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  • There are organisations, events, processes all connected like a metro. The linkages flow from one to the other – but it is not always clear.For more detailed information about each of the institutions – we need to look at Cambridge Technopole report (see website)While you make the links across the institutions I suggest you talk more about the way that multidisciplinary work is done in Cambridge – leading to work that can be commercialised.. Use your experience to describe CIKC....
  • These three elements are at the heart of the portfolio of what happens around Cambridge.There is a community of support agencies – see slide 6 (next one) to understand how there is now a portfolio of support agencies in and around Cambridge...And they have collaborative spirit, mechanisms, largely because people know each other socially and due to work relationshipsAnd because they are individual organisations based on a variety of funding sources there is also a somewhat chaotic environment in which all the agencies operate – as in the next slide
  • This is probably the bit everyone wants to have as an explanation – It is easier to deal with than the soft issuesSo – there iare sources of grant funding that come from the regional government agency; from central government grants that are routed via the university.Cambridge Enterprise has built solid links with the VC community so that it is possible to direct the researchers with new companies towards VCs –but this is not always a happy storyThere was only one science park to begin with now there are a dozen – scattered all round Cambrige. These are run on commericla rental values – but are designed to MINIMISE bureaucracy – so tenants can go in and out easilyt, can grow, etc,mThere is a certain level of space for growth of the technical aspects but when companies need to grow the commercial aspects of business they tend to be either sold to US firms or have an office in or near London and elsewhere – so Cambridge remains largely a technology centre of excellence
  • Iniciativa Internacional Cambridge-CONACYT

    1. 1. IniciativaInternacional Cambridge-CONACYT: Academia, transferencia de tecnología y capital humanotecnoemprendedor<br />7 Enero 2010<br />2º Foro de Innovación para la Competitividad en México: Transformando la economía mexicana en una economía de innovación y conocimiento.<br />Dr Jose Bernardo Rosas Fernandez<br />William Gates Building<br />15 JJ ThomsonAvenue<br />University of Cambridge<br /><br />
    2. 2. Technopole Map<br />Consultants (technology)<br />Network Organisations<br />Inside and outside the University<br />Businesses as employers<br />Conferences each year<br />Venture capital<br />Business Angels<br />Events<br />All year round<br />Incubation Centres<br />Multidisciplinary<br />research<br />Science Parks<br />CIKC<br />Government funded<br />Support agencies<br />Policy making in <br />local government<br />Cambridge Enterprise<br />CfEL<br />IfM<br />Academic Departments<br />University Departments<br />
    3. 3. 1686<br />1209<br />Origin of the University<br />Deeply rooted academic excellence<br />present<br />81 Nobel Prizes<br /><ul><li>Origin dates back to 1209
    4. 4. Consists of 31 colleges
    5. 5. 800 years of academic excellence
    6. 6. Newton, Darwin, Rutherford, Bragg, Bohr, Whittle (jet engine), Watson and Crick (DNA)……all Cambridge academics
    7. 7. The University with the largest number of Nobel prizes in the world: 81 since 1904 </li></li></ul><li>University of Cambridge Research Funding<br />
    8. 8. Emergence of a technopole<br /><br />
    9. 9. Soft infrastructure<br />Legal and regulatory of the University<br />Intellectual Prop. policy<br />Human Resources policy<br />Tech transfer; consulting contracts; Contracts with companies; licencing<br />Education and training<br />Student societies<br />Networks<br />MIT-Camb Institute<br />Cambridgenetwork<br />Business Angel groups<br />
    10. 10. Lakshmi<br />Saraswati<br />Reconcile values<br />At ease with differences and similarities<br />Academic excellence is at the heart...<br />Managed through being open and transparent<br />Benefits of networks - <br />Relational and structural social capital<br />Trust, friendships<br />Wanting to be part of this “club”<br />Role model effects<br />All through time and cultures<br /> – the pursuit of intellect has been held separately from the pursuit of wealth<br />
    11. 11. Hard infrastructure<br />Grants – proof of concept funding<br />Access to venture capital<br />Incubation spaces<br />Science parks and industrial spaces<br />
    12. 12. Build an ecosystem<br />Trust and openness<br />Feel good, positive, open minds<br />Easier to learn<br />Risk tolerance – defining this – push your boundaries<br />Skills, behaviours, emotions<br />Networks<br />
    13. 13. Critical Mass of International Companies<br /><ul><li>Companies understand that to maintain competitiveness they must be increasingly innovative and interdisciplinary
    14. 14. Relying solely on internal resources for new product development can be a recipe for disaster
    15. 15. Philips, Intel, Xerox have pioneered a new Open Innovation approach based on inflows and outflows of knowledge to and from external organisations. This is becoming widespread
    16. 16. The level of scientific and technical know-how floating around Cambridge has attracted large corporations from all over the world
    17. 17. Several corporate R&D centres have been created
    18. 18. Cambridge as become an Open Innovation hub</li></li></ul><li>Cambridge High-Tech Cluster<br /><ul><li>~900 high tech firms within 50miles of town centre
    19. 19. Wide ranging:
    20. 20. Electronics
    21. 21. Medical
    22. 22. Pharmaceutical, Biotech
    23. 23. Computer software and hardware</li></ul>Source: Library House, 2006<br />
    24. 24. 12<br />Other diversification Ecosystem<br />Spun-out<br />Invested<br />Professor<br />Andy Hopper<br />Owned & Funded<br />Sponsor<br />Spun-out<br />Part funded<br />ORL / ATT<br />Half funded<br />Spun-out<br />Bought & Funded<br />Sold<br />Descendants<br />Cantego<br />
    25. 25. RealVNC<br />Virtual Network Computing <br />Merged with Globespan<br />Andy Hopper<br />Steve Pope<br />Andy Hopper<br />Peter Warton<br />Level5Network<br />Andy Hopper<br />Ubisense<br />Cambridge Broadband<br />Andy Hopper<br />Andy Ward<br />Pete Steggles<br />Andy Hopper<br />Acquired by Western Multiplex Corp <br />IPV (Telemedia Systems)<br />Hermann Hauser<br />Andy Hopper<br />Acquired by American Microwave <br />Acquired by AT &T<br />Virata(ATML)<br />Adaptive Broadband<br />Simon Elliott<br />David Cleevely<br />Hermann Hauser<br />TerraPrise<br />Amadeus Capital Partners<br />VBN online<br /> Olivetti Research Lab<br />Hermann Hauser<br />Mike Muller<br />Tudor Brown<br />Jamie Urquhart<br />nCipher<br />Tensails<br />Alex van Someren<br />Nicko van Someren <br />Richard Green<br />Splashpower<br />Andy Hopper<br />Acquired by Broadcom<br />Acquired by GE<br />ARM<br />Lily Chang<br />James Hay<br />ANT<br />Element 14<br />Icera<br />Acquired by Olivetti<br />Alex van Someren<br />Nicko van Someren <br />Small World<br />Richard Green<br />Authur Chance<br />Dick Newell<br />Stan Boland<br />Simon Knowles <br />Stan Boland<br />Simon Knowles <br />Part of DAKO Diagnostics <br />Cambridge Interactive Systems<br />DakoCytomation - Merged with Cytomation Inc<br />John Snyder<br />Dick Newell, Tom Sancha<br />Acorn<br />Webtop<br />Shape Data <br />Hermann Hauser, Chris Keightley<br />Charles Lang<br />Hermann<br /> Hauser<br />IQ Bio<br />Peter Duffett-Smith<br />Netchannel<br />Smartlogik<br />Acquired by Dialog<br /> CAD<br />Acquired by <br /> NTL<br />CPS<br />Hermann Hauser<br />Jack Lang<br />Hermann Hauser<br />Jack Lang<br /> Cambridge<br /> University <br />Top express<br />Electronic Share Information<br />Jack Lang<br />Acquired by E* Trade<br />CDT<br />Analysys<br />Muscat<br />Laser-Scan<br />John Snyder<br />Martin Porter <br />R. O. Frisch<br />Richard Friend <br /> David Cleevely <br />Enterprise Accelerator<br /> Until 1985<br />John Snyder<br /> 1986-1990<br />Richard Friend <br />Cambridge Semiconductor<br />Adam Twiss<br />David Reeves<br />Plastic Logic<br />Zeus Technology<br /> Gehan Amaratunga<br />Florin Udrea<br />Pilgrim Beart<br /> David Cleevely <br />Hermann Hauser<br />Alec Broers<br /> 1991-1995<br />Cambridge Network<br />ART<br />ActiveRF<br />Daniel Hall <br />Collin Ager<br />Garraint Davies <br />Antenova<br />Saviso Group<br />Innovia<br />Cambridge 3G<br />Polight Technologies<br />Pilgrim Beart<br />Adam Twiss<br />Bryan Amesbury<br /> 1996-2000<br />David Cleevely <br />Stephen Elliott<br />Pavel Krecmer<br />M-Spatial<br />Adrian Cuthbert<br />Jon Billing <br /> 2001-2002<br />
