37 Protective safe haven Determine the future Fix the future Bending the rules for me Dream of omnipotence & making the rules Adhering to & relying on the rules Dealing with Complexity & intellectual prowess Legal service HuNeeds®
  38. 38. They form 3 complementary pairs that form the whole of the legal services landscape. It is within these pairs that clients unconsciously weigh up what they want and need. 38 Protective safe haven Determine the future Fix the future Bending the rules for me Dream of omnipotence & making the rules Adhering to & relying on the rules Dealing with Complexity & intellectual prowess Legal service HuNeeds®
  39. 39. Four clear quadrants emerge. Legal service HuNeeds®
  40. 40. Within this legal services mind map we identified 29 specific needs that differentiate in what clients want and how well it is fulfilled – or not. Many needs identified are far from rational or straight. 40 Legal service HuNeeds®
  41. 41. Example: Playing the rules 41 Description: Not purposefully or in an aggressive manner, but enjoying the intellectual challenge of juggling rules and turning them on their head. It requires very good knowledge of the rules and of associated areas that allow for interpretation and application of different thoughts, examples precedents and the system. Fulfilment: Veering off, playing with ‘what ifs’ and opportunities to bend and twist the rules and processes of the system. Eloquent and finely chosen language, ambiguity and layering of arguments. Understanding and viewing the system as a malleable process. ‘One of my firms is great. They always come up with a slightly different thought and look how we use the rules and systems to our advantage.’ Thinking and advising linearly without some left of centre or surprising thought. Talking about risk management all the time. Providing vague and indecisive advice. “They are so straight and all about risk management.” ‘It’s all a matter of interpretation and checking what else could apply. That’s the fun in law. It seems to be set, but everything is open to interpretation.’ Legal service HuNeeds®
  42. 42. Every detailed needs description is accompanied with new ideas for inspiration and to make the application tangible.HuNeeds is as practical as it gets. HuNeeds comes with step by step descriptions and worksheets on how to use the needs in day to day work. Opportunities for: • Specific clients •The practice group •The firm Legal service HuNeeds®
  43. 43. We found that many needs are not well fulfilled. Many needs and motivations are continuously misjudged and firms drive clients either mad or to avoid them. 43 “I often act as a post box for my peers. They don’t want to deal with the firms because they know that they get the hard sell, everything gets overly complicated and a hassle with a big bill attached.” In-house Counsel Legal service HuNeeds®
  44. 44. 44 We identified: •areas of opportunity and threat outside the current legal services landscape. •areas of need currently not fulfilled by legal services, but desired by clients. •areas that, may be addressed by law firms as well as their competitors. creativity lead connect holistic solutions Legal service HuNeeds®
  45. 45. Now over to you! How you can use the Legal Services HuNeeds® Model? What for? HuNeeds® provides a structured foundation for all your customer oriented activities including: •Service & product value creation and innovation •Service refinement •New business development optimisation, including tenders •Client segmentation •Brand and product positioning and value proposition development •Communication and engagement strategy
  46. 46. 46 How to… I would like to know more about client needs in legal services and get our people to have a better understanding. I want to have a clear and appealing firm/practice positioning to improve our performance. I want (my team) to know how to better understand our clients’ needs and be able to deliver on them – intuitively and self directed. I want our people to have a better foundation in understanding and delivering on client’s needs. I want to increase my revenue from existing clients or increase my business development success. I want to integrate an understanding of client needs into our practice development. Leadership Practice Heads Partners Practice Groups Business Dev. Buy report (basis for all offers) Workshop/develop Positioning Workshop to develop better client HuNeeds fulfillment Present and train in HuNeeds and usage Specific BD or client development sessions Buy the streamed video presentation and workshop (coming soon) How to apply HuNeeds® across the firm.
  47. 47. 47 How do I do it? •Purchase the study •Workshop with the key partners & BD •Workshop with specific practice areas to embed and guide daily action •Train through programs & self learning tools. Click here to download this presentation Who do I contact? The global key contact is Melissa Wraith, mext’s services practice lead. +61 3 9428 5417 Melissa can help you with the purchase of the study, discussing your needs and can hook you up with the right HuNeeds® partners if you are in Asia, North America or Europe.
  48. 48. Mext is an international, multi-disciplinary consultancy group. grow with vision, precision and certainty® Duxton Consulting Singapore Email: laurenz.koehler@duxton Address: 26 Duxton Rd. Singapore 089490 Phone: +65 6323 3340 Christina Eisenschmid Email: christina.eisenschmid@ Address: Nymphenburger Str. 14 80335 Munich Phone+49 (0)89 20209610 Australia: Adam Thorpe Email: Level 7, 120 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Singapore: Greg Moore Email: 111 Somerset Road #10-06 TripleOne Somerset 238164 USA: Stephanie Woods Email: Headquarters 901 N. Glebe Road, Suite 200 Arlington, VA 22203 USA M extConsulting Australia Stefan Grafe,M anaging Partner Em ail: stefan.grafe@ m .au Address:165 Crem orneSt. Richmond VIC 3122 Phone:+61 39428 5417 HuTrust® is trademark of ifm in depth research and strategies and Stefan Grafe. The HuTrust® Model, its facets, descriptors and statements are copyright ifm in depth research and strategies and may not be used, reproduced or stored in any medium unless expressly permitted by ifm. HuTrust® is applied in Brand trust development, Customer experience & value proposition development, Sales and Business Development Performance & Training, Employer branding & Employee engagement, Manager Coaching & Leadership training, transformation and change management and corporate affairs & PR. All images copyright Istockphotos and used under license by ifm & mext Tred International Adam Thorp, Director Mobile: 0417 584 599 Phone: 02 9300 6439 Email: