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Accessories play a vital role in our analysis by adding ease and checks on manual practices...

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Accessories by Metrohm India

  1. 1. Metrohm Accessories
  2. 2. Ease can be a part of your analysis now!!869 Compact Sample Changer (2.869.0010)- Economic automation- Space Saving- Different method templates- Easy to use- Availability of 12 positions- Live display- Powerful accessory for simple routineTitration load 860 KF Thermoprep - 860 KF Thermoprep is designed for thermal sample preparation in Karl Fischer titration - Suitable for substances that: - are insoluble - react with the Karl Fischer reagent - need heat to release water - User friendly handling with simple and fast sample preparation - Identical and reproducible conditions for all samples during analysis ensures precise results - No contamination of the oven, hence no carryover and memory effects - Saves valuable reagent tooDosino/ dosing unit- Resting position on the top of thereagent bottle prevents leakage of Polytronthe reagent to different parts - Powerful sampling device- With the 4-port valve, the 807 Dosing for KF applicationsUnit is not just a burette, it is also - A magical tool forperfectly suited for liquid handling homogenising hard samplestasks like e.g. Pipetting such as tablets, candies, dried- Emptying and preparation can be plant parts, meat etc.done by pressing one button without - Adds to the reproducibilitytouching the burette itself. This can completely of your results as theeliminate the cleaning and washing cycle and handling remains samealso eliminate errors sample to sampledue to cross contamination and adds to the lifeof apparatus- Through In-Built memorychip the titrant solutionis automaticallyregistered at the titratorand can be fully monitored- Space saving
  3. 3. IC Equipment for Dialysis Ultra Filtration Equipment -Complex matrices like waste - Samples with particles will clog water, emulsions, the separation column soil eluates, dairy products will Ultrafiltration cell automatically quickly foul or clog the column removes particulate from the if injected directly samples and protects separation - Inline dialysis protects the column column by eliminating - Suitable for samples with varying amount of large molecules, oily phases, proteins and particles from low to moderateparticles - No manual sample preparation necessary- No manual sample preparation - Low maintenance- No contamination by the operator- Low maintenance MagIC Net Software + 771 Interface - IC Compact Interface with MagIC Net TM Professional software - IC Compact Interface connects the analog signals of the existing IC instruments - GLP compliant - MagIC Net TM graphic user interface for routine applications, extensive database programs, method development, configuration and manual system control, highly flexible user administration, efficient database operations and extensive data export functionsAdditional station with Titrando Parallel station with Titrando- Additional 703/803 pumps can - For making the existing 809be added for KF / 905 a parallel Titrator- pH measuring station can be added - KF / Potentiometric Stationwith a stirrer running parallel- One additional station for to each otherroutine works - 2 Titrators set, at almost a- Extremely useful in places fraction of the costwhere the work load is heavy - A boon to an increasingas the setup remains connected workload with limitedTo the system. budget to add one- Selecting the method automatically more systemselects the station , hence it becomesveryConvenient to handle
  4. 4. Inline Eluent Preparation Inline Calibration Technique - For automatic generation of - With Metrohm intelligent partial eluents<<Eluent Preparation>> loop technique (MiPT) it is possible - Can be used with existing to inject different sample volumes Compact, Modular and Professional with just one fixed injection loop series of instruments - Allows broad range of sample - Compatible for Precise Eluent concentrations concentrations with simple - Performs a multi-point assembling and configuration Calibration with just one multi-ion standard - Much faster than error prone manual dilution Metrohm VA kit for Semi automation - Easy to use - Provides partial automation to VA systems for routine voltammetric trace analysis - 2 auxillary solutions can be added automatically into measuring vessel - Elegant and convenient operation at an affordable price Metrohm VA kit for Mercury and Arsenic - Complete set of accessories along with gold working electrode, reference electrode, auxillary electrode , vessels etc - Can be coupled with all existing VA instrumentsMetrohm India Limited Local Distributor:3 & 4, Origin Sri TowersFourrts AvenueAnnai Indira NagarOkkiyam ThoraipakkamChennai - 600 097Ph: 91 44 40440441Fax : 91 44