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  1. 1. INCIDENT MANAGEMENT REPORTING with MeticEdge – Business Intelligence Solution for ITSM Measure, Analyze and Optimize VALUE from IT When was the last time you evaluated your current process of creating reports, dashboards, metrics, and KPIs? MetricEdge helps you to accurately measure, analyze and optimize the business value from your IT. MetricEdge allows you to automate the uploading of data, the creation of reports, and sharing them around your organization, saving your time and money and, most importantly, minimizing the mistakes that manual reporting usually does.May, 2012
  2. 2. INCIDENT MANAGEMENT REPORTING Incident Management (IM) is highly visible to the organizations as they have transactional business, and it is therefore critical to demonstrate databases that are limited to operational level its value than most areas in Service Operation. reporting. But to analyze data and compile it to One of the main Objectives of ITIL Incident make it representable at strategic or tactical Management, is to ensure the possible level of levels, organizations need an OLAP based service quality and availability are maintained. reporting system like MetricEdge. Service improvement must focus on to increase MetricEdge (BI for ITSM) offers ITIL, ISO 20000 KPIs the efficacy and optimize the cost of services and and Metrics based incident management the underlying incident management process. For dashboards and information reports that enable highlighting improvement, establishment of business users with insights & intelligence on reporting at each level: strategic goals and incidents from end to end IT Services to individual objectives, tactical incident management process Configuration Items (CIs), hence, facilitate in maturity, and operational incident management benchmarking & continual service improvement metrics and KPIs, is necessary. But, their reporting (CSI) of overall IM process. needs are diffirent. Few of the Incident Management KPIs This is difficult to achieve with reporting offered by MetricEdge are mentioned below: mechanism of ITSM tools used by Incident Management Critical Incident Management Key Performance Indicators Success Factor (CSF) (KPIs) Mean elapsed time to achieve incident resolution or circumvention, broken down by impact code Breakdown of incidents at each stage (e.g. logged, work in progress, closed etc.) Percentage of incidents closed by the service desk without Resolve incidents as quickly as possible reference to other levels of support (often referred to as minimizing impacts to the business ‘first point of contact’) Number and percentage of incidents resolved remotely, without the need for a visit Number of incidents resolved without impact to the business (e.g. incident was raised by event management and resolved before it could impact the business) Total numbers of incidents (as a control measure) Maintain quality of IT services Size of current incident backlog for each IT service Size of current incident backlog for each IT service© Copyright 2012 iWareLogic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ||
  3. 3. Average user/customer survey score (total and by question category) Maintain user satisfaction with IT services Percentage of satisfaction surveys answered versus total number of satisfaction surveys sent Average number of service desk calls or other contacts Increase visibility and communication of from business users for incidents already reported incidents to business and IT support staff Number of business user complaints or issues about the content and quality of incident communications Percentage of incidents handled within agreed response Align incident management activities and time (incident responsetime targets may be specified in priorities with those of the business SLAs, for example, by impact and urgency codes) Average cost per incident Number and percentage of incidents incorrectly assigned Ensure that standardized methods and Number and percentage of incidents incorrectly procedures are used for efficient and categorized prompt response, analysis, documentation, ongoing management Number and percentage of incidents processed per service and reporting of incidents to maintain desk agent business confidence in IT capabilities Number and percentage of incidents related to changes and releases.© Copyright 2012 iWareLogic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ||
  4. 4. MetricEdge Adds Value: i. 120+ in-built static and drill down reports with 50+ metrics based on best practices (ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000) ii. Fulfill ISO 20000 Service Reporting specifications and facilitate Continual Service Improvement (CSI) of IT processes iii. Summarize voluminous data and spot trends in IT management; enables to take action before the business is impacted iv. Pull data from varied ITSM solutions like BMC, HPSM, OTRS etc. and provide holistic view of IT Performance v. Fully automated self-service model, thus neither requiring lost time and nor decreasing the productivity iWareLogic is a notable player in the space of Oracle Applications. In-depth knowledge about Oracle Applications allows iWareLogic to deliver cutting- edge solutions in the areas of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Business Integration, Infrastructure Management, Human Resources technology. MetricEdge is business intelligence (BI) tool seeks to give CIOs and senior IT executives a tactical advantage in the business arena. It delivers a full range of BI capabilities including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, in-built ETL mappings for faster performance etc. MetricEdge is built based on our years of experience in training, consulting and software implementations across the world in ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000 and IT Management software implementations from mega vendors. For more information visit -© Copyright 2012 iWareLogic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ||