Flickr for the Cultural and Heritage Sectors


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Presentation I gave at the Social Media Exchange in London on 1 June 2009.

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Flickr for the Cultural and Heritage Sectors

  1. flickr for the cultural & heritage sectors 1
  2. This is the most famous photo in the Library of Congress archive They’ve just made the digitised version freely available on Flickr through... 2
  3. r ib e e ve r yo ne is in v ite d to de sc e lp s&h h idde n ph o to t re a su re e r m a k e th em e ve n r ich 3
  4. Social media provides an architecture for participation - not just a new channel for more of the same 4
  5. plenty of space on Flickr... unlimited uploads & storage with a “pro” account 5
  6. we a re w h at we sh a re ;-) a photo set on Flickr 6
  7. “best bonnet in show” 7
  8. If this is your niche, think about how your work can be articulated Norman re-enactors leaving through his net work the field of ‘battle’ 8
  9. a group photo pool on Flickr 9
  10. Eng l i sh H e r i t ag e p s t a r te d t hi s gro u 10
  11. 11
  12. tagging to describe digital objects 12
  13. make your own unique tag & make it a hook for aggregating 13
  14. write down 3 tags to describe this photo 1. ............... 2. ............... 3. ............... 14
  15. Sharing photos in support of a campaign 15
  16. Taken yesterday ;-) another pretty photo licensed under Creative Commons 16
  17. Creative Commons licenses are an alternative to full copyright 17
  18. back to... 18
  19. No known copyright The NMM joined Flickr Commons on 17 September 2008, inviting the public to help describe a selection of our historic photographs. All images on The Commons are marked as ‘no known copyright restrictions’. This means that the NMM is unaware of any current copyright restrictions on the photographs, either because the NMM owns the copyright, or the term of copyright has expired, or because no evidence has been found that copyright restrictions apply. National Maritime Museum on Flickr 19
  20. 20
  21. a pretty slide before I make a point about serendipity... wfgg/140411433/ 21
  22. ColleenM shared photographs she took on a trip to Ireland in 1972 Some triggered stories from the Flickr community 22
  23. posted to the “Barnstaple (and area)” group 23
  24. Thanks for listening... now what do you think? Steve Bridger @stevebridger More info on The Commons at: 24