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  • 2. W HAT IS “E VOLVING C ONTENT ?” Information that grabs attention and creates action Knowledge that is absorbed and shared to widen the net of influencers or prospects Something that is built upon by each reader or sharer via comments or new information Always in motion based on prospect/industry pulse of business or personal needs
  • 3. W HAT DOES “E VOLVED C ONTENT ” LOOK LIKE ? Refresh Share Discuss/Create Action Offer
  • 4. C ONTENT E VOLUTION B EGINS AT H OME Review of outbound materials to see where you are Absorb existing industry/product sector online (tech forums, webinars, social media outposts, search engine keyword news alerts, Twitter Search, Google Buzz, FriendFeed, etc.) Take the pulse of the communities to find commonly unmet expectations
  • 5. W HAT IS C ONTENT ? A vehicle that transmits knowledge A collection of information that activates the desire to learn, interact and take action Examples: • Info graphic • Blog post • Newsletter • Web page • White paper/case study • Book/eBook •Video •Marketing Collateral •Webinar • Streaming Audio/Video •Podcast • Mobile applications •Social media micro- • Text messages blogging (Tweets, Updates, etc.)
  • 6. W HY C ONTENT I S K ING It Drives awareness It Builds credibility It Encourages preference It Targets where prospects are in the “buy cycle” It Keeps a person, organization, or company Fresh, relevant and innovative It Promotes Action (Read > Learn > Validate > Compare > Join/Purchase)
  • 7. H OW TO E VOLVE C ONTENT Audit – See what you have Target – Define your Audience Identify – Map your existing content to your audience and find gaps in content based on stages in buy cycle (Awareness, Interest, Analysis, Preference, Purchase) Create – Write, shoot, record, develop customized information based on gaps Refresh – Invigorate existing content by repackaging with new information or new media Promote – Unify current marketing mix with social media tools to swiftly share new information
  • 8. E VOLUTION IN A CTION Audit – A deep dive into existing materials populated into a spreadsheet with description, date of creation and position in buy cycle
  • 9. E VOLUTION IN A CTION Target – Define who you are talking to and what you want them to do Example  Company – Proctor & Gamble  Audience – New moms 18-40 years old  Action – Take a 10-question survey on current challenges/needs  Offer – A sample product offering, discount coupons and free membership in “Super Mom Solutions Group” community  Buy cycle position –Awareness/Nurture Based on marketing objective (Awareness/nurture), review content audit to determine content relevance
  • 10. E VOLUTION IN A CTION Identify  Determine if you can purchase or use up- to-date existing third-party content (analyst white papers, case studies, blog posts, news articles, etc.) that meet objectives  Determine if you can refresh existing studies or information with new findings to validate your audience’s concerns  Evaluate who would or how you could create new content to satisfy your objectives and audience
  • 11. E VOLUTION IN A CTION Refresh  Mine existing content for relevant and timeless quotes statements  Based on audit and online information gathering , find subject matter experts or customers to infuse new life into that existing material  Interview experts or customers for new information on subject matter Example: Old White paper > eBook with Video/Audio testimonials and expert opinions
  • 12. E VOLUTION IN A CTION Create  Based on content audit and online information gathering define what’s most requested (Demo, ROI calculator, etc.)  Use industry and target research to guide content medium (print, eNewsletter, blog, Webinar, etc.)  Develop an asset that fosters action (register for information capture and buy cycle position; Learn more/take a meeting; Join a community of like-minded people to group-solve; sign up for newsletter)
  • 13. E VOLUTION IN A CTION Promote – Use online and  Create a blog on the subject matter and offline media at your introduce the content disposal based on budget as a piece in the puzzle  Direct mail with  Post a comment on an exclusive offer to existing blog related influencers in market to subject and  E-mail with exclusive introduce the content offer to influencers in  Use social media market action driver tools like  Offer a subject matter Twitter, LinkedIn, expert Webinar with Facebook, etc., to Testimonial + content announce availability as a knowledge kit for tire-kickers
  • 14. S AMPLE : N EW L IFE /O LD C ONTENT Repurposed targeted sections of existing white papers White papers were too old to use as is; this project extended their usefulness New medium and new information created content that gained new life
  • 15. S AMPLE : F ILLING THE G AP Content audit showed lack of assets tied to sales cycle This datacenter virtualization timeline for Sun Microsystems filled the gap between awareness and internal advocacy
  • 16. S AMPLE : C LOSE THE D EAL Using a PowerPoint generator tool, this asset built a personalized PPT deck with charts, data, analyst info to help make a case for a project.
  • 17. S UCCESS S TORY: S UN M ICROSYSTEMS Content-rich site with passiveE-mail profiling back-end
  • 18. EVOLUTION C OMMUNICATIONS G ROUP C APABILITIES & B ENEFITS Active Social Media Presence, Participation and Brand Monitoring Content Auditing = Tool to Assess Current Content Relevance Thorough Content Gap Analysis Deeper Competitive Analysis Fine-tuned Market Positioning Targeted Messaging = Authentic exchange with audience based on expressed needs “Evergreen” Go-to-Market Assets
  • 19. Mark Evertz EVolution Communications Group Phone: E-mail: EvInOregon@gmail.com Twitter: @MarkAEvertzEvolved Thinking (Blog): http://markevertz.com THANK YOU!