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  1. 1. Destination Hawaii By Anthony Passela Jacob Cano Anthony DeMott Matt Connolly Cast: Matt Connolly as Martin Winters Anthony Demott as Richard Adams Anthony Passela as Samuel Green Jacob Cano as Phil and Joe Michael Connolly
  2. 2. INT. SCENE - DESCRIPTION Office building in New York City. There are 2 chairs and in front of the chairs is a desk. On the desk is photos and files. In the corner of the room lies a file cabinet. On the other side of the room there is picture frames with certificates and pho- tos. Martin Winters “What did you want to talk to me about Boss?” SAMUEL GREEN “That’s Mr. Green to you!” MARTIN WINTERS (Sarcastically says) Alright Mr. Green. Samuel “Don't use that tone with me I'm your boss I can fire you anytime I want, know stop talking fresh! Martin I’ll use any tone i want, you need me in the position I'm in this company is nothing without me! Samuel I don't need you I'm rich i have my own private jet! Martin Your making a big thing out of that 20 foot by-plane you have (Laughter) I've seen chickens bigger then those engines on that thing and your worried about not starting the plane because of that engine if i were you id cut back on those donuts, i don't think that plane can hold 350 pounds!
  3. 3. Samuel First that 1995 volvo you have isn't going to be on the front cover of a magazine either, Second I don’t eat that many donuts a day. Sam’s Assistant (Walks in with a box of donuts) Sir i got the 25 donuts you wanted! Samuel Not now james. Sam’s Assistant (Realized what going on) I mean 24 do- nuts. (whispers to sam) I got your back. Samuel Get out of here! (Sam’s Assistant Runs out). Martin As you were saying jenny craig Samuel (his face now a boiling red) Shut up! SHOT - DESCRIPTION Office Building in New York City. Then the camera goes to the board room in the office building.
  4. 4. EXT. SCENE - DESCRIPTION Board office room, 2 tables with files, 2 tables up front put together with files. Front blackboard: Company retreat flight schedule. People talk to each other. (OWNER) RICHARD ADAMS “Alright Folks settle down! It’s that time of the year again, time for our company retreat.” (People Cheer) Martin “So where are we going sir?” Mr. Adams “This year we had a lot of suggestions, Paris,Italy,Russia,Germany and even someone suggested the Dunkin donuts factory. MARTIN WHISPERS TO ANOTHER EMPLOYEE “Wonder who put in that suggestion” Samuel Green Whistles Sam’s Assistant (James) (walks in with donuts) “Oh Sorry wrong room” (Backs out slowly) Richard Adams “Were going to Hawaii.” People Cheer
  5. 5. Martin Winters “Oh yeah! The beach,the sun!” Samuel “The Coconut Flavored donuts” (Sam licks his lips) Mr. Adams “Samuel,you’ll be flying with... Martin.” Sam and Martin at the same time “WHAT!!!!!!!” MR. ADAMS “No arguments! Or I can ax your christmas bonus like a christmas Tree!” Samuel “Fine I’ll do it for the donuts!”
  6. 6. Shot Description People start boarding Mr. Greens plane at an airport with other planes in the background. Martin Walks onboard with his friend Phil Phil “My mom is really afraid of flying on these small planes” Martin “You got to stop worrying about these things Phil,...OH MY GOSH A RAT!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” (MARTIN RUNS AWAY AND SLAM’S INTO A WALL) Scene changes to cockpit with the pilot and copilot pre- paring to takeoff Pilot talks into radio “American Airlines flight 134 to tower,request clearance for takeoff. 5 passengers aboard including pilot and co pilot.” Tower comes in over the radio “Tower to American airlines flight 134 you are clear for take- off. Pilot into radio “Aye Aye tower.” Shot Description - Plane takes off of runway and flies into the early morning sunrise.
  7. 7. People are inside the plane (Sam, Phil, Martin, Sam’s assistant, and Suzanne) sitting on the chairs and sipping coffee and rest- ing. Sam talks to his assistant James “Maybe we could squeeze in some golf before the meeting eh?” James “I got my eyes set on some surfing” Phil “I’m feeling a little nauseous (grabs his stomach) I’ll be in the bathroom” Runs into the bathroom. Martin “So Sam I bet your gonna go straight for the Dunkin donuts store in the airport” Sam “You are to refer to me as Mr. Green!” Martin “I’ll refer to as what ever I want you...” Shot goes back to cockpit Pilot “Why are we flying so low, pull us up!” COpilot “I can’t get us up” Pilot “What!” Co pilot “The Engine’s down”
  8. 8. Pilot “Dang it! Give me some more speed Co pilot” Co pilot “Were gonna have to ditch” Scene goes back to passengers Sam “Ever since you started working here you have been a thorn in my side.” Martin “I wish I never got this stinking Job! They couldn’t pay me enough to work with you” Sam That’s it! In rather jump off this plane right now then spend the vacation with you! Plane’s engine explodes and fails and all the passen- gers are catapulted to the side of the plane(martin and sam are 3 feet away from each other) Martin What just happened! Sam I don’t know Were going down! Martin I hope you were serious about jumping!” Sam I’m afraid of heights Martin We gotta find the parachutes! Sam there over there(he points to a luggage compartment)
  9. 9. (Martin hobbles over to compartment while stumbling twice) (opens compartment and 2 parachutes fall out martin grabs rest) Martin “Take these! Sam “There should be more” Martin “There is only 2” (plane erupts again) (Martin gets thrown into sam) Martin “Wheres Phil!” (Phil falls out of bathroom and is lying on the ground with parachutes a 10 feet from martin, Martin starts to run over) Martin “Phil!” (Plane explodes, everybody is cata- pulted) Scene exit shot Plane falls in ocean, camera closes on martin as he falls in ocean. Scene End
  10. 10. Scene 5- Martin is in the ocean and clips of his parachute as Sam lands 10 feet away. Martin Where’s Phil! Sam How should I know! Were probably gonna die out here! Martin We have to swim for the plane! Maybe we could hang on to some- thing. Martin starts swimming Sam stays in one spot Martin I ain’t leaving without you! Sam Go! I’ll just slow you down anyway! Martin swims over to sam and grabs him Martin swims with Sam and out of breath reaches a piece of debris from the plane and throws himself and Sam on the piece. Scene ends with Martin Breathing hard and sam lying down on the piece of debris as it floats away into the choppy sea’s of the night. Scene 6 The next Morning Martin and Sam’s Plane piece wash up onto the beach of a small deserted Island with woods towards the end. Martin Moans Sam...We made it! Were alive...I hope... Sam moans Nope... If we were dead I’d have a box of donuts right now.
  11. 11. Martin Will ya shut up about the donuts, were stranded on this stupid Island, millions of miles away from civilization,no shipping lanes in sight, no food, no water, it would have been easier just to have died in that stupid plane......... Oh my gosh..... Phil..... the others...... for all we know they could be dead..... Hits the ground and moans Sam I’ve got a family, I can’t die... Martin uhhhhhhhhhh......... I’ve got a .... cat, so I can’t die ei- ther, yeah that’s my excuse SAM We’ve got to survive somehow... Martin We’ll in all the survival stories I’ve read.. people end up eat- ing each other Sam We’ll if anyone is going to be eaten... it’s gonna be you Martin Sam that is ridiculous, anyway your the one whose pure fat, so it would make more sense if you got eaten Sam Oh yeah well...... your probably right....... but wait we can’t just eat each other Martin Your right sam, we need salt,pepper,ketchup, and a fire to roast us on.....he he he............
  12. 12. Sam That’s not what I meant... there must be some food, like coco- nuts.. or oranges Martin Well the first thing we need is water.... so try the find some kind of fruit that we can suck or something, i’ll keep watch for some ships. Later that day Scene 7 (Sam comes back with pond water in his shoe) Sam There’s a ...small pond back in the woods, I.. got ..some water. Martin Great.. now all we need is food, and some kind of shelter Scene changes to dusk as the 2 are sitting under a hut made of sticks as walls and palm tree leaves as a roof Long pause as Sam and Martin stare at each other Sam sighs and looks down SAM We have to be recused... I don’t want to live on this Island, with our families... Martin Ahem..... Sam rolls his eyes ...and cat, thinking were dead. Martin They have to realize that were missing sooner or later Sam looks down
  13. 13. Scene 7-Scene goes to A hotel on the Hawaiian beach front and Mr. Adams is in his room talking on his phone. Mr. Adams So then were all accounted for...right (Pause) Mr. Adams What do you mean not here yet... they were supposed to be here last night...okay.....yes..... bye. (to himself) Well at least i wont have to here them fight during the meeting..... but they were my best workers, oh well I'm over it. Scene shot goes back to martin and sam Sam How are we going to survive on this island. Stranded person (western accent) Hello! My name is Joe Michael Connolly. I've been stranded on this island for 25 years by my rocks. This island is forbid- den for people other then the military, its been wiped off the map as long as i have lived, i am the legal protecter of this island, lucky for you i know your not an enemy soldier because i saw your american plane crash. Martin (In a whisper) Should we trust this guy. Sam (In whisper) I don’t know, maybe we should just go with him. He must have food and water... he’s been surviving here for 25 years by his rocks. Martin Ok.... Well go with you for now but i can assure you that we are going to be rescued sooner or later.
  14. 14. Joe You ain't gettin'''' of this island, its been wiped of the radar for 25 years like i said. Martin Ok... whatever. Sam(worried) Ummmmmmm...ok...uhh...hmm, well... where do you get your food and water from. Joe There is a fresh water pond a few miles away and there are some fish in the pond and there also is some wild ani- mals scurrying around like rabbits and squirrels. Martin Ok...We'll good luck with that, me and Sam will be at the beach looking for the rescue planes Martin and Sam leave and Joe shakes his head 10 Days Later Martin and Sam are still on the Beach SAM Were gonna have to live with “Grandpa Joe” over there Shot goes to Joe’s smiling face Martin I guess your right, at least he knows how to survive, even if he is an old bag. Shot goes to Sam’s frowning Face. Martin Maybe we could still be rescued
  15. 15. Scene 9-Goes to Mr. Adams hotel room as he sits at a table with his head down, and a tear rolling down his eye. Shot closes in on a newspaper article that has a ti- tle of “Search for Plane Crash survivors Called Off”, and then it closes in on a part of the article that say’s “Martin Winters and Samuel Green,were assumed dead at 10pm last night when the search was called off.” Camera all of a sudden zooms quickly out of the hotel and above the ocean for 10 seconds and then ends on Sam and Mar- tin with a worried look on their faces. To Be Continued Maybe The End