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Best practice - Business enhancement through cluster promotion & internationalisation - Mrs. Neus Mèlich, Officer of Business Development Service of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries. Department of Culture and Media of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia)

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Barcelona Claster Promotion 18 03 10

  1. 1. Business Development Service Creative Metropoles Neus Mèlich Checa Stockholm March 18th 2010
  2. 2. Who is our public? Who? • Small and mid-sized businesses/entreprises (SMEs) • Micro businesses/entreprises • Freelances Sectors: • Film and TV • Media • Publishing • Music • Performing Arts • Visual Arts • New Multimedia Arts
  3. 3. Business Development Service (SDE) SDE: A service oriented to the Catalan cultural industry: Build on the experience acquired by ICIC Activity started in Jannuary 2006 We’re five-years-old! SDE’s goals: 1. Improve Catalan cultural/creative industries’ competitiveness 2. Promote innovation in their management
  4. 4. Business Development Service (SDE) Objectives Operational objectives (goals) of the SDE: To stimulate innovation in cultural industries To generate new resources and maximize those already existing To provide cultural industries with the information and tools to be able to reach new markets To encourage networking To promote technological and digital transfer applied to creative industries
  5. 5. Where SDE’s goals come from? SWOT (based on Handbook on the Cultural Industries of Catalonia, October 2002) Main goals and challenges of ICIC: • Provide a business framework in Catalonia for cultural/creative industries (SDE) • Connect local creative companies and professionals with international networks. Expand cultural products market (API) • Increase the consumption of culture (Club TR3SC) Main goals and challenges of SDE • Become a tool for creative business development: External Consultancy and Manager Training • Foster cultural exchange, cooperation services and Information/Management training
  6. 6. SWOT Strenghs: 1. Existence of a solid amateur scene that feeds consumption and new professionals outlets in culture. 2. Existence of a relevant mass of SMEs and a strong traditional gremial and associacionist culture. 3. Existence of a relevant enterpreneur culture/ability to carry out iniatives of an entrepreneurial character, tied to innovation and artistic creativity.
  7. 7. SWOT Weknesses: 1. Major difficulty for positioning Catalan cultural products in the Spanish market and for their integration into the international market . (API & SDE’s Training) 2. Strong centralization of the main groups in Madrid (capital city). 3. Low market activity in cultural production and promotion outside BCN area. (SDE: training around Catalonia!) 4. Severe lack of public and private financing (ADE: Refundable Contributions, Culture Credit (loans), ICF Credit Programme) 5. Lack of life-long training in the creative industries, mostly dominated by liberal professionals (SDE: Training) 6. Insufficient businesses strategies for networking and cooperating (SDE: Meetings, Training, networking & API)
  8. 8. SWOT Opportunities: 1. Creativity, vital for the business chain of added value 2. New digital techonology. The full development of digital technology in all areas of culture must be fostered. (SDE: DM2.0, professional training: Worshops Web and Mktg Digital) 3. Less significance given to the location of the site of productive and creative processes. 4. Possibility of assuming a competitive position in new emerging multimedia markets. 5. Development of cultural tourism.
  9. 9. SWOT Threats: 1. Dependency on a few major operators IT service providers. 2. The traditional linguistic and cultural barriers are vanishing and the large-scale promotion is very costly. 3. Loss of importance of the location of production and creation. 4. New digital techonology (SDE! : DM2.0, professional training: Worshops Web and Mktg Digital)
  10. 10. SDE acts along two axis: 1. Information/ Training management (In/Formació directiva) 2. Culture Consultancy (Consultoria Cultura)
  11. 11. Business Development Service (SDE) Action axis 1. Information/ Training management Main characteristics: • Format: conferences, workshops, debates, professional round-table discussions, work sessions, dialogues • Topics: innovation management, IT application, economic management, new markets, etc. • Offer adapted to sectorial specific needs • Flexibility and capacity for quick response to current questions • And it’s usually free-of-charge!
