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General Description of Ladle Furnace design of CVS MAKINA, which is designer, manufacturer, erector companies for all the units for meltshop and rolling mills explaining themselves as the dedicator to steel sector.

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Lf mechanical design_presentation

  1. 1. LADLE FURNACE (LF) MECHANICAL DESIGN CVS MAKINA - Company Presentation -Design-Manufacturing Offices: - Erection - CVS Headquarter - Training (Turkey) - Consultancy - CVS Europe (Italy) -Innovation - CVS Egypt - Process - CVS Ukraine Development - CVS Iran info@cvs.com.tr www.cvs.com.tr
  2. 2. CVS MAKINA - Company Presentation CVS provides plants & equipment for minimills, also in “turn-key” solution. CVS covers the complete design and manufacturing activities for green-field projects as well as revamping/upgrading of existing plants and equipment. CVS manufactures spare parts & components for meltshops & rolling mills. CVS provides technical assistance and consulting service to steel production.CVS MAKINA - Company Presentation Quick Info CVS headquarter is placed in the industrial region of Gebze, just east of Istanbul, close to many major ports Our modern facilities consists of more than 40,000 sqm of closed area and a land of additional approx. 40,000 sqm CVS workforce is formed by over than 500 specialized workers and engineers with a modern machinery park to undertake even the most challenging projects. Over than 200 engineers and administrative employees are involved in the design and management of the projects.
  3. 3. CVS - SECONDARY METALLURGY LF. Advantages The advantages of a ladle furnace canbe defined as follows :•Saving of ferroalloy•Saving of energy•Increase productivity•Decreasing refining time of EAF•Decreasing tapping temperature at EAF•Precise temperature control•Improved of inclusions, cleanliness of thesteel•Possibilities of wrong analysis limited CVS - SECONDARY METALLURGY LF Design AdvantageousThe Ladle Furnace is conceived forreheating the steel in the ladle placedon a ladle car and will be designed andbuilt according to the most moderntechniques in the field and will be inparticular provided with: Water-cooled secondary circuit andwater cooled flexible cablesWater-cooled ladle roof equipped withindirect fume collecting hood to reducesteel oxidation Roof lifting mechanism via hydrauliccylinder Electrode arms with reduced electrodepitch diameter Water-cooled secondary circuit andwater cooled flexible cables Electro-hydraulic electrode regulation
  4. 4. LF - GENERAL PLAN VIEWLF - SIDE VIEW • Saving of Ferroalloy • Saving of Energy • Increase Productivity • Precise Te m p e r a t u r e Control • Cleanliness of The Steel
  5. 5. LF - EQUIPMENTS MAIN EQUIPMENTS Furnace Support Structure Roof Lifting Device Electrode Lifting System Electrode Arms Transformer Secondary Circuit Water Cooled Roof Water Cooled Pipes for Direct Suction Sampling and Measuring Devices Emergency Lance Electrode Nippling System Material Handling System Wire Feeding Machine Ladle Car Hyraulic UnitSUPPORT STRUCTURE Structure Heat Shield Protection Different Designs According to The Requests of The Facility
  6. 6. ROOF & ELECTRODE LIFTING SYSTEM Advanced Engineering Creative Solutions ROOF LIFTING DEVICEAny Kind of Lifting Systems Roof lifting mechanism via Protection h yd r a u l i c c yl i n d e r
  7. 7. ELECTRODE LIFTING SYSTEM Support structure Guide rollers H yd r a u l i c c yl i n d e r sELECTRODE COLUMNS Water cooled head 1 3 Each electrode column is guided by two sets of guides 2 4 and each has four rollers
  8. 8. ELECTRODE COLUMNS - GUIDESThe Guide Rollers Are Lubricated By a C e n t r a li z ed L u b r i c a t i o n S ys t e m 4 To p a n d 4 Bottom to Guide Each Electrode ColumnELECTRODE ARMS According to Furnace Capacities Suitable And Different Designs of Electrode Arms Copper C l a d d e d Ty p e Arms Electro-Hydraulic Electrode Regulation
  9. 9. ELECTRODE ARMS Robbust Design of Arms Copper Bus Bar Bus Steel Plate Tu b e s Ty p e A r m s ELECTRODE HOLDING SYSTEM Water Cooled Electrode Holder Force OptimizationCu Contact Pad
  10. 10. ELECTRODE HOLDING SYSTEM Conductive C u Tu b e Water Cooled Electrode HolderElectrodeArm H yd r a u l i c S ys t e m Electrode SECONDARY CIRCUITCopper Connection Between The PowerTr a n s fo rm er a n d H i g h C u rr e n t C a b l e sand Electrode Arms C u B u s Ty p e S ys t e m
  11. 11. SECONDARY CIRCUIT Flexible Bus BarDifferentLubricationS ys t e m s BUS TYPE SYSTEM Complete Design for B u s Ty p e S y s t e m
  12. 12. BUS TYPE SYSTEM Tr a n s fo r me rFlexibleBus Bar WATER COOLED CABLES Water Cooled Cables Head Connection Connection Between Furnace Electrode Arms and Tr a n s fo rm er S e c o n d a r y S ys t e m
  13. 13. WATER COOLED ROOF Water Inlet and Outlet Water Cooled PanelsWater-Cooled Ladle Roof EquippedWith Direct Fume Collecting Hoodto Reduce Steel Oxidation WATER COOLED ROOF Unique and Suitable Designs for All Capasities Wire Feeding Direct Hole Suction Water Collectors Emergency Lance Hole ManuelMaterial Feeding &Feeding Slag ControlHole Hole
  14. 14. WATER COOLED PIPES FOR SUCTION Water Cooled Ducts Used In The Direct Suction for Waste GasWater Cooled Ducts Radiant Duct LADLE INERT GAS USE Porous refractory Refractory Porous insert material on the plate ladle bottom Locking Gas inlet equipment
  15. 15. EMERGENCY LANCE F u l l y A u t o m a t i c S ys t e mEMERGENCY LANCE Lance Electrical Gear Motor C yl i n d e r f o r Inclination
  16. 16. ELECTRODE NIPPLING SYSTEM Locking Mechanism Heat Protection MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMD i f f e r e n t Ty p e so f C o n v e yo r s Weighing S ys t e m Batch Hoppers Fully Automatic System
  17. 17. WIRE FEEDING MACHINE Wire Feeding Machine F e e d i n g S ys t e m f o r A l l Ty p e s o f Requested WiresWIRE FEEDING SIDE VIEW G u i d i n g S ys t e m for Wires
  18. 18. LADLE CAR Smooth Start and Stop Q u i c k Tr a n s f erReel toMove LadleCar InEmergencySituations W e i g hi n g S ys t e m LADLE CAR Unique and Suitable Designs for Any Kind of Customer Needs For All Capacities
  19. 19. JIB CRANEHYRAULIC UNIT High Quality High PerformanceLong Life
  20. 20. HYRAULIC UNIT H yd r a u l i c L i n e Roof Lifting Electrode Regulation HYRAULIC UNIT Distribution PipesH y d r a u l i c Ta n k Va l v e S t a n d H yd r a u l i c Accumulator Pumps
  21. 21. HYRAULIC UNIT - P&IFor For ElectrodeElectrode RegulationClampForRoofLifting LUBRICATION SYSTEM Lubrication Distributors Lubrication tank
  22. 22. LUBRICATION SYSTEM Guide Rollers Lubrication Line COOLING WATERFlexibleHosesfor RoofMainPipes Complete Design for All Distribution Pipes
  23. 23. COOLING WATER Water Lines for T h r e e Ar m s a n d B u s S ys t e mFlexibleHosesfor Arms COOLING WATER - P&I For Secondary For For Flex Power H ydr a u l i c Tr a ns fo r m e r Cables Unit
  24. 24. COOLING WATER - P&I For Electrodes For Columns Clamping Devices COOLING WATER - P&I For Low Vo l t a g e PinsFor SeconderBus BarConstruction For Tr a ns fo r m e r Secondary Circuit
  25. 25. COMPRESSED AIR - P&I Pneumatic Hoses Va l v e s Filter Regulator LubricatorVa l v e Manifold Thank You For Your Patience www.cvs.com.tr