    26. 26. Large private capital investment in 2000-2006 <br />Source: Library House, 2006<br /><ul><li>The entrepreneurial spirit present in Cambridge has attracted substantial private capital (Venture Capital) to fund the formation and growth of start-up companies
    27. 27. GBP 125 M invested in 2005  GBP 1M of value generated in the last 18 month for shareholders and management teams through floatations, mergers and acquisitions (source: Library House)
    28. 28. Cambridge + Oxford + Thames Valley = 50% of 2006 VC investment in the UK = 18% of total 2006 VC investment in EU (Euro4.1bn)
    29. 29. Cambridge alone ~8% of total VC investment in Eu (source: Ernst &Young)</li></li></ul><li>Entrepreneurship Training Road Map<br />Research Community<br />Early PhD/<br />MPhil<br />Late PhD<br />MBA<br />Late UG<br />Post Doc<br />Enterprise Tuesday<br />12 Lectures and Networking – Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation<br />Advanced Diploma<br />15 Months – Qualification + Enterprise Development<br />INSPIRATION<br />Entrepreneurial <br />Awareness<br />INTENTION<br />Development of<br />Entrepreneurial Skills and Confidence<br />Entrepreneurship Lectures <br />Entrepreneurship Lectures <br />Enterprisers<br />4 Days – Creativity, Pitching, Networking<br />Emerging Technologies Entrepreneurship<br />12 Lectures + Commercialisation Project<br />Emerging Technologies Entrepreneurship<br />12 Lectures + Project<br />INFORMATION<br />Idea Evaluation & <br />Opportunity Recognition<br />Ignite<br />6 Days – Validation of <br />Technology Ideas<br />IMPLEMENTATION<br />Business Case <br />Development<br />Advanced Entrepreneurial Skills<br />Disclaimer: This is not a definitive list of all the various programmes on Entrepreneurship available at the University of Cambridge. <br />Copyright © 2008 – 2009 Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL), Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.<br />
    30. 30. Cambridge Enterprise Group<br />With<br />Existing<br />Companies<br />With<br />New<br />Companies<br />Income Distribution<br />
    31. 31. The University of Cambridge Discovery FundSupporting the 800th Anniversary Campaign – Our Freedom to Discover<br />
    32. 32. Value to the Stakeholders<br />In addition to delivering on mission there are...<br /> knowledge and technology transfer transaction related financial returns<br />
    33. 33. RESPONSIVE MODE RESEARCH<br />LINK/DTI CHALLENGE PROJECTS<br />IKC – allows EPSRC funding to extend towards exploitation<br />CIKC Strategic Proposition (re: public funded academic research)<br />Targeted<br />Research<br />Pre-prototype<br />Development<br />Fundamental <br />Research<br />Market <br />Success<br />Pilot<br />Manufacturing<br />Top-level <br />Road-mapping<br />Transfer to<br />Full Production<br />Competitive <br />Analysis <br />Value Chain<br />Analysis<br />Partnering/<br />Business<br />Derisking<br />
    34. 34. En mayo 2010<br />Programa<br />TrisStart<br />
    35. 35. Actividades en la semana<br />
    36. 36. Technopole Map of Greater Cambridge<br />Consultants (technology)<br />Network Organisations<br />Inside and outside the University<br />Businesses as employers<br />MUCHAS GRACIAS<br />Preguntas, discusiones, etc..<br />Son bienvenidas<br />Conferences each year<br />Venture capital<br />Business Angels<br />Events<br />All year round<br />Incubation Centres<br />Multidisciplinary<br />research<br />Science Parks<br />CIKC<br />Government funded<br />Support agencies<br />Policy making in <br />local government<br />Cambridge Enterprise<br />CfEL<br />IfM<br />Academic Departments<br />University Departments<br />