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An insight into the most effective collaborative learning experience for IT best practices that is available today. ITpreneurs offers a range of training delivery possibilities that help your …

An insight into the most effective collaborative learning experience for IT best practices that is available today. ITpreneurs offers a range of training delivery possibilities that help your organization to learn about and implement IT best practices such as ITIL, COBIT, or ISO/IEC 20000. Options include virtual classroom, self paced e-learning and various blended learning options.

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  • 1. the ITpreneurs virtual learning experience
    An insight into the most effective collaborative learning experience for IT best practices that is available today
  • 2. Who is ITpreneurs
    ITpreneurs operates with 125+ staff from six continents serving Fortune 1000 companies
    The common theme for all ITpreneurs training and implementation solutions are:
    Deliver unbeatable quality instructional content
    Engage with the learner by proving compelling stories and relevant instructions
    Promise results and ensure the learner retains the knowledge obtained and can apply this to the day to day practice
    ITpreneurs develops training and implementation solutions for IT best practice frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, or ISO/IEC 20000
    Founded in 2001, ITpreneurs’ first product was an ITIL Foundation e-learning training course.
    Now in 2009, ITpreneurs offers classroom, e-learning, game based learning, and hybrid training solutions in all major languages across the world
    ITpreneurs Global HQ
  • 3. Is this presentation relevant to you?
    If you can answer any of the following questions with ‘yes’, this presentation definitely is relevant to you:
    We are implementing IT best practices (ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000 / or COBIT) and need to generate awareness among staff , and train key stakeholders
    We now use classroom training but are looking for a more efficient and cost effective way to train our people
    We are looking for the smartest way to migrate our certified staff from ITIL version 2 to version 3
    I don’t believe in e-learning, as I don’t think my staff will have the self motivation and interest to learn from a computer
    We have a globally dispersed organization and need to ensure consistent high quality training medium globally and in multiple languages.
  • 4. What makes virtual learning interesting?
    For the organization
    Train a lot of people in a short period of time
    Reduced overall cost
    Faster Roll-Out
    Consistent delivery across department, geography, language
    For the learner
    Caters to various learning styles ensures better comprehension
    Learner is in the driving seat, self paced on-demand access
    Practical application, use knowledge immediately
    More engaged learning, learner feels more confident
    For the manager
    Learner is not away from the office
    Flexibility in planning
    Increased retention
    Learning times reduced
    Ability to view learn progress throughout the organization
  • 5. Does e-learning really lead to reduced overall costs?
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    Example of a situation with 40 learners requiring to take an ITIL v3 Foundation Course
    Overall Cost Saving
    40 * $500 = $20,000
    40 * 3 days $200= $24,000
    Meals and Hotel
    40 * $50= $2,000
    40 * $1,000= $40,000
    40 * $399= $15,960
    Course Fee
    Total $ 15,960
    Total $ 86,000
    Yes, the example shows that e-learning results in significant lower costs over traditional classroom education. The example does not even consider opportunity costs: travel time, being away from the office, etc.
  • 6. Does online learning replace the traditional classroom?
    There are various delivery options, typically e-learning is one of the delivery methods that you select when creating your training program; but typically not the only one.
    Self Paced
    Instructor facilitated
    Virtual Classroom
    Instructor facilitated Classroom
    Low cost
    Learner Centric
    Peer interaction
    High cost
    Instructor Centric
    Discussion based
    Knowledge transfer to a diverse audience
    Factual information, application is less relevant
    Learners can easily combine learning activities with their normal work
    Example: ITIL Awareness, Foundation
    Learners require a more structured approach
    Learners feel more comfortable talking or chatting to someone
    Learners typically block specific hours and sit somewhere else to avoid being disturbed
    Example: ITIL Foundation
    Can be combined with e-learning or classroom
    Application and interaction is important and instructor requires confirmation of understanding
    Very intensive
    Example: ITIL Intermediary courses
    Instructor determines pace
    Highly interactive, discussion based education
    Application is more important than understanding
    Can include game based learning
    Example: ITIL Intermediary courses
  • 7. Some guidance when choosing between delivery options
    Large number of people to be trained
    Select people to be trained
    < E-learning
    Classroom >
    I have a limited training budget
    Budget is not an issue for me
    < E-learning
    Classroom >
    My staff is geographically dispersed
    Everyone is in the same location
    < E-learning
    Classroom >
    Most people require advanced training
    People require a basic / foundation understanding of the topic
    < E-learning
    Classroom >
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
  • 8. Which of these solutions does ITpreneurs offer?
    ITpreneurs offers a complete portfolio of e-learning, classroom, game based and blended solutions for all major IT best practices in various languages. Mix and Match or even add your own content to this to create a learning solution that meets your needs
    Collaborative classroom training and games
    Engaging ITIL E-learning Foundation
    Comprehensive COBIT E-learning
    Materials available in multiple languages
    Delivered using a Secure
    hosted platform
    Interactive Virtual classroom
  • 9. Highlight: ITIL V3 Foundation e-learning
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    The most comprehensive ITIL Foundation course available today
    More than 18 hours of highly interactive and visual instructional content
    Prepares learners for taking on and passing the ITIL v3 Foundation Certification Exam
    Simulation driven learning with cases, assignments and quizzes
    Modular learning with short and concise learning blocks
    Includes Exam Preparation Guide and printable reference material
    Ability to take web-based exam as your office without having to travel
    to testing center
  • 10. Highlight: ITIL V3 Foundation e-learning
    Experiential learning, learners are immersed in a case study and learn to apply ITIL
    The case study: Learners are attending an ITIL conference that takes place in a hotel in Thailand
    At the conference, training sessions take place and learners go from room to room to learn about ITIL principles
    While staying in the hotel, the learner experiences ITIL related challenges and situations and has to help the hotel management to run the hotel better
    Click this link for ITpreneurs whitepaper
    Everything in a hotel is about service provision, which makes it a perfect link to ITIL
  • 11. Highlight: The ITIL Foundation Exam Preparation Guide
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    An intensive online exam preparation tool that ensures learners pass the exam
    Includes a summary of the most important ITIL knowledge required for taking the exam
    Learners can test their knowledge through a large pool of sample exam questions
    A simulated exam validates if learners really are ready for taking on the exam
    Additional guidance such as a First Aid Kit, exam tips are included
    Exam preparation tools also available for COBIT!
  • 12. Highlight: COBIT e-learning
    “ The COBIT Foundation Course not only provided a great review of COBIT and excellent preparation for the Foundation Exam but also gave me the opportunity to drill deeper into those areas of COBIT that were of interest to me but never had the time to explore before. Michael Yeung – HP Canada “
    ITpreneurs partners with ISACA to provide official and high quality COBIT training materials
    The only official COBIT education framework available
    Course materials developed by the same experts who also wrote the COBIT framework
    Case study driven e-learning Foundation course prepares optimally for the COBIT Foundation Exam
    A range of supporting e-learning courses are available as well such as COBIT for Sox, COBIT Awareness
  • 13. Highlight: ISO/IEC 20000 e-learning
    The ISO/IEC 20000 e-learning course bridges the gap between a complex standard and practical reality
    ITpreneurs partnered up with the original authors of the ISO/IEC 20000 framework to develop interactive e-learning material
    The ISO/IEC 20000 requirements course uses cases, situations and examples to bring across the meaning and purpose of the standard
    This is an ideal course for those who play a role in the implementation of the standard
    Optional ISO/IEC 20000 book. The book includes case studies of organizations who implemented ISO/IEC 20000
  • 14. Considerations when deploying e-learning or virtual learning elements as part of your training program
    Step 1 - What level of training for which audience
    Step 2 - Structuring the learning activity using learning tracks
    Step 3 - Deploy e-learning using a robust learning management tool
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
  • 15. 1) Deploy virtual learning elements across the board
    This ITIL v3 example shows that you should consider self paced e-learning, blended learning or virtual classroom across the ITIL curriculum
    Deep understanding / application
    Service Manager bridge
    Managing Across the Lifecycle
    Lifecycle Modules
    Capability Modules
    ITIL v3 Foundation with v3 exam preparation guide
    Virtual Classroom
    Awareness / overview
    ITIL v3 Awareness
    Quick win for existing Service Managers
    IT operations and support staff
    IT leadership
    Process managers and practitioners
    IT line managers
  • 16. 2) Designing a virtual learning Track
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    ITIL v3 Expert, experienced Instructor
    Marcel Foederer
    5-day virtual instructor supported intensive learning track with daily conference calls and email support for the ITIL v3 Foundation Course
    Virtual Instructor
    Conference calls
    Kick off call
    Exam prep call
    End of day recap call
    End of day recap call
    End of day recap call
    Course introduction
    Exam preparation guide
    Self paced e-learning Modules
    Service Lifecycle
    Service Transition
    SM practice
    Service Strategy
    Service Operations
    Technology & Architecture
    ITIL Foundation Exam
    Service Design
    Instructor e-mail support throughout the program
    Email support
    Discussion Board / Forum
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
  • 17. 2) Designing a virtual learning Track
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    ITIL Expert and experienced virtual instructor Abbey Wiltse
    1-month virtual instructor supported relaxed learning track with conference calls and email support for the ITIL v3 Foundation Course
    Virtual Instructor
    Conference calls
    Kick off call
    Exam prep call
    Course introduction
    Exam preparation guide
    Self paced e-learning Modules
    Service Strategy
    Service Operations
    Note: why not more conference calls?
    Learners have a different pace, and when organizing calls, learners are not all at the same level in the course
    SM practice
    Service Design
    ITIL Foundation Exam
    Service Lifecycle
    Service Transition
    Technology & Architecture
    Next business day Instructor e-mail support throughout the program
    Email support
    Discussion Board / Forum
    Week 1
    Week 2
    Week 3
    Week 4
  • 18. 2) Designing a virtual learning Track
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    ITIL v3 Expert, experienced Instructor
    Marcel Foederer
    7 day classroom ITIL Lifecycle Expert Bootcamp + self paced learning package (was 23 days classroom!!)
    Virtual Instructor
    Conference calls
    Weekly virtual classroom recap
    Weekly virtual classroom recap
    ITIL Foundation v3
    E-learning and classroom learning activities
    Service Strategy Lifecycle
    Service Operations Lifecycle
    Managing Across Lifecycle
    Service Strategy Lifecycle
    Service Design Lifecycle
    CSI Lifecycle
    Service Design Lifecycle
    ITIL Foundation v3 Exam
    Service Transition Lifecycle
    Service Transition Lifecycle
    Managing Across Lifecycle
    Service Operations Lifecycle
    Self paced e-learning
    CSI Lifecycle
    Email support
    Instructor e-mail support throughout the program
    Discussion Board / Forum
    Day 1 – 5 classroom
    Self study
    Self study
    Day 6 -7 classroom
  • 19. 3) Deploying e-learning using a robust learning portal
    All learning activities are managed using a robust online and fully managed learning portal
    Manage user licenses and distribute licenses to learners when required using a portal administrator login
    Advanced user reporting for both learners as well as managers
    Online collaboration possibilities, course alerts, and more
    Access to a knowledge base with information on the use and adoption of IT best practices
    Ability to link to your own learning management system when required
    ITpreneurs provides 24/7 technical support
    Lifelong learning: course materials are available for 90 days after the learner signs in. Knowledge base for at least 1 year!
  • 20. Success Story – training a large group of people
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    Using a combination of learning tracks, ITpreneurs trained over 500 people for a customer in only a few months
    The training program offered a combination of an intensive 3-day boot camp learning track and a 4-week relaxed learning track
    Learners were dispersed across the world but studied in groups from their office
    Daily conference calls with the instructor ensured optimal comprehension
    The exam pass rate for ITIL Foundation was 98%
    Detailed course booking schedule
  • 21. Success story – integrated in training portfolio
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    IBM learners from all over the world can sign up for an ITIL or COBIT course take the course at their own pace
    The ITIL Foundation and COBIT Foundation e-learning courses are integrated in the global education curriculum of IBM
    Learners from all over the world can book a course in IBMs booking system and are redirected to ITpreneurs’ online portal
    A virtual instructor provided e-mail based support
    Thousands of IBM consultants have taken this route and passed their certification exam
  • 22. Success story – self paced learning with instructor support
    400 learners from all over Europe participated in a condensed learning program offered via an ITpreneurs partner
    Learners participated in a structured and instructor supported learning track
    Customer required a dedicated and secure online learning portal with full customer branding
  • 23. Success story – customer specific learning
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    For a multinational technology company a custom curriculum was designed and customer specific material was added to the course(s)
    Customer specific course intro
    A specific course introduction was included describing the objectives and importance of the ITIL program for the customer organization
    At the end of course modules material was included to highlight the meaning of the module for the customer organization
    Courses were customized to meet the needs of a diverse audience. For every target group it was defined how many and what specific ITIL modules they would have access to
    Other possibilities:
    • Custom Case study
    • 24. Specific Terminology
    • 25. Unique assignments
    • 26. A video intro of the CIO
    • 27. And so on...
    Customer specific course additions
  • 28. Success story – learning portal integration
    Copyright © 2009 ITpreneurs
    Customer Learning Management
    ITpreneurs performs custom integration work when customer requires progress and completion information to be stored in the company portal
    Learner sign up
    Progress and performance
    For a number of customers it is important that course booking and learner progress information is communicated to the company Learning management system
    For these customers ITpreneurs builds a connection between ITpreneurs’ learning portal and the customer environment
    Learners can still use all the features of a best practice learning environment and the customer is aware of progress
    Learning Activity
    Progress and performance
    ITpreneurs hosted IT best practice learning portal
  • 29. End of presentation
    For more information: