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En esta presentación exploraremos Valor, logrando mayor velocidad para alcanzarlo a través de Value Imagineering y yendo más allá del paradigma de “hacer más con menos”.

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Speed to Value - Bill Dominguez

  1. 1. Agile Project Leadership Network Capítulo México rac ias! G Reunión  pública,  Octubre  9,  2010  
  2. 2. MexAPLNVisión Ser una comunidad activa de líderes en México que aplicamos Agile & Lean para mejorar nuestras áreas de influencia.Misión Promover y desarrollar nuestra comunidad, mediante networking continuo, eventos periódicos y publicaciones en diversos ámbitos; además de colaborar con los demás capítulos y otras organizaciones relacionadas tanto en México, Latinoamérica y el resto del mundo, para un beneficio económico y social.
  3. 3. MexAPLN Comité Coordinador (CoCo) Masa K Maeda Sergio Durán Alejandro Escamilla Adriana Midence Lacendi Calderón Elizabeth Rivera Carlos Mondragón Alexis Ramirez Gustavo Cervantes Anastacio Lara <tú> <…y tú también>
  4. 4. Introducciones Quienes somos… Nombre/puesto/empresa
  5. 5. Tema de HoyBill Dominguez, PMP, CSM, CLA Founder, Ecocentric Strategies VP, PMI San Francisco
  6. 6. Agile Manifesto We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:Individuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.
  7. 7. Agile Principles•  Early and continuous delivery of valuable software.•  Welcome changing requirements, even late in development.•  Deliver working software frequently.•  Work together daily throughout the project.•  Motivated individuals•  Face-to-face conversation.•  Working software is the primary measure of progress.•  Sustainable development.•  Attention to technical excellence and good design.•  Simplicity.•  Self-organizing teams.•  Retrospective
  8. 8. Lean Principles•  Add nothing but value•  Center on the people•  Create knowledge•  Flow value from demand•  Deliver early and often•  Optimize the whole•  Build quality in•  Defer commitment
  9. 9. Ecocentric Strategies – Speed to Value On  the  road  to  Speed  to  Value   How  do  we  define  value?  What  is  our  true  value  currency?   How  do  we  measure  Value?  How  should  we?   Are  project-­‐level  decisions  informed  by  Value?    Across  the  por@olio,  how  do  we  know  we  are  delivering  the  highest   value  capabiliDes?  and  only  the  highest?  (Profitability,   ProducDvity,  LifeDme  Value,Traffic,  Revenue,  Time  to  Market,   Future  Risk  Avoidance)  
  10. 10. Ecocentric Strategies – Speed to Value On  the  road  to  Speed  to  Value   Should  we  be  terminaDng  certain  projects  sooner  in  their  lifecycle   to  rapidly  redeploy  the  team  to  higher  value  projects?    Is  the  iniDal  Business  Case  sufficient    or  do  we  need  other  methods?   Do  the  soluDons  we  architect  fit  with  the  understood  Business   Value?   Considering  less  than  36%  of  funcDonality  delivers  80%  of  project   value;  over  64%  is  WASTE–  imagine  the  possibiliDes  if  we  could   eliminate  all  marginal  value  work?  
  11. 11. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Reduce  waste  by  promo1ng  a  value  culture   •       Cra8  a  Value  Strategy   •       Define  a  Common  Currency   •       Define  a  Governance  Framework  (drivers,  value/cost  ra1o)   •       Clear  Responsibility  for  Value  Decisions   •       Make  Value  Visible   •       Heighten  Focus  on  Quality   •       Kaizen  
  12. 12. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  In  defining  Value  we  must  be  able  to  predict  and   Value  measure  it  by  using  highly  effec1ve  visualiza1on  tools,  innova1ve  thinking,  and  highly  effec1ve  quan1ta1ve  analysis  
  13. 13. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Value  is  a  key  metric  at  porOolio  level  therefore  we  must  create  a  common  currency  for  which  we’ll  call  VALUE  POINTS   Financial  Business  Case   other  Business  drivers   •   Sales   •   Customer  Experience   •   Cost  of  Sales   •   Produc1vity   •   Customer  Contract  Expense   •   Cost  Avoidance   •   Marke1ng  Expense   •   Time  to  Market   •   O/H  Expense   •   Other?   •   Other?  
  14. 14. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  for  example   Financial  Business  Case   other Business drivers 5,500vp = 3,500vp + 2000vp marketing expense •  Customer Experience (500) (reduction in cost) 3,500vp •  time-to-market (1500) Addi5onal  Value  Points  can  be  assigned  by  the  Por:olio  Steering  Commi=ee   in  support  of  urgency  be  it  regulatory  or  market-­‐driven  
  15. 15. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  How  do  we  sa1sfy  customer  value?     Value   Quality  
  16. 16. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  What  is  Quality?   the  elimina1on  of  waste   and     delivering  measurable  value  in  the   customer’s  value  currency  
  17. 17. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Poor  quality  is  costly     So8ware  errors  cost  the  U.S.  economy  $59.6   Billion  Annually  in  rework   Source:  RTI  Interna5onal   In  the  UK,  EDS  developed  a  computer  system  the  Child   Support  Agency  that  resulted  in  over  £539  million   loss  due  to  so8ware  bugs.   Source:  theregister.co.uk  
  18. 18. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value   Value  Innova1on   The  successful  introduc1on  of  a   new  thing  or  method   Innova5on   Quality   The  genera1on  of  something  new   and  valuable  from  other  exis1ng   things  
  19. 19. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Value  Innova1on  Value  Innova1on  is  a  sustainable,  ac1onable  strategy  that  promotes  delivering  value  by  crea1ng  an  organiza1onal  culture  that  op1mizes  a  con1nuous,  sustainable,  rapid  flow  of  value.  
  20. 20. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  How  do  we  accomplish  value  innova1on?     Value  Imagineering   Lean  Agile   Kanban  
  21. 21. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  What  is  Value  Imagineering?    The  process  of  visioning,  engaging,  exploring,  crea1ng,  itera1ng,  and  learning  what  is  necessary  to  sa1sfy  the   customer  with  minimum  waste.  
  22. 22. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Lean  Agile     References  and  improves  the  business  ecosystem   Focuses  on  Quality   Visualizes  the  en1re  process   Increases  interac1on   Focuses  on  delivering  Value  
  23. 23. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Kanban  is  a  highly  effec1ve  and  proven  value  innova1on  tool  that  brings  together  the  best  of  Lean  and  Agile  plus  .  .  .        Promotes  Innova1on        Facilitates  cultural  and  process  change        Increases  customer  Value  delivery        Facilitates  policy  specificity        Provides  for  classes  of  service  
  24. 24. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Speed  to  value  is  realized  by  your  organiza1on’s  commitment  to  quality,  innova1on  and  recogni1on  /  adherence  to  constraints   Value   Innova1on   Constraints   (the  Iron  Triangle)   Quality   The  lean-­‐agile  prism  
  25. 25. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Case  Study  Doctors  Medical  Center,  San  Pablo,  California  USA         Dives1ture  from  Tenet  Health  to  County  Hospital         Strategic  decision  to  divest  June  2005         MUST  become  a  County  Hospital  October  1,  2005         Engaged  June  20,  2005        
  26. 26. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Case  Study  Doctors  Medical  Center,  San  Pablo,  California  USA  The  Challenge    3  months  and  10  days  from  ZERO  to  DONE    All  employees  (1000+)  to  be  hired  and  paid  as  new  employees   of  County  Hospital,  a  highly  unionized  workforce    Opera1onal  –  Implement  new  HCM,  Payroll,  and  Time  and   Alendance  systems  (process  and  technology)    Highly  restricted  use  of  Tenet  employees  (current  employee   force)    County  Hospital  Team  non-­‐existent    No  so8ware  selected      
  27. 27. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Case  Study  Doctors  Medical  Center,  San  Pablo,  California  USA  CRITICAL  SUCCESS  FACTORS         Leadership  Support  (financial  and  opera1onal)         Lean  Agile  Framework  
  28. 28. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Case  Study  Doctors  Medical  Center,  San  Pablo,  California  USA  
  29. 29. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Case  Study  Doctors  Medical  Center,  San  Pablo,  California  USA   September  30,  2005   D  O  N  E   ZERO  DEFECTS   Fastest  and  highest  quality  implementa1on  of   HCM,  Payroll,  and  Time  and  Alendance  to  date  
  30. 30. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  I  want  you  to  think  about  some  facts  I  presented  earlier   Less  than  65%  of  features  implemented  deliver   planned  value     That  which  is  not  value  is  waste     If  we  could  deliver  sufficient  value  by  doing  35%   of  the  work  .  .  .    
  31. 31. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value  Think  of  the  possibili5es  
  32. 32. Ecocentric  Strategies  –  Speed  to  Value   Bill Dominguez, PMP, CSM, CLA Founder, Ecocentric Strategies VP, PMI San Francisco bill@ecocentricstrategies.com  
  33. 33. Muchas Gracias
  34. 34. !Rifa!•  Software Guru: o  revistas•  Shojiki Solutions: o  Una sesión de coucheo gratis con Masa K Maeda o  Memoria USB
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