  12. 12. Information/Training management’ summary data (2009)
  13. 13. Some of our international speakers... Charles Caldas, CEO, Merlin Richard Gottehrer, founder Carlos Lalinde, CEO and and chairman, The Orchard Copyright chief, Clipper’s Music Shira Perlmutter, executive VP, Global Legal Policy, IFPI Kevin Arnold, CEO, IODA
  14. 14. Business Development Service (SDE) Action axis 1. Information/ Training management Topics for 2010: More than 60 seminars and •Digital Music 2.0 conferences programmed! •Marketing and Communication •New Technologies •Legal •Management •Internationalization Our main partner: International •Collaborations Promotion Area
  15. 15. 1. Information/ Training management Digital Music 2.0 clip DM2.0 Day sessions: • Digital Music 2.0 – SONAR- Activity programmed as part of Sonar. • Digital Music 2.0 - Vila-Seca Street Music Festival. The 10 most common Web mistakes (music sector) • Digital Music 2.0 – Vic Live Music Market Tools for the internationalization of companies (markets and fairs) Seminars: • Digital Music 2.0 - (APECAT) Analysis of the behaviour of the public in the network Legal digital sales
  16. 16. 1. Information/ Training management Marketing and Communication Workshops: •Marketing and Communication Strategies for Cultural Companies 10 sessions •Web and Digital Marketing for Cultural Companies 4 sessions •Presentation and communication skills for negotiation 4 sessions Conferences: •Being news; by accident or strategy? Know the means for good management of cultural communication Sessions programmed in Barcelona, Vic, Girona, Lleida i Tarragona.
  17. 17. 1. Information/ Training management New Technologies Workshops: •The 10 most common mistakes in communication by Internet: – Publishing sector – Performing arts sector – Visual arts sector – Audiovisual sector Dialogues of the SDE: • Applications for mobile telephones and small video games, applied to the promotion of cultural industries • Internet as an information channel
  18. 18. 1. Information/ Training management Legal Seminars: •The Law on information society and electronic trade services (LSSICE) •Resolution of conflicts •Legality and new technologies in the publishing sector •Contracting in employment and commercial areas: in the areas of music, performing arts, and the audiovisual field •The right to honour, intimacy and image in the audiovisual field and the world of publishing Dialogues of the SDE: •Social networks - pros and cons •Copyright •Large brands and piracy. How can they defend themselves? •How to control your corporate reputation in Internet •Advertising: purchase ideas to sell products
  19. 19. 1. Information/ Training management Business management Workshops: •Participative strategic plan 4 sessions •Programme of SDE activities and services for 2010 •Accounting as a management tool •How to focus banking negotiation Day session: •R+D+I in cultural companies Dialogues of the SDE: •How to carry out a market study in an industry of prototypes •Cooperate to advance: clusters, sectorial alliances
  20. 20. 1. Information/ Training management Internationalization • II Day sessions on street arts (Fira Tàrrega Street Festival). Street Arts and Internationalization (I and II) • Day sessions on internationalization for cultural companies In collaboration with the Area of International Promotion of the ICIC
  21. 21. Business Development Service (SDE) Action axis 2. Culture Consultancy Main characteristics: • Consultancy service (upon demand) offered to Catalan cultural companies • Co-financed service (ICIC – companies) • Characteristics of the consultancy: – Two kinds: • Basic • Specific. Most common typologies: commercial plans, strategic development, improvement of internal procedures, marketing, digital processes and new technologies, ... – Consultancy carried out by external consultants who have accredited their technical solvency
  22. 22. 2. Culture Consultancy Main goals: To improve the professionalization and competitiveness of the Catalan cultural business fabric. To provide cultural companies the opportunity to carry out a process of reflection with advice from an external consultant. To carry out specific work for the development and implementation of conclusions and recommendations in a functional company environment and which may be derived from the prior process of reflection.
  23. 23. 2. Culture Consultancy Summary of data from previous offerings (2006-2009) • Total budget assigned: 285,582.49 € – Total applications resolved positively: 204 • Total applications in the area of basic consultation: 135 – Total budget assigned: 59,200 € • Total applications in the area of specific consultation: 71 – Total budget assigned: 226,382.49 €
  24. 24. Summary of data from previous offerings (2009)
  25. 25. Last news! • New Website: • Web 2.0 and SDE: Vimeo cic Twitter Facebook entempresarial#!/?ref=home
  26. 26. Tack så mycket! Thanks a lot!! Moltes gràcies!! Muchas gracias!! Contact and more information: Neus Mèlich