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Social media is transformative inside the organisation, too. My preso to the #techforgood event in London on 15 Nov 2010.

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  • Nice visuals!
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  • Agree 100%! Too many people think technology will make us more insular when in fact, if we work at it, the oppostie will be true and how beneficial will that be to everyone.
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  • Everyone is being so kind about my meagre efforts. I'm so so grateful. This will keep me going for weeks. Thank you.

    I'm so passionate about this; of course you need a strategy, but far too much time is being spent trying to get everything aligned. We lose the plot. So much talent and so many stories to tell. Northing short of people transformation.
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  • Steve Bridger is spot on and useful as always. I particularly like his suggestion to hot desk to and work in another department if you have a laptop of if your computers are networked. Get out from your silo! You can and you should!
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  • Terrific Steve, as always. I agree that the real place to look for change is so often within ourselves, corporately as well as individually.

    The exciting part is there is an incredible amount of talent just waiting to be sprung by being more social in how we organise.
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  1. Putting people at the of of your social media strategy #techforgood L D H PO 15 Nov 2010 @ The Soho Theatre, London P IN business
  2. I help charities trust more of their own people to build relationships online that support collaboration, transparency, advocacy & philanthropy @stevebridger v DB s OPX =somerset g #techforgood
  3. The web of ‘flow’ and ‘instant’ campaigns The web of ‘pages’ and top-down campaigns We need to reach out to people in a way that isn’t just marketing Social media is about long term engagement; you won't win by dipping in and out. #techforgood
  4. s “...ordinary conversation became quite audible to my ears.” Grow bigger ears #techforgood
  5. “The real value of Twitter is to keep the invisible lines of connection alive” - Cory Doctorow Move from an organisation that uses social media to being a ‘social organisation’ E F H I J G K L C N M #techforgood “The message is not about the charity; it’s about why the messenger cares”
  6. open recruit or grow staff into new roles like community managers adapted from a David Armano graphic | darmano.typepad.com BRAND brand as facilitator Influencers friends marketers’ roles will evolve a bit from broadcasters to aggregators Think of these as walls you can step over charity Hq E F H K i inhabit this space
  7. G I E beneficiary / service usercampaigner volunteer donor / fundraiser but charities are structured for ‘transactional’ relationships, not for participation & conversations pressure to grow finances & programmes K #techforgood
  8. Adding value Employee Passion IndicatorsA #techforgood
  9. charities should encourage staff to speak for their organisation ‘in public’ ‘free agents’ & supporters trust the hiring decision the challenge is to empower staff without generating chaos the digital capability that comes online needs to be rolled into the brand H E F J GK L C M I N #techforgood
  10. we have manufactured more complexity doodle by dave gray - used with permission #techforgood C b
  11. sorry... gone to another meeting #techforgood 9 W the day- to-day over-indulgent
  12. • Managers get the jitters & worry that staff will spend too much time using social media • ‘GUidelines’ often more about ‘policing’ than releasing potential 4 Grasp the productivity nettle #techforgood
  13. 80%happiest employees ‘on task’ O #techforgood P 51%least happy employees ‘on task’ ...and now outside + discretionary effort behaviours established largely inside the workplace ...and it’s not like there aren’t already some productivity issues...
  14. Language and tone... #techforgood U outstanding performance fuelled by a desire to be brilliant and infectiously spread across the organisation vs T acceptable levels of mediocre performance that is tolerated or even widely supported Can make the difference between: Empower employees to identify, understand and speak directly to people in a language they’ll connect with. (Most relationships start with ‘small talk’)
  15. • Don’t hang up your passion with your coat every morning • Find time for social media by giving up the things that don’t add value... e.g. duck out of one meeting a week and use the time to ‘be’ a community member • If you’re lucky enough to have a laptop... hot desk to another dept • If you’re a manager - embrace employees as a passionate community, trigger their discretionary effort, and reward them for being ‘social’ • When you hear or read a good story, share it that instant - ‘in the moment’ Stuff you can do #techforgood
  16. the more we remain in our silos and feel constrained by our job descriptions, the greater the disconnect between us and our supporters I believe that... Are you ready to shape the future of your organisation? #techforgood
  17. • Flickr Creative Commons licensed photos - • http://www.flickr.com/photos/freeparking/3114853466/ • http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshuacraig/2415343592/ • Stuart Witts - for illustration & colourful shirts • Dave Gray - for permission to use his doodle • David Armano - for always sharing • Perry Timms @BigLotteryFund - for ideas • Richard Sedley (@richardsedley) - for another idea • Dilbert.com - for cartoon strip • Kevin & Amanda - for their free fonts Thanks to... #techforgood
  18. @stevebridger Thank you steve@visceralbusiness.com “we build too many walls and not enough bridges” Isaac Newton #techforgood