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MetroAir is a premier Central New York FAA-certified aircraft charter and aviation services company. Covering North America, MetroAir offers comprehensive on-demand aircraft charter solutions. From regional to international charters, whether for business or pleasure, we are competitively priced and efficient.

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Charter flight ny

  1. 1. MetroAir is pleased to offer an aircraft/limo package trip for the Big East Tournament, for Men’s Basketball, at Madison Square Garden, NYC, from the 12th to the 16th of March. A special charter rate will be offered. Please let us know when you want to leave from, and return to Syracuse, and we will handle the rest. Call MetroAir Sales at 315-480-2207.
  2. 2. Save Yourself From All The Travelling Hassles With A Private Air Charter A lot of men and women have this common notion that an air charter is only for the reach and famous members of the society. This is because riding aircrafts would more often than not equate to having to spend way too much than the ordinary. On the flip side, the price value of this type of travelling service has its justifiable reasons. In this article, we will be discussing more about this aircraft chartering and what are the perks we can get from availing this type of traveling spree. What is this all about? This type of traveling service would include aircrafts, with airplanes being the one most commonly used. As opposed to the traditional way of selling transportation by seat, companies that offer air charter services focuses on providing their clients individual private jets. What are the advantages of flying this way? 1. It gives you and your companions the privacy you would want. One of the perks of renting an airplane is that you get to choose the people who you will be flying with; and this would more often than not include your close friends and members of the family. Having said this, you do not have to worry about being with strangers that might have weird and eccentric personalities. 2. You do not have to undergo long waits and queuing. The conventional way of flying would require men and women to book their flights, go to the airport at least two hours before their flights depart, and line up with other passengers in order to get inside the aircraft. To make things worse, there you can also never avoid certain instances wherein you have to endure waiting for delayed flights. This is not only time- consuming, but it can also be stressful on your part. Taking off on a private jet is going to be advantageous since you do not have to experience those situations mentioned just a while ago. This is because a hired airliner would no longer require you to be there on a particular time before the scheduled flight. In addition to this, private planes would depart on time, unless there are unavoidable circumstances that would hinder them from doing so. 3. No stopovers and connecting flights. It is an unavoidable fact that there are some airways that would have stopovers and require their passengers to transfer flight. This will only add up to the number of hours in your travelling; but is can also be quite a hassle, most especially if you have a couple of luggage in tow. A private jet charter will make going to different places less of a hassle since it will no longer require you to hop in and out of different aircrafts. Rather, the plane that you have hired will bring you directly to your desired destination.
  3. 3. The Best Things about Aircraft Charter Those who love to travel by air deserve to have a remarkable experience. Businessmen who often go abroad or in another island should ride in a charter jet if they don’t want to be late. A private aircraft charter service is suitable for individuals who need to travel in a fast and hassle-free way. Attending a conference or business meeting in another city needs a convenient and dependable mode of transportation such as private planes. Touring using a charter airplane is the best choice to pick because you will get many benefits from it which you can’t get from commercial airliners. In conventional commercial airways, it’s a typical scenario wherein people are experiencing delays in their flights. Some of them are getting frustrated that leads to cancellation of their flights. To avoid this type of circumstance, hire a private plane that will take you anywhere and whenever you want. If you have a scheduled meeting in a certain place, then it’s the best transport that you could ever have because the accommodation and the whole services are terrific. You will absolutely feel the ultimate comfort whilst you are inside the plane. You don’t have to wait for an hour or two just to be on board the plane. You will find it very fascinating because the staff and the pilots are expert enough to give you the best accommodation. Moreover, another good thing about this is that the exclusive services are impressive because you book a ticket at a reasonable cost. So instead of traveling with commercial aircraft, why don’t you prefer charter airplane to deliver you in the place you intended to go? In this type of air transportation, companies are very concerned about passengers’ safety and they are very conscious with the time. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a charter jet to reach your destination without experiencing delays and any related problems. Nowadays, there are wide selections of aircrafts from various reputable companies that you can choose from. The options regarding charter planes are not limited anymore. Anyone can make an advanced reservation and they can pick the type of private airplane they want. Private air travel firms are offering exclusive and customized services. Passengers can request of the kind of service that they want depending on their desired needs. These types of aircraft management services are not only exclusive for the rich people. The truth is that even regular citizens can make arrangements because the rates hiring a private air transit service are now affordable. It is not that pricey compared before maybe because of tough competitions. You can inquire online to find the amazing benefits that these aircraft charter services offer. These Will Make You Want To Be On Charter Air Flights Commercial airlines have been receiving a lot of negative propaganda these days such as being late for take-off. In addition to that, it has become very expensive to book a flight especially in this day and age where everything just keeps on getting expensive. The price hike
  4. 4. would be understandable if we are able to take advantage of free food and other services that used to be within reach. However, they have taken these privileges away as a means of cutting costs. Because of all of these, a lot of men and women would think twice before getting on a plane. In addition to that, the increased security lines is also another turn off. They would feel tired and harassed even before their vacation starts. For these reasons, they would opt for charter air flights. Despite this being a more expensive alternative, a lot of men and women would still opt for this because they know that they will be getting what they paid for and then some. They are able to book a flight immediately simply because it is for private use and they don't have to wait for other passengers to fill up the plane. They are able to obtain more privacy which allows them to relax and avoid those awkward small talks with other men and women they don’t really know. In addition to that, they also get to make a special request with regard to the food they want to be served to them during the trip. Businessmen, in particular, opt for a private plane because they know that time is gold and they cannot afford to waste it. In the event that an emergency meeting in a different place calls for them, they will be able to attend to it because they were able to book a flight. Charter air flights are godsend to them and to the vacationers as well. Men and women who are going on vacation won’t waste any of their precious time simply because they will be able to get to their destination with more time to spare. In addition to that, they won’t feel tired once they get to their destination simply because they were able to rest throughout the entire trip. Another thing you can get from this is the additional luggage room. Who wouldn’t want it? You can also get the chance to have your pets with you in the cabin when you go for private flights. Just make sure that you get an approval from the airline ahead of